Vocational qualification certificates introduced

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					Vocational qualification certificates introduced
Vocational qualification certificates introduced

1 vocational qualification certificate system
 ?Vocational qualification certificate system is labor employment system
an important part, is a special form of the national examination system.
It is designated pursuant to the national occupational skills standards
or qualifications for office, through government recognized accreditation
body assessment, right of workers of skill level or Zhiye qualifications
objectively, justly, science ¹æ·¶ evaluation and identification, on the
successful applicants awarded corresponding state vocational
qualification certificates.
2, the role of professional qualification certificates
 Professional qualification certificate is that workers have engaged in a
profession that has the knowledge and skills to prove. It is the job
hunting, working, practicing qualification certificate, the employer is
the recruitment, hiring workers based primarily, but also overseas
employment, overseas labor service cooperation personnel for the skill
level of just admission.
3 vocational qualification certificate system in the legal basis
 "Labor Law" Chapter VIII of the 69th article:
"The State shall determine occupational classification, on the
provision of professional development of occupational skills standards
and implement a vocational qualification certificate system, approved by
the Government of the assessment by the accrediting body responsible for
assessing the professional skills of workers Identification. "
"Vocational Education Act," Chapter VIII of the article
clearly states: "Vocational education should be based on actual
needs, with the national development of the job classification and job
grading standards correspond to the implementation of academic diplomas,
training certificates and vocational qualification certificate
system." These regulations established a national vocational
qualification certificate system and to carry out the professional skill
of the legal basis.
4, the vocational qualification certificate system in the national
significance of
 ?Vocational skill appraisal, the professional qualification certificate
system is to implement the State Council's "technology
and education" an important strategic policy initiatives, but
also human resources development in China as a strategic measure. This is
to improve the quality of workers, strengthen the skills of personnel
training, promoting the construction of the labor market and the
deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, promoting economic
development is of great significance.
5, access to employment
 The so-called job access is based on "Labor Law" and
"Vocational Education Law" the relevant provisions of
the complexity involved in technology, versatility wide, involving state
property, people's lives and interests of consumers of vocational
(trades) workers, must undergo training and obtain professional
qualification certificate before employment posts. Professional scope of
employment access by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to
determine to the society.
6, the state provides for access to employment, vocational
 ?Production, transport equipment operators
 ?Currently, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security based on
"the People's Republic of China Occupation
ceremony" identified 87 employment access professional
directory. Are: turner, miller, grinder, boring work, combination machine
tool operators, processing center operators, foundry workers, welders,
metal heat treatment industry, cold sheet metal, paint work, assembly
fitter, tool fitter, boiler equipment assembly engineering, electrical
assemblers, high and low voltage electrical assemblers, electronic
instrumentation fitters, electrical measuring instrument switch with
workers, machine repair bench, auto repairman, motorcycle maintenance
workers, precision instrument repairman, boiler equipment installation
work, transforming equipment installation work, maintenance electrician,
computer repairman, hand woodworking, fine woodworking, audio mixer
member of precious metal jewelry handmade work, earthwork machinery
operator, masonry work, concrete work, Gangjin Gong, Jia Zigong, water
works, decoration renovation work, electrical equipment installation
engineering, management, vehicle drivers, crane operator loading and
unloading machinery, chemical testing work, food testing industry, the
textile fiber inspection work, precious metal jewelry diamond jewelry
inspectors, Anticorrosive
 ?Animal husbandry and fish production water industry personnel
 ?Veterinarian, animal quarantine inspectors, biogas production workers
 ?Commercial, service personnel
 ?Salesperson, salesman, publications issued staff, purchase and sale of
Chinese medicine, expert appraisers, pharmaceutical purchasing, member of
Dispensing staff, refrigeration workers, Chinese Cooking, Chinese bakers,
cooks Western, Western-style pastry teacher, bartender division,
nutrition catering staff, lobby attendants, room attendants, health
massage, professional instructors, property manager, boiler operators,
beauticians, hairdressers, photographers, members of optometry glasses,
glasses set with workers, home electronics repair workers, household
appliances product maintenance man, maintenance man watches, office
equipment maintenance man, aged care workers
 ?The staff and related personnel
 ?Secretary, public relations officer, computer operator, draftsman,
operator, user communication terminal maintenance staff,
7, the national team to implement the specific provisions of the
employment entry
Employment agencies to notice in a prominent position to implement the
scope of employment, job access, job-seekers around the printed
registration form must be registered in the vocational qualification
certificate section. Employers should also be advertised column
corresponding professional qualification requirements. The staff of
employment agencies in the course of their work to the state provides for
access to professional employment, job seekers should be required to
produce professional qualification certificates and inspections, and
recommended the employment certificate, the employer to recruit labor
 ?Occupational Employment & access to new workers, pre-employment
must be one to three years of vocational training and obtain professional
qualifications, not on recruiting staff to obtain the corresponding
professional qualification certificate of the employing unit, the Labour
Inspectorate should be investigated and dealt with according to law and
ordered its correct, personnel engaged in individual industrial and
commercial operations, to obtain professional qualification certificates
before they go through the business sector after the opening formalities.
