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					University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield
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¡¾Overview¡¿ school

University of Sheffield was founded in 1828, 1905, King Edward VII
formally awarded by the Royal Institution of Chartered Certified, with
its first-rate education and research reputation in the UK. University
offers more than 250 kinds of degree programs, 190 master's
degree courses, 68 academic disciplines in a wide range of leading. This
figure surpassed only Oxford and Cambridge. University of Sheffield is
very high quality of education. In a recent Quality Assurance Agency
assessment made by the subjects, the school received 29
"excellent", the third in the UK. In a recent
assessment of research quality (RAE) results fully demonstrated that
subjects received the University of 35 5 and 5 * the highest level. Only
five universities across the UK over this excellent achievement.

University of Sheffield, professional discipline and broad coverage, and
high-end of its cutting-edge, making the University of Sheffield is a
truly world-class universities. Applied research for the school year and
create revenue for the more than 160 million pounds.

¡¿ ¡¾School environment

University of Sheffield in England's fourth largest city of
Sheffield City Centre, the city once known for iron and steel industry is
world-renowned teaching and research center. Close to national parks, but
also urban atmosphere; the past 10 years at the University of the ranks
of celebrities, there are 2,809 students who come from 106 countries.
Sheffield University Library is one of Britain's largest library,
as many as 14 million books, learning more than 2200 seats, there is a
wide range of electronic resources. More than 1,000 computers.

¡¾Subject¡¿ Excellent

University of Sheffield, the majority of disciplines are the top ten
rankings. Excellent professional artistic disciplines and social
sciences, psychology, media, law, animals and plants, physics, molecular
biology, landscape planning. Landscape Architecture (Landscape
Architecture) for the whole United Kingdom ranked first, every year
dozens of outstanding national culture landscape designers, planners and
managers as well as horticultural workers.

The school's Department of Archaeology and History Department is
the largest UK universities, but also by the French Liberation Daily as
in Europe. Especially in medical research has been in a leading position.
The school of music, language study and research in sociology have very
high reputation. University of Sheffield, known as "the
strongest comprehensive strength of British universities."
¡¾¡¿ On the Department of Law
Faculty of Law, University of Sheffield in a professional appraisal for 5
minutes, and the quality of teaching was rated as excellent. His research
interests include justice, International Commercial Law, Criminology,
International Crime and other professional school.

¡¿ ¡¾School Achievement

University of Sheffield in 1917, the metallurgical students HARRY
BREARLEY invented stainless steel.

1920 EDWARD MELLANBY professor discovered vitamin D cure rickets.

Dr. CECIL PAINE 1930 recorded its first use Pannixilin document.

AMY JOHNSON 1931 alone over Australia.

Professor HANS REBS 1953 was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Professor GEORGE PORTER 1967, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

1967 HELEN SHARMAN Sheffield University students became the first British

Professor RICHARD ROBERTS 1993 was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Professor HARRY KROTO 1996 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Human Studies, 1998, research in human development, the innovation was
awarded the Queen's Award.

¡¿ ¡¾School rankings

University of Education in 2009, the United Kingdom ranked third.

University of British media professionals in 2009 ranked seventh.

2009 UK University ranked eighth in the music profession.

All England 2010 Ranking 18th place.

Entry requirements¡¿ ¡¾

Undergraduate: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 or above, excellent high school

Master: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 or above, graduate; economics need
relevant professional or work background.

(Among them: Law School Applicants must have bachelor's degree or
relevant legal expertise and professional experience of Criminology.
IELTS 7.0 or above.)

Liberal arts, law, social sciences: ¡ê 9,450 / year

MBA: ¡ê 14,700 / year

Architecture, geography, information studies, journalism, landscape,
probability and statistics: 10,960 pounds / year

Science, engineering, non-clinical medicine and dentistry: 12,430 pounds
/ year


To set up a series of undergraduate and graduate international
scholarship. In addition to country-specific scholarships, the
school's graduates go back to school again, you can enjoy an
annual scholarship of ¡ê 1,000.

School students / graduates of the spouses and immediate brothers and
sisters also enjoy the same treatment. But the scholarship applies only
to make payments in accordance with the standard of overseas students
tuition fee.