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									U.S. Top Ten Media
Ten media affect the U.S.
September 18, 1851, Henry Raymond and George Jones J ¡¤ in a windowless
attic, lit candles printed the four versions of "The New York
Times," the first issue. The newspaper wrote in the first issue:
"Today we released the first published New York Daily Times, an
unlimited period, we intend in the future every morning (except Sundays)
and one journal issue."

Newspaper's state of mind in her "New York
Times" a long life.

NO.1: "Foreign Affairs" magazine (Foreign Affairs) -
"at your nearest news-stand on the insight into the

This year marks the 83 anniversary of the publication started.
"Foreign Affairs" magazine is the U.S. foreign affairs
and international affairs of the authority of the origin point of view.
Magazines by independent research organization - "Foreign
Relations" (Council on Foreign Relations) editing and
publishing, as bimonthly. The magazine published a number of ideas rather
disputes, never published any of the widely accepted view made public.

From Richard Nixon to George Kennan in 1947, the President proposed
"containment bill" to the 1967 Samuel Huntington
"clash of civilizations" analysis, in the
"diplomatic" history since it was launched, it had more
than times the external affairs policy of the United States set the tone.

"Foreign Affairs" magazine is required reading for many
U.S. universities and professional publications. The magazine has also
continued in the new century, its traditions, from the United States on
Iraq policy to globalization, AIDS and climate change, are
"foreign" elements of concern. Recently compiled and
published by the magazine's best-selling book has ì³ÀïµÂÔú¿¨ÀïÑÇ
"free future", ¿ÏÄá˼±«ÀÕ grams of "dangerous
storm," ˹µÙ·Ò¸¥ÁÖ of "vulnerable the United States.

In 2005 the first phase, the magazine will launch a second term for Bush
will face the challenges of the special investigation, the topics were
invited to the six well-known author wrote a major policy difference,
Iraq, Middle East, Asia, the problem the international economy-related

Huge U.S. influence in the world, when the choice of the United States
when more influential, "Foreign Affairs" magazine has a
more powerful force than ever before. In the editor, James F ¡¤
Hogg's leadership, even in the face magazine newsstand sales of
general downturn, the magazine's newsstand sales in the past
decade is still an increase of 80%. Journal of the total effective
circulation of nearly 140,000 copies.
The issue of the magazine slogan is: your nearest newsstand to find world
events. In the magazine's website have a special newsstand search
engine, enter a residential zip code, you can find the sale of
residential area, "Foreign Affairs" magazine's
newsstand locations.

"Foreign Affairs" magazine website:

Light blue cover, simple design of the "diplomatic"

NO.2: "Congress (Report) Weekly" (CQ Weekly:
Congressional Quarterly Weekly) - "from A-Z, the Congress
Information exhaustive"

"CQ" in the two-letter cover images based on the needs
of each change font size. This is rare in domestic journals.

In 1945, ÄɶûÑ·²®¶÷ special co-founded with his wife Hengruiyita
"Congress (Report) Weekly" (referred to as CQ). Born in
a news ÄɶûÑ·²®¶÷ outstanding family, inherited from his father,
"St. Petersburg Times" and the United States, the
newspaper accomplishing one of the best in local newspapers. Later,
Berndt want to set up a private news publication reporting the Congress,
"CQ" was born. The couple intends to
"CQ" accomplishing a range of between Congress and the
local newspaper publications to help people understand the government

"Coalition Government will never establish an appropriate body
to examine their own. So it needs the private sector to do the
work." Darabont said in 1965.

Beginning, the magazine "misnomer" - 4 issues per year.
Later, Berndt found that far from satisfying the needs of readers, so
more frequently magazine, has now been upgraded to weekly.

Congress plans magazines and news daily, the weekly analysis of
congressional affairs. Editorial has accumulated 50 years of
"accurate, comprehensive and non-partisan prejudice" in
the media reputation. The magazine's Web site information in
real-time updates on the Congress for formal subscribers to customize the
information query.

"From A-Z, the Congress information without omission"
is the slogan of the issue of the journal.

The magazine has more than 100 specialized reports the Congress
information of the reporters and editors. 95% of members of Congress,
business leaders, universities, media, non-profit organizations,
government management constitute the main subscribers to the magazine.

