Veterans into the mountains as _amp;quot;Taoist_amp;quot; by fdjerue7eeu


									Veterans into the mountains as "Taoist"

Veterans into the mountains as "Taoist"
  Late autumn, a group of corporate CEOs had great success in the work of
unloading the pressure away from the hustle and bustle of the city, come
up with 35 days of valuable time, into the mountains, and the mentor
exchange cultivating, cultivating, cultivation of life experience and
understanding the , overlooking the white clouds above the earth and
penetrate life, mixing soul soul washing, remodeling heart.
  Veterans when the last few days, "priest", experience
a new life experience, and explore the mystery and the true meaning of
life; understanding the world and I coexist, all with me for a realm, and
understand the spirit world, self, who I am, the days of my overall
harmony; experience different kind of life realm, to create happiness,
wisdom, true to life successfully. A few days off, good uncomfortable!
The veterans come out as if from deep sleep, "Love life,
concerned about health," as if no longer the lip of the empty
          A "home" call

 ?Such a pleasant trip to the mountains, from the president of Tsinghua
University into a class feeling passionate letter
Dear Students:
  Stay for an instant once again the Spring and Autumn, all right? Our
old classmates are you? Business are you? All keeping? Tsinghua's
time we miss the busy still like the past, never stop forging ahead.
  Hurried life, things such as chess, then come together Tsinghua
University, past lives should be Review of millions of times in exchange
for friends, only feelings. Does anyone remember the academic and
research buildings, to the restaurant people to Lotus Pond, to the field
to expand. . . Such as young students, young and pointing country,
boosting sentiment, windy Millennium 10 000 Hou.
  We will not forget that Tsinghua students, teachers and students on the
Road to guide the country and write a symphony of life; we will not
forget that happy reunion, get-together of friendship, passion rippling
river travels north and south. . .
  The see what old school, and put down a few days customs services, and
Tsinghua University Alumni celebrations a few days to share it! What is
the surprise for everyone to do together?
  A time when autumn is the autumn of life - the harvest season, before
we harvest the money, honor, status, even a teacher at Tsinghua we
harvest, harvest the systematic management of knowledge and theory,
harvest the innovative thinking. . . But there was no gain health!
  How many 40-year-old can be repeated? How many lives can regain?
  CCTV "news network" 48-year-old anchor Luo Jing leave
quietly, the famous actor Fu Biao, 48, suddenly left, reputation
illustrious King of the world, aged 50. . . Examples of how much we
regret this feeling: It is mean enough away blossoming Department, what
life is about?
  Not to honor face health, health nor money to buy off! Honor belongs to
the past, money is beyond the flesh, only the health of their own! Look
after yourself, look at inner reflection, let us harvest in the autumn of
life a knowledge of life's most important health ------!
  Why ancient times, attain the monk will die a natural death then? Why
is it people are sick to death?
Why do they figure who trained himself has longevity? Why do people
always in agony?
Let us with questions, with a look forward to meet with the Holy Lotus
Hill, opened a Daoist Millennium health veil, Fuk enjoy Chinese health
  Wang said a master "flower Fan Liu secret places were
allocated may prescribe means, squally showers Department will be
considered Synaptic heel"
Come on, fellow students, let us meet in 2009 in mind for life! Last a

            ?The unique characteristics
  A letter of Animal Communication, universal friends gather herein.
Tsinghua President organizers class Miss Wei Yi cite the event's
unique features:

