Video Marketing: boosting growth

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					Video Marketing: boosting growth
  In many Web2.0 applications and services, online video is emerging as
the latest flashpoint.
  Network Video strong expression, infectious so quickly from the
traditional static graphic class site away a large number of users.
  Japan's leading venture capital firms Softbank President
Masayoshi Son, the Group has predicted: "If a company can go
beyond Google, then it must appear in the online video
industry." This is from the side to prove the potential of
network video in the field.
  In China, 2005, 2006, with the first P2P streaming media and video
sharing operators appear, the network officially entered the video
industry, the development of the first year. Network video at this stage
as an emerging star in the Internet economy industries, the influx of a
large number of venture capital network video industry, and promote rapid
infiltration of free video services to the majority of Internet users
  Since 2006, the rapid development of Internet video, has been among the
Internet users access the Internet, the main one of the areas. According
to DCCI Netmonitor monitoring data show that in October 2009, the Chinese
online video media audience of about 247 million. Internet users in
online video has gradually become the key contact one of the network
applications, but also, or will become a useful complementary media,
television media, to lead a new round of market turmoil. Currently, there
are already cars, FMCG, IT, telecommunications, finance, test the water
video marketing, and marketing to achieve new surprises.
Currently, online video is facing four major trends: the content from the
grassroots entertainment to news and information, copyright, film and
television conversion; with traditional content providers, strengthen the
building of copyrighted content; part of the production team of UGC
content evolved into a professional content providers; positive
participation in domestic and international events reported, entry into
the ranks of the mainstream new media. These trends will change the
current state of multi-wrestling competition, part of the operating
chambers of commerce because of poor management and lack of
competitiveness unsustainable, individual strong comprehensive strength,
leading enterprises with good profit to survive and thus monopolize the
majority of market share, forming " Stronger Always the Winner
  In the above aspects, there is no doubt that the advantages of portal.
According to DCCI 2009 first half of the survey data, comprehensive
portal for Internet users is still the most influential segments of the
visit duration, reach and page views on the three indices, showed a lead.
At the same time, community, online video and other indicators are also
outstanding, unlimited potential.
  Seen in this light, relying on the advantages of online video portal
outstanding. Nevertheless, China's overall video market is still
in the exploration and development period. For video marketing, there are
many problems advertisers, such as: network video market, the overall
trend of development? How to choose the high quality video marketing
platform? Network video user behavior, what the demand characteristics?
What is the potential demand? And so on. To this end, "the first
interactive" interview experts and rich practical experience of
the advertising company, to discuss boosting the growth of video
marketing. Record interview follows.
Rapid growth and orderly development of
The first interactive video marketing ¦ò What do you think the status and
Zhao Zizhong ¦ò Communication University of China Research Institute of
New Media
Video marketing in 2008 is the first year, 2009, online video into the
second year. Compared to 2008, sporadic emergence of video marketing in
2009 has been greatly improved, however, video marketing, also need to
experience the growth period of about five years. Could be said to be the
turning point of the video marketing.
Hu Yanping ¦ò DCCI Internet Data Centre
Video marketing because the market is a low base reasons, showed a higher
growth rate, the main video sites or portals video channel in 2009 ad
revenue growth in 2008 is relatively common in the more than 50%; video
advertising network, distributed in various types of Internet sites
services among the various types of video ad delivery has increased
rapidly. Video marketing is a key for the current cross-media advertising
marketing calculation method of "unification", the
formulation of relevant conversion algorithm, rules, and this is one of
the initiators of DCCI as CMOS, CMFG, CMTF currently doing.
Jia Wang ¦ò Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Project Director
Internet video advertising in 2009 with the development of very large,
advertisers become accepted and customary forms of ads. But still not
completely out of the role as a television advertising supplement, taking
in how to embody the unique interactive video marketing, how to
accurately distinguish the target user, accumulating user data, the value
of an effective and reliable evaluation systems need further improvement.
But the overall trend will not change, with the trend of TV advertising
is more obvious segregation in 2010 the development of video marketing,
from different agencies and the media point of view, are very exciting.
Li Meng ¦ò Beijing innovative interactive advertising media manager
Online video has become one of the basic application of Internet users,
in October 2009, the Chinese online video media audience of approximately
247 million, and continued to increase, while the video regulatory
authorities are pushing hard to regulate the market, the video site will
enter the market concentration
Step increase, video marketing will also be moving in an orderly
Highlight the potential advantages
¦ò First interactive video marketing is characterized by the spread of
what? What are its advantages?
Zhao Zizhong ¦ò Communication University of China Research Institute of
New Media
Video marketing is, by definition, is relying on the Internet video
marketing, its transmission characteristics, ie characteristics of
Internet communication. In the future, the Internet to do with the video
content is a trend, and video marketing and video content should be
bundled together, this is video marketing mainstream. Internet video can
click on the user needs to watch television than to enrich the content of
expressions, but also regardless of time constraints, these can be said
that the Internet video of differential advantage.
Hu Yanping ¦ò DCCI Internet Data Centre
Attention from the audience for video ads than other forms of Internet
advertising, video marketing and TV advertising has a natural similarity,
which makes cross-media integrated marketing request the video marketing
and television advertising, a smooth transition and seamless docking is
possible, online video advertising than other ads have a style so the
potential for growth.
