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									                                                                          Position Description

 Position Title:     Country Director, Mozambique
   Supervisor:       Regional Change Lead
     Location:       Mozambique
Contract Type:       Fixed Term 2 years (subject to probation)

Oxfam Australia has been supporting development and humanitarian work in Mozambique for over 25 years and
has a country office in Maputo the capital city. OAU currently implements a mutli-sectoral program in two provinces
working in partnership with community based organizations, directly with communities and engaging with networks
and Government. Oxfam Australia currently employs 12 staff in Mozambique and has an annual country budget of
over AUD 2.0 million funded by institutional and private donors.

As a confederation of 14 members Oxfam International is currently undergoing a change process to develop a
single management structure (SMS) for each country where Oxfam affiliates are operational. The SMS process
aims to achieve a harmonised approach that will enhance Oxfam’s contribution to aid effectiveness and improve
the outcomes for poor and marginalized people by improving the quality, impact as well as the efficiency and
effectiveness of our programs. In Mozambique the SMS process will see Oxfam Australia close its office in Maputo
and become a Governing Affiliate under the Oxfam’s new structure.


The Country Director of Oxfam Australia represents the organisation at the country level, participates in agency
wide strategic decision making and is responsible for management of the Country Program.

Operationally this role is a senior manager within the southern Africa regional team. At the country level, the
position leads the Senior Management Team based in Maputo to achieve the country, and ultimately Oxfam
Australia’s, strategic goals. The Country Director is expected to travel 8-12 weeks per year in-country, regionally
and internationally.

Core Responsibilities:

   Provides strategic leadership of Oxfam Australia’s program in country, including the management of human,
    financial (income and expenditure) and material resources, in accordance with Oxfam Australia’s strategy and
    relevant policies, processes and standards.
   Takes the lead in managing, setting and communicating overall country direction for Oxfam Australia and is
    accountable for the planning and implementation of joint work with other Oxfam’s operating within country.
   Ensures the delivery of programme quality including; program development and strategic planning linking the
    external context, wider learning and innovation in steering and setting priorities, delivers agreed outcomes,
    either directly or through partners, in line with the joint country strategy and operational plan ensuring donor
    requirements are met.
   Represents Oxfam Australia and the Country Program at the highest levels in country, with partners, and
    when required within the region and globally, and proactively advises the agency of strategic directions and
   Actively engages with and is responsible for advocacy at the country level, and contributes to regional and
    Oxfam International advocacy. This includes participation in key co-ordination mechanisms and actively
    working with other players.
   Is accountable to partners for the delivery of Oxfam commitments, and responsible to act on complaints from
    communities and partners who we seek to support.
   Contributes to media and communications and is responsible for Oxfam Australia sign off at the country level.

Values:      INNOVATION           INFLUENCE             INDEPENDENCE            ACCOUNTABILITY            COMPASSION

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   Developing and maintains professional networks and relations with other national and international agencies,
    national and donor government agencies and other relevant organisations
   Oversees organisational development processes that builds and strengthens leadership capacity within the
   Supports the development of and is accountable for Oxfam Australia change planning in Mozambique to
    support the implementation of Oxfam SMS decisions.
   In line with change plans participates in Oxfam country coordination mechanisms and is accountable with the
    other affiliates for progress against strategic objectives of the joint Oxfam plan, and reporting jointly to the
    Oxfam Governing Council.
   Ensures the implementation of the Mozambique Program in line with program and finance management
    standards and requirements including effective program development, appraisal, implementation, and
    monitoring, reporting, evaluation, learning, audit and document management of agency programs.
   Ensures there is a long term funding strategy for the Mozambique program and that resources are in place to
    identify potential funding sources, liaise with donors and marketing staff, develop proposals, write reports and
    manage contracts.
   Ensures that gender analysis is applied to all phases of the program and that Oxfam staff and partner
    organisations have the capacity and commitment to promote gender equality within our respective
    organisations and across our program work.
   Ensures Oxfam Australia and its partners is prepared for and able to effectively respond to humanitarian crises
    in Mozambique working effectively within the existing Oxfam coordination mechanisms.
   Ensures risk is managed throughout the program including effective security planning and implementation in
    compliance with the agency’s security and safety policy and standards.
   Manages resources including assets and staff in compliance with local legislation and agency standards.

Budget responsibility:
   Is the Mozambique Program budget holder responsible for effective budget management by staff including
    budget development, reporting variances and forward planning.
   The position has an appraisal delegation of AUD150,000 and is responsible for program commitments and
    expenditure in line with organisational financial delegations
   Ensures adequate measures are in place to meet external funder requirements in line with contract
    management standards.
Policy development:
   Leads the implementation of Oxfam Australia’s organisational policy in the Mozambique Program and oversees
    the development of in-country policies.
   Contributes to wider Oxfam planning and policy development.
   Implements gender and diversity policy and processes within the program.
   Keeps informed of government and relevant international policy that impact on programming in Mozambique.