8, National Vocational Qualifications Level
 ?Certificate of professional qualification is divided into five levels:
primary (National Vocational Qualifications 5), intermediate (National
Vocational Qualifications 4), Senior (National Vocational Qualification
3), technicians (National Vocational Qualification 2) and the senior
technician (National vocational qualification level).
9, the professional skill
 ?Professional skill is a level of vocational skills-based assessment
activities, are a standard reference-type examination. It is the
examination and assessment bodies by the workers engaged in certain
occupations to be acquired theoretical knowledge and practical technical
ability to make objective measurement and evaluation. Professional skill
division national vocational qualification certificate system an
important part.
10, reporting requirements of the professional skill
 ?Identification of different levels of personnel to participate in their
different reporting conditions, candidates should be identified according
to the requirements of notice, to determine the level of reporting. In
general, the different levels of reporting conditions are: to participate
in the primary identification must be apprentice job employees expired or
vocational school graduates; see the intermediate identification must be
made the primary skills certificate and work continuously for more than 5
years, or is validated by the labor administrative department to
intermediate skills training objectives of technical schools and other
school leavers; to participate in senior identification officer must
obtain certificate of intermediate skills more than 5 years, continuously
engaged in the occupations (jobs) body wrapping operation can be less
than 10 years, or through formal training of senior technicians and
achieved certificates of officers; participation must be certified
technician to obtain advanced skills certificate, with rich production
experience and operational skills, expertise, to resolve the key
operation of the types of technology and production process problems,
with ability to teach skills and develop intermediate skills of the
personnel staff capacity; to participate in senior technicians certified
technician must be either 3 years or more exquisite with superb skills
and comprehensive operational skills, can solve the difficult production
process of the types of professional issues in the technological
transformation, technological innovation and the removal of potential
hazards such as a significant achievement, but also high-level work and
organizational leadership training and timely technical innovation and
technology research capacity of staff.
11 How to apply for the professional skill
 ?For the professional skill of staff, fill in the professional skill
application. Application should be to produce my ID card, complete the
training (average) industry certification, "technical grade
certificate" issued by the department or work unit labor working
life proof. Declare technicians and senior technicians qualification of
personnel, I also issued the technical results and performance of that
work, and submit the technical summary and papers of my information.
12, the professional skill of the main content
 ?National implementation of the professional skill of the main contents
include: professional knowledge, operational skills and professional
ethics is based on three aspects of the content of National Vocational
(skills) standards, the professional skill specification (ie, syllabus),
and determined the appropriate teaching materials, and through the
preparation of examination papers to be identified.
13, vocational skills appraisal method
 ?Professional skill requirements into knowledge and operating skills
assessment test in two parts. Just asking the general use of written
examinations, skill requirements assessment process commonly used on-site
operation of a typical piece, project production operations, simulation
operations such manner. Percentage points commonly used system, the two
results are more than 60 qualified, 80 points or more as well, more than
95 minutes, technicians and senior technicians to increase thesis.