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Oh, plus a day after a night of struggle, I finally write something, good
simple ah! (Not to mention even narcissistic)
First posted the story of the middle part, because of the direct written
in chronological order, then there is a trouble - the front part of the
lost manuscript. Explain that the story was written by my high one. A bad
place, please forgive me. Only for entertainment purposes.
1, taboo
  In June the weather was very hot, can not help but annoying.
  Must fly Institute, rain Cheng aristocracy first school, located in the
economic capital of the southern rain Cheng - Ling Northern Province
Hangzhou City of cotton.
  "This in the end who is out of the bad idea ah?"
  Soon after the complaint, and must fly in front of school to attract a
lot of attention. A young girl dressed in casual clothes pacing
impatiently pace. Her hair in June under the glow of the sun light red
wine, warm and unassuming, and far from her expression bored at the
moment. Institutions of higher learning in front of her turn in this for
half an hour, can be apart from the occasional sigh and complain, she did
not do anything.
  String of beautiful music suddenly sounded, girls scurried to open the
backpack took out his mobile is Siu Yu-who. Hesitated, she received his
  "Yu Fan, something happens?" Light, such as bell
sound out from between the lips and teeth, unknowingly people enchanted.
  "Oh, Ouyang, where are you?" Mobile phone in the
outgoing light of the inquiry, the sound from the alarm can detect each
other's concerns.
  "Well ... uh ... that," Ouyang Shan confounded a
moment, decided to conceal this matter in the end, "Yu Fan,
I'm fine, do not worry. Now that you have decided to transfer,
then have to prepare it. Do not look for the recent Oh my, a week later
to the surprise and delight you! "
  ?Xiao Yu hearty voice who introduced the ears, both also can not help
but curious sigh of relief, three years, this is her first time to say
once finished, will be what is the reason? But he is more concerned about
the surprise her mouth, "You know, my surprise is what you
  ?Ouyang's hand could not help but shake a little, she was very
clear where the meaning of Xiao Yu, the only surprise of her sentence
only, but ... ... she can not seem destined God first gave him this
sentence. Hastily put together thoughts about lax, Ouyang spoke again:
"Yu Fan, you do not agree whether the answer to my
request?" Inter-mixed with her lovely voice insistence and
blackmail, deliberately put on a hard-line also can not help but make
people laugh.
  "Of course you where I want to see yo u." No way, he
was destined for her soul Soul.
  "No!" Ouyang loudly against the "seven days,
we have suspended ties."
  Phone the other end of the Xiao Yu who just feel helpless, Ouyang Shan
has always been the case, decide what in normal circumstances will not
change. He is just baffling to upset what seems to be dangerous to the
long latency will be after the outbreak! Xiao Yu surging unrest under a
durability, laughed, and answered: "Well, good l ectures, and do
not find the teacher in trouble."
  "Hey, what are you a college student in and talk?"
Ouyang Shan facing the roar of a cell phone, the handsome hung the phone.
  Listening to the blind audio, Xiao Yu who chuc kle: "Jen,
University of trouble how people can be measured by ordinary
  Put away cell phones, Xiao Yu who can not help looking at the schedule
on hand, light question, seven days later he will fly to Hangzhou City of
cotton, but also means that he and Shan Ouyang end of the calm life of up
to three years, while the girl Jing Bu to see him one last time?
  Worthy of the nation's elite school ranked first, standing in
front of school had already felt the superior flavor outstanding. Ouyang
Shan emotion in his heart a little, really do not understand why taking
charge of all transfer here, no other cotton Hangzhou school? However,
the good news that man to go abroad, if she really can not convince
myself to come here instead.
  Visited the school after the main road on both sides of scenery, Ouyang
is the biggest luxury experience, luxury! Undeniably beautiful here, it
would be some else, then as legendary, as in how people here are not
normal. For instance, are the principals in front of her, the
Mediterranean has seen half an hour staring at her profile! I really do
not understand a piece of paper to reading such a long time? Ouyang
almost suspect that he fell asleep at the time, the principal finally
opened, "Chrysostom."
