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Tired of life, measurbator innocence.

This is a prostitute, rogue, and one-night stand story ... ...

Well, if you are the beginning of the mine to, I can responsibly tell you
that this is a superb man and the North on two
Miss Jing poorest love-hate story. Former case reasoning, you can see
here gushing, estrus, a
Night conditions; inferred from the latter case, you can see that love is
here, empathy, love. However, no matter the situation from which to
Guide, you will find that the stories laughing raucously, Jokes, mine
were in one. Misunderstanding, accidentally, the butterfly effect, so
that the the mm
Unrelated people finally got together. Weakness of the waist muscle to do
three push-ups, when Altman and hit soy sauce, milk encounter
Powder drink out of a stomach stones of Obama ... ... read the
description, you can remain indifferent to, please accept my highest
compliments, the original
Years, the equipment can be fitted to the X-class martyr.

Period for the nonsense above, the following section is the real Story.
This story is actually a very happy, very warm love
Love stories. Because, in the face of economic crisis, in addition to
fun, I can not think of other options. Reality is now the case, in
addition to
To see people happy novel, what can we pursue? The story of non-species
of horse, non-harem, no sexual content, do not like do not
Into! Days, who can tell me things to watch for this novel, where?
Solemnly declare: This story is about all the places, people and places
and any contact with real life stuff on all the virtual
Structure, do not unpleasant. Which go the case insisted the condemnation
lawsuit to me, then ... ... is very welcome, and brought a number to
Go behind the line.
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Baidu search for "berry polyphenol two women",
highlights the lure female blog, photo album stunning visual ~! I
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Volume I: prostitutes, women and rogue's Nieyuan Chapter One:
Lightning Law
In 2008, when that field began in the United States, quickly swept the
global financial crisis, swallow Pina is a senior at Capital
International Studies University
Students. Not too hot that summer, autumn has arrived early for their
home without air conditioning for a good year, direct
To October until the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

International oil prices fell, however, are more and more people took the
bus. Crowd of people behind the swallows fly fast breathing heavily spray
Her neck, dislike of the swallow Pina scarves pulled, next to old man
squinted at the hands of the "Beijing Morning Post", do
not look
Swallow Pina know, all bad news. Morning on the headline to swallow Pina
stimulate the eye: "Ted general offer China Group
To the car. " China to the car, the name is so familiar with,
ah, not that some time ago because of poor quality vehicles, known as
"pieces of paper
Car "and the brink of bankruptcy that car company?

"Oh," think of where the swallows fly fast could not
help but laugh, some people buy this garbage company? Have that spare
cash than you started
A car company. Car packed, noisy sound. Outside the car flashed by
streets and buildings remind swallow Pina, MA
On the station, she turned around, through thick glasses want this
agreement that has been sprayed into his neck to breathe a man on a
Eyes, crowding, to the door. The man looked blankly out the window, his
face dementia, there no note threw the knife swallow Pina
Normal eyes.

Swallows fly fast the train, standing on the site to see friends Liu
Xiaochen his superior. Xiao-chen petite and delicate and pretty, rented a
room near the school
Child, every day own a school bus and train stations. Swallow Pina took
Xiao-chen, suddenly, came the distant Ruoyouruowu to
Bang, swallow Pina stopped and listened. Xiao-chen to see her face,
suddenly remembered what, leaned softly swallow Pina ear
Begging, said: "Swallow, Do not be like last the streets to pick
up a dime, well shame!"

Swallow Pina solemnly watching the ground, murmured: "The coin
hit the ground rolling texture and the sound of view,
This crisp and full of joy that the voice of my heart will never be a
dime given to the ... ... "Swallow Pina side, the self-
To himself while walking to the direction the sound came. Did not walk a
few steps, she stopped, at eight in the morning sun was bright, a
Shiny silver one dollar coins are rolled over to her, smiling. That
moment, felt the egg which the swallows fly fast dollar coins on their
Attractive, clearly felt that coins have to swallow Pina its appeal.

"Gee!" Swallow Pina on Liu Xiaochen said excitedly,
"I found a gravity!"

