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Types of Trademarks


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									Types of Trademarks
TM (Trademark) commonly known as "brand" (Brand), are
added to the manufacturer or distributor of goods on the signs. General
by the name brand (Name), term (Term), sign (Sign), symbol (Symbol),
design (Design) or their combination form. Trademarks used to distinguish
a business to sell products and companies competing to sell similar
Text mark
  The so-called "word mark" refers to the text only
constitute trademarks, including the Chinese characters and minority
characters, foreign languages, and Arabic or in various combinations of
the trademark characters
  Word mark now more prevalent in countries around the world to use.
Characterized by relatively simple, easy title, the meaning of some words
that some can produce the commodity buyers a sense of closeness. Such as
"Snow" brand, used in beverage goods, give people a
kind of cool, clean this sense; "Seagull",
"Merlot" and other trademarks, daily necessities and
clothing products in use, will give people an easy , comfortable, joyous
Text trademarks are trademarks using the name and business name signature
abbreviations. This mark can the owner of the mark to deepen the
impression that their products directly to the producer or operator to
establish a corporate image. Such as "Wuliangye"
scissors, scissors is Wuliangye production plants; "Shen steam
made" car engine, car engine factory in Shenyang production;
"Shengxi Fu" hat, is Shengxi Fu shop business.

  Have to figure mark. Such as "555",
"414", "999", etc., such a mark
though not necessarily mean, however, is characterized by unconventional,
unique, have gradually recognized by some people, good results can also
be received .

  However, the word mark also has its shortcomings, is being affected by
ethnic, geographical boundaries. Such as Chinese trademarks abroad is not
easy to identify. Similarly, the foreign trademark in China is not easy
to identify. Ethnic languages are also suffering from a certain
geographical limitations; Therefore, while the use of ethnic languages in
general need to add additional text description for the recognition.
Graphic mark
  The so-called graphics Trademark is a trademark only graphical form.
  This trademark colorful, ever-changing, can use a variety of animals,
plants and geometric shapes and other graphic form. Graphic
characteristics of the mark is more intuitive, artistic, strong, and full
of appeal. There is also a feature of graphical trademark, is not subject
to language restrictions, regardless of which people speak what language
can generally be read, some saw the name can be exhaled, and some even if
you can not address the name, it can give people to stay under the deep
 ?¡¾¡¿ Mark mark mark mark mark is a graphic, is a simple to use a
trademark symbol constitutes a pattern. Mark mark is characterized by a
strong symbol.
 ?Trademarks¡¿ ¡¾geometry is more abstract geometric graphics trademark
constitutes trademark, trade marks and marks similar.
 ?Graphic trademark¡¿ ¡¾natural so-called natural graphics trademarks,
are people, animals and plants, natural landscapes and other natural
objects are composed of images for the graphic trademarks. Some kind
photos, while others are processed and refined, and general approach to
deal with the hyperbole, etc. posed by natural graphical trademarks.
 ?Trademarks¡¿ ¡¾neutral neutral mark is not the meaning of trademark,
trademark symbol graphics similar; Chinese characters and foreign
trademarks, graphics and signs similar to trademarks; Chinese characters
and foreign languages transliteration approximation. Although there is no
meaning of this mark, but not easy to be confused with the trademark of
others more easily allowed to register, call up the text they are more
modern. Many companies now use this trademark.

Combination mark
  A trademark is a combination of two or more components from the
combined form of the trademark, also known as the composite mark. If a
trademark of graphic combined with horse text, and some called the
"army horse," and some called
"Pegasus", and some are called
"horses" and other, even in the identification and
description at the same time made it more deepened, but also more
contagious. Some also to Chinese characters, foreign language and Arabic
numerals with a trademark combination, represent different meanings.

¡¾¡¿ Service mark service mark is used to distinguish services with other
similar signs, such as aviation, tour guides, insurance and finance,
telecommunications, hotels, television stations and other units to use
the logo, is the service mark.