  "Jen, University in the capital, right?"
  ... ... Ouyang incredibly winked his eyes, stiff nodded. Yu Cheng whole
people of the country have to know, but the university president even
asked her! Ouyang Shan suspect that the wrong place.
  "In addition to the Royal Institute of British Institute of
Dili, the kernel is the best in the country, University College, right?
You sure you want to leave there, go to our school?" Half
principal half doubt that persuasion, it seems we are moving in Shan
Ouyang In the path of no return on.
  Ouyang polite smile, "principals, must fly is also very good
ah, many entrepreneurs here regarded as the cradle of training
successors. And I just majored in finance and management, and here I am
very beneficial."
  President glanced at her bow then resume, "the
department's top? You say enough, but your score is really a
pity, the students here love 'movement&#3 9;, you ... ...
forget, since you have decided to , and that I will not repeat all care
here is very dangerous. "
  Ouyang see the president's reflective glasses can not help but
shiver a little. Intuition told her that danger is coming, to diving on
here, she must know the rules here.
"President, I have nothing to pay attention to it?"
  Is preparing to see a visitor out of the Mediterranean rise, smiling
eyes seemed to say - you have saved. Their way to opening, a middle-aged
woman rushed in, no other president to speak, to uphold its opening:
"President, call me your young master."
  Master? Who? The President's son? Ouyang Shan state have not
yet heard a clear marching orders - you start out, the procedures have
been run up. As a place to note, to see school regulations. Ouyang could
not help but turn red ceiling had a dirty looks, long flight school never
heard of a puppet president is actually in power in schools is the
founder of the school - among the top ten richest autumn must Howe, today
a See Sure. Ouyang Yang Yang to go outside to the president, on the
occasion of her close and hear the voice of President flattering - Fall
Master, Hello!
  Slightly dengkou!
Ouyang Shan's heart could not help trembling a little, fall
Master? Akino? How can? He did not and that person went abroad? They are
not inseparable it? Knew it her hand had been cold, no matter which of
them will not work in the country, but all not help her call t he shots.
Suddenly, Ouyang Shan that she had fallen into an invisible net, no
matter how hard she can not escape the struggle, fate really exist?
  However, Ouyang was very happy that her own class, though not very
enthusiastic, but did not she know that at least a few people. She chose
a few vacancies in the window seat, she has been like the windows, both
past and present. But she did not know that when she sat down, all the
students who were shocked, and even professors have spent a few seconds.
So, she gave classmates first impression is that wearing a neck lock the
shape of the pendant in the vivacious girl with a certain degree of
courage - brave enough to challenge from the young master. A class for
students of the financial system, they were more t han one school
regulations - must be the third row of the window that you can see the
location of the playground to leave. Although not come from the young
master once, but they are "conscious" way did.
  Because as we all know, to provoke a fall from the young master is
equivalent to provoke the young master, only worse fate. And the new
actually ... ... boring school life for these students feel bored and
restless, someone committed a rare breach of school rules should not be
the best you can find some fun, who would kindly to remind Ouyang?
Cotton center of Villa Park, Hangzhou, the most extensive villa area,
today rare vehicle access. Not surprised, this building is the home owner
luxury, master outside all year round, eldest daughter had married woman
man, heir to the future - from the Ho-Kay has also been abroad, so there
always seems deserted.
  "Master, welcome home." Middle -aged man looked like a
butler opened the door, respectfully bent.
  Down from the car is a Jieao youth, his nose stand upright, to
highlight the original look of condescension was even more arrogant. Set
off luxury clothes was his overbearing and irritable! Slender body shape
gives the feeling of its own way, handsome features shock to Heaven. Kai
Hao direct question from the butler said: "Akino
  "Huibing young master, young master, and Ming Qiu Miss is on
the way."
  From Hao Kai did not say anything, went to the villa. Sun necklace
around his neck reflecting the dazzling light, stabbed a steward of the
eye. As an employer that he only sigh, but he was sad as a father. Three
years, the young master had not forgotten the girl, and his daughter are
also deeper and deeper. When this game of love is the end?
