Volume and Price Analysis

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					Volume and Price Analysis
First words: meta-volume of the stock market gods. The second sentence:
the first volume is the price. The third sentence: The stock market does
not lie is the only volume. Fourth sentence: the first volume in the
price of that day see the astronomical amount, to see the amount of land;
the bottom of the heavy volume, with eyes closed to buy. Fifth sentence:
up when the heavy volume, or when the heavy volume; Change fear, and the
village dance. Sixth sentence: stock market trading volume is a
"thermometer" ... ...
Volume and price analysis is inseparable from, we call the
"price and volume." Relationship between volume and
price are generally eight forms, or the law is eight, namely: 1, increase
in volume and price level, positive the signal; 2, increase in volume and
price rise, buy signal; 3, par-liter volume, continued to buy ; 4 volume
price rise, continue to hold; 5, volume price level, warning signal; 6,
amount minus the rate of reduction, sell signal; 7, volume parity or, to
sell; 8, an increase in volume drop in price, sell disposable wait.
Of volume and price formulas

Each line has a meaning of K and each K line is foreshadowing.
The first volume to wake up the share price, at the same time the share
price first.
Going in the amount of large and small, to make a decision by the empty
Or fell in the amount of large and small, to make a decision by the
Although the outcome of long and short of the price, but decided it is on
Amount of daylight, if not days, we must be careful the weather cools.
Can be considered to amount to pay, you can seize the opportunity to
enjoy the cool air.
Amount of energy is the spirit of stock, stock price is the amount to the
Anti-crash high volume at low tide, low tide volume of preparation up.
Large long on mostly stuck, trap a small amount of short shorts.
If you are in the rally, long on'll come. If you do not make long
on, it is not in the rally.
If it is in decline, as air will make. If you do not earn as empty, is
not in decline.
Only band to make money, lose money act decisively. Money can be
overweight, losing money is not shared flat.
Is the advantage of the opportunity to make money, lose money takes into
account the contrarian. Who have the guts to make money, people will lose
money cold.
Learn to make a profit, those who take money to lose money. Look at how
much can be lost, and then count the possible gains
Volume and Price Questions
Question 1: The volume of our stock market what effect?
Question 2: So how analysis?
Question 3: stock analysts often see the volume and price analysis, you
tell me something about it?
Question 4: volume and price of individual stocks What is the
relationship between?
Price and Volume Questions
Q: The volume of our stock market what effect?
A: The "deal" is the term shopping center, said the
agreement reached by the buyer and seller transactions. Daily trading
process, the transaction price due to customer preference to buy or sell
the sky will fluctuate. Affected by external factors, the stock market,
different prices in different trading hours, with different number of buy
or sell, so compact and complex transactions, and investors buying and
selling stocks directly affect the beliefs and behavior of the number of
daily turnover (volume).
The investing public on the stock values of the more deviation, the more
robust market sentiment, trading is more vibrant, natural increase in the
number of transactions. On the contrary, decreased.
Hand observation of changes in volume, while at the same time control the
price fluctuations, be considered as a complete technical analysis.
Q: How do analysis?
A: The volume value is an expression of supply and demand, stock market
investors buy shares on behalf of the strength of the cycle of desire.
This cycle reflects the popularity of the polymer or casual. This popular
and everything takes time, like waves, like big waves in the past, there
are still aftershocks and the spray, there are obvious signs of trouble
before. Will be the crowd is the volume of digital values, a market
early, volume began to increase value is gradual, until no further
increase, and the prices will come to an end, access to finishing stage,
gradually reduce the volume value. Another section of rising market
resurgence, the stock continued to rise, the value of re-increasing
volume, price new heights and its size, must have a large volume values
as a foundation, said the handover is positive, the maintenance of stock.
