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					Trade secrets of billionaires
"First Business Forum"
"Billionaire's trade secrets"

Road, the company and his partners all over the country shocked the world for China
to introduce the "Master of the world's first"
Outstanding. Abraham; "master of the world's first sale
of" Joe. Gillard, affecting thousands of people. In 2008, the company and
the National Road, is again a miracle of cooperation, integration of China's
most successful entrepreneurs and business management, marketing experts.
Organized      a    huge     "first     Business      Forum,"       the
"billionaire's trade secrets", a national tour of a large
lecture. "First Business Forum" will become the training and
education of "the same song."
Model as "China's richest entrepreneurs + class first business
experts in various fields in China," a combination of practice, training,
concepts, models is currently the top business forum. July 2008 the first national tour,
education and training in the history of China's most powerful line-up,
China's richest man, president of Pacific Construction Group, China Yan
Kai and + marketing genius, the world's first Master of Jason. Abraham
voice Somerset Spring + China sales goddess Xu Hening, and we invited to the first
person CHEN Chinese science of successful teachers to share the scene. Grade
teacher played four kings, and dedication of a world-class intellectual feast, will once
again shocked the Chinese.
Many people make money with their lives, but do not have time to plan for a real
business can help you create value and worth having in life. Other people to make
money than you, faster than you become a billionaire. Not because they are many
times smarter than you, but because they are earlier and more successful more quickly
learn the concepts and methods. Most people have spent 50 years in the completion of
5 years have been able to achieve the goal, a successful person knows how to be
completed in 5 years had 50 years to achieve. The only secret is to learn, especially
with the first master of the world to learn. School to learn the best, the first school to
learn, because only the first can not teach you the real secret of detours.
--- Road Culture founder, "the first Business Forum," the
teacher sponsor Somerset Spring
CHEN Speaker of the teacher: "What the world first learn"
Yan Kai and President Speaker: "5.0 billion of assets to create business
Chang Sheng-chun teacher Speaker: "the world's first marketing
Xu Hening teachers Speaker: "How to become a sales
Contact: Miss Wang Tel: 13330467525
CHEN About the teacher:
20 years of continued success of the first secret of the industry, visited the world more
than 100 world first.
CHEN of Chinese speaking teachers is the highest in the "successful
training of the first people."
Training costs in China 4,800 yuan per person / 2 days, in the "class
president of the Hong Kong Peninsula," the course, each up to 180 000 / 3
The 25-year-old business teacher CHEN, 27, became a billionaire.
CHEN of the teacher's mission: the shortest possible time to help the most
people succeed, to help China in the 21st in the world as the world power.
Yan Kai and Description:
Born in 1960 in Jiangsu Huai. Master.
In 1987, lease by public tender have 3 collective enterprises at risk of closure, any
director, manager, webmaster and so on.
1992, quoted Jiang Huai incorporated construction company chairman.
1992 winter to knock on loss of 80,000 yuan, "provincial door"
pot of gold digging got eight million yuan.
In 1993, led the "river of people cited" first entered the national
key project the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.
In 1995, Pacific Engineering Co., Ltd. Jiangsu incorporated, as chairman; the second
year in June to complete the "Group" was renamed the
registration, the registered capital 105 million, he was Chairman and CEO.
In 2002, China Pacific Construction Group Incorporated Co., Ltd., appointed
Chairman of the Board and CEO. Group have acquired 17 state-owned enterprises
with total assets of 60 billion to 46 member enterprises.
In 2004, Yan Kai and the list of the richest in the Hurun China ranks 66th.
2005 China Rich List in Hoogewerf ranks second.

Chang Sheng-chun teacher Description:
From psychological disorders - to the professional therapist - to the marketing masters
- to the legend of successful entrepreneurs.
Founder of the "spiritual growth" magazine, he was president.
Founder of the field less than 3 years, involving training, magazines, technology,
jewelry and other seven companies.
Now the world's first master Jay Abraham marketing the only partner in
Greater China. And 12-month period
Turnover of more than 3 million, the highest amount ever record and training sector,
the shortest connections to the most high-end records. Help more than 1,000
enterprises, with marketing to enhance performance. Creating a "heritage
Jade" raise awareness quickly, offering high-end nationwide jade
exhibition, auction often display the value of billions of dollars of rare jade treasures,
and have their own jade processing factory ... ...
Regular teacher is Master of a new generation of business psychology.
Xu Hening teacher Description:
Taiwan-funded enterprises in the type won 25 championship national sales chain;
Has approved 104 transactions an hour to break Asia customer sales records;
October 2004 to break the security of the institution selling the world record of
education and training sector;
25-year-old Hok Ning lead the outstanding team of sales to break the world record
26-year-old she and the authority of An-Asian Success with the teacher lecture, the
teacher was described as Asian sales CHEN goddess! She could not break through
superior mobility, and create amazing miracle of life ... ...
Contact: Miss Wang Tel: 13330467525
To: Chairman / General Manager
"First Business Forum", "billionaire business
Time: July 1, 2008 9:00-18:00
(President / General Manager harbor has enabled letter receipt, personal identification
and personal business cards, price: 280 yuan)
(All other personnel charges 1,980 yuan!)

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Co-organizers: Shenzhen successful DreamWorks
Contact: Miss Wang Tel: 13330467525

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