Jia Wang ¦ò Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Project Director
First, the video marketing for the user has been accepted as a form of
advertising, as opposed to more crowded ad network environment, the video
advertising more easily rejected by the user. Second, the proliferation
of video ads with automatic transmission of the virus effect. Third, the
video advertising as creative expression more fully, for advertisers,
some of the deep aspirations can do better, give more vivid expression.
Fourth, video marketing can help achieve by promoting the products,
services, soft implant. Meanwhile, the video advertising the sale in
accordance with the way CPM has become the standard accepted by all
parties, which for improving advertising efficiency, accurate coverage is
beneficial to users.
Li Meng ¦ò Beijing innovative interactive advertising media manager
First of all, video ads diverse, combining sound and picture, this three-
dimensional effect is much higher than the performance of conventional
advertising. Video marketing, and today, has been able to take full
advantage of the characteristics of the video form to create an
integrated interactive marketing programs, such as video chip
advertising, brand area, video collection, video implantation. Second,
video marketing and TV media to form an effective complementary, lower
use of network video input, the TV media can not be reached to achieve
the user coverage and dissemination of results.
What the first interaction ¦ò more suitable for video marketing industry?
Hu Yanping ¦ò DCCI Internet Data Centre
For almost all industries, especially IT, digital, games, fast consumer
goods. 2010 FMCG video marketing investment will have more growth.
Jia Wang ¦ò Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Project Director
Video is just a means of marketing. Set aside special media platform
type, audience restriction, simply from the video marketing itself, may
be asked what the industry is not suitable for ²Å¶Ô. Video marketing
provides advertisers and agencies to space and the potential is
Large, for all mining.
Li Meng ¦ò Beijing innovative interactive advertising media manager
As Internet users from online video entertainment demand, video
marketing, and should return to entertainment, need to meet the
psychological needs of users, propagation environment to and brand /
product transfer or promotion of tone is consistent.
Content is King audiences first
The first interactive video ¦ò good marketing, video marketing,
eventually became so influential, such as "virus" type
of marketing, need to focus on doing what is it?
Zhao Zizhong ¦ò Communication University of China Research Institute of
New Media
First, the value of video marketing and video content tied together, make
the Internet section of this feature to a better way to embed content,
and effective in attracting audience attention. Second, the frequency is
not only the online video advertising market, but also a channel for
business promotion. Third, video marketing as a means, and the text,
images, compared to their own strengths, all have short, should be
combined advantages.
Hu Yanping ¦ò DCCI Internet Data Centre
Docking with television, but not merely made of display (display), simply
to impression (impression) for the demand, online video through creative,
production, implantation, monitoring, tracking, audience measurement and
behavior match the demand, web analysis, marketing optimization,
interactive experience and other means to enhance the user's
interest degree, degree of involvement, community interaction, enhance
the conversion rate, the real advantage of the Internet to make it.
Jia Wang ¦ò Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Project Director
"Virus" type of marketing in the
"virus" some of the audience has a powerful influence,
can "infect" the user, making it a vector, and then
spread and spread. This is a video advertisement for their creative
requirements. Second, the video marketing is often achieved with the
user's in-depth communication, the need for the user's
psychological needs is more accurate positioning and the need for a
platform where the targeted users, a good communication platform can
often help the "virus" spread.
Li Meng ¦ò Beijing innovative interactive advertising media manager
Need to seize the user's psychological needs, to know what is of
interest to users, that interesting, so they will take the initiative to
spread, while the product is cleverly integrated into a selling point,
and entertaining way to embody, it is important not flow in the vulgar.
Portal video advantage: the credibility of the brand coverage
Interactive Video Marketing ¦ò first select a value first media platform,
you think of this platform must possess the advantages which can gather
valuable customers? Portal, this advantage is reflected in where?
Zhao Zizhong ¦ò Communication University of China Research Institute of
New Media
In the strict sense of the video marketing, should not be just the video
front exposure, and background should also be logistics, capital flow,
information flow, etc. linked to the effective docking. The online video
advertising is another matter, anyone can do, but the question is where
to do it the most valuable. The advantage of the portal is a square-like
content providers, there are loyal users, these users browsing habits
most valuable to a number of high-quality video ads sneak into sections
and location, easy to attract audience attention, to achieve marketing.
Sina such as outdoor advertising, stroll when a user inadvertently will
see. Moreover, in the form of video marketing, more than pictures, flash
and so perform better, and consumers closer to.
Hu Yanping ¦ò DCCI Internet Data Centre
The quality of the media sense, credibility, reliability is more
important than traffic, video marketing, in addition to the pursuit of
coverage, but also the pursuit of transmission source, radiation and
advertising brands and media brands to interact superposition. This is
also the brand of video ads unwilling to invest in a small site, no
copyright reasons the content of the video media. The advantage of the
portal is a high coverage, while the credibility of the brand will bring
a strong brand advertising, "gain" effect.
Jia Wang ¦ò Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Project Director
Basic requirement is the need for a safe, reliable partner. In addition,
we hope that it can be covered in the user, interactive participation,
technical support, and have an advantage.
In contrast, the portal has a large number of different levels of users,
traffic and popularity is the development of the natural advantage of
video marketing. Meanwhile, the video marketing is not isolated, the
portal integration of resources over the years and good marketing
resources advertisers are the advantages of future development.
Li Meng ¦ò Beijing innovative interactive advertising media manager
Video platform needs its own media personality, can impact on users, has
a stable customer base and willing to participate in interactive, and
strong technical support are necessary. Portal itself has a good user
base, the video platform, developed quickly, particularly portal video
TV, video resources and the environment better quality, this is brand
customers pay greater attention to the.