Fell, the popular scattered, fast or slow turnover of value began to
decline, never to decline, the market ended down, the stock rebounded and
entered the finishing stage, the turnover value increased. Another
resurgence of a down market. Stock price continued to fall, trading
volume again dropped, stock prices are unable to turn innovative low
rise, is weakening due to buy gas to form larger than necessary for the
  Has fully demonstrated the value of the amount of volume of human
nature. Character of stock market investors can be divided into three
types, that is, with foresight, and hindsight unconsciously. The first is
stir a flame of fire Zhe Yi, who turn in the stock market doldrums or
Shaolu buy stocks when people give up I get, you lost me pick, so that
gradual changes in supply and demand, set off buying in the stock market
boom; this Class of minority investors. The second is practical, that is,
when the stock market presents good times to buy stocks, sell stocks when
the trend of deterioration, such investors are not many. The third
category is the tragedy of the role of the stock market reached the
height of rush into the stock, the height of its shares. Volume value can
be said to mirror the stock market. In the long silence of the market in
the sudden increase in volume, said the large, hand-made materials have
fry move slowly because of the formation, first approach to buy, but not
necessarily an immediate price increase, this may be tempted to buy the
long vanguard deal The stable expansion of atrophy was not obvious, the
stock continued to Shangcuan, changing hands active, the same as relay.
As the shares of big and different power groups and do hand operation,
even if there is a large volume, some stocks are rising slowly form, some
stocks are "squeeze" as an excuse to start war chips
quickly raised his price. When the stock market to buy gas is excited to
the highest point of Strength Hands large and so reduce the number of
shares to buy, sell increase, regulate the market supply and demand
imbalance. Since buying the short term stock price dispersion can not
maintain, or even another record high, but took over the weakening volume
began to decrease, resulting changes in supply and demand, stock prices
moving higher and higher average cost of holding stocks are more
profitable less, since the shares will be thrown out, in this situation
of supply exceeding demand fell back under the share price is inevitable.
So the U.S. investment expert Genan Wei once said: "The volume
of the stock market strength, stock only its representation, so, stock
trading volume is usually higher than first." This is the
"seer see price after the amount" of another
interpretation .
  Fry materials, two types of positive and negative points. Active nature
of the material for distribution ¹«Ë¾ materially changed the situation
improved operating profit Zengjia This phenomenon is gradual, volume Zhi
Sui price increased with an increase more quickly fell back
O'clock shrinking mobile chips Shao, easy Chuxianjida Shuzhi .
Passive materials is the company, the short-term is a profitable, long-
term does not appear to benefit, such as dealing with land, stock, etc.
to compete. The amount of hand-eating too many children, daily access to
frequent, the volume of value "to do" big, follow-up
were increased gradually, as most of the amount of hand to sell off their
children no longer operate, trading volume on the rapid decline of this
the stock has fallen some more, so many of those stuck up, a huge need
for high volume value after a period of time to sort out and digest.
Therefore, the use of passive fry materials shipped to prop up the stock,
and severely injured, require a long period of time have gained the
Q: The stock market commentators often see the volume and price analysis,
you tell me something about it?
A: let us first talk about the price-weighted index and the total value
of transactions on the relationship:
  Bull market and bear market is the largest transaction value of
distinguishing different. Rising trend, the investors buy stocks, where
short-term or long-term profits are available, thus stimulating
investments, Jiao Yi active, and actively changing hands, closing Zong
Zhi Yi Buduanchuangxin records; Xiadie trend, the investors buy shares
after the then be sold, the shares have dropped some, thus affecting the
buying, trading increasingly natural light, reduce the total value of
transactions. This natural phenomenon is expansion of heat and cold are
the result of a similar reduction is also big and full use of hand-way.
(1) bull market in stock prices as follows: up (total value of
transactions increase) ¡ú retreated (total value of transactions shrunk)
¡ú disk file (and then shrink) ¡ú up.
(2) bear market where stock prices are as follows: fall (total value of
transactions decreased) ¡ú rebound (increase in transaction value) ¡ú
disk file (transaction value of less) ¡ú down.
  Specifically, the transaction value is a measure of stock market
changes in thermometer, total value of transactions increase or decrease
in speed can infer the size of long and short war, the ebb and flow rate
and stock index. In other words, total value of transactions continued to
expand, said the continuous influx of new capital stock, is the driving
force propelling the stock.
