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In two years, we meet again
Sent to the museum, put them in glass cases
You a cabinet, a cabinet I
Who and who do not sub-
Fear of grave robbers chase around us ......
Love cars and aircraft, did not take long to blow up, complaining Road:
each date are late, bad faith!
Love cars and trains, not long breathed, complaining Road: derailed every
day worried about him, worn out!
In that respect for moral and modest manners known to the Victorian era,
the main motive lies in the fact that emotional suppression in a loss of
detail, the kind of paused, the more intense the inwardly raging only.
Chinese people play dumb obedience of lying down pretending to deal with
the fool silent seclusion goof spoof such behavior is irresponsible and a
form of obedience, reflects a weak intelligence.
----- Chencang
?Said the blind deaf mute heard seen a ghost!
I see that side of the world, you see that side of the world.
This is the real face of the world.

Do not be afraid of someone that you love vanity. It's a positive
comment is that we want more beautiful, more professional, more popular!
Vanity temper our ability to learn.
1. Professional skills
2. With people
3. Money and money from
4. Dressing
5. Controlling the situation
6. Humble
7. Elegant
These should be practicing the skills for youth.

Vanity was great to meet like eating ice cold watermelon in the hot sun,
there is happiness and time is swift.

Let us strive to improve themselves, to meet the inherent vanity, the
young people go all out to do something worthwhile.
January birth (heart only playing) in February of birth (to do things
does not make sense)
March was born (always stay expression) - April was born (full of
-5 Months of birth (love very seriously loaded) -6 was born (sincere and
mischievous) -
July birth (sentimental clever words) - August Born (Love at home first)
-9 Months of birth (pure seriously) -10 was born (a brilliant but cold)
-11 Months of birth (Duochou plus sentimental) was born in December
(terribly attached) -

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I like you, so allow you to hurt me.

I like you, so watch you make mistakes.

I love you, even if exposed to air-drop order dawn, is moving in a paper
streamer fly evening light.

I love you, I will not talk to you.

I do not care about self-value geometry,

I just want to know that you will not be sorry for me occasionally.

Warwick University's economics teacher ±ËµÃ°Í¿Ë˹ calculated with
the formula, find the ideal partner probability is 1 / 285 000. He said
that after the calculated probability of good mood, because it can be
proved, no girlfriend, not his own, but too few opportunities. 26-year-
old British secretary, Amy. Hinckley's experience proves this
point. 5 years, in order to find the mind Ruyilangjun, her marriage sites
in 13 registered sex dating 1000, has finally met Mr Right, he is in
principle not far from where they work only a few Street.
I read:

Awakening of the taste
Lin Ching

Kung Fu tea drinking, after drinking a glass of water, will find that
special drink of water. Tea is good, water Ò²ºÃ.
After the excitement gathering, calm down, will find it extremely quiet
the clear. Feel warm also the United States, the United States is also
Mountain home after a hot bath and felt that the water is evaporated from
the body out. That also enjoy hiking, bathing, enjoying.

Sometimes, happiness and sadness, too, to feel joy sorrow nice, happy
feel sad when there is a taste of awakening.

The taste of awakening all the time
As the sun every day to.

Sadness, in addition to showing the beauty of an art, I am sorry, it
demonstrated a life of ignorance.
The relationship between unpleasant fundamental reason is because you
refuse to leave, while the other party more opportunities to hurt you, no
Tacit is the best start, and the best end.

We are still learning to love
Understanding linguistic communication with school learn to not cry
Until we learn to fly

Over night and test

Times would graduate from the loneliness
Fresh and bright Monday
Tuesday calm quiet
Wednesday neat bright
Thursday easygoing nature
Friday romantic youth
Saturday Casual Fashion
Energetic, sunny Sunday
?Dramatic life is unhealthy.
Like us growing up in urban culture of the people, he always saw the
picture of the sea after seeing the sea; the first to know after the love
of reading romance novels.
Our experience of life is often the second round, by means of artificial
Therefore, in life and life is difficult demarcation between theatrical.
----------- Eileen Chang "break up with somebody"
After the steam by the others, often have different reactions, the most
skillful and most effortless response was silence. This will leave a
present for life will not forget.
Experienced, it would not be the fault of the years, the years of
achievements, is the experience of love into every piece of precious
Life experience, often due to have fruit, processed in different ways,
allowing tragicomedy interchangeable.
A girl, the best, but the 35 set before the project, after the force is
to gradually fade, pale pickled save the world also followed up, then
face to see, nothing more than some insignificant people and things.
Endlessly to upgrade their knowledge, ornamental, entertainment. Enough
for you busy!
Equip themselves with more sense than to explain their
And modified to create their own equally important
We want to lifelong learning, which is, not how sad, no worries, no fear
of death is not trivial worries. To do all the time and enthusiasm alive.
I hope people do not love my loneliness, I hope I love people like me.
I read:
Wang Qiude
In 1907, Gorky lived in Italy, Capri. His 10-year-old son, Maxim, along
with her mother to the island to see him.
Farewell, little Maxim Scattered flowers planted in the island.
Gorky in the hearts of appreciation to his son wrote: "You go,
but you have stayed planted flowers in the growth of the. I am happy to
think, after my son left for a left at the Capri ---------- flowers
thinking good things for your good memories ---- you know, to take
pleasure than ever. "
Get up early to run, the sky clouds.
Look at an aircraft under the drill into the clouds from the cloud
Suddenly thought, as so many people in the immediate after, and got into
memories, disappear.
Psychologists believe that:
In relations, there will be two tendencies.
One similarity. Called a smell person.
The second is mutually beneficial. Can benefit people in life.
Similar to the one or two friends is enough, useful friends the better.
Love will be tired, cold heart
This is the essential process of feeling
Some people just give up
Some people are willing to wait
I always like pulled up the blinds to see you stand-off across the
street, although separated by a street, the street, I am on the second
floor, Kexin was so close, your 10 minutes of comfort, but comfort lonely
me many years .