"Newton was so handsome he was old." Pina said as he
swallows surprised but there was nothing in the Xiao-chen is also a
little embarrassed with the attention
In, picked up the egg which was caused by gravity one dollar coins,
"It was a beautiful morning, it must be *** bless Grandpa
Me, "said, even her hands together, the coins into the palm, the
mouth recited:" Please bless my Grandpa Wen graduate can find
A good work! "

"Miss!" A pleasant male voice in the ears,
"egg which coins ... ... Thank you for helping me to pick it
Lightning rod told us that the most prominent places easily electrocuted,
so, when men look at women all look at the chest. However,
Croc the noble, from the vulgar pervert, he saw the woman, both start
with hand looks.

When the morning sun shines into the hotel room when, Croc reluctantly
opened my eyes to see beside the female, shook his head. He knocked his
Bag, where some broken, lonely Nannai each night he always found a
beautiful feeling, then, in the night Huan
Entertainment later, in the early morning wake up tired, he would wonder
how his side will lay an ugly monster. He sat up, wear
Good clothes, took out his wallet customary, took out a few hundred
dollar bills thrown into the bedside table, walked to the door.

"Stop!" Croc's companion Cuisheng birthplace

Croc look back, the girl picked up a few notes, "What is
this?" She tilted his head looked at Croc, Croc shrugged, not
Speak. Also added :"*** girl is so fun? You take me for a Miss
it? "

Girl thought for a moment, smiled, and she grabbed his bag, pulls out
from inside a one dollar coin, go Croc side, the coin
Croc before nodding, smiling, said: "Thank you for your service,
I was happy last night." Finish, the coins into the
Croc's pants
Bag, "Now begone!" Then, the pushing and shoving Croc
release the door.

Some of the cold autumn morning, but stand in the sun, Croc, or feel a
trace of warmth brings tears, people distracted, there is
Points last night as the woman's breathing in his ear. Croc
looked up at Beijing in late autumn sky, reached into his pocket, the
To the egg which one dollar coin, smiled readily thrown out. Egg which
coins the streets of Beijing in the late autumn morning to draw up a
bright arc
Line, uttered a crisp and pleasant to swallow Pina eyebrows is a crash,
according to the law of gravity sparkling to
Pina roll to swallow.

At this time, Croc saw a hand, a thin slender and symmetrical purer hands
picked up just throwing away the egg which his coin, then
Is a very simple hand, no modification, just like a piece of pure
diamonds in the rough texture. Croc access to the experience of countless
Girl to have such hands, there will be a very slender symmetry of the
body, perhaps, will have a pleasant surprise
Appearance. So, Croc unconsciously Xiangna bow girl picking coins went.
The girl was wearing a semi-new skinny jeans,
This pair of jeans will be symmetrical and slender legs revealed beyond
doubt, only a slight weight loss. The girl had turned our backs to, palms
Even, it seems something in the prayer, it stung a little bit outdated
braids Croc eyes. Croc girl went back, he would like to
Confirmation, then, with his courtly could not believe the extraordinary
play of voice, said: "Miss ... ... egg which hard
Currency ... ... "

When the swallows fly fast is to use a dollar coin in good faith ***
Grandpa to pray, the ears of the male is simply a reminder than hell
She was alarmed and uncertain life Gengrang furious that moment, sh e felt
the winter is coming. She angrily turned
Head, loudly asked: "What do you mean, I have not, what you

Swallow Pina back in the moment, Croc stared, this, this, that was just
his surprise, and this face is too bland without
Surprising, delicate face, a myopic lens stuck in the lady's
nose, my God, this can get really good fortune, then pretty
Hand, then the good leg, and actually read a long in the absolute can not
remember, and thrown into the crowd with the eyes could not find the DAI
Mirror girl's body!

Croc blanket a grin, God knows he was crying or laughing, "No
... ... no ... ... okay!" Croc Shuaishuaitou hair, from the
Surprise in the feet and, "you ... ... you keep it!"
Finished, Croc turned away. Xiao-chen hand grabbed it from the hands of
the swallows fly fast
A dollar, "Sir," she Croc chasing the past,
"Your money!" Croc never looking back, who squeezed
into the morning to go to work

Xiao-chen to which dollar into the hands of the swallows fly fast,
"swallow, to be honest, I think you're not in the
Jianqian, is like stealing money
Na! "

Swallow Pina looked back at his buddies, while the money into the pockets
of his side, said: "Quick to class, go!"

