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Liu nine children now? (Photos) (2009-11-23 17:36:56)
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  ?Liu Shaoqi's children, not happy childhood, parents engaged in
underground work, most secret foster families, the Cultural Revolution,
they suffered the parents involved, the wife of nuclear chemistry expert
Liu Yunbin other ions, from the Soviet Union and returned alone to serve
the motherland, is critical, to suffer struggle, can not stand brutal
persecution, threw themselves in front ......

  Liu life, raising a total of nine children, which left two men and a
woman He Baozhen martyr, that his eldest son Liu Yunbin, the eldest
daughter Fertilization and, if the second son of Liu Yun; Wang before
leaving a man and a woman, that is, the second daughter Liu Tao, third
son of Liu Yun true; Wang Guangmei a male fertility three women, that
three women Pingping (Wang Qing), and the fourth Liu Yuan, Liu Hong
Kingston and four women, five women and Cracking.
 ?Born in 1924, Liu Yunbin¡¿ ¡¾Pingxiang in Jiangxi Coal Mine Anyuan,
Hunan Ningxiang origin. The eldest son of Liu Shaoqi. Ningxiang in Hunan,
home grown carbon sub-washed. In 1938, Yan'an was received into
the conservation of primary school in Yan'an. 1939, and went with
my sister Fertilization and the Soviet Union, the international
children's homes into Mosikemo Nino learning. 1940 into the
Soviet system of secondary school years, and joined the Communist Party
of China. The summer of 1945, was admitted to the Moscow Academy of
steel. 1946, admitted to the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State
University, study of nuclear radiation chemistry. During this period he
became president of the Association in the Soviet Union College. The
summer of 1949, and commissioned by the CPC Central Committee and the
secret visit to the Soviet Union, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi meet, his
father. 1952, obtaining the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State
University graduate student to continue studying the nuclear release of
the professional. In the same year, with Russia ÂêÀ-·ÑÀ-ÍÐ doll wedding.
1955, was vice doctorate. Liu received a letter at this time, the letter
said that "the motherland and the people of the people waiting
for you in return. In personal interests and the interests of the party
when conflict occurs, I ÏàÐÅ you will be able to unconditionally
sacrifice the interests of the party and Guo Jia Er Fu Cong interests.
"entered the Moscow University as a senior research fellow,
Institute of Chemistry. In October 1957 a person back to Beijing alone.
Two machines at the national Ministry of Atomic Energy Institute. 1962,
transferred to the outskirts of Baotou City in Inner Mongolia 202 plants,
set up the China Institute of Atomic Energy, Third Research Office, and
served as director, responsible for the development of new work
thermonuclear material. Implicated by his father during the Cultural
Revolution, had been framed by the persecution of Soviet espionage.
November 21, 1967 political campaigns, can not tolerate the brutal
physical and mental torture, around 9 pm that night in Baotou threw
themselves in front. 1978 to be rehabilitated, restored the Chinese
Communist Party members and nuclear chemistry expert's
¡¿ ¡¾Fertilization and Hankou in Hubei in 1927, female, origin Hunan
Ningxiang. Liu daughter. After birth to a worker's family support
Hankow spent a child bride. Recover from the party in Yan'an in
1938, reunited with his father. 1939, and went with his brother Liu
Yunbin the Soviet Union, the international children's homes into
Mosikemo Nino learning. In 1940, the school system into the Soviet Union
ten years. 1941 after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War the Soviet
Union, took part in the Red Army reserve force. And in 1995 was Russian
President Boris Yeltsin issued the "Great Patriotic War the
Soviet Union to participate in the great steel soldiers" of the
certificate and medal. The Soviet Union in 1944 joined the Communist
Youth League. Communications technical schools in 1946 was admitted to
Moscow to study economic planning professional. Secret visit to the
Soviet Union in 1949 and returned with the father of Liu Shaoqi, at
Beijing Normal University affiliated women working in secondary schools.
Entered the program after the Department of Renmin University of China.
Assigned to the State Planning Commission 1953 Integrated Services
Bureau. In 1958 his father's support, to respond to the call of
the party, registration to the border to work in Inner Mongolia. Joined
the CPC in 1966. Persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. 1979
vindicated. Has in Hebei Normal University, Beijing University of Chinese
People's Police as a Russian teacher, an associate professor.
China Women's Federation won the title "Women's
Federation," the title of honor and the Ministry of Public
Security Police granted a Shield of Honor.