¡¾Sales¡¿ business trademark or trademark is the production operator to a
specific logo or business name or business used in their manufacture of
goods of the trademark. Some people call this mark the
"factory", and "shop standard" or
"Division standard."
¡¾Manufacture¡¿ manufacturing trademark trademark trademark, also known
as industrial, manufacturing marks, sometimes as the main standard use of
trademarks or works. Manufacturing trademarks in China is the most common
is the use of the main forms of business. This mark is characterized by
prominent corporate image, not only to distinguish between other
producers, but also help create brand and enhance consumer trust.
¡¾Sales¡¿ sales mark mark mark also known as business, marketing
trademark, that the seller said he sold the goods to the use of the
trademark. If Shengxi Fu hat shop "Shengxi Fu",
Liaoning Cereals, Oils Import and Export Corporation's
"Plum" trademark was sold mark. Sellers use sales mark,
not the producer of the mark in the publicity, but advocates of their own
trademarks, it is a good business reputation of the operators was to
expand sales.
¡¾¡¿ Advertising of trademark trademarks trademark devoted to
¡¿ ¡¾Individual personal trademark is a trademark of wholesalers and
retailers do not use the product manufacturer's trademark, but
only to use their own trademarks. If the market in Liaoning Province Ci
Yutuo clothing wholesalers, in order to distribute their own goods and
distinguish the goods of others, do not use the garment processing base
his or dealer mark, but use their own surname Wang, Li Moumou and other
Collective mark
  Collective mark is a collective organization (such as cooperatives,
associations, unions, etc.) for registration of trademarks. Ownership are
owned collectively by the group members enjoyment. Group members needed
to develop the rules to use the conditions, rights and obligations. More
questions on the collective mark ...
Well-known trademarks
  Well-known trademark is a high profile, well-known trademarks. In
accordance with the provisions of international treaties, subject to
well-known trademarks recognized national trademark authorities. The
People's Republic of China first found the well-known trademark
of "Xia Fei", "Phoenix", etc. 10.
¡¿ ¡¾Famous trademark is a more well-known famous trademarks are
trademarks. It is not international technical term, to the provincial
level in China have been named honorary.
Defensive trademark
  Defensive trademark is the trademark owner will be similar goods in the
non-registration of their trademarks in order to expand its scope of
protection is generally more well-known trademark to take this approach.
¡¾¡¿ United Brands United Brands is the trademark owner the same or
similar goods in the same registration number of the same or similar
trademarks, some text similar to, some graphic approximation.
  This trademark registration may not have used, and their purpose is to
prevent others from counterfeiting or register to more effectively
protect their trademarks.
¡¾Standby¡¿ spare trademark trademark trademark, also known as storage,
refer to the same time or separately in the same goods or similar goods
registered several trademarks, registered does not necessarily
immediately after use, but first be stored, and if necessary, re-use.
Registered trademark spare, from the trademark strategy point of view,
there are three considerations: First, although no production of a
commodity, but when put into operation, they can use in time, but will
not affect sales; second is to ensure that brand name reputation, once as
a kinds of reasons, the quality of the goods fail, they can use the
alternate logo (the so-called vice standard) being replaced; Third, if
smashed brands, trademarks can be promptly put on standby.
Trademarks¡¿ ¡¾Grade level refers to the quality of goods,
specifications, different grades of a trademark used on goods of the same
or different trademarks. Although some of the same name this mark, but
the graphics or text in different fonts, some of the graphic the same,
but in order to facilitate the distinction between the quality of
different products, but in different colors, different paper, different
printing technologies or other signs for distinction, while others
different trade names or graphics to distinguish. Such as: Shenyang
Brewery trademark is to distinguish different levels, it said rating
¡¾Unit¡¿ set set mark set mark means the kind of products, due to
variety, size, grade, price differences, in order to distinguish the use
of several trademarks, and to this set as a group of several trademark