  Rush around in a white Audi parked in the home's door down is a
pair of young men and women. Men's handsome appearance and
refined revealed somewhat interesting, while the woman is a lively
person. Both of them as one, the woman was the first to speak:
"field, you must determine the Shanshan transferred to
  Akino nodded, reluctantly replied: "Some things can not
possibly avoid, the Akai also say that earlier return, Ouyang transfer I
was just aware that it was too late to stop now."
  Beam was tailed girl gently sigh, "there is no way yet? Then
separate them very strange, now do not know will meet any
  "Do not go to school let Akai it."
  You turn to look to the next cloud behind trees, breezes help too,
leaves rustle Qing Xiang, ground shadows of the trees have mottled split
spot in the sun seems to cage layer of Smoke. Four years ago, is so hot
today, but here is the scenery has not changed? Cloud You do not know,
but she was sure the yoke of fate has been tied up with them, but now
that the shackles once again tightening, they gradually lose their breath
... ...
  "Hey, I rarely go to school so active, but you stop me,
why?" From Hao Kai sitting on the sofa, the puzzled but do not
care to sit around Akino asked, his face hard with inconsistent childish.
  Akino hammer on the punch in his chest, laughing discouraged,
"You just come back in New York, the first break. The school
there is also something to be solved, you let them make some
  Kay did not understand Cumei from ho, "I am so
  Ming Yun You laughed aloud: "is not terrible in general. ...
... By the way, how do you suddenly return? Liu night then?"
  "Please, do not mention the woman, OK? Bored to death, life
without you is torture." Hao Kai showing off some of impatience,
seeing the advantages he could not help but think of another person.
Those of past years will emerge in the brain, so that he could not
  To avoid a three-year, and now finally also to the next cycle of it?
Hao Kai looked away, Akino silent question, but no on e answered. He knew
from the Ho Kai has his own really pay off for three years, no matter how
hard Liu Xiao futile. However Akai two years ago promise to his father
how should do, at this year's birthday, that is, a month later he
was selected to take his girlfriend to attend, or else ... ... like the
price too. But clearly, as he, but also in what ways, to know that a love
of the people understand, Akai waiting for her! Knew that an encounter is
a gift of God met again how slim it is.
Maybe God was his true love, so much for such a strange combination of
  "Hey, wild, what made you stay? I ask you Oh, my position that
no one touch you?" Hao Kai wake up from Akino, casually asked
  Akino stood up, patted his shoulder, smiling, "and that, but
school rules, who want to live now? Well, I returned to school a
Sunny weather, the quiet campus, coupled with Professor hypnosis, who did
not want to sleep?
  Ouyang Shan favorite sitting position, ears listening to the
professor's long speech, the eyes of beauty has been spun out the
window. College really deserved reputation must fly, it is difficult to
find such a quiet environment. U.S. ah, the United States ah.
  Ouyang Shan revel in, the classroom door bursts open. Ouyang Shan look
back, look to the door a little angry, it seems that this is not the
silent condemnation of moral behavior. However, when her eye contact to
the door, she stared.
  Akino Ming Yun You took a high-profile appearances, not only attracted
the attention of Ouyang Shan, let professor stopped teaching the
class's attention focused on their body. The Akino did not care
about these attention, gently sweep week later, eyes locked in a casua l
dress of girls who sat near the window. Ming Yun You have not yet reached
the realm of invulnerability, and her pale face floating to flush, but
the attention soon focused on the Young's body. Not easily be
detected, and her hands clenched Akino.
  At this time, other students began the class discussion, they guess the
sad fate of many Ouyang Shan, and some even have thought of her the whole
  Ouyang Shan looked at them, feeling the strangeness that has never
been. Once, they had laughed together, Naoguo, cried together through
wind and rain too. But at this moment, as if everything is a beautiful
dream. They separated too far.
  They did not say anything, Cloud pulled Akino You walk into the
classroom. Ouyang Shan's side came from, but not stopped, it
seems never met.
  Ouyang watching them warp.
