; Tribute to the G318 - my bicycle nine Sichuan-Tibet line
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Tribute to the G318 - my bicycle nine Sichuan-Tibet line


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									Tribute to the G318 - my bicycle nine Sichuan-Tibet line
  ?Visit Potala Palace, the need to carry an ID card for the service. I
scheduled time is catching up a little rice. Palace in the cloth
diagonally off a fast food restaurant to eat chicken wings do not
actually blow out 20 minutes and can only eat a visit back.

  To the palace gate time just cloth, but the guard told me no ticket, I
had 10 minutes before climbing to the wicket.
   Note that this is another feature of Tibetan architecture: Mary wall
side. In Tibet, the side of Mt grass is temples, palaces, or the Dalai
Lama family mansion at the top of a unique architectural decoration
materials, people used to be decorated with side walls Ma grass called
Ma-wall side. Mary Tibetan side where the grass is to say, is a native of
Tamarix produced in Tibet willow. Tamarix switchgrass because the article
is relatively light, not only can play the decorative effect of wall of a
building, but also can reduce the weight of the wall, so often used in
some large stately buildings.
   ?A deep path, and gradually expand as cloth Palace is built in, so
between the split-level building lot, the legendary Palace cloth room is
1000, and even cloth Palace residence decades old lama, it is difficult
to tell in the end number.
  Solar Temple. Successive Dalai Lama is the Observatory solar house,
watching all kinds of ceremonies and performances


    ?Aerial view of Lhasa city
    Red Palace corner. The overall view from the Potala Palace, the two
parts of divided red and white, what we call the Red Palace and the White
House. Reign in the White House is the Dalai Lama, living rooms, and
other monks living space. Red Palace is dedicated to the Dalai Lama of
Lamas and important heritage.
  The White House.



   ?Meanwhile the construction of the Potala Palace as a whole is not
completed, with the increase of functional cloth Palace, for centuries
the expansion of non-stop.


   ?In the Sichuan-Tibet line, I have seen numerous signs with sharp
bends, my biggest headache is one of traffic signs. The cloth exports
this palace is the last trip I had.
 Grass in the scriptures.
 ?Cloth exports turning cylinder Palace

 Beijing Baita road.

  ?Potala Palace, the last one goodbye, no, this trip should be the last
   ?Then come back to eat my chicken wings, the restaurant manager is not
bad, in order to apologize, it gave me an extra drink.
  ?Cannon fodder has already arrived in Beijing.
   The next morning, I boarded the train back home, along by the Nagqu,
Golmud, Qinghai-Tibet Highway me feel even more desolate pathos, this
time farmers who are risking a heavy snow and strong winds, riding in the
way to Qinghai.

 ?Tibet is said to train cars are manufactured in Germany, three times
higher costs than domestic cars, and with oxygen port.

 In addition to snow or snow.

 ?Stop drilling the cave, there is no cell phone signal.

  ?The window is still endless Qinghai-Tibet Highway

  Tanggula Station, elevation 5067. The world's highest railway
 ?Way Tanggula Station train made a special broadcast, said that means
the train will pause the original look. Many customers took up the camera
ready to shoot, I thought what a landmark building, chat, someone did not
think being called out: to! I subconsciously pressed the shutter
Continuous, selected a few pictures from the more clear.
 ?Extremely cold environment film grass health. One can imagine the
difficulty of building the railway.
  ?Solar energy, do not know what to do with. Close to the Hoh Xil no
man's land along the rail and road is also the kind of people
seem to feel the terror of desolation.
   ?Thick clouds as if props are generally fixed in the sky

  When passing through the Hoh Xil region about fast 20:00, and the rain-
delayed groups of Tibetan antelopes me excited.
    In recent years the national level of protection of Tibetan antelopes
growing, the number of Tibetan antelopes has gradually recovered, but in
the business district, it is not hard to see the Tibetan
antelope's skull or horns, and the price is very cheap. Film
"Kekexili" described, a Tibetan antelope poachers kill,
who is responsible for stripping five dollars per sheep to get a reward,
but made with Canglingyangrong scarves - Shahtoosh, can be sold in
Western markets to 15,000 U.S. dollars in the high price. Urge everyone
to see, "Hoh Xil" Lu Chuan lens feel desolate Kekexili
cruel and terror.

  Woke up this morning, is already Qinghai province, a month's
trip seems to be a dream. Reluctant to wake up I want to have indulged in
a beautiful dream, or did not the courage to face reality?

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