Xiao-chen Du Zhaozui, "actually a robbery so handsome handsome
young man a dollar, swallows, you can really miser's
"Well, the other animal in nature." Swallows Pina took
Xiao-chen, "met with the handsome guy on the animal in nature,
be careful I'll tell you boyfriend." Swallows fly fast
to see
See Xiao-chen, "but I really doubt your aesthetic, just that I
forgot to look like gravity, but also handsome too!"

"Gravity?" Xiao-chen smiled, "In your eyes,
what men have no money handsome, what women have money to beautiful, how
can you
Can understand the aesthetic! But really, I think it just that handsome
little bit mixed, so a little exotic! "

Hear Xiao-chen, then swallows fly fast flash of his eyes seemed to light,
she hugged Xiao-chen, some sobbing voice: "Xiao-chen, I do not
Qiana so love to, if I like you have a father when the civil service,
there's a doctor, mom. University, placed the good
The bedroom do not stay, insisted trouble renting out an independent run.
As for me, the poor can not afford the bedroom is maintained only for
commuting, by student
Loans for college. My previous life must have done evil, and only with
such a hapless character to the world. "

Xiao-chen no choice but to push the swallows fly fast, "Well, do
not come to this, and every day the same, no better for something
They went to the classroom door, Xiao-chen suddenly swallow Pina said:
"Yes, swallows, and Du Feng afternoon I go out to play, German
courses you
Help me deal with what! "
"Ah?" Swallows fly fast but to Zhang mouth.

"What ah, you are not German class representation?"

"Ah?" To continue but to mouth the swallow s fly fast

"This is for small favors do not help, you do not want to go at
night is not my home, change clothes to work, change clothes do not want
to work it?" Xiao Chenwei
Threatened to.

"Oh!" A reference to the evening, swallows fly fast as
seven inches of the snake was hit immediately without the spirit.
"You just can not, with
Gently, do not learn ... ... "Swallow Pina mutter prayers, Xiao -
chen's book training and preparation into their own hands swallow
Pina:" a young age
, The other school I ** tone spoke to me, this is the afternoon to pay
the operation, trouble together to help you help it! "Swallow
Pina took the

Son, and shake her head.
Chapter II: when in fear greed
Berkshire? Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett Foundation, is the
Group CEO Ted Lin Zi Xuan's idol. Lamented that in 2007
The hands of the 443 billion dollars spent do not know how the old guy,
while feeling the hands of the cash side of the sell-off of the hands of
all too many
Of the oil shares, and then come up with 4.7 billion dollars in the
acquisition of successive days at the Star Brand energy down.
"When in fear, greed,
When the greed of fear "is Warren Buffett's famous quote
is the motto of Xuan Hayashi. Therefore, when the global market was
devastated, Lin Tze
Xuan categorically rejected the "Chinese for cars,"
throw the olive branch, return each other's good intentions only
this statement: "China to the book is
In the bleeding, but that is down to the Chinese stock market to the neck
of the knife! "Lin Zi Hua Hin on the way to a smile looking at
bankruptcy, then, a comprehensive
The acquisition of China to the car! Take advantage of his instincts. To
the seriously injured people have been stabbed on the fatal knife in his
dictionary, which
Called sympathy. Thus, Lin Zi Xuan ridiculously low price, will be China
and Ru Taide. Then he put his knife, stretch the
Signed by the U.S. Securities and Gao Ling lost on the gambling agreement
of a mess of open water, good blue real estate companies.

Send away "financial world" reporter, Ted Lin Zi Xuan,
president extremely happy. Secretary Ms. Chen was surprised, then
Group International Director Wang Haoyu came.

"President had just sent away" financial world
"journalists, you can go!" Ms. Chen said with a smile,
"Lin always a good mood today!"
Wang Haoyu smiled to show their gratitude, and went inside.