¡Ñ Dade High Road, led the whole repair
Road Association in conjunction with health experts were long over high
Tao Taoist practice guidance activities throughout;
¡Ñ Gong practitioners benefit from a lifetime:
Taoist esoteric practice of Zhan Zhuang, meditation, the five elements
Gong, Ba Duan Jin and other health Gong, while cultivation medicines,
keep thinking, Oblivion and other health the Heart, the health work
method will allow you a lifetime.
¡Ñ studying classical Taste Life:
Key Learning Taoist "moral", "Book of
Changes," "Yellow Emperor" and the classic,
speculative philosophy of life, quality of life enlightenment.
Interpretation of the number of insights into the secret operation ¡Ñ:
"Physiognomy", "Feng Shui"
"fate," the operative number is unique to
China's traditional culture, way long-secret school to teach, not
only the number of correct understanding of operation and can live it as
"a small half of one cent."
¡Ñ chanting copied by quiet Zhiyuan:
Taoist priests chant along with the study, copy, "I quiet
by", "Tao Te Ching" and other classic Taoist
practitioners of physical and mental, physical and psychological help to
lay down the burden of entering the health state of pure inaction.
¡Ñ Healthy fast food health law:
Taoist vegetarian, green natural, rich in fiber, can reduce the burden of
intestinal, intestinal cleaning up trash, while the Taoist practice
unique chewing, eating more healthy and health.
¡Ñ tea on the Road, so many friends:
Together with a head open their hearts to tea on the Road, to the
establishment of a network of resources in good faith a solid platform,
can create internal unique "Road Business Club."
¡Ñ Buddhist activities blessing misfortunes:
Taoist ritual activities of large-scale, can provide prayer misfortunes,
open adder light.
               "Health" Seminar
   As special guests, and many veterans experienced the event. Returned
from the mountain, wanted to write a little experience in this,
inadvertently from the Internet, the peer's personal experience,
very representative, and thus be reproduced simply come in here:
   ?Think about the Chinese or the full attention relative health of many
of our ancestors left the habit of imperceptibly carrying out in life ...
... When I was young my mother always urged me to do, the original
ancestors of the health culture through the years, it has a provenance.
But we young people, busy chasing the pace of the West, has long been the
"good health" and the traditional culture thrown to one
  ?Ah had a talk about health, cultural, ah, my head is big. Get back to
the liberation, think "old pedant," Yaotouhuangnao back
heavenly look. But wait until I really go out any time, (exaggerated)
travels to Western masters of large ones, it suddenly found tack - back
to the native land. Let's ancestors had long ago have it all, and
exquisite understand all-inclusive. The so-called profound, monensin, a
"practical" terrible ah.
  ?Tell jokes and talk are not afraid of my colleagues - although it is
very serious for me a sacred thing - a few days ago for taking the time
to participate in the "on the 3rd Road" campaign, is
the real experience as a Taoist priest living, feeling ancestors Taoist
culture activities. The main purpose of the activities of health. We line
", fans" in which a very deep understanding of the
Taoist culture-rich, practical, profound and wonderful meaning.
  ?Taoism do not know before, do not know so widely throughout the Taoist
culture. Even these ceremonies in the temple temple infiltration
technique law, no one realized that they had come from Taoism. Also in
the constellation channel contacts for a long time character,
physiognomy, geomancy, divination, fortune telling and so shake signed,
all from the classic Taoist culture. There are magical medicine, health
Totale technique, derived from Taoism. You also can not think of, and now
the popular online games in various roles - mage, warrior, etc., and the
role of a variety of props - all from the practice of Taoist magic. I
thousands of years ago as the "Road", truly ubiquitous,
pervasive ah ... ...
  ?I am "on the 3rd Road," the activity, but
surprisingly, it learned that 20 years have been doing the most simple
and most failed to do: eat and drink Lazard sleeping, sitting and lying
to walk and exercise. But even these simple things, let you experience
the first time will last a lifetime. Here to share with you 12, I believe
we will be deeply interested, harvest lots of it.
  ?Dinner: pay attention to vegetarian nutrition, with the five elements -
do not think that vegetarian food is some kind of monotonous plain poor
vegetarian. Masters deliberately under the "five
elements" with a variety of dishes, is very rich and delicious
taste. Radish, bean sprouts, mushrooms, potatoes, leeks, eggplant,