  Many people understand Akino turn a blind eye to this matter, but
certainly Ouyang Shan will be punished, because today's young
master from Hao Kai finally back! Order from the young master's
temper will not tolerate this, everyone knows that people move away from
his young master hate thing.
Bell just rang, Ouyang Shan Lin Zhaobao will escape the classroom. Now
her only news is that does not appear from the Ho-Kay.
  Hsiao Yu-all well-known domestic writer, his books are always among the
top sales. But do not know why, his book is not selling the total cotton
Hangzhou City, frequently returns a class thing. Therefore, field surveys
publisher suggested that he, therefore any decision to transfer Xiao Yu
here for their own operational needs, publishers have decided his first
signing will be held in Hangzhou in cotton. Ouyang Shan just heard the
news had mistakenly thought he was hearing voices! Xiao Yu who has been
low key, never to open signing will be no interview, that he is the
author - non-pen only a few editorial book dedicated to his people.
  Xiao Yu who to help and let themselves go impasse, Ouyang just feel
worth. Out of school, Susan went to the nearby bookstore, she would like
to help Yu who, although she has been unable to give him really.
"Hey, I hear not, today the arrival of a transfer student, an
absolute beauty Oh!"
  "Really? The end of the semester was also another
  "What's special about that? From young master to the
school this afternoon, should not come? Well, but, even if she has to
make girls jealous of beauty, so what? Heard her less than two minutes
into the class committed two major taboos a, ah now, she is the enemy of
the whole school. "
  "Oh, my God, she not want to live it? All guilty of it again
even if the school rules, can not touch those two taboos ah."
  "Who knows, anyway, and finally an end to this boring life
  "... ..."
  A short afternoon, Ouyang Shan's "heroic
deeds" had spread throughout the whole school, many people have
been secretly made preparations in the hands.
  And the generous sun shed its light and heat, the earth had become more
enthusiastic hot radiance. Spirit of the North Province in the south than
in other regions feel the earlier arrival of summer. The mottled shadows
of the trees do not give a cool feeling, but even more upset. This seems
strange weather in Ouyang, often means danger.
  Back from the library, Ouyang Shan bought a book where Xiao Yu. She
read the book, but she is naive to think that a problem page, so I
decided to proofread.
  Way to go on campus, Ouyang thought her sleeping problems tonight. Must
fly all children of the nobility, a private shuttle bus every day, so
schools do not have school, and she has no relatives here, the only cloud
can be contacted excellent, she does not want to go bother them. Cloud
excellent and good autumn wild and spend a lot of time, though, and she
does not matter much, but it always goes Ouyang You feel guilty.
  Sleep tonight Where is it? Consumption of the hotel she could not bear
for too long. Zaozhidaojiu asked who will live where the Yu.
  "Hey, stop, you're new here?"
  Ouyang Shan is thinking, the two rich kids stopped her path. Ouyang
Shan looked up they look, did not speak. According to her observation,
the two men are nothing to do about depression into a type of illness.
  See Ouyang Shan does not reflect the other person asked: "Do
not you know you are guilty of school rules should not be the most
  "Do not know." Ouyang winked honest answer. Knowing
that this school of metamorphosis, so here she is very careful, do not
trouble any one conflict, could it still wrong?
  Ouyang Shan's honest answer, in this two seemed to have a
The higher the Wan Ku children just ready to open, but saw the book in
her lap. Treacherous smile immediately climbed onto his face,
"You really are not afraid of death, guilty of two is not enough
of a taboo in surprise, then committed a second. Is cattle
  Another one over here to laugh not work: "Today you play dead,
no one will think too much."
  Sick! Ouyang Shan Chong them a straight look, ready to leave.
  "Wanted to run?"
"Wild, why not just tell Susan that seat thing?"
  Standing in front of schools, extending out to the distant cloud You
look at the way, ask around for her boyfriend. Akino threw her arms
around her shoulders, eyes looking at the distant end, ask: "not
to stimulate the Akai Ouyang, how they intersect again?"
  Cloud You turn to look to the autumn wild, soft wind blowing through
his eyelashes, whom her heart Fascination.
  "Also, the two men had no contact for so long. You said the
children will What's the matter?"
