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British Universities: Zhou Yong: In 1990 graduated from West China
Medical University, 1991 study in the UK, Birmingham 1996, the British
Institute of Hotel Management Tourism Management Bachelor of Arts Honours
Degree, University of Aston in 1997 the British returned after the
pioneering Master of Business Administration , created in 1999 and served
as chairman of IELTS Education Group. In 2007, the IELTS Education Group
Education Group joint venture with the United States Kaplan, Kaplan began
formal implementation of the strategic development plan in China, Zhou
Yongcheng as Kaplan, CEO of China Education Group. China CEO Interview
Kaplan newspaper Week Chung, listen to his study and success story
profiles of UK universities in 1997, Zhou Bay with the England learning
experience and the expectations of the future development of
China's return to China, the president established the identity
of the IELTS education; in 2007, IELTS education and the world's
largest educational groups in the United States Kaplan Education Group
joint venture, Zhou Yongyue Kaplan was promoted to chief executive
officer of China. In the eyes of outsiders, this is a typical success,
and Zhou Yong often said: "For me, success is a journey, not a
result of my pursuit of success is the feeling of the road."
Yesterday, weeks Chung reporter's interview, recalling his study,
experienced talent. Study: life experiences than to take Zhang Yang
Diploma Reporter: You complete the learning of Huaxi Medical University,
after the choice to study in the UK, to recall to England at that time to
the situation? Zhou Yong: When I first came to England when the pocket is
only ¡ê 5, to teach at a university in the United Kingdom's
mother gave me only one semester, and is lent to me. I have not and live
with her mother, nor took a penny from her. My tuition and living
expenses in Britain are working on my own earned. Daytime classes,
evening went to earn his college tuition working, so the day I was in
England after 7 years, even the day before returning no exceptions. If I
have amounted to anything, should be the study abroad experience made me,
not my "foreign" diploma, and certainly not my English.
British university press: there are many parents that can not adapt to
life after a child abroad, you have any suggestions? Zhou Yong: Parents
pay to send their children abroad to give their children is a sense of
superiority. But I suggest, should give a child some
"crisis" and "sense of mission." Many
prospective students, beginning with a sort of living abroad is the
Platonic vision, but when they set foot on foreign land, learning,
living, the great cultural differences so that they know what to do.
Perhaps they eventually adjusted to the, but no gain from studying abroad
in anything. If study abroad is a marathon race, although the finish was
all the distance, but ignores the scenery on both sides. Taught: learn
problem-solving abilities Reporter: What do you think students in
addition to learning but also what life experiences should do? Zhou Yong:
study abroad experience should be filled with a sense of mission and
sense of crisis and struggle for the ideal experience; should be a
reading thousands of books, thousands in the learning experience; should
temper the will of the working experience; should be integrated into
local society, to understand cultural diversity, values, thought patterns
and behaviors of experience; should be a combination of practical and
theoretical experience of practice; should start from small, learned to
translate into productive employment and entrepreneurial experience.
Reporter: After the study of life experiences, but now there are many
students returned from studying in a "kelp," how you
look at what these students? Zhou Yong: students not only to get a piece
of paper as simple as foreign diploma, but to learn to solve problems.
Diploma in itself represents only gained some expertise, does not mean
you have much capacity, and modern society tend to pay more attention to
the latter. Contrast: There are many characteristics of returnees popular
to reporter: Do you think students and domestic students compared to what
advantage? Zhou Yong: I often ask students this question, the answer is
different each time, some say: My English is very good, I came back from
¡Á ¡Á University Diploma in very good, I was
"returnees" ... ... in fact is the error of thinking.
Who have studied abroad, speak a foreign language is not necessarily
international talents! English is not good advantage of the English
domestic famous university graduates will not be bad. The real heart is
to enable businesses to bring you a variety of career study
characteristics. UK universities Reporter: What are the specific
characteristics of a variety of qualities do? Zhou Yong: advanced
thinking and behavior, a good network of international contacts, multi-
cultural mastery, etc., should be truly international talents with a
global perspective, the world mind, and has docked with the international
exchange, the ability to communicate that cross-cultural viability.

British Universities British Universities British Universities UK
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