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					University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire
Founded in 1952 University of Hertfordshire, has been with the
distinctive characteristics of traditional and innovative education. As
in higher education innovation and pioneering role, and soon established
an excellent reputation as a leading UK higher education sector, one of
the leading universities. After 50 years of rapid development, now has
become a more than 100 professions, including undergraduate,
master's degree to a Ph.D. program in a comprehensive National
University. The aim is for the country to train practical engineering and
modernization of management personnel in the United Kingdom known as
"the cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers," said, and
in 2004 received the Queen's Award. As the latest British a
modern university, with the UK's largest and most advanced
learning resource center (library), all of the classrooms equipped with
advanced computer multimedia teaching equipment. First-class teaching
facilities and excellent reputation attracts students from around the
world. With the highest percentage of science and engineering students,
graduates to meet the needs of government and business circles, while the
statement corners of Europe and the world. Currently, there are 23,000
full-time students, more than 90 countries from more than 2,600 overseas
  University of Hertfordshire schools are full of enthusiasm to welcome
the history of the most exciting new stage, an investment 120 million
pounds of the new campus in September 2003 has been officially opened.
The new campus is the UK's largest development projects in the
higher education sector. New campus in De Havilland named in honor of the
inventor of the world's first jet, Sir Geoffery de Havilland his
outstanding contribution to aviation. Hertford area Zengyin the
birthplace of the world's first jet and reputed in the world, and
now she has once again become the focus of world attention. This time is
because the University of Hertfordshire's pioneering role in the
higher education sector and the twenty-first century as one of the
greatest works of De Havilland built the new campus.
Professional advantage
Accounting, finance and investment management, business administration,
business information systems, management, human resources, marketing,
economics, tourism management, art design, fashion design, film
production, music and composition, digital animation, product design,
digital models technology, law, computer technology, software
engineering, network technology, multimedia technology, digital
communications, mobile communications, electronics / electrical
engineering, mechanical / aerospace / automotive / manufacturing
engineering, computer aided product development, racing technology,
biotechnology / medicine / environment engineering, nursing.
Recommended reason
¡ñ cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers; graduates employability among
the forefront of British universities
¡ñ birthplace of the world's first jet
¡ñ film "007", "Lord of the Rings,"
"Saving Private Ryan," "Harry Potter"
and other international producers of large post-
¡ñ International F1 race car designer equation
¡ñ World-class modern teaching facilities on campus and, in March 2005 by
the British Ministry of Education awarded the UK's best teaching
¡ñ 2004 won the British Queen's Award
¡ñ competition for jobs among the best
More information, please consult the UK Department of 010-64401177/1188
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