  Akino You smile playing the first look at the cloud, "a fool,
do you not understand? This ban is set Akai for Ouyang Shan, the average
person does not like too much of the window."
  The original is the case, but ... ... If Susan does not come to school
it not in vain? Suddenly wake up to clear between the clouds You scared
away from Ho Kai as deeply torn in too! When is she moving, Akino added a
  - "At the same time, the second prohibition is against her. If
Ouyang Shan Xiao Yu who really have chosen, then, Akai will give her
punishment. Akai hate betrayal, is not it?"
  "But ... ..." cloud rushed exc ellent rebuttal,
"If you want revenge, he should have done three years ago, ah,
why wait until now?"
  "Wild, what are you doing?"
  Akino is preparing to speak, from the voice suddenly sounded Ho Kai,
interrupted their conversation.
  "Welcome!" Akino smile gave him a hug, "can
not tell you? We welcome you."
  Ho Kai pushed him away, suspiciously: "I think you have
  You are on the ground, next goes before the blame smile, "Come
on, OK? On us so you have to prepare? Too hurt heart."
  Akino's smile is very clean, free of impurities, like an angel -
like people aspire.
He advanced a few paces, turned on from Ho Kai, said: "Akai has
been three years since you last?" He knew it was a fatal wound
from Kai Hao, three years, all try to avoid contact to the wound, but it
now Akino exposure, and without warning with his sword, the blood
  Wind Ruoyouruowu to breeze, but not take the sun's warm. As the
wound, though carefully hidden, but still.
  Time seems to stop at this moment, around the original quiet now do not
have the voice. Akino Akai quietly watched, eyes had to force him to face
the pain of soft. The wind gently blowing his snow white shirt, just like
angels, bright sunshine around him, reflecting white people can look
straight ahead.
  Hao Kai's eyes away from the pool from the murderous look in an
instant, he stared straight Akino, almost swallowed him! Da's
eyes will also be highlighted too overbearing face terrible. From Hao Kai
seems to feel edged sword cut through his flesh in an instant that broke
our hearts. Black shirt he was caged in a dark atmosphere, this moment he
and Akino hostile, if Akino an angel, he is the devil's
messenger. The wound he can not be avoided, but actually it was opened,
so that a moment away from Hao Kai unacceptable. Living in the hot sun,
and that he has that biting cold.
  Happened far too suddenly, out goes excellent child time to respond
after a while - Akino mines broken foot!
  You quickly cloud approached, pulled Akino's arm, laughing:
"field, you say, Freeze up."
  However, Akino seems made up my mind to do so, he looked straight into
the angry eyes away from the Ho-Kay, quietly opening: "Akai, she
  You specify the actions cloud stopped at the moment, she looked at him
Leng Leng, it seems to understand his purpose to do so. Perhaps the first
to tell him is right. You hesitate to look to the clouds from the Ho-Kay,
want to make sure he is heart. Indeed, the character from the Ho Kai as
ghosts, but Ouyang Shan telling attracted to, how?
  "Well, are you kidding? Totally boring." Hao Kai Leng
Heng from the negative, but the heart which is five flavors mixed with
dust, I do not know what joy is. If you are happy, then why would feel
faint heart pain? If you are unhappy, then why not help but want to
laugh, even eager to see her?
  "Really? Really boring. Come on, away from the young
master." Akino sighed with resignation, it seems just all just a
game. However, both he and Ming Yun You understand this is not.
A storm brewing for the upcoming three years.
The campus is full of quiet quieter activity, no people have been walking
on the main road. However, in a shade more places, standing three people,
from the clothing can tell, the two men from a wealthy and beautiful
girls that come from ordinary families. What they seem to dispute, the
two boys face was already a certain amount of distortion; while women are
air of calm, as if she already gained the upper hand. But her eyes from
time to time to look at the wrist, there being one of them holding hands
tightly, it seems painful, she occasionally frown.
  "Do and her wordy, and hands-on meal to say the first
hit." One offered.
  Another one worth pondering a little, nodded in agreement.
