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					Turkey's apparel market development guide

Turkey as a bridge across the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, linking
Europe and Asia. Many Chinese businessmen will enter the Turkish market
as a bridgehead to the EU market in an effort to Turkey business, to
expand the market in Turkey, to prepare for its expansion into the EU
  Turkey as a bridge across the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, Europe
and Asia connecting China to do business clothing and footwear
businesses, in opening up Eastern Europe, the Russian market represented:
Turkey has been a mid-range of Chinese products into the international
market, the biggest competitor , plus China, Russia and other Eastern
European countries in the sales of products such as low-grade areas is
still in the wholesale market sales, so they make some products in
Turkey, such as leather, garments, sweaters. China shoes merchants
  Therefore, many Chinese businessmen will enter the Turkish market as a
bridgehead to the EU market, began actively to Turkey business, expand
its market in Turkey. To prepare to enter the EU market.
  1. Advantage of the Turkish apparel industry
  As an important base for the European apparel production and
processing. Especially for the Russian market in the exporting country
ranked first in the country - Turkey, not only in the production and
processing technology, equipment and technology has its unique features
in the product design and processing is also very good. Analysis of its
strengths, can be found in a few main reasons:
  Turkey location is a unique advantage. Turkey straddles Europe and Asia
Pacific Land and land, has become in many countries in Europe and the
brand's main production and processing base in Turkey, you can
see the latest European fashions. Advanced processing technology. Market
and consumer trends. Among them, across Europe and Asia, Istanbul
(lstanbul) and the raw material origin Izmir
Seoul (lzmtr) and other regions of Turkey have become industrial
production and trade center.
  Aquaculture industry is well developed in Turkey, for the leather
industry and the development of the wool textile material strong self-
protection. Leather processing and textile enterprises from the
processing technology to the equipment very well, while well-developed
supporting industries, garment and textile industry, which is to provide
a foundation for the development and protection.
  Work in the technology and talent advantages Turkey has more. Judging
from the historical traditions of Turkey itself in the textile weaving
and processing aspects of products have a long history, so as a
continuation of this tradition, the training of skilled workers and team
growth as possible and provide the industry's competitiveness the
protection of another. Although Turkey is currently the main Muslim, but
not closed, more open sense of, especially popular in clothing terms, so
that "proximity and easier" on the Italian pop with
very tight product, plus changes to make fashion of their products is
very international, and is now established in Istanbul University fashion
design industry each year to provide a lot of good designers, but also
has introduced products for the market conditions to provide the talent.
  Great importance to product quality and brand building. Despite
Turkey's apparel and shoes export price is higher than the EU
average price of imports of such products, but the quality and importance
of related industries to seize the opportunity, so by providing the best
products and best service and its products enjoy a high reputation. The
product of a brand laid a solid foundation.
  Government to provide some incentives. After processing of imported raw
materials exported to third countries, can be used processing methods,
which apply for a permit to import tariffs and VAT.
  Although Turkey is not yet EU members, but as the European Customs
Union, and its export to the Customs Union and industrial products duty-
free quota-free. This is Turkey's exports to Europe is a very
favorable factor. And with the ongoing process of European integration,
is expected to Turkey will soon become EU members, this will be another
of its exports advantage.
  2. Turkey's major markets
  Although Istanbul is not Turkey's administrative capital (the
capital in Ankara), but will be referred to as the country's
economic and trade center is not off. This is even more than Shanghai and
Guangzhou and the status of relations between Beijing. In terms of
population, economic development, city size and status, the Istanbul is
Turkey's best, especially as the first major cities across Europe
and Asia, the world's leading export important port, Istanbul is
in the sea inside and outside the eyes of businessmen with very high
position. So talking about the Turkish market. Will ultimately
concentrate on clothing and footwear market in Istanbul.