Human Resources:
   Line manages direct reports including recruitment and selection, performance management and staff
   Ensure all managers and staff demonstrate good human resource practice and comply with agency policies
    and procedures.
   Ensure security policy and guidelines for Mozambique are regularly reviewed, monitored and updated and
    responsible for ensuring all Oxfam staff based in, or who travel to, Mozambique are fully inducted in security
   Implements and monitors Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), gender and Occupational Health and Safety
    (OHS) policies and procedures.
   Monitors workloads and work environment for self and for staff under management and take reasonable steps
    to minimize risks associate with workloads.

Values:     INNOVATION           INFLUENCE             INDEPENDENCE            ACCOUNTABILITY            COMPASSION

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Professional Attributes:

In all areas demonstrates an understanding of, commitment to and skills to promote gender equality at the
organisational and program level.

Organisational Leadership – effectively leads others by ensuring a positive work environment, which is results
focussed and where direction is clear.
  Understands and explains the broad context of the agency and acts to influence strategic planning and
    decision making.
  Ensures that strategic plans are understood by clarifying direction and ensuring operational plans, and staff
    goals are aligned.
  Demonstrates agency knowledge by having an understanding of the full range of agency functions and
    reporting mechanisms that impact on area of responsibility.
  Leads by example by aligning personal values and behaviour (qualities) with the agency’s purpose and

Leading People – Builds and strengthens internal culture by displaying self awareness and appropriate
communication to set an example for others to follow.
  Self aware of own strengths and development needs and seeks to improve approach, skills and performance.
  Facilitates team building by encouraging trust and cooperation between staff under supervision and building
    effective communication between internal and external teams
  Demonstrates psychosocial mindfulness by actively addressing workload and possible stress levels of staff
    under supervision
  Hold staff under supervision accountable of staff by managing their actions and working practices and
    addressing performance issues in a timely and constructive manner.

Achieving Results – Strives to achieve results by setting and communicating goals and ensuring effective and
appropriate decision making and problem solving.
  Focused on achieving objectives by taking an organisational perspective and working with and through others
    to achieve results
  Articulates the process of decision making and ensures decisions are reached from agreed processes
  Uses clear and innovative approach to problem solving and takes decisions that are appropriately assessed
    for risk and strategic alignment
  Communicates inclusively about how the work and goals of staff under supervision contribute to the wider
    goals and vision of the agency

Working with Others – Works effectively with others by communicating appropriately, encouraging and developing
others, providing feedback, and adapting style to suit the circumstances.
  Provides opportunity for clear and regular two communication with staff under supervision including regular
  Adapts approach and thinking in order to work effectively in a variety of situations and with different people
  Develop staff under supervision with the resources, support and encouraging learning opportunities required
     to ensure the timely fulfilment of daily tasks and project goals as well as career development opportunities
  Provides clear directions for staff under supervision in terms of work practices and outcomes and ensures
     the provision of fair and constructive feedback

Skills and Experience:

   Proven experience in leading and motivating multi disciplinary teams (internally/externally) in line with expected
    professional attributes.
   Ability to manage the development of high level analysis of the factors driving poverty, marginalisation and
    vulnerability and proven senior management experience in leading the design and delivery of quality strategic
    programs in a range of development and/or humanitarian contexts.
   Experience in managing complex change processes involving a wide range of stakeholders.
   Demonstrated skills and experience in leading budget planning and monitoring, including the development of
    funding frameworks.
   High level interpersonal, influencing and communication skills including the demonstrated ability to represent
    the organisation to external stakeholders including donors.

Values:     INNOVATION            INFLUENCE            INDEPENDENCE             ACCOUNTABILITY           COMPASSION

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   Able to demonstrate an understanding of, commitment to and skills to promote gender equality at the
    organisational and program level
   Extensive experience in security management in a volatile political and security environment.
   Highly developed report writing skills, and the ability to report and write to a professional standard in English
   Fluent written and spoken English (essential) and Portuguese (essential).
   Knowledge of ,commitment to and practical experience in adhering to organisational values the Red Cross and
    NGO Code of Conduct and Sphere relief standards.
   Computer literacy particularly MS Office and e-mail usage.
   Higher degree or post graduate qualification in a relevant discipline (desirable).

Values:     INNOVATION            INFLUENCE            INDEPENDENCE            ACCOUNTABILITY           COMPASSION

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