March 10 born:
Serious and long, powerful mental abilities.
Deep and real, strong sense of independence, want to help the less
fortunate, sometimes for their own benefit, become too open-minded
A lot of respect for the elderly, will create their own destiny.
Management of new business and entertain the public of the organization
will be successful.
The world's most sensible words:

All for us, not just for me or just for you.
Conservative and a secret is more valuable than the spread of a secret.

Beautiful winding coastline is always
Hang around enough to make people forget to return it
When I finally moved into your heart
Share the same world
Too long to miss the circumstances behind the pain
Have become sweet
Only I know that happy feeling
America was worth paying all

You know you can meet like you fall in love with you
Thank each of my Tears
When you finally go in front of me
Complete picture of all
Even if the ups and sweet and sour taste of it again
Only joy
After days of heavy rain such as wide and bright sunny
Each dawn needs to have night Shing Chuen

A circle back to see every pocket
Every winding curve
Are for the love you have to stay in the V line
My signature was changed to "addiction." Many people
ask, what addiction.

Different people, I gave different answers. But not real answers.

I am single one was addicted to the type of love among the species, I
used to and good way is to crush

And no knowledge of farewell. I was so familiar with each other without
the presence of love, you can easily qualified

If you crave something, you have to let it free.
If it back to you, it's you; if it does not come, you never
really owned it.

Open, open, took on the thanks.
Walked, and they scattered.
Each relationship you have people who should be your favorite jewelry,
they are bright bright yourself.
Psychologist Carl Jung said:
Too agree that external standards, they put on a persona Abstract not
down, under this mask, the true self was deeply depressed.

Only two kinds of people do not have a negative mental and emotional
bodies ,-----

One lonely, cold character, often produced in the adult is not measured,
no purpose in light did not interfere with the child's life in
the world.
One reason for suffering is that the pursuit of the wrong things.
Each child is special.
The strange thing is ---- so many mediocre adults come from?
Do not waste energy, and you hate to argue.
Said a woman should be like a cat, in fact, have together cat mind
eraser, it will not stick to your good to her. Therefore, women do not
bear a grudge, just mildly: the feeling of being loved you so much, I
have forgotten.
Life like water, say love, sensation, and the last are two people on the
couch for the remote control turns Anzhuo Taiwan.

I like you, like to not want to restrict your
I like you, like to do not want you wronged.

Really unacceptable or inconvenient to have
Have a very strong feeling, in fact, this world, there is no happiness we
imagine that the temptation to just keep paying your feast.
  To enjoy sexual gratification, we must endure all the other
To have youth, we must endure the pain Zhuixin.
To have wealth, we must give up self-esteem moderately hard.
How much you give up how much you get.
So, do not envy those who have to pay that is based on the cost. The most
important thing is, you do not know when he will regret it.
Break up or divorce is not terrible terrible thing is that you do not
choose life.
Happiness is an illusion
Peace is the power of nourishing life.

People who love to find shortcomings, paradise will find shortcomings.
Setting sun is reflected from the windows of the workhouse, as reflected
in the windows of the rich, as brightly.
A quiet mind, no matter where are the same as in a palace, contented and
full of live happy thoughts.

Sometimes, we do not understand why I was such a pleasure-seeking people,
their own can never do a decent meal, clean up a beautiful home? In fact,
my life can not get rid of, is your love spell. With you when I do not
have to do all the chores. I enjoy your pet, as long as the endorsement
to you, as long as the jokes, as long as the thinking, as long as good on
the line.
£ now, I am a person who often do not want to kill the soul, and I just
want to find you. With you. Or is this form of love with.
  ?However, just today, I had a kind of insight. You lived in my body,
but also home to myself. I love myself, that love you.

We are busy traveling, and my trip was walking through every day.
During the day, in warm subtropical flowers
Night in the cold desert of the Arctic Ocean.

Later I know that life is destined to undergo incomplete and some were
not too successful. To accept those taboo things that can not see the
light. In this world. Some can not reach the place, not near the people,
things can not be completed, can not share feelings, can not repair the

I keep a low profile with a smile, a smile is also the sad truth is the
world trouble.
Read a news that a survey, now more than 6,000 yuan monthly income of
people in the well-being the strongest. The well-being the lowest 40 - 49
years of age. Just recently me and some people like the exchange. They
have been walking the road of success, which makes them increasingly
self-conscious, but more and more lonely hearts. And, in my opinion,
because of the passage of time this pain will be even more helpless.
This is what I admire and respect, so the face of such frustration and I
even feel distressed. If this is the well-being must be questioned, then
it should really think about our devotion to everything.
Of course, the people, in fact, do not understand fear, fear that
understand the wisdom to use more open solution Caixing.
Think of high school dream: Nordic study. Dreams of Denmark, Norway and
Sweden. Dream palace, the Prince, there are mermaids.
So just who I, without a good living really sorry that this piece of the



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