Darabont has also started a nationwide training information leading
practitioners of the school, the school named by the founder ÄɶûÑ·²®¶÷
special. Corresponding, the magazine is one of the important mission of
improving the quality of government reports to help officials and
citizens to better understand and improve democracy.

"Congress (reported) weekly" Web site: www.cq.com,
Berndt News School Web site: www. Poynter.org

NO.3: "New York Times" (The New York Times) -
"The board press, Safe, published"

September 12, 2001 "New York Times." Front page using a
large number: "The U.S. attack." This is the
"New York Times," the first three times the historical
use of large font size. The first human on the moon, the second is the
Nixon resignation.

The paper is sometimes referred to as "Ms. Gray" (The
Gray Lady) or referred to as the "Times" (The Times).
"New York Times" is the name of the original
"New York Daily Times" (The New-York Daily Times).

In 1851, Henry Raymond and George Jones J ¡¤ in a windowless attic, lit
candles printed the four versions of "The New York
Times," the first issue.

Today, the "New York Times" has become the largest
circulation daily newspaper in North America, one and become one of the
nation's largest media group, the annual revenues of more than 30
billion dollars. In the "Fortune" magazine's
"most enviable of U.S. companies" list, the
"New York Times" ranked first in the publishing

"New York Times" version of sub-daily version and
Sunday edition of two, readers can subscribe separately. March 2003,
"The New York Times" Sunday edition of the daily
average circulation of 680,000 copies daily version of the daily average
circulation of 44.8 million.

"New York Times" Science and the New York area is
divided into two versions in the United States, also published in
"Times Interfax", the content is a summary of the
version information, total of 8, with Interfax to send. "Times,
Interfax" in the world has about more than 100,000 readers, even
in Beijing, Interfax as long as the subscription, you can also read the
abbreviation of the day, the "New York Times." In
addition, the "New York Times" also published two short
books and large print versions: a simplified version of the bi-weekly,
exclusively for primary and secondary students to read; large print for
the magazine, the main audience is the elderly. "New York
Times" is a media "syndicate," which the more
than 80 countries and regions, more than 2,000 news agency feeds.
In news, "New York Times" themselves as a
"paper record", in addition to the New York local news,
"New York Times" reported an event rarely take the
lead. And if it is the first report of an event, then the reliability of
this report is very high, so often the world's other newspapers
and news agencies directly as a source of news.

"New York Times" Web site: www.nytimes.com

NO.4: "Wall Street Journal" (The Wall Street Journal) -
"to report more than the color of the color"

The revised number of columns in addition to pictures and shading color
and layout style is still

"Wall Street Journal," lasted nearly 60 years of black
and white layout. Americans often say that they have a few things the
past 50 years has not changed, it is green dollars,
"Morton" brand salt packaging and "The Wall
Street Journal" on the front page

In 1882, two reporters Charles Dow and Edward King founded Dow Jones
& Company, they produced a name of "customer night
letter" (Customer's Afternoon Letter) on sale outside
the financial announcement. As more timely information than other
competitors and more reliable, the print is very popular, subscribers
increased rapidly. In 1889, two will be "customer night
letter" expansion, the registered publication, "The
Wall Street Journal." The newspaper published the same time,
they developed 12 categories of major stock indices for the performance
of stock market changes. The index was later extended to 20 species, to
the further development of the late 90 century to 30 species. They are
used as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it remains an important
indicator of the world's stock markets.

In 1976, the first newspaper in the U.S. version of the satellite
transmission technology, a good layout row in New York, sent via
satellite throughout the country 18 minutes printing. In 1980, the
newspaper's circulation for the first time over New York
"Daily News" (Daily News), become the largest
circulation newspaper, the first time in 1983, two million in
circulation, this circulation to keep still. U.S. version of
"The Wall Street Journal" The average age of readers 55
years, mostly for the middle class or above.

"Wall Street Journal," Total United States, Europe,
Asia three different versions, Asia headquarters in Hong Kong, the
European version of the based in Brussels, the U.S. version set in New
York, each Forum has its own editorial team and reporters, , also only in
their respective regional markets on a specific issue.