onions, asparagus, tomatoes, cabbage, eggs, celery, mushrooms, pumpkin,
sweet potatoes, corn, taro, yam ... ... almost vegetarian you can think
of that colorful look, ah Now think of still drooling ... oh ...
 ?Dinner time to silence can not open mouth when chewing. At least
chewing food in your mouth 36 times. To Ba Jiufen satiety to eating. - In
fact, you really stop and chew food slowly, you find that the food is so
delicious, the taste of moderate people Shuxin An Plaza, a hundred times
too good delicacy. Steamed rice they never eat alone, now chew up and
really chew better and better the more - but for no more chewing meat is
more boring. Half the normal amount to eat have been feeling full by the.
Re-think previous pursuit of sweet and sour, really invariably reveal the
stimulation of the emptiness ah.
 ?Our party of four or five 10 addicts, gathered together buried in the
food, it is hard to imagine things. Do not speak of food, really hard to
bear it? Sincerely urge everyone experience once too!
 ?Urine: According to the Chinese say, excretion as
"chaff" as the body of toxins emitted, but also to the
corresponding internal "gas" emissions. Therefore, when
the excretion drained off stiff upper lip as much as possible. Men can
point toes, ladies can shake hands with five fingers - very good for the
protection of kidney Oh!
 ?Walk / run: will focus on two-feet, the eyes within the visual range of
five meters. The former of the kidney is good, which look good on the
eyes. - Those often in a daze, ignoring those who focus not only easy to
myopia, and eyes glazed, a Siyu Yan's like - is like
"air leaks" about oh ... ...
 ?Sleep: Based on Taoist ritual, before going to bed to read
"meditation spiritual mantra," do "Five Power
Act." Five exercises is divided into various parts of the body
functions Five Elements Five Elements, such as before going to bed to do,
"Timber Gong", on the neck, the brain is very
beneficial. The concept "spiritual mantra meditation,"
you solve the industry body, the peace of sleep ... ...
 ?Get up early "call-in teeth," "stir the
tongue." Call-tooth is keep their mouths shut, the upper and
lower teeth with the lower respiratory collision 9-36. Stir tongue is the
tongue along the teeth counterclockwise circle of internal and external
rotation, respectively, under 9-36. Persist in doing so, not only for
rhinitis pharyngitis, also make strong healthy teeth, not bad Oh, an old
(old master our special white strong teeth on ah)!
 ?Totale: often rub each other with both hands to the heat, and then wash
your hands dry, and thus increase skin elasticity, reduce the
effectiveness of skin aging Oh great.
 ?Exercise: running, exercise. I like running, but nothing to do with a
simple Tai Chi exercises and movements, you can play exercise together,
the role of Huoxuetongmai. In fact, the usual massage, hand-wringing,
massage belly, waist, etc., as long as we persist in doing, knowledge can
play a very effective role in disease treatment. Recently read a
"Monk" actor Ben-chang of the video, he has more than
70 years old, body flexibility and mobility at the waist jump, better
than the young man's skill, not one thing wrong. And see the back
of his skin - the most obvious places where the age, very smooth and
delicate. The reason is that he "love action" - an
opportunity to exercise the limbs, simple and care! He said that the body
often used as tools to be flexible, life can be extended to do more
  ?Simply keeping fit, whether it is sound enough? Not at all difficult,
self-cultivation is the most normal life itself, is a very comfortable
and happy things. Good physical and mental conditioning, and people will
be very happy. More health knowledge, will find that many online soso
what is important is the health concern, which adhere to health habits.
  ?Road in the three-day event, each day of the arrangements of compact
and full. Get up from 6:30 am to 22:00 on the Road by the end of the
talk, every moment for me as precious as gold. Scriptures, copying them
practice. Master site for our class to explain "the
moral", "Figures", regimen, Feng Shui, fortune
teller ... ... after we all learned moral, but never in-depth
understanding. Every day we are dealing with people, but for the ancient
technique of deep knowledge of people we are ashamed! Also Feng Shui,
with science, these are my daily contact with the work - or even the
specialized has done a very detailed feature set, "Physiognomy
Daquan", but still on the face of knowledge to do down there is
no impression, are not and master class know how to explain the scene a
few minutes more (a class down, everyone was the fortune teller
division)! Theory is a little superficial, but deep covered for us to
attract wide. - Our own culture ah! What a rich, wonderful, fun!
          ?Taoist theoretical basis

