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					University of Genoa
University of Genoa

School Description:
University of Genoa, founded in 1471, from the 13th century already
exists. With hundreds of international university co-operation agreement
was signed, an annual intake of a large number of students from around
the world. University of Genoa in particular provides students with a
career guidance services to help them quickly adapt to working
environment. It universities from three aspects of service work: the
provision of training; in degree programs at the same time joined the job
training courses; to companies and organizations recommended by the
various graduate schools. University has 11 schools, including:
architecture, economics, engineering, etc.; set up a variety of primary
and secondary degree programs. 1,100 teachers, 30,000 students. Free
entry system, teacher recognition.
Faculty and curriculum:
University has 11 colleges: College of Architecture, School of Economics,
College of Pharmacy, School of Engineering, Institute of Literature and
Philosophy, College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Medicine and
Surgery, College of Education, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences,
Political Science
Degree programs:
School of Architecture: industrial design, landscape construction
techniques, building design, land and environmental urban planning
techniques, building repair, ship and marine technology,
Economics: business economics, banking, exchange and insurance, economic,
maritime and transport economics, tourism, economy, economy, trade,
business economy,
College of Pharmacy: herbal technology, pharmaceutical science
Law School: Corporate legal workers, law, social services,
Engineering: Environmental Engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical
engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical engineering,
electronic engineering, management, engineering, information engineering,
mechanical engineering, marine engineering, marine engineering,
telecommunications engineering,
College of Literature and Philosophy: heritage conservation, arts, music
and performance disciplines, philosophy, applied geography (land,
environment, tourism), literature, history,
College of Foreign Languages and Literature: Cross -cultural
communication, business and tourism foreign language and culture, foreign
language and culture, cross-language theory and technology
College of Medicine and Surgery: health care, nutrition experts, physical
therapy, vocational education, dental hygiene, nursing, pediatric fox,
language barriers, as the axis correction method and eye care,
obstetrics, environmental and workplace prevention technology, sports
science, foot medicine, neurological rehabilitation technology, sports
science, physiological and pathological cardiac cycle and cardiovascular
perfusion technology, bio-medical laboratory technology, orthopedic
surgery technique, neural physiological and pathological techniques,
imaging and radiation therapy medical radiation technology.
Education: Education process specialists, communications, education and
the education of children, psychological science and technology,
Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences: biotechnology, chemistry and
chemical technology, physics, information science, the application of
information science, mathematics, environmental studies, biology,
geology, natural sciences, materials science, mathematical statistics and
data information processing,
Political Science: administration, human resources, organizati on and
management, international and diplomatic studies, political science
Master's degree courses:
School of Architecture: industrial design, landscape architecture,
Economics: General Manager, Financial Management professional activities,
economic and financial market studies, economic and maritime and port
management, financial intermediation and management of the economy, the
European Economic area economic and cross-border economic,
College of Pharmacy: (The Master) Pharmacy, Pharma ceutical Chemistry and
Law School: Social management and personnel services, legal,
Engineering: Construction - Building (the master), biological
engineering, water and soil conservation engineering, environmental
engineering (natural and industrial risk management), chemical
engineering, construction engineering, electrical engineering, electronic
engineering, management, engineering, information engineering, mechanical
engineering, civil engineering, telecommunications engineering, transport
and logistics engineering, marine engineering,
College of Literature and Philosophy: Archaeology and archaeological
heritage management and use of archival science and library science,
cultural anthropology and ethnology, heritage conservation and
restoration methods, more modern culture, classical literature and
civilization, and civilization of modern literature, philosophy
methodology, performance studies, art history and artistic heritage of
the use of tools and methods of historical research, geog raphic
information systems, land and tourism,
College of Foreign Languages and Literature: the international spread of
foreign language and culture, translation,
Medicine and Surgery: Prevention and Adaptation sports science and
technology, nursing and obstetrics, rehabilitation, occupational health
studies, fox technical health professional, diagnosis Occupational Health
Science, Medicine and Surgery (the master), dental and dentures (the
master) ,
Education: Psychology, social and institutional communication, children,
education, communication and information science and technology, adult
education and continuing education
Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences: Medical pharmaceutical
biotechnology, mathematics, materials science and engineering, chemistry,
natural systems science, industrial chemistry, geography, geology,
physics, cell and molecular biology, informatics, marine environmental
science , health biology, biological monitoring science and technology,
Political Science: International and Diplomatic Studies, political
science, public management and complex organizations, management,
Mediterranean policy and the economy, the European research, publishing,
multimedia communication and
Advantage Subject:
Engineering, economics, business