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Social Bookmarking: A New Type of Search by Serendipity1

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Are the social media sites the next search engines?

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By James Shuster

What is Social Bookmarking?  Some history of Social Bookmarking  What does it mean?  Social Bookmarking Sites  How to get started  Organization  Why is it good  The Social Aspects

Social Bookmarking


SB is a way for internet users to store, organize, manage, search and share bookmarks of websites on the internet Bookmarks / websites are associated with tags which help users to organize and share sites of common interest

How It All Started

Began in 1996 with ItList
 Features

both public and private bookmarks


BM services flourished for the next three years
 Lacking

models for making money, the early generation BM services burst



In 2003, was created and coined the term Social Bookmarking Today, there are many BM services online

Social Bookmarking Sites
Below is a short list of some social bookmarking sites. All of them are unique in their own way, yet they share common social bookmarking features.
       Blauer Bote Feedmarker Jumptags

How to Get Started

   


Choose a bookmarking site such as and sign up! Use the tag button to bookmark sites of interest Add keywords or tags to organize your sites Save your bookmarks on the site Now you can retrieve and sort your bookmarks from your StumbleUpon page Be social and share!


 Use

tags and keywords to sort and organize your bookmarks. In doing so, you will make it easier for you to retrieve your bookmarks and help others who view your bookmarks make sense of what you book marked. This is cooperative bookmarking.

Why SB is Good

 


 

This creates a really good search engine Human tagging Discovering new sites Sharing BM’s with people of common interest Reduce searching time And more!!

Socialization and Collaboration
Share your sites publically  Create a collection of bookmarks with all kinds of people  Strengthening social book-marking sites

Social Bookmarking A New and Improved Search Engine

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