  Istanbul, the city is divided into the old city and new city of two
parts, apparel sales market mainly concentrated in the old city. For
example Lalei La Leili market, Osrnarbey Ottoman equipment market,
Bayazit base and the airport road shoe leather goods, Big World, etc.,
while some high-end shopping centers are also mainly located in the old
city. Lale i La Leili this on the market, Osr-nadey Ottoman equipment
market, Bayazit base and the airport road shoe leather goods, Big World
to make a brief introduction, the market in the country as a channel
  ?Laleli La Leili market
  ?Laleli market is a specialized wholesale markets for Russia's
comprehensive result, many Chinese companies be referred to as
Turkey's Yabao Road, Silk Street Street. As Turkey and Russia
across the sea, while some of the former CIS countries and close
neighbors, such as Georgia, therefore, relatively more than the Russian
traders to Turkey to China procurement can save a lot of time. Turkey
products from the style and quality are quite good, in the Russian market
can sell out a better price, so there have always been, Eastern Europe,
Russia and many other important base for customers to purchase.
  By the author on the ground of the market study found that the market
has a very obvious feature of trade in Eastern Europe, mainly in style
and price point. Laleli is a huge market, the market showed a stellate
distribution, there are dozens of different streets which criss-cross in
the market range of products covering the apparel, leather, shoes and all
other major commodity exports to Russia. Commodity in the market followed
the trend of European pop. The market, can clearly be divided into Fur
and leather district, garment district, sweaters and shoes area district.
Leather District. Among them, the shoe features a very district, in
addition to a number of shops selling shoes, there are many shoe stores
of material, such as shoe stores, shoe stores, shoes, leather shop, so
here not only to the shoe purchases, but also can choose purchase to the
appropriate material.
  The Laleli market and the largest city of Russia wholesale clothing -
Albemarle Road market compared to the size and form are different.
Albemarle Road market is the property of several large and some small
market connections formed and distribution on both sides of the road, a
fairly standard layout. But La Leili different. It all is a small store
from a link on both sides of the road criss-cross, but road is not at
standard. Both the main road to a radial distribution of the core, there
are different street or in parallel, or staggered distribution, and
Albemarle Road area of about 5 times. However, here to see the goods to
the same as in Beijing Arts Way, out of style show may be the market-
selling models, but the next season or the upcoming new is hard to see,
unless your next single orders.
  Turkey fur Big World
  Turkish leather processing and production of related products in the
world, also occupies a very important position, the production of leather
products in the quality of products can match with Italy. Therefore, in
the Turkish market, the leather products wholesale and selling market is
very large, in addition to the previously mentioned laleli market and
later to introduce the Bayait shoe bases. Big World at the airport road
fur fur can be called Turkey's largest distributor gathering
place, where concentrated mostly well-known brand in Turkey. Compared
with the laleli market, smaller than the size of the market, in general,
and-plant-style business model, each store has its own independent
building facade or the general store are each divided into 3 - 4 layers
which a building is a showroom and workshop, 2 or 3 floor meeting room
for customers and the latest models show office, 4th floor office was a
house. Here you can tour the factory, buy their products, but as
mentioned earlier, generally a floor display of products are not new
products, if you want to see the latest products. Must be an order or
through local merchants draws your attention, before they can enter the
upstairs. Throughout the entire market, a very good environment and
convenient transportation, with its relatively high grade of products, so
the past few years has attracted many traders to purchase. Compared with
many domestic leather city, its business climate as well as products,
services, forms that we can learn.
  Other markets
  Osman equipment market (Osmanbey) is a business in Italy, France and
many other well-known high-end boutique brand market, Quality Street
mainly for wholesalers from Europe. Here not only the European boutique
shops, there are many clothing stores apparel goods company hired local
Italian or French designers. This market is basically the same layout
laleli market is hidden in the criss-cross the street where many
boutique. Significantly better than the decoration here specialized trade
laleli Russian market, prices are naturally much more expensive than
laleli market. All the clothing market in Aosimanbei clothing and
products from the color of the style are present series, stressing the
brand, not as domestic Albemarle Road, Silk
Clothing such as the market has put together feel.
  Bayazit base-bottom shoes various shoes wholesale, primarily to Russia
and Eastern European buyers, design novel, works excellent, is not the
footwear industry are not the inspection target.
  Walking Street, also known as Quality Street, a street shoe, this
market be authentic Turkish market, most consumers are here to Istanbul
locals. Here, both mid-range of clothing, but also high-end European

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