If¡¿ ¡¾Liu Yun was born in 1930 in Shanghai, Hunan Ningxiang origin. Liu
Shaoqi second son. The winter of 1933, the mother He Baozhen Yuhuatai
heroic martyrdom in Nanjing, began wandering. Back around 1946, Liu
Shaoqi, into the conservation of primary and Yan'an
Yan'an secondary school. Long Middle School in 1947 and into the
border region have combined secondary school. Beijing 101 Middle School
1949 entry. 1954 graduated from the Beijing Fourth, by country sending
students to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute aircraft radio
instruments professional learning, after the transfer of missiles design
professional. Studying in the Soviet Union, had received many letters his
father, Liu Shaoqi and education to encourage peace of mind to learn his
professional personal letter. In the May 6, 1955 letter addressed to
allow, if said: "Do not be proud, do not look down on people, we
must respect everyone's views, be willing to eat a little
something for everyone's loss." Returned in 1960,
distributed in seven countries machine unit in the Ministry of missile
design work. In 1964 under his father's strict requirements apply
to the People's Liberation Army basic training. He joined the
Communist Party of China. Liu Zhen-De Liu followed in 1965 with the
Secretary of the Hebei Province to participate in the work of four clear.
Back in 1966, seven machines. Persecuted during the Cultural Revolution.
In January 1967 in jail, held in Beijing, half-step bridge prison.
December 1974 release. Died of illness in Beijing in 1977.
¡¿ ¡¾Liu Tao was born in October 1944 in Yan'an, female, origin
Hunan Ningxiang. Liu daughter. Year-old British primary school education
into Beijing. 1959 women admitted to Beijing Normal University High
School. Automatic Control Department of Tsinghua University in 1962, he
was admitted. Joined the CPC in 1965. Rebel movement to participate in
the Cultural Revolution, Jiang Qing of coercion in the next, according to
the former king of the oral mother and brother along with Liu Ding wrote
a so-called "expose" the father of Liu Shaoqi poster.
1968, the "good children can be educated" status was
assigned to the Beijing Railway Branch Chengde Depot when the workers. In
October 1972 transferred to Beijing depot work. After 1979, once said
that "Kiyoko" signature poems published in the press,
and to "Nirvana" as the title published. Now retired
living in Beijing.

¡¾D¡¿ Liu was born in Yan'an in July 1946. Hunan Ningxiang
origin. Liu son. Also known as Yun-true. Into Beijing with his father in
1949, strictly by his father since childhood education. Liu had told his
father: "You can not call themselves children of senior cadres,
can not engage in specialization, something happen, we must first think
that you are doing right." 101 from Beijing in 1962 after
graduating from high school, his father personally chaired Liu Shaoqi
convene a family meeting, according to his own voluntary decision to sit
him Agricultural School. In the same year admitted to the Beijing suburbs
Liangxiang agricultural technical schools. 1966 Nian Xia Yanqing Badaling
into the mountains on the outskirts of Beijing to teach. Returned to
Beijing after the Cultural Revolution, the work of the National Science
and Technology Association. After reform and opening up, went to Guangxi
Zhuang Autonomous Region in economic management. Back in 1996 in
Changsha, Hunan, Changsha City Commercial Bank as vice president of North
Branch, until retirement.

