The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory
                                                      WORLD MISSION FELLOWSHIP
                                                               2010 PRAYER CALENDAR
                                                                   Overseas Personnel
                                                                     Overseas Personnel                                          Effective from April 2010

         1                         2                      3                     4                     5                   6                          7
 Captains Craig and       Captain Lynn Jones     Stephen Williamson      The General and Major Dieu Quang On Nathan and Stephanie             Commissioners
   Karinna Exon            (The Caribbean)         (The Caribbean)      World President of      (Hong Kong            Elkington              Roslyn and Victor
   (New Zealand)                                                        Women’s Ministries based in Beijing, China) (New Zealand)                  Poke
         8                        9                       10                   11                       12                   13                    14
  Personnel leading       Majors Annette and     Lieut-Colonels Robyn    Lieut-Colonels             Andrew Lee        Majors Agnes and     Majors Christine and
 expansion into new        Mike Coleman             and Ron Clinch     Donni and Sam Pho             (Pakistan)         Ross Hailes          David Watson
      countries               (Taiwan)             (The Philippines)  (Hong Kong, Macau,                                 (Canada)              (Tanzania)
  (Mongolia, Kuwait,                                                         China)
 Burundi, Sierra Leone)
         15                   16                     17                   18                            19                    20                     21
Majors Ian and Vivien    Captain Kirsty    Personnel transitioning Marshall and Vicki           Captains Cathy and    Majors Andrew and        John and Kaye
     Callander             McKenzie       back to Australia 2010:       Currie                  Darren Elkington       Leanne Ruthven           Williamson
     (Moldova)        (South America West) Meredith, Watson &          (Kenya)                    (New Zealand)             (IHQ)             (The Caribbean)
                                               Webb families
        22                        23                     24                    25                        26                27                       28
  Majors Jim and          Majors Lyn and Ron      Chandra and Kaeyl     Overseas Personnel      Captains Debbie and    Emma and Tim           Majors Alan and
 Marion Weymouth              Cochrane                 Exon                   Office              Rod Serojales           Currie              Denise Milkins
     (Zambia)              (Eastern Europe)        (New Zealand)             (THQ)               (The Philippines)       (Kenya)              (IHQ and UK)
       29                    30                           31
   Hannah Pho        Personnel leading             All International
(Hong Kong, Macau, expansion into new             Secretaries at IHQ
      China)       countries (Mali, Poland,
                           Greece and Namibia)

                                                                           PRAYER :
                Heavenly Father, in this moment I bring to you those who serve you across the seas in obedience of your call upon their lives.
 Especially do I remember today ___________________! Bless them as they serve in the community, centres and areas of work they find themselves today.
                 Give them grace and strength for their tasks and in their own lives allow them to know your beautiful and powerful presence.
                Keep them safe from danger and harm and cover them with healing and wellbeing. This I pray in the name of Jesus. AMEN!
                                                       The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory
                                               WORLD MISSION FELLOWSHIP
                                                       2010 PRAYER CALENDAR
                                                           Overseas Personnel
                                                             International Focus                                         Effective from 10 April 2010

JANUARY                                        MAY                                                         SEPTEMBER
Africa                                         Americas and Caribbean                                      South Asia
Week commencing…                               Sunday 2      South America East                            Sunday 5       Bangladesh
Sunday 3     Congo (Brazzaville) & Mali        Sunday 9      South America West                            Sunday 12      India Central
Sunday 10    Democratic Republic of Congo      Sunday 16     USA Central; and USA Eastern                  Sunday 19      India Eastern & Nepal
Sunday 17    Kenya East; and Kenya West        Sunday 23     USA Southern; and USA Western                 Sunday 26      India Northern
Sunday 24    Uganda; and Ghana                 Sunday 30     Brazil
Sunday 31    Nigeria and Angola                                                                            OCTOBER
FEBRUARY                                                                                                   Sunday 3       India South Eastern
Sunday 7     Malawi                            Europe                                                      Sunday 10      India South Western
Sunday 14    Liberia with Sierra Leone         Sunday 6      Belgium                                       Sunday 17      India Western
Sunday 21    Rwanda                            Sunday 13     Denmark                                       Sunday 24      Pakistan; and Sri Lanka
Sunday 28    Southern Africa; and Mozambique   Sunday 20     Eastern Europe                                South Pacific and East Asia
                                               Sunday 27     Finland and Estonia                           Sunday 31      Australia Eastern; and
MARCH                                                                                                                     Australia Southern
Sunday 7     Tanzania                                                                                      NOVEMBER
Sunday 14    Zambia                            Sunday 4      France
Sunday 21    Zimbabwe                          Sunday 11     Germany, Lithuania and Poland
                                                                                                           Sunday 7       Hong Kong, Macau & PR China
Sunday 28    Burundi and Namibia               Sunday 18     Italy & Greece
                                                                                                           Sunday 14      Indonesia
                                               Sunday 25     The Netherlands and Czech Republic
                                                                                                           Sunday 21      Korea & Mongolia
APRIL                                                                                                      Sunday 28      New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga
Americas and Caribbean                                                                                     DECEMBER
Sunday 4    Canada and Bermuda                 Sunday 1      Norway, Iceland and The Færoes
Sunday 11 Caribbean                            Sunday 8      Portugal; and Spain
                                                                                                           Sunday 5       Papua New Guinea
Sunday 18 Latin America North                  Sunday 15     Sweden and Latvia
                                                                                                           Sunday 12      Japan; and Taiwan
Sunday 25 Mexico and Nicaragua                 Sunday 22     Switzerland, Austria and Hungary
                                                                                                           Sunday 19      The Philippines
                                               Sunday 29     United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland
                                                                                                           Sunday 26      Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar

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