Total value of transactions and the weighted stock price index is closely
related ups and downs.
(1) stock index and the relationship between the transaction value as the
snowball, purports to index rising transaction value must increase.
(2) bull market, the share price from the value of transactions are not
large, with the index rising to expand, until no longer expand, the stock
price index began to decline, which is the highest trading value
corresponds to the highest stock price index. Although sometimes stock
index continues to rise, the value of transactions could not occur again
higher transaction value, rising market most likely end in a few days,
and "foresight capacity, then see the price" to
corroborate. Sometimes also fall in the long end of a huge transfer
market transactions, so that a sudden increase in trading value, stock
price index increased since then some.
(3) bear market, the decrease in the value of each piece of market
transactions are rapidly shrinking, shows that buying a recession, the
stock index down increasingly, until the transaction value can not be
shrinking, the decline will come to an end, that is, the minimum
transaction value of the corresponding the lowest stock price index.
Although sometimes stock index continued to fall, shrinking trading value
is not goodbye, the down market coming to an end.
(4) the highest and lowest traded value of transaction value, as
determined at that time the stock market sentiment and everything, there
is no fixed standards and formulas. Only from the bull market or bear
market speculated that the potential for the future.
Transaction value investors to understand the relationship between stock
price index, if the moving average transaction value theory and with the
establishment of 10, the average system, transactions can be recorded
from the longer-term forecast of the change in stock price index up or
down, reduce errors .
Q: volume and price of individual stocks is the relationship between
A: The ups and downs of individual stocks is closely related with the
volume size, volume is the driving force behind stock price rise is also
one of the main fall in share prices. From a technical point of view,
bull markets, stock prices rose, the volume increase, said the shares on
the supply and demand, the buying power than the power sold. Stock price
fell back, the volume rapidly decrease shareholder reluctant sellers,
shares in the power supply to reduce re-up after another, this is a
strong performance. Price rise, volume, however, reduced that buying has
been weak, the seller may force performance at any time, it is
vulnerable. Bear market, stock prices fell, trading volume has increased,
that increase in supply, took over the rally were to try to get more, do
not hold the confidence of long-term, upward pressure on the formation,
or once the stock price rose slightly, to reduce turnover, a weak
performance . Fell, the daily trading volume remained very small, can not
be reduced, the said suppliers, and once demand increases, the share
price immediately rose.
  Short-term stock price movements from view, stock prices rise and fall
speed is the result of long and short the performance of both forces,
play an important role in the amount of volume. Stock in low-cost, the
volume increased steadily with the adjustment of stock functions. In
demand, the stock rose more easily, increase the volume up during the
rapid divergence of buying too soon gathered speed and impede growth
momentum to continue, or will be limited. Volume has increased steadily,
use fell, volume shrinking to order chips, increase the volume again, the
stock rose again and then condition. Stock at high prices, the volume can
not expand, resulting in increased intention to sell the stock due to
imbalance between supply and demand, volume shrinkage and no longer able
to hover in the high-price, bear right moment conditions used to pressure
caused uneasiness in the market, down market produce. If the process of
shrinking volume down quickly, meaning the gradual weak sales decreased
rate of blocked, decrease limited. If volume reduction is slow and even
increase, and the prices as investors rush short-term psychological
effects, extended down time, will eventually lead to collapse.
  Determine the amount of the standard of individual stocks traded this
stock, "stock" of, if the individual capital stock is
unpopular, no-market, stock price movements is completely controlled by
the main force in a few hands to do, so little effect on trading volume
for the stock price movements. Popular hot stock into shares of the most
important thing is to arouse the process of investors desire to buy, so
more investors to this sector while becoming familiar with the sense of
identity, increasing turnover is inevitable, long and short the stock
price high or low different understanding, so that volatility is getting
fierce. Capital expansion too fast, hot stocks may also be converted into
popular stocks. Senile and the lack of large stocks with poor prospects
for support, price depends entirely on the supply and demand. Investors
do not stop before the natural turnover decreased, the volume is
extremely difficult to restore past levels, greatly reduced price