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					University of South Australia
?University of South Australia [Email] University of South Australia was
founded in 1991, is one of Australia's most important institution
of higher education, the predecessor of the school dates back to 1889,
the South Australian coal industry set up schools and founded in 1856,
the Adelaide City Art school. Schools in the South Australian capital
Adelaide, the city beautiful, is located in the coastal plain, behind the
Adelaide Hill, urban planning complete, a population of about 100 million
people, climate for the Mediterranean climate, summer dry, short rainy
winter . School is also one of South Australia's largest
universities, the number of students currently about 26,000 people in
more than six campuses. Within the department and the school is close
cooperation between industry, providing students with the appropriate
internship opportunities. In addition, with science and engineering,
applied science, management and education research center. Annually from
the federal government and state government funding has been increasing
year by year. Schools and industry to the amount of assistance received
by all universities in Australia ranked 8th. Australian Higher Education
Oversight Committee (CQAHE) in 1994 and 1995 the University of South
Australia as Australia's first university. In addition, schools
and industry collaboration for the research results continuously ranked
among the top five good universities in Australia. Schools, job training
courses focus on teaching quality, including: creativity and independent
thinking skills, writing ability, teamwork, analysis / crisis judgment /
problem solving skills and morality. University of South Australia is the
region's first innovative system architecture and open business
management supervision and guidance of the University Ph.D., is the first
foreign university in 1997 in Singapore, Hong Kong successfully cultivate
outstanding PhD graduate in Business Administration. English version of
"Asia Week" (May 2, 2000) to University of South
Australia's international MBA program as "Asia's
top five one of the international MBA program." School of
Business and Enterprise College (Division of Business and Enterprise) is
University of South Australia's largest and the most improved
college, consisting of an International Institute of Management,
International Business Department of Market Management, accounting and
information systems. School facilities and services provided outside the
University dormitory room is furnished single rooms, shared bathroom,
laundry and kitchen equipment. In addition, student activity room,
computer room, recreation room and Jacuzzis. Specialty information
technology: microelectronics, electronic systems, environmental
management, geology, mathematics and computers, information science,
applied physics, electronic dissemination. Business: accounting,
administration, applied economics, banking and finance, information
management, marketing, real estate business. Forest conservation and park
management. Design: architecture, graphic design, graphics, industrial,
interior and jewelry design, visual arts. Engineering and Environmental
Section: applied geology, civil engineering, electronics, electrical
engineering and manufacturing, mining, mineral resources, market
research, planning and design of case management, engineering and other
metrics. Health Sciences: Medical Laboratory, pharmacy, physical therapy,
radiology technology, environmental biotechnology, toxicology,
occupational therapy, chemical technology. Care: Nursing and nurse all
courses refresher course. Education: pre-school, primary education,
secondary education, TESOL, etc.. Humanities and Social Sciences:
Communication Studies, Journalism, International and Area Studies,
psychology, social work, information management. University Preparatory
School (FSP): one academic year (January ~ December), students with
certificates for admission to universities in South Australia. Overseas
Student Course Management University curricula subject: 9-month course,
class period from October to June, to link school business management
class the second semester subjects. English Language Centre (CALUSA):
includes all levels of English language courses available to overseas
students to study, and TOEFL and IELTS test conducted. Fees:
Undergraduate tuition fees of 10,000 ~ 14,000 Australian dollars;
graduate students is 10,000 ~ 18,000 Australian dollars a year.
Conditions for first degree: TOEFL570 points or IELTS6 points or more;
have 1 year in the Chinese universities, or high school graduation but
before the 1 year pre-university. Taught Masters: TOEFL570 points or
IELTS6.5 points; can first language at a university or other institution
for language training, has been degree or honorary degree or working
experience. MA and PhD by research: TOEFL570 points or IELTS6.5 points;
can first language at a university or other institution for language
training, generally require a master's degree has been taught.
Opening date in February / March: All courses in July / August: Most of
the courses.