Office of the President in the big screen, playing international
channels, "Finance Today" show host with a very
standard authentic
Presented in English with Chinese stock market. Describes that the dog
stocks, Wang Haoyu familiar, and had occupied the real estate industry in
Open the first blue water good real estate company's stock, and
spell once a high fever to more than 20 yuan an stock, today's
latest real-time quotes
Is 1.28 an.

Lin Zi Xuan looked at his hands will love the most effective came in, and
I feel more happy.

"Wang," In fact, Wang is not old, just more than a
large-year-old Lin Zi Xuan, 32-year-old, "The acquisition of
shares in open blue water, good things, how
Like it? "
Wang Haoyu laughed, "very smoothly, no accidents, then the end
of trading day today, Ted will have a good open wa ter blue 4.52%
Shares. "Zi-Xuan Wang Haoyu looked at the expression of forest.
Lin Zi Xuan trance staring at TV, it seems to be that boring program

"And ... ..." Wang Haoyu prolonged the sound,
"open blue water of the two major shareholders best ...

Lin Zi Xuan Wang Haoyu turned to look at, "there is good news on
the fast talk."

"Today, I finally buttoned them, starting tomorrow, they will
sell shares in the hands of more than 9% of total shares!"

Zi-Xuan Lin smiled.
6 years ago, Wang Haoyu into Ted, when the group's chairman and
managing director is Lin Zi Xuan's grandfather; four years ago,
Lin Zi Xuan graduated back
States, made assistant general manager, Wang Haoyu Zi Xuan men do odd
jobs in the forest; last year, Ted Lin, general manager, chairman of the
official position will be to
Lin Zi Xuan, his pension to the Mediterranean. From four years ago until
today, this is the first time to see Lin Wang Haoyu Zi Xuan smile.

"What made stupid?" Lin Zi Xuan Q. Wang Haoyu.

"Well ... uh ..." Wang Haoyu thought, "Today
is a day worth remembering, I saw President Lin smile!"

"Haha ... ..." Lin Zi Xuan violent burst of hearty
laughter issued, even the secretary sitting outside Ms. Chen, but have
since heard that voice

Lin Zi Xuan watching TV, very seriously on the Wanghao Yu said:
"This is the capital operation, ah, Pharaoh, the public really
want to thank Lehman Brothers
Secretary of the bankruptcy, the collective fear in the capital market,
the greedy people will be profitable ah. I love the crisis, the world
On, there is the blood of the weak than swig more people happy thing?

"Billions of people around the world, if there is a collapse of
Lehman Brothers who will be seen as good news, it is that you are, ah,
Lin President! "Wang Haoyu laughs at his own boss."
However, the Church still waitin on the rain that little girl too tender,
she led open
Good blue water with the Securities and signed by Marian on gambling
agreement, which is the root of her failure it! Has for centuries a large
international financial
Crocodile, or not deal Whichever ah! "
"Hundreds of years?" Lin Zi Xuan said disdainfully:
"Lehman, like hundreds of years of history, do not they
bankrupt? I really look forward to tomorrow now
After the morning opening, when open water, good blue suspension, Qiu Yu
expression ah; are looking forward to when the company became president
of Zi Xuan Lin, she will be
What kind of expression? To know, to help the dying man quickly died, and
this is the way I expressed sympathy! "
Wang Haoyu surprised to see the forest Zi Xuan, he pulled up a chair and
sat down opposite Xuan Hayashi, "there is a problem that
requires you to exchange
Reported under. Fihman Steel there is some question over there.
Heard "Fihman Steel" It is the face of Xuan Lin Tze
sank down, TV off, and turned to look at Wang Haoyu.

"Not a big issue," Wang Haoyu trying to calm down and
reason for the acquisition Lin Tze Hin is famous for the production of
paper car
China to the car, because the steel company from Germany FREEMAN latest
vehicle purchased iron and steel production technology, can completely
change China
To the "paper car" image. Here can not be out any
problems. "Just, just discuss the transfer of technology for
Fran? Ken first
Health, today gave me out of a question, he said, wanted to see Miss
China under the gentle touch! "

"What?" Lin Zi Xuan think they got it wrong.