  Seeing his fists to fly, Ouyang Shan shouted: "Hey, you are
not a man ah? Noisy but I am the Choice between Love and the hands? So no
chemicals, right?"
  Approaching them from the direction of Kai Hao and others who do not
pay attention to them, but Ouyang Shan loud a cry and immediately
attracted the attention of the three men.
  "Do you think we will be your IP will be? Do you dare to put
into the schools, non-pens book, but does not bear the
consequences?" Seize Ouyang Shan boys spoke to her fists.
  Look you are going to be beaten, so he made Ouyang Shan instinctive
reaction to close your eyes, mouth also subconsciously asking themselves
that has been lingering for three years in the name of the brain -
  En? Strange, even without pain! Ouyang ready to open their eyes on
when, suddenly, she was an great effort to pull up. Ouyang Shan, too,
that is between his squatting down in the subconscious, so it hide the
past, she really thought that he rescue her. A lost surrounded her -
obviously not looking forward to, why would such a deep sense of loss?
  Ming Yun stopped three excellent, excellent, and Akino coincidentally
cloud looked at from the Ho-Kay. But from Hao Kai does not seem to feel
just like looking at just about the attempts at a staggering three.
Ouyang's cry in the hearing, his pupils shrink a bit.
  "Dare to hide?" Not hit the diehards, even by her
side in a tree! "I see you where to hide."
  Ouyang Shan strongly twisted, but the other efforts too helpless, she
is no way to escape. So she insisted on the principle of surrender, even
in the face of danger, no one could save her, but she would not let each
other be so complacent.
  "Let me go! Idiot!"
  - This is not a captive of the people will do, provoke their opponents
no good.
  Akino push a bit away from the Ho-kai, "Akai."
  However, no response from the Ho Kai and his wild sighed, reluctantly
went to Ouyang Shan.
  Fists in each other when Akino immediately grasped each other's
wrist. Not very hard, but enough to stop his actions. That is Akino, that
two students may not know what a good surprise.
  ?Akino simply spit out the word that the two men would disappear in the
next second. Akino not concerned about their whereabouts, he closely
watching Ouyang Shan, fell by almost let her know.
This seems to be placid, clean boys, but, at the moment, his e yes are
  Ouyang Samsam to thank: "Autumn ... ... Akino, thank you. I
... ... first, the good-bye."
  She turned and bent over, pick up off the ground in the battle in the
  - Shoe in her hand, Ouyang Shan's heart with the appearance of
the shoe, fell into the abyss.
  No, not that he will not. He has been to the United States to study,
how will appear here? No ... ...
  However, no matter how her heart cries, she can not deny that my ears.
- "Long time no see."
  The rise of the moment, tears Emission eyes. She thought no longer for
him to cry, only just met, she could not homemade.
Mottled shadows cast on them, the glare of the sun shining through the
leaves of the gap from the face of Kai Hao, Shan Ouyang not see his
expression. Any tears just slip cheek. - Why should meet at this time?
  "Susan." Cloud You finally came out, pulling her
  Ouyang Shan Hui Guoshen, pick up a book on the floor, hurriedly stood
up and prepared to flee. However, physical problems and excessive force,
Ouyang Shan's eyes blurred. And from Ho Kai then took her on the
wrist, Ouyang Shan's staggering because of his
"borrowing", Kankan stopped.
  "That is where the book Xiao Yu."
  From Ho Kay assured that his eyes almost penetrate Ouyang.
  "Painful!" Ouyang Shan throw off his hand, his wrist
lap Honghen. It was just two people doing it, not him. What seems to be
worried, Ouyang Shan subconsciously look to him, but with him such as the
falcon-like eyes staring. Panic in his eyes to escape her escape.
  "Susan!" Cloud You shouted, but did not give Ouyang
Shan stopped.
  Ouyang Shan figure as extinguishing the moths fly strongly confined to
live their own network.
  Hao Kai looked away from her back, eyes light changing.
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  Hey, this is a night long ago wrote, not very good. Made up only and we
play it!
  As long as not too serious to treat it like. Smile ~ ~ ~

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