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					University of Dublin Trinity College

College Profiles:
Country: Ireland set-up time: 1592
Location: Dublin, the number of students: 13,700
School Type: University of International Students: 10%
Of schools: State schools Website:

University Description:

Trinity College is Ireland is a tradition, has a long history of the
world's elite, from Elizabeth I, was founded in 1592, is located
in the center of Dublin, Ireland. Is an academic with a long tradition in
arts, science, medicine and other relevant academic and professional
world-class teaching be called elite. To its degree-granting gold content
is known for hundreds of years. The teachers are world-renowned scholar,
Nobel laureate and literary celebrities, in many areas of technology
research, innovation and exploration, of the Institute are leading
position. Ireland's first president, Douglas. Hyde, former
President of the Queen Mary. Robinson, incumbent Mary. MacArthur and so
she has been teaching or graduate school.
Holy Trinity's library is the British Isles one of the four major
copyright library (that is the law, each publisher of each of the
legitimate publications, the library collection can be a free, three
other are the British Library and Oxford \ Cambridge Library), 4.5
million of the vast amount of amazing books for every student in-depth
research books.
Curriculum covering almost all disciplines, including: science, health
science, system science, MBA, engineering, construction, electronics,
computers, literature, economics, humanities, and so on. Humanities
courses in which the oldest, the teaching level of business the first
resident in Ireland. Computer Science is the Holy Trinity of a trump
card. Ireland is the world's second largest software exporter,
and many well-known computer companies such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM
regarded its European headquarters in Ireland, Trinity University is in
close cooperation with local partners, each of these companies are funded
and Computer Science jointly develop new projects.

Research Center
Multidisciplinary nano-structure Science and Technology Research Center
2. Holy Trinity Centre for Customs and Excise office network
Trinity Center

Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre
Civil Engineering Heritage Centre
Centre for Contemporary Irish History
Environment Centre
Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
Ireland - Scottish and Comparative Research Centre
Mediterranean - Middle East Research Center
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Nonprofit Management Center
Education Information Technology Research Center
Philosophical tradition of Plato Center
Transport Research and Innovation Centre
Urban and regional research
Child Study Center
Hamilton Mathematics Institute
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Institute for international integration
Institute of Molecular Medicine
Medieval History Research Center
National Institute of mental retardation
Trinity Institute of Policy Studies
Biotechnology Research Center
Holy Trinity High Performance Computing Center
Trinity Centre for Immunology
Trinity Institute of Neuroscience
Trinity Irish Art Research Centre
Association and the major inter-agency research organizations:

1. Old Societies
Telecommunications and Value Chain Research Center (CTVR)
31 immigrants Trinity Immigration Initiative
Interdisciplinary teaching units:
Business, Economics and Social Sciences (BESS)
Biology Learning Centre
Computer and Language Research Centre
Center for European Studies
TSM Project (double degree)
6. Haughton Institute (Health Sciences)

Academic requirements:
Apply for undergraduate courses require a high school education, with an
average score of 85% or more, HKALE priority.
For graduate courses, requests for a college graduate, degree, the
average score of 80% or more
Language requirements:

1. Undergraduate: TOEFL iBT 90 (writing 21); IELTS - 6.5 (small points
not less than 6.0)
2. Students: TOEFL iBT 100; IELTS - 6.5 (small points not less than 6.0)