Wang Haoyu spread out his hands, shrugged his shoulders, face quite sure,
"I'm as good as German as their mother tongue, I am sure
your heard
Wrong! "

When sitting in the school library habitually swallows fly fast to push
his glasses, the window of days have been all black, and she ate a
Scared and pulled out the money to spend 200 bought from Xiao-chen, where
the old phone, "8:20! My God, you are old then Glass
Harm me! "So saying, the swallows fly fast together on the
original that the German" Tin Drum ", hastily ran out.

Beijing cold late autumn night while noisy, the swallows flying in the
lights like Pina River street, leaves rustling sound in the foot,
Xiao-chen family lodge had dim lighting with a point is the direction of
the swallows fly fast. When the swallows fly fast and leaves with the
taste of cold air rushed into the house Xiao-chen
When Xiao-chen is the colorful piece of clothing thrown into a washing
"Too late, late again!" Swallow Pina grabbed the TV
remote control, turn on the TV transferred to the international channels
are being broadcast inside
Financial interview. Today's interviewed a young gentle man is
handsome, fluent and authentic British English could not help but to
swallow more than Pina
Read 2.

Liu Xiaochen open the washer switch, walked around the swallows fly fast,
"swallow, do not immediately clean up, made what
stupid?" Said, stretching
Hand to help unlock the braids swallows, took power bar to help swallow
Pina hair clip hair.

"Well," sighed a long breath swallows fly fast,
"so punctual British English pronunciation, makes really envy

Xiao-chen smiled, "Do not think, and this level, at least a few
years lived in the UK can now! However, he say, what
Capital, what buy, what and what ah? "

Swallow Pina smiled to see Xiao-chen, take off glasses, put on stealth,
"said the financial crisis in a matter." Swallows fly
fast suddenly turned
Head, watching TV, the eyes reveal strange look.

"How the?" Xiao-chen side color hair spray to help
swallow Pina several lock of hair coloring, side asked.

"This crazy, what nonsense the economic crisis sweeping the
globe, on the development of Chinese enterprises is a good machine
Event! "

"Ah?" Xiao-chen did not understand.

"Mind into a stool would think so, right? Opinionated guy! This
crisis is not the time come true, good and evil, etc. I have found work
Well, after making also comes again. "Swallow Pina side of the
angry shouting abuse, false eyelashes stick to the side picked up their

"Well!" Swallow Pina looked in the mirror, facial
features picturesque (actually painted), body frivolous, gently turning,
fine, water
Chung, putting style, which have little capital of the University of
Foreign Languages good student scholarships every year to take the shadow
of the swallows fly fast.

"Well -" Xiao-chen sighed, "always has
recently gripped the swallows, or not done, also six months to graduate,
such as
Results were found in schools, on the bad. "
Swallow looked Xiao-chen, and his eyes across a trace of light,
"is not I want to, you know." Swallow watching buddies,
"he sent six
Million, and faster ... ... and then make 60 000, I would not have done!

Xiao-chen swallows a pat on the shoulder, "Go, most nights in
Paris, Miss fluttering red POP Counter!"

Swallow Pina smiled, kissed Xiao-chen mischievous to face a little, the
tone of drama, said: "No matter where I am reduced to my heart
Only concerned about you, baby! "
"***!" Xiao-chen angrily hit swallow about,
"keep the spirit of this unit to deal with your clients
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Chapter III: Germany old goat
Highlights, not to be missed ~ ~ ~ Reply visible Oh ~ ~ ~

Chapter IV: prostitution, women have to be German
   When Lin Zi Xuan sat down, swallow Pina was leaning against Fran?
Willing to side with one hand leaning on Fran? Willing to shoulder the
other hand is like
General of the German beverage filling his mouth filling with the old
goat 96 years, Cateau Latour winery's red wine. Oh, no wonder
Wang Haoyu will present
Stare Koudai, wine drinking will definitely give Wang Haoyu so
distressed. Lin Zi Xuan such a thought, but he soon found himself wrong
The. Bottom when the bottle of wine when the swallows fly fast
Tiantiandexiao with Fran? Willing to say that a string of words, Lin Zi
Xuan 1 did not understand.

