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					University of Oslo, Norway (University-of-Oslo)
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School Description:
University of Oslo was founded in 1811, is one of Norway's
largest and oldest university, is also an important academic
institutions. University of Oslo, has 36,000 students (including PhD
students), international students from around the world about 2000, the
University's faculty of about 2,500. University of Oslo, has
eight colleges, 56 departments, there are many clinics, research centers
and museums. University of Oslo has developed a four Nobel Prize winners,
which shows the strength of his research.
Admission requirements: Foreign students required to learn the relevant
professional, and a bachelor's degree, TOEFL requirement 550,
IETLS required 6 points.
Duration: two four-semester, English.

School Description:
(1) School of Law
1, two-year Master of theory and practice of people
2, 12-month Master of Ocean French
(2) Social Sciences
1, two-year Master of Science in Environment and Development Economics
Entry Requirements: TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 points
Curriculum: six subjects of which four are composed of required courses:
quantitative methods, mathematics, applied statistics, economics,
2, the development of two-year Master of Philosophy geology
3, 13 months of social, Master of Science and Technology
(3) Education
1, two-year Special Education Master of Philosophy
2, two-year Master of Philosophy in international comparative education
(4) Faculty of Arts
1, two-year Vikings and the Medieval Studies Master of Philosophy
2, two-year study of Tibetan Buddhism Master of Philosophy
3, two-year Master of Philosophy Media Studies
(5) Divinity School:
The relevant two-year MPhil Theology
(6) Faculty of Dentistry:
Two-year Master of Dental, TOEFL550, IELTS6 points
(7) Medical School:
Two-year Master of Philosophy in international community health, degree,
TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 points.

Workers: a Norwegian residence permit, Africa, Europe and the United
States during the semester students can work up to 20 hours, at
Christmas, Easter and summer vacation (about July 15 to August 5) can
work full time. Before looking for work, students need to first state the
reasons for the instructor and the Department for Work Permit
applications. Work permits and the process of learning about. Application
forms are available to the management office to receive foreign students.
Fees: free tuition, University of Oslo, but each student must pay the
semester fee can be paid separately by the 370 mark, Norway, Norway can
also mark 20 SAIH (Norway subsidies to students and educational
institutions) with the payment, SAIH is designed to help developing the
organization of education in national development.
semester fee required for registration in the semester prior to 3 days
paid. After the surrender, you will receive a receipt sent from the
school, if you do not receive, you can apply to the Office of Student
Health Insurance: outside the country from the European Community to the
students, if the study period of more than 1 year, registration of
students for the University of Oslo, while the Norwegian National
Insurance will be automatically eligible.
Transport: From the University of Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway There
are three ways:
1. Airport Subway: the price is right, you can take you to the subway
station in Oslo.
2. Airport bus: cheaper, you can park in many places.
3. Taxi: convenient, but expensive.
Documents: from countries outside the European Community, students must
immediately after receipt of acceptance letter to apply for visas and
residence permits. Without these documents will not be allowed to stay in
Norway. In Norway, within 7 days of arrival, you must go to police
headquarters personnel office verify foreign passports.

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