General daily newspaper out of 3 stack. A plate is usually 18 or so,
mainly news and comprehensive content, in addition to financial news,
national and international news, there are policies, letters, arts,
leisure, etc; B section is the market segment, typically 16 pages,
including market highlights the importance mergers or transactions, joint
ventures, trade logs, foreign exchange, economic newsletter, etc; C plate
that money and invest, usually 18 pages, including financial markets,
diary, Road. Jones and other kinds of stock index, stock market database,
stock quotes, fund market, bond market, futures market, currency rates,
world market developments.

"Wall Street Journal," lasted nearly 60 years of layout
styles: black and white printing, in addition to hand-made portraits
almost no pictures. The newspaper did not even set up their own
photographer. April 9, 2002, the newspaper finally changed color version,
added some pictures, but the simple style has not changed.

"Wall Street   Journal," electronic version is the only
cost to the reader to   read the newspaper collection site, nearly 600,000
existing subscribers.   The site, together with other on-line fees, the
annual income of more   than 300 million U.S. dollars.

"Wall Street Journal" Web site: www.wsj.com

NO.5: "Economist" (The Economist) - "in the
article of any disputes and claims must stand the test of truth"

The Economist fonts and bright red background, a legacy from our founder
James Wilson has consistently advocated the publication of the plain

Founded in 1843, the United Kingdom. Is a containing news, political and
economic point of view and depth of the Week. The magazine articles are
not all signed, rests with the collective creation.

"Economist" of 20 years in the 20th century, only 3,700
copies of circulation until 1970, also failed to break 100,000 mark.
Today, the magazine were printed in 7 countries, its circulation has more
than 700,000, of which 4 / 5 of the issue is outside the UK, issued in
the United States alone accounted for the total 1 / 3.

More than a century, "The Economist" always abide by
the ideological founder James Wilson in the journal: "In the
article of any disputes and claims must stand the test of

"Economist" reader positioned as high-income, full of
independent-minded and critical spirit of the social elite, with this
adaptation, the paper has always maintained a unique style: eclectic,
simple narrative, choice of words precise and faithful to the facts.

"Economist" Website: www.economist.com

NO.6: "Harvard Business Review" (Harvard Business
Review) - "to improve the management of global
2004, the last one, "Harvard Business Review", which is
the magazine's tradition of design

"Harvard Business Review" (Harvard Business Review)
Founded in 1922, is a landmark Harvard Business School Magazine. 80
years, "Harvard Business Review" has been committed to
the creation and dissemination of the latest business management ideas,
theories, viewpoints and methods to help managers constantly updated
ideas, leading the change. Today, "Harvard Business
Review" has become a global forum for senior management.

Editor Tom Stewart (Tom Stewart) said: "" Harvard
Business Review "is a magazine providing ideas, research-based,
audience for the business community practitioners. From this sense, it is
neither academic journals, Nor is business news publication. "

Founded in its first twenty years, "Harvard Business
Review" has been an academic journal. The above are mostly
published in the Harvard Business School professor of some academic
articles. Until the late 40's, Harvard Business School, decided
to "Harvard Business Review" has become a business
publication. The purpose of the magazine while it changes to
"improve the global management standards." The
publication of the contributor from a single professor at Harvard
Business School crowd into three categories: all business school
academics, management consultants and business executives.

"Harvard Business Review," the woman editor Wetlaufer
visited 66-year-old former chief executive of General Electric, Jack
Welch, when the access is issued in the final editing stage, she suddenly
suggested that manuscript "withdrawal." This is because
her "personal relationship with Welch had become
close," removed in order to avoid the draft articles is not
objective, but also to maintain objectivity and neutrality of the
journal's reputation.

"Economist" (The Economist) on the "Harvard
Business Review," the evaluation is: "Leading global
management practices." "," Harvard Business
Review "independent of management in the history of carrying all
the controversy."

"Harvard Business Review" Web site:

NO.7: "Washington Post" (The Washington Post) -
"The U.S. Congress and White House officials must have the
newspaper desk"

Christmas day in 2004, "Washington Post" front page,
headlines to spend Christmas in Iraq reported. Reported the lower left
corner for the "fast penetration into the Chinese
"Washington Post" Founded in 1877, the largest
newspaper in Washington DC to investigative journalism known for its
effect on the exposure of the Watergate scandal led to President
Nixon's resignation, reports on the Pentagon Papers led to the
end of the Vietnam War. These two groups of well-known to the newspaper
report, Barghouti's reputation as the country's major
daily attention. "Washington Post" is the authority of
the federal government can report.