Swallow Pina on Fran? Ken greatly satisfied, it is the swallows fly fast
access to the foreign teachers in addition to schools outside of the
second German. Through with
He chats, swallows fly fast on their level of satisfaction with German
great. In addition to hands other than a little dishonest, nothing to
boast about the fat Pier
German old man is simply swallow Pina received the Need for guests, when
she finally put the bottle of premium red wine like water the horses
coming down as a whole
Fran? Willing mouth, the kind enough to store the most expensive he
recommended a Liquor, according to the swallows fly fast to say, the shop
Wine and Chinese leaders into international VIP reception pits Maotai
produced the same product, suddenly multiply in value. When Frederick
Lan? Ken nodded, the swallows fly fast just a wonderful time in the
morning picked up a shiny silver one dollar coins, sold a bottle at night
To commission two hundred of Moutai. She's proud of palpable,
even for Fran? Willing Nazhi hair claw is also talk and all hands
Not care much about the.
Lin Zi Xuan conspire Wang Haoyu ear, whispered in English: "They
said what?"

Wang Haoyu look is hard to Fran? Willing to sell Maotai swallows fly
fast, turn on the Wang Haoyu in English, said: "They used
German flirt, you want me to translate their lameness? "

"Ah?" Lin Zi Xuan look of magic, looks like Obama saw
the war as the Ottoman face suspicion.

Wang Haoyu see the immediate superior of the stunned expression, as their
fluttering, just know that across this lady will speak fluent
German, the same surprise. This time, it was his turn conspire Lin Zi
Xuan ear, "I'm sorry, it seems I can not survive in this
A! "

"Oh ... ..." Obviously, Lin Zi Xuan has not from the
initial shock to wake up.

"Boss, how I feel, that does not survive to see erotic, you
still regret than I am doing it?"

Lin Zi Xuan sit up straight body, whole tie. Point voice slightly raised,
to continue in English, said: "I just think that the employment
Really hard, even do prostitutes have to be German! "He looked
Wang Haoyu up and down, thinking knot at the meeting on the German, if
Thinking, and then patted the shoulder Wang Haoyu, this changed to the
Chinese: "Wang, pressure, right? To dry it!"

Wang Haoyu laughed, when the swallows fly fast that look like a knife
when the two men over here, Wang Haoyu a frozen smile. He was a kind of
Sense, opposite Miss, must listen to understand what they say.

Lin Zi Xuan said the phrase 'with prostitutes must be
German' voice, though small, are pieces of fallen into the ears
of the swallows fly fast
Flowers inside. So typical of British English pronunciation, is the dream
of swallows fly fast, but also let her feel familiar; so evil, then
Although not the first time I heard, but every time I heard, will make
her furious. She looked up and down thin Lin Zi Xuan,
Oh, no wonder that look familiar. Swallow Pina was thinking to myself
that this is just not on TV to talk nonsense of the brain into the big
It's guys? Rich? Rich amazing it? To swallow Pina unworthily Huan
field experience, she was well aware of this side
People are asking themselves around the old goat, Germany. He then
tossing tossing it, anyway, the old goat with German backing, this guy
Turtle did not dare to yourself.
"Ambassador Liquor, turtle soup, sir, you ar e together all the
food on!" The lady's voice sounded when it brings tears,
watching the swallows fly fast
Soup Nazhi the tortoise was cooked, laughed.

"Eating turtle ah, but have said, oh!" Night in Paris
where the red lady Durian Yan Ran Smile, gently pinching chopsticks head,
press and hold Nazhi
Cooked tortoise, red lips launch the Iraq, "we must eat the
leadership, an ax to grind Oh!" Said, fluttering and looked at
the forest with a provocative Zi Xuan,
"Boss, you first move!" While waving their fingers
Shuicong like pulling the chopsticks, turtle head soup with chopsticks
moving to the rhythm
Move to, "the boss, move move! Boss, moving moving it!"

Lin Zi Xuan handsome face, wearing a smile, Jiangzainali the. Action is
not, fixed no.

