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									U.S. immigrant visa Introduction
?First, outstanding talented class of immigrant visas
1, scientists, engineers, doctors, physician, etc.;
2, artists, musicians, singers, movie stars, supermodel, TV host,
director, etc.;
3, well-known athletes, coaches, etc..
Benefits: Employers do not need security. Short cycle, low cost, no
restrictions on age and education, family (spouse and children under 21
years old) green card.
The main proof of this outstanding achievements of its international
awards received, similar to the Nobel Prize. If you have not won a major
internationally recognized award, should have at least listed the
following three conditions:
(1) because of its outstanding achievements of national or international
(2) as a certain level of professional association or organization
(3) their professional achievements are specialized books, trade
publications or major-media recorded or reported;
(4) has the referee for the industry, contractors, or selection of the
judge or jury member;
(5) in the area had made significant achievements or outstanding
(6) in the professional publications or major media has written
professional articles;
(7) painters, sculptors, etc., his work should be attended art
(8) for a well-known leaders or important figure in the organization;
(9) for the high income groups (annual income of more than 100,000 U.S.
(10) of the performing artists, to prove he has a business (income) on
Second, multinational manager, immigration (for entrepreneurs):
If a Chinese company has subsidiaries or branches in the United States,
forming a "multinational entity," Chinese companies can
apply for an immigrant visa supervisor or manager, as in the United
States, executives or managers.
Cilei application ask American companies to operate more than one year
for the beneficiary can yes never been to America's Chinese
parent company of the officer or the managers, but the past three years
Dan Ren Zai had at least one year of Chinese parent company heads or
The usual practice is to: China, a new parent company in the U.S., a
subsidiary of China business a year later, senior manager for immigration
application. The more simple approach is: China buying a controlling
parent company to send money to the United States (51%), a U.S. company
operating more than one year, (or spend 15 to 250,000 U.S. dollars to buy
a sole proprietorship) that the United States, the company can The
Chinese company's senior manager of direct immigration
applications, green card after the success of the family emigrated to the
U.S. by the official.
If the applicant has been in the United States, you can use the name of
the Chinese parent company acquired the U.S. company operating more than
one year, to submit their first application for L-1, followed by
submission of Eb-1C Multinational Executive immigration applications, and
may also apply for I- 485 and an Extension. Approval, you can go to the
Guangzhou consulate immigration visas, green card as soon as possible to
get the whole family.
Subsidiary means more than half of the company's ownership and
control, directly or indirectly owned by its parent company; or more than
50 percent of the enterprise ownership and control, veto power, directly
or indirectly owned by its parent company; or although not to the half of
the company's ownership, directly or indirectly, owned by parent
company, but in fact the parent company controls the entire company.
The company's businesses in the United States should provide
goods and services, not only agents or offices.
4, National Interest Waiver
A master's or doctorate degree or special talents can apply for
U.S. employment-based immigration second priority Eb-2. Eb-2 requires
that the applicant will be greatly beneficial to the U.S. national
interest, thus requiring their immigration work permit exemption
requirements. In addition to showing that the applicant has a high degree
of foreign, engaged in the field should be quite good. If the applicant
has obtained a work permit, and have master's or doctoral degree,
or bachelor's degree plus at least five years professional
experience, or college degree and with more than ten years professional
experience, you can apply directly for Eb-2 National Interest Waiver
The so-called national interest, with the following information:
1, to promote U.S. economic development;
2, to improve wages and working conditions of workers;
3, the promotion of U.S. education and training;
4, the promotion of health development;
5, for the young, the elderly, the poor provision of affordable housing;
6, to improve the environment and better use of natural resources.
National Interest Waiver categories, including special economic class of
entrepreneurs can
Requirements: entrepreneurs should have Master's degree. The case
of undergraduate, there should be more than five years work experience.
Who has a college degree should have years of relevant experience.
Property is large, influential in the community. Good to have a
professional certificate (and related occupations), or Association
5, a visiting scholar or exchange of training visa
Must have a receiving unit, access to salary. Approved in the United
States can engage in learning, internships, training, work or study
activities. This visa is generally 1.5 years, 1.5 years expire can be
renewed. Some types of exchange programs may take longer.
Applicant background requests
1) Business management and scientific research or technical staff, have
appropriate work experience or learning experience.
2) The applicant must have knowledge of English required to complete the
provisions of the exchange program.
(Currently existing functions of hotels, that is, only workers HOTEL
class range of management, staff)
According to the relevant provisions of the United States and China,
mainland China, holding J-1 visa exchange visitors in the United States
to end their studies, returned to live in mainland China by the 2-year
limit. But you can apply for exemption (if government-funded, exempt
6, professional work visas
The visa is issued to the company hired by the United States, have
special talents or expertise of foreigners, the visas subject to quota
restrictions, the current visa quota is less than 65,000 per year. H-1B
visa is normally valid for 3 years. Maturity can be renewed, or apply for
immigration in the United States during the green card.
On the employer's industry or the applicant's expertise
is not too restrictive. Any employer, whether engaged in industrial
production, agricultural management, scientific research or culture, can
be employed as required to meet the requirements of the foreigners. The
applicant is required to have special talents or expertise but also in
line with the background for the work can be employed. Applicants must
have at least a bachelor's degree in soil science degree or
equivalent work experience.
Applicants can bring their families, but family members must be achieved
if the United States work permit.
Application requirements
H-1B visa application must have the following five conditions:
1. Need to be eligible U.S. employers to hire and work in the United
2. College (BA, MA, PhD) degree;
3. The applicant must have obtained a "specialty".
Applicants who are professionals with university degree, but if the work
obtained by non-professional, does not conform to requirements;
4. With work experience, the background of the applicant's work
must be consistent with the work received;
5. The employer must report to the Department of Labor and approved.
Diploma assessment
The United States does not recognize all of the world's
universities or college diploma is awarded the diploma with the
University of the United States at the same level have the same level.
Thus, diploma applicants need to assess. Diploma assessment of the United
States specializing in the independent agency complete the assessment.
Application Procedures
If the applicants and their employers to meet the requirements, you can
consider the proposed H-1B visa applications. If the applicant in their
country of residence, should be made by the employer first immigration
application is approved, the applicant held by the INS approved documents
and personal files to their place of residence of the U.S. Embassy or
Consulate for a visa.

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