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					                        Job Description and Person Specification

Please note this statement is for information only and does not form part of a
contract. This list is not exhaustive and you will be expected to undertake such
duties as may be assigned to you by the Foundation from time to time. WFD is
a small team and staff are expected to be flexible in their work in order to
deliver the objectives of the organisation.

Job title    Programme Administrative            Location            Maputo
             and Finance Assistant
Contract type Full-time                          Contract            1 year, renewable
Starting           TBC

WFD is an independent political foundation specialising in parliamentary strengthening and
political party development. It has the unique ability to work with overseas political parties
through the UK parties.

Founded in 1992, WFD is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office (FCO) and a company limited by guarantee. Its Board of 14
Governors, appointed by the Foreign Secretary, includes eight members who are nominated
by the UK parties: three Labour, three Conservative, one Liberal Democrat, one
representing the five smaller parties in the Westminster Parliament; and six members
appointed by open competition.

The Westminster Consortium for Parliaments and Democracy (TWC), led by the Westminster
Foundation for Democracy, has been awarded a £5 million grant by the DFID Governance and
Transparency Fund (GTF) to develop programmes of parliamentary staff training in Mozambique and
Uganda, Georgia, Lebanon and Ukraine.

The consortium is committed to ensuring lasting benefit from these six programmes and has
developed a model designed to ensure maximum sustainability.

The Consortium comprises:

   Westminster Foundation for Democracy
   Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, UK Branch
   House of Commons, Overseas Office
   International Bar Association
   National Audit Office
   Reuters Foundation
   University of Essex, Centre for Democratic Governance

TWC has adopted a collaborative approach to the delivery of its GTF programmes involving a range
of different partners and stakeholders including:

Last update 22 January 2010
   on the supply side, members of TWC, the Westminster political parties and, from time to time,
    other organisations and experts including some outside the UK;
   on the demand side, parliaments, their elected members and staff; delivery partners such as
    universities, NGOs and locally based trainers; and associated organisations such as supreme
    audit institutions;
   DFID as funder.

Main purpose of the role
The Programme Administrative and Finance Assistant (PAFA) will play a critical role in
assisting the TWC Programme Manager in Mozambique with implementing the programme.

This role is responsible for the accurate, efficient and timely management of financial and
administrative procedures and for ensuring excellent communication on, and co-ordination
of, these requirements with stakeholders (WFD colleagues in the UK and overseas). This
role is also responsible for contributing to programme delivery in terms of coordinating
logistics, programme development, research and implementation and, occasionally when the
duties are appropriate, standing in for the Programme Manager.

The post holder will need to be an excellent communicator, organised and efficient, have
great attention to detail and the flexibility to enjoy a demanding and varied role.

Management and key relationships
Staff managed1      None
Reports to          TWC Programme Manager, Mozambique
Key Relationships
(Maputo) TWC Programme Manager; (London) TWC Governance Officer, WFD
Management Accountant, WFD Finance Assistant

Main Duties
1   Financial administration:
     Collect receipts relating to expenses in the programme budget and produce
        weekly / monthly financial reports.
     Implement a basic accounting package for the office accounts.
     Draw statements and conduct regular bank reconciliation of the local WFD
     Monitor expenses regularly to ensure programme expenses are on budget and on-
        time including managing accruals and cash-flow and producing forecasts.
     Produce monthly financial reconciliation reports for the WFD office in London.
     Produce regular financial reports in line with donor requirements.
     Prepare tranche requests from WFD office in London.
     Manage a bank account including ensuring it is topped up appropriately and
2   Logistics:
  Please note WFD reserves the right to increase or reduce the number of staff managed according to the
needs of the organisation.
  Please note WFD reserves the right to change the line of management according to the needs of the

Last update 22 January 2010
        Provides logistical support to programme activities including booking venues,
         flights, accommodation, catering etc.
       Works closely with the London office to provide support for visits to the UK.
       Assists the Programme Manager during events to ensure activities run smoothly.
       Helps organise meetings for Programme Manager and other programme
         stakeholders, as necessary.
       Assists in maintaining contact with key players, including donors and implementing
         agencies working in the same field.
3     Programme Implementation:
       Maintains the project management methodology standard within the office.
       Assists the Programme Manager in developing the content of the programme, as
       Sends the reports on the methodology for consolidation as requested.
       Assists in organising and managing activities and stakeholders within the
       Assists in monitoring and adjusting the programme work plan, as the programme
       Assists in organising the evaluation of the programme at regular intervals
       Collates data on programme activities to assist in monitoring and evaluation of
4     Administrative Support / Office Management:
       Processes invoices and bills related to the programme in line with WFD policy.
       Liaises with programme suppliers and service providers, as required.
       Assists in procurement consistent with company policy.
       Drafts meeting agendas, records and distributes meeting minutes and action points.
       Maintains programme stakeholders database.
       Ensures documents and files are accessible and properly filed.
       Orders office stationary and supplies, as necessary.
       Acts as point of contact for the WFD office in Lebanon.
       Maintains the office asset register.
       Responsible for the correct functioning of the office equipment.

Person Specification
Knowledge, skills and experience
    Requirement                                                           E/D3      Evaluation4
1   The candidate must have a first degree or similar, in a               E         Application &
    relevant discipline i.e. office administration, business                        interview
    studies, project administration, accountancy or
2   At least one year experience of a similar role, in a                  E         Application &
    similar type of organisation (preferably an NGO or                              interview
    international representative office environment)
3   Experience of, and excellent abilities in, financial                  E         App & Int
    administration including management of cash flows,

 Essential or desirable
 This is relevant for recruitment purposes and sets out how a candidate will be assessed against requirements.
Options are application form (App), interview (Int) or test (Test)

Last update 22 January 2010
   balance sheets, sizeable budgets (planning, monitoring
   and reporting)
   High levels of proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint,              E      Application,
   Databases                                                                  interview & test
   Experience of project management and in particular                  E      App & Int
   gathering and consolidating information for
   monitoring and evaluation and project management
   Excellent levels of spoken and written English                      E      App & Int
   Excellent organisational skills                                     E      App & Int
   Experience of procurement, use and maintenance of                   D      App & Int
   hardware, software, scanners and other office
   Experience of using accounting packages e.g. Quick                  D      Application &
   Books, SAGE                                                                interview
   Knowledge of the Westminster Parliamentary system                   D      Interview
   and Political Parties, UK and international funding
   institutions and donor agencies.
   Requirement                                                         E/D    Evaluation
1  Communicating and Influencing - Anticipates the                     E      Application &
     needs and concerns of partners and prepares to address                   interview
     these. Tailors communications (written, verbal,
     presentations) to the audience and designs communication
     for impact.
2    Working with Others - Recognises that other                       E      Application &
     teams, organisations and communities have different                      Interview
     ways of doing things, takes time to understand these
     and to establish shared understanding and goals. Seeks
     advice and ideas from others and proactively shares
     information and learning.
3    Analysis and Judgement - Attentive to detail,                     E      Application &
     understands the importance of gathering and processing                   Interview
     information accurately. Develops systems to gather data
     needed by the business
4    Delivering Results - Tackles difficult problems, seeks to         E      Application &
     understand the reason for obstacles and takes personal                   Interview
     responsibility for finding solutions. Asks questions to clarify
     expectations and to agree goals

 Competencies articulate the behaviours which an organisation expects its staff to demonstrate in the
course of their work both to reflect organisational values and add significance and worth.

Last update 22 January 2010

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