applications for registration of a proposed trademark. Group Sets
trademarks and trademarks levels are similar.
¡¾¡¿ Clan clan trademark trademark trademark is some basis then it
combined a variety of text or graphics, use of various products in the
same company's trademark, also known as "derived
trademarks." Such as the Kodak company "KOBAK"
trademark for the foundation and create derived
"KOBASCOPE" and other marks, are trademarks of
Certification Marks
   Also known as the guarantee mark. Generally in the international
application for registration by an association, the association of the
trademark quality of goods, raw materials, manufacturing methods and
other characteristics of a testing capacity and to ensure for its
quality. Use the guarantee mark, recognized by the Association to use the
mark must be met to ensure product specifications and other criteria.
This mark can also be used to serve the project, that the characteristics
of a service. Currently, the United States, Britain and other 20
countries which have specific legal requirements. Such as: The
People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture registered
"green food" is a certification mark.
Trademarks¡¿ ¡¾double double mark is the same kind of goods and services
at the same time using two or more of the trademark. It is not strictly
for a type of trademark only in the objective reality of a term in it.
There are many reasons they occur:
  ?First, enterprises may use the registered trademark, but very
significant, often used for products from the individual name, and
highlight the use of the passage of time, this alias created a brand, it
also naturally called as a trademark. This creates a double mark.
"Boom" brand "Chrysanthemum" is a
case of beer,
   Second, manufacturers use a registered trademark, commercial
enterprises also registered a trademark, using the two trademarks.
"Great Wall" brand "Fen" Wine is one
example, the "Great Wall" is the trademark of a foreign
trade company, the "fen" word is a trademark of
   Third, enterprises using both the total mark (on behalf of corporate
image) and the product labeling (the usage of the image).
"Contac" flu drug release capsules date is highlighted
use the "Contac" trademark, at the same time using the
"SKSF" trademark (total mark) and
"CONTAC" trademark.
   Fourth, two words are registered trademarks, and use by consumers. Such
as trademarks by Chinese beverage "Coca-Cola" and
foreign "COCACOLA" is an example.
¡¾¡¿ To notes compiled audio mark a group of music or a particular sound
as a trademark or service mark that is sound. If a record company to use
the United States notes compiled into a set of 11 pieces, throw it in
their system at the beginning of the sale of the tapes, as a sign of
recognition of their goods. The audio company dedicated to protect its
right to prevent others from using, copying, and the application for
registration. Sound trademark is currently only a few countries in the
United States and other recognition.
Scent marks¡¿ ¡¾scent marks is to distinguish a particular odor as
different products and different services of the trademark. Currently,
such a mark is recognized only in the individual countries it is a
¡¾¡¿ To three-dimensional objects three-dimensional mark as a trademark
for the three-dimensional trade mark trademark. Such as special
packaging, containers of distinguishing the three-dimensional material.
Trademarks¡¿ ¡¾xenon atoms is a chemical element xenon, the U.S.
International Business Machines Corporation and the two researchers
Tangaigele Ren Ai Shiwei xenon atoms to design a "IBM"
mark, its length is only 660 billion to one inch, is trademarks of the
world's smallest. Trademarks of the trademark shall be xenon
¡¾R¡¿ by whether or not the exclusive right to classify a registered
trademark and unregistered trademarks. Where the governing body by the
trademark registered trademarks are protected by law and shall enjoy the
rights and interests, get trademark rights (including property rights,
trademark rights only. Does not include personal rights. That is only
right to use the trademark. Transfer of rights, inheritance rights, do
not include trademark designers publication rights and authorship. The
other two main elements of intellectual property. such as patents and
copyright are included in personal rights and property rights).
Unregistered trade mark can also be used.
¡¾No¡¿ primary trademark for some reason, the registered trademark does
not exist, the trademark shall be no primary trademarks.

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