Durian customs   10,000 kinds of places to see turtle soup, but also to see
Lin Zi Xuan, a   tone a little a little spoiled, "bastard, dynamic
action ah! You   do not
Action, how do   we eat it! "

If you can, Lin Zi Xuan really want this turtle soup pot throwing to the
opposite face of this prostitute. His hands holding chopsticks,
Jiangzainali. This
When Wang Haoyu promptly picked up a bowl, and got a bowl of soup, and
gave Lin Zi Xuan, smiled and said, "Tom has the most
nutritious!" Hayashi
Villa looked gratefully at Wanghao Yu.

Fluttering smile even more happy, when Lin Zi Xuan symbolically drank the
first port turtle soup, the silver bell-like sound reached the ears of
Lin Zi Xuan
, The pun, "The Well, bastard on the soup Oh!"

When very much like to have to hold back not to laugh when laughter is
very painful. Now, Wang Haoyu are experiencing the pain, he put his face
Back in the past, take a deep breath, then take a deep breath. Then turn
back, leans Xuan Lin Tze ear, "I believe the opposite lady, not
Will be German, but also understand English! "

Now, even if the opposite will be 8 this little non-prestigious language,
Zi-Xuan Lin would not be surprised, though this has nothing to eat small
That, Fran? Willing are bewildered, looking at them, Wang Haoyu is their
confidant. But stop blaming the hands of a pheasant, and always
Lin Zi Xuan food difficult to swallow. He stood up, ready to go out
through the breath. However, it is really unfortunately, the waitress is,
carrying just a pan
Hit a bowl of soup stood quietly on Zi Xuan Lin, who, when that bowl of
soup sprinkled pieces of the body in the forest Tze Hin, Lin
Zi Xuan heavily Sit back, a snort of cold!

The lady's face with the paper then becomes the same as white,
she witnessed Xuan Hayashi whole process of eating turtle, but also we ll
aware that
The President of the tone must be out of our bodies. She almost cried out
fast, "Sir, I am sorry. Mr.
Really sorry! "

"If the apology useful, then why should the police!"
Speak the swallows fly fast, and she had a well-known comic book piracy
in the famous lines, stations
Up, on Miss loss flawless service, said: "You go out, here I
deal with!"
Lin Zi Xuan head down, looking at his clothes, as if talking to himself
and also as in the Swallow Pina said: "has happened, how do
It. "

Swallow Pina is very cool, "how to do all right!"

Lin Zi Xuan mouth and passing hint of sneer: "how to do all
right? How do you say?"

"How to do on how you want to do!" Swallow Pina answer
is affirmative.

"How you usually do here?" Lin Tze Hin to ask.

"Can I help you to do?" Swallow Villa Pina spoke looked
Hayashi, Lin Zi Xuan nodded. Swallow Pina confident, he carried the dish
of fruit and sand
Pull, the fruit and salad by throwing together a harsh mix of the mix,
then put the table in front of Lin Zi Xuan, the "marinated, and
the first
Health, hope you are satisfied! "