¡¿ ¡¾Pingping was born in Beijing in May 1949, Hunan Ningxiang origin.
Liu daughter. Also known as Wang Qing. Childhood into the Beijing
Experimental Primary School, Beijing Normal University High School girls
learn. Persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, shut youth custody.
After being exiled to the PLA Jinan Military Region, horse farm, in the
soy sauce Square do. University during the self-study courses, as well as
the food industry-related scientific knowledge. To work after the Beijing
Food Research Institute. In 1980, to New York for college. Bachelor of
Science degree in 1984, received. Master of Science in 1985 by nutrition.
Columbia University and was later admitted to master's and
doctorate in nutrition education. The United States during the
"human ecology" published in magazines such as
"breast-feeding downward trend in Chinese urban
analysis", "Economic Development and lack of milk
syndrome" and other papers, where the latter was in 1985 Quan
Mei Wen Women agriculture and horticulture Outstanding Paper Award.
Return the end of 1986, as deputy director of Beijing Municipal Food
Research Institute. 1988, was promoted to Associate Research Fellow, Food
Research Institute in Beijing. Later won the "Beijing model
workers" and "Women's Federation," the
glorious title. 1991 transferred the State Department of Commerce (later
the Ministry of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce) as deputy director
of technology. 1995, head of the Division. And was elected to the Beijing
Municipal People's Congress. At the same time, part-time member
of the Steering Committee of the Chinese Nutrition, Institute of Chinese
cooking member. November 25, 1999, the International Bureau decided
constellation Ophiuchus constellation on the newly discovered asteroid
No. 36 named "Wang Qin" star.

 ?July 20, 2009, the Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao,
political commissar of the PLA Academy of Military Science was promoted
the rank of general Liu Yuan issued an order form. Hu Jintao shook hands
with Liu Yuan. (Source: "News Network")
¡¾Source¡¿ Liu was born in 1951, Beijing, Hunan Ningxiang origin. Liu
son. In his father's strict requirements, the 13-year-old
security forces into Zhongnanhai, when Pvt. Later promoted to Lance
Corporal and was "Principal striker" and the
"five good soldier" in the title of honor. 1968 queue-
jumping to white-fong village to participate in the county of Shanxi
Province Sanin agricultural labor. Returned to Beijing in 1975, crane
factory in Beijing, when the riveter. Beijing Normal University in 1977,
admitted to the Department of History. Joined the CPC in 1982. In the
same year to Xinxiang County of Henan Province qiliying commune
(township), deputy director of the CMC of any commune. In 1983 he was
deputy head of the county in Xinxiang county. From 1985 to the CPC
Central Committee Party School, graduated, he served as vice mayor of
Zhengzhou City in charge of urban construction and industrial traffic.
1988, he was vice governor of Henan Province. 1992, any political
commissar of the PLA Armed Police Force headquarters in water. In the
same year was awarded the rank of major general. 1997 appointed deputy
political commissar of the PLA Armed Police Force headquarters. Promoted
to lieutenant general in 2000. 17th CPC Central Committee.
People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department in 2003, he
was appointed deputy political commissar, political commissar of the PLA
Academy of Military Sciences. July 20, 2009 promoted to Admiral.

Liu Tingting¡¿ ¡¾born in Beijing in 1952, female, origin Hunan Ningxiang.
Liu daughter. Beijing primary school who had gone to the second
experiment, Beijing Normal University Women's High School
student. Wei Nilun factory in Beijing in 1968, when the workers.
Instrument Instrument Factory in 1971, transferred to Beijing. Ministry
of Foreign Affairs in 1977, transferred their knowledge of the world
publishing house editor. Renmin University of China in 1978, admitted to
Department of Foreign Languages. 1981 to the United States Department of
International Relations at Boston University study. Harvard Business
School after graduation he was admitted in 1985 by Harvard MBA. Later
into the University of Chicago Business School. 1985, worked at
Rockefeller company. 1989 return. 1991, He founded the "Hong
Kong Tristate Holdings Limited" and "Best in
International Trade St Auction Company", and served as chairman
and president.

Liu Xiaoxiao¡¿ ¡¾born in Beijing in 1960, female, origin Hunan Ningxiang.
Liu little daughter. Also known as small. North Long Street Primary
School who had gone to Beijing, Beijing, 161 secondary school. Because of
the Cultural Revolution in 1967, was entrusted to the aunt, leave the
Zhongnanhai, with his father farewell. Liu Yuan memories: the Cultural
Revolution, his father and mother of the most tragic of criticism, the
"father had to prepare for the worst. The only thing he worried
about one's family, the youngest daughter is small. Often by
talking about : little of the school, the school. "admitted to
Peking University, Department of Biology, 1979. Tongji University in
Shanghai in 1980, admitted learning to stay in Durban. University of
Bonn, Germany in 1981 and the card into the Harrisburg Institute of Music
to study biological genetic engineering. Biological Engineering in 1987
received a master's degree. In the same year for home business.
(Information from "Liu Shaoqi Biography" "Red

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