In 2004, "Washington Post" daily average circulation of
709,500 copies.

"Washington Post" Web site: www.washingtonpost.com

NO.8: "New York Times Sunday Journal" (The New York
Times Sunday Edition)

"New York Times" version of sub-daily version and
Sunday edition of two, readers can subscribe separately. Sunday edition
of the subscriptions to be higher than the normal version. March 2003,
"The New York Times" Sunday edition of the daily
average circulation of 680,000 copies daily version of the daily average
circulation of 44.8 million.

Usually Sunday edition 12 kg weight, there are the travel, automotive,
employment and other kinds of magazine, published and advertising. In
recent years, "New York Times" also appeared in
magazines of the tendency to open a lot of magazine, such as
"eat at home / out to eat", "Housing and
housing", etc..

September 13, 1987 the Sunday edition of 1672 edition, weighs 5.15
kilograms, for "The New York Times" History of the
most. Since 75% of newspaper revenue comes from advertising, the
advertising revenue that day also reached a record 17 million U.S.

NO.9: "New England Journal of Medicine" (The New
England Journal of Medicine)

The magazine's cover is the catalog, the design can be described
as extremely simple and plain.

Founded in 1812, is the world's longest continuously published
medical journal, published 52 times a year, weekly publication, page
number in 3400. Massachusetts Medical Association Journal under. Journal
of the main provider of important research results had not been
published, clinical findings and perspectives. Focus on the practicality
of the article, the article mostly for clinical practice.

Magazine has a very strict peer review process, manuscripts processes
usually take 10-12 weeks. Contributions of eliminating for republication
rate of about 7%.
177 countries, more than 500,000 physicians, students, researchers and
other medical experts constitute the magazine's readership. In
the United States circulation 200,000, of which about 12,900 students in
school subscribers. 69% of the subscribers to the age of 50 years of age.

United States Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) 2004 was
released in 2003 journal impact factor statistics, "New England
Journal of Medicine" of factors to keep in the first major
medical journals, usually indicates that the high impact factor journal
published research results on future point of view a great impact.

Therefore, the magazine has attracted the nation's first home in
the number of physician job advertisements, figures released in 2004, the
magazine published every year more than 24,000 physician recruitment
advertising section. Classified ads published in accordance with the
number of times to give price concessions, if you want to become more
striking bold font, you need to pay extra. If the existing standards by
an average of 5 dollars per word basis, the classification of light
magazine advertising revenue is considerable.

The magazine asked, in order to ensure the accuracy of the content of all
advertising content must be provided in writing. The contents of
advertisements are prohibited on gender, age, race, region, marital
status, physical defects of discriminatory provisions.

"New England Journal of Medicine" web site:

NO.10: "Science Magazine" (Science Magazine):
"the development of science, serving society"

December 5, 2003 published a "Science", the cover
arrangement for the Drosophila protein

The magazine in 1880, invested 10,000 U.S. dollars by the Edison founded
in 1894 to become the largest U.S. scientific community,
"AAAS" - American Association for the Advancement of
Science (AAAS) in official publications. 51 year period, the weekly, the
global circulation of more than 1.5 million copies.

Most of science and technology journal peer review should be charged to
the reader, comments, published related costs. But the
"Science" published in Contributions for free. The
magazine's source of funds consists of three parts: AAAS
membership fee; print edition and online edition of the subscription fee;

"Science" is a comprehensive scientific journal, its
scientific news, review, analysis, book reviews and other parts, are
authoritative science information, the magazine is also suitable for
general readers. "The development of science, serving
society" is the AAAS is "scientific journal"
In the world, "Science Magazine" The main rival to
London's "Nature", the magazine was founded in
1869, has published a number of Darwin, Huxley and other masters of the
article. 4 years of the 21st century, both as the first published map of
the human gene sequencing, and vigorous competition.

"Science" editor ÌÆÄɵ¿ÆÄá Di graduated from Harvard
University, Ph.D., is the eighth president of Stanford University, the
famous professor of environmental science.

"Science" Web site: www.sciencemag.org
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