Lin Zi Xuan stunned again.
Chapter VI: Big Daddy Little Mother, the key to eugenic
Late autumn in Beijing, the streets at midnight, sitting in night bus,
the swallows fly fast in shivering. After the refusal of the then 60,000,
She began to regret in the. As long as overnight, 60,000 dollars, the
brain is also larger than the toilet guests about their own in this life
can only come across such a
1. If at that time that he abandoned the principle that the so -called
Peijiunvlang, then, after tonight, she can not do
Peijiunvlang. Swallow Pina is one such person can make that 60 thousand
dollars at the time, she flatly refused, in the absence of opportunities
, She would imagine if they could choose, how about how their own kind.
Fantasy without the cost and therefore the first swallow Pina
2 hobby is fantasy, the first hobby, of course, Shu Chaopiao.
When the night bus stopped at a red light junction, the swallows fly fast
to see a Porsche parked in the bus near the vehicle, very feminine kind
of red
Color Porsche. You should understand the swallows fly fast, impoverished
life in the twenty years, she for the concept of luxury is almost as
Zero, in addition to the wine shop at night, no, to the swallows fly
fast, the wine is the largest wine commission. She did not meet their own
Luxury never too much fantasy, Porsche is an exception. This even BMW and
Herbalife are not distinguish the idiot, only feeling the red Porsche
A single clock. Swallow Pina's that bike dream car slowly down
the window, poked a girl from inside the head, although the points do not
swallow Pina
BMW and Herbalife clear, this does not prevent her red Porsche owners
aesthetic. Goes on fine to the near perfect face, so full of
Sad eyes speak as if this is the beauty of open blue water, good rain to
swallow Pina, president Qiu first impression. Such a drift
Bright, rich, young, Porsche owners will have something locked her in
distress you? After the addition of a pile of attributive,
Swallow Pina so himself. Night issued a harsh roar of the bus, run
through the streets at midnight, continued to be that bike Porsche
Relentless flare instantly disappear from the Chamber.
Open water, Qiu Jia, chairman of the Blue Rain, sleepless night, was
sitting in his red Porsche on to her last resort Ben
Go. Best of open water from the blue when the general manager, and also
his father's close ally in the mouth that Compaq, the company
board of directors of the two re-
Directors will be sold within 10 hours after their shares in the hands of
all. Qiu Yu total collapse, and several months of hard support
God not even a chance if not to. China has not tried to smoke Automotive
bankruptcy, Lin Zi Xuan has already reached out to their
Best of open blue water. Last year and Gao Ling of the gambling
agreements signed this year in February are already tired as possible,
so, the company's stock price all the way violence
Down, although rain is very clear Chiu, low stock price would rise to
attack the capital, but she did not expect the first launch an attack to
her, and actually is
Lin Zi Xuan. Really do not give yourself a little chance? Lin Zi Xuan,
how will you in the end have to give up. Qiu Yu ha ndle deeply inserted
into the self-
Own hair. Compaq looked around as if they were in general Qiu daughter
Rain, patted her shoulder, gently said: "At least
We also have an opportunity to turn around, light rain, CEO of China
Jinsheng is our last chance! "
Jinsheng China headquarters, chief executive office of the lamp is still
lit. About Jinsheng China CEO, ·»¼ä always have too many pass
Introduction. Too young people riding on a high position, there will be
too much speculation. Therefore, apart from these rumors is the most:
China's CEO, is Jinsheng U.S. President - worth billions of
dollars that the United States, China, the old man's illegitimate
son. This is certainly
Another thought-provoking rumors of a heinous, as chairman of the U.S.
Jinsheng, Mr Berminton Christina 80 this year, seven,
The CEO of China Jinsheng, Croc at this year's Christina 20 has
seven. Of course, the age gap is not a problem, we Wei
Great ancestors, in the long history of many such have created a miracle?
Eternal Great Sage Confucius on from
Such a miracle, Confucius's father more than 70 years of age, and
the mother of love at first sight of Confucius, Confucius is said to hole
is born when
The age of seventeen. I was so impressed with this matter, entirely
attributable to high school language teacher, he finished it in class
After the incident, reached such a conclusion: "All great father
mother give birth to small children, has great w isdom. Age gap
The greater the higher the child's wisdom, Confucius is one
example! "Language teacher licked his lips, looked out the
window deep," Big Daddy Little
Mom, is the key to excellent health! "This is his concluding
remarks. Then, that the language class in the old male teacher of
meditation in the end

Of course, too young and just get on the high position of one of the
reasons lead to rumors, the most critical reason for this is out of the
Mr. Croc, have never before been seen in public, any kind of reporting,
what news conference, what celebrity studded parties, what
In what business will be, Croc not all attended. Therefore, the vast
majority of people in this world are not aware o f the amazing backing
The Croc President, waitin on what kind of person. Yes, one more mystery,
will be more rumors. In fact, in the Croc's
Friend, a son Truong Dinh, chairman of the eyes, Croc not appear before
the public the reasons could not be easier. Croc first
Students like to have plenty of room, In any case, in every lonely Nannai
night, when the Croc to look for a different nightclub, night, love
Girls, will not be good news as the next day's front page.

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