  ?Taoist is an important part of Taoist culture. Taoism has been to
"live forever", "limitless deliver
people" as a major pursuit in life. "The pursuit of
Tao, understanding the truth" is the highest realm of Taoist
  Because I have not done the Taoist system of health research, so we had
to put some of the existing theories and sorting. Rather, it is a side
order side is reproduced.
  Ancestor of Taoism Lao Tzu is the essence of all the doctrine on
"respect for nature, nature and man", the core of which
is "back to nature." I life and health preservation, is
a big birthday. According to "Historical" set:
"I 100 6-year-old, while raising their monastic life
also." He advocated "deep root solid pedicle, longevity
and" The Road, "with nature", which advocated
"Gan its food United States of its sleep, On its home, its
popular music "that is cultivating and health.
  I Taoist system of thought created by one with nature. Taoist respect
for nature is the basic principle to order changes in the law of nature,
abandon rational human factors in health behavior taken in accord with
nature, the Taoist view that it can maintain health and longevity. I
have: "The Act, the law of the heavens, Law Road, Imitation of
Nature." Everything that people have to comply with the laws of
nature, the universe is not incompatible with reason. Zhuangzi also
believe that unity of man and nature is the highest level of health
advocates to sever all human desires in pursuit of
"action", "no self" and
"Happy." Second is the quiet nothingness. "See
Su Hoboku, less private and few desires", which means exclude
all human desires. "Empty their hearts, the United States its
belly, weak chi, strength of their bones," that is through
passive inaction, Xujing automorphic to exclude the outside world brought
by the temptation and interference, and strive to
"repose", "keep-shaped,"
"ecstasy "" no desire ","
project no see, ears heard nothing, with no understanding "to
achieve a return to the purpose.
  Taoist-based natural heaven, its attention focused mainly on
themselves, stressing self-life activities of personal experience. Taoist
pursuit of the liberation of the nature of life and spirit of peace, with
particular emphasis on the transcendent spirit of independence and
personality. Taoist rites surgery many distinct features and its own
system. Toru on its consistent management, the upper and of nature, down
to the human body meridians cavitation. The martial law is the large form
of thousands, have taken directly from old, village natural Famennian,
quiet Famennian, nothing Famennian, there are promising spell from the
start of the guidance law, breathing Breathing, Qigong method, inside and
outside the Danish law, the Housing Room regimen, daily diet method, etc.
are really a complete rites, million class taste.
  According to scholars, Taoist has the following characteristics:
  ?Respect of Road Guide to good health. Taoist fundamental is that
"Guide" of the premise that the emphasis on quality,
Mind of cultivation, self-cultivation and cultivation. Only morality in
order to set things, have the potential longevity. From a medical point
of view, respect for Road Guide of the health thought to reflect the
moral, spiritual, mental health need. Chinese believe that emotions are
important pathogenic factors, hi, sad, happy the gas relief; anger harms
liver, anger the gas on; sad lung, sad the gas consumption; fear of harm
to the kidneys, under fear of the gas; harms spleen, thinking is angry.
One is no way immoral, his mental state is necessarily bad, he is also
unhealthy psychological, and spiritual and psychological morbidity in
addition to itself a disease, there would be physical diseases. This is,
Western medicine has also been deeply understand, such as the 20th
century, created 20 years, "Psychosomatic Medicine"
Research is the main psychological factors impact on health status.
  Inaction for the health of the natural heart. Because the
"action", "nature" is the basic idea
of Taoism, reflected in health, on the request
"ascetic", "tranquil nothingness"
because "people of God and wish to pull well clear of"
human desire as hard to prevent a thief , always opportunistic theft of
the human spirit. The spirit is essential for life, "Huang Di
Nei Jing", said: "keep within the spirit, always
patient safety; spirit away from the decision, refined gas is a
must." Chengdu, the pace of life is coincident with
"Tao" nifty, quiet gentle, soft and powerful. Like tai
chi, "I did not battle each other martial art", not in
fast see fist, but in "slow" in see Kung Fu.
  Active disease prevention for the health of the Act. Active and
inactive disease prevention is of course the unity of opposites, the
Taoist teachings of this is positive. As clearly stated, "I
could not help my life by the day", that if done correctly,
adhere to health, illnesses and sickness can be, even immortality,
"and the world with life." I said: "Only sick
sick husband, is not sick"; "Book of Songs",
said: "The death of their death, linked to shell Sang",
warned that people should always pay attention to
"sick", "dead" and prevent it.
"Yellow Emperor" in the "disease" is
also thought that the truth.
  From such modest beginnings as the health of the door. Health in small
power, need a grand vision, small to start with. As Ge Hong said:
"The governing body support of it, works like its fine, can not
repair a small benefit and not for the injustice can not be without a
small loss for the non-injury prevention." It is said to be from
the subtle to start with health, bud, poly little benefit for large
benefits. Therefore, many health-promoting Taoist method is simple and
can be used anywhere. Such as hair, saliva, throat, knock teeth, levator
ani, massage, take, etc..
  The basic idea of short Taoist, as personal souls of tree longevity:
respect for Road Guide is the root of the tree, doing nothing is
naturally dry tree, active disease prevention is the tree branches, timid
is the tree leaf. Taoist is "immeasurable saving
people," the purpose of telling people how to raise tree
longevity tree to take root, the goal of immortality.


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