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Toyota crisis: the reflection manufacturing


									Toyota crisis: the reflection manufacturing
Baojie Jun
  ?The longest survival of enterprises are those that provide the community with a
unique value of the enterprise - not only their growth, or money is more important is
its superior quality, including respect for human beings, or the ability to make people
happy! - Philosopher Hardy
  ?Recently, even heard of a high-end business owners glaze s feelings:
"This is more than a decade, the Chinese ceramic industry continually
grow, we thought that this high-end positioning of the glaze that we will be more
marketable, but I see is the opposite of the situation, most companies simply try to
lower the costs to pursue and expand the scale, product constantly to do has become
the industry's low inertia, frankly, I am very worried about the future of
this industry! "This an argument, so I could not help think of the recent
events has ignited a Toyota.
  ?Toyota 2008 summit, the first time in the world auto industry
"Boss"; Toyota plunged into the end of 2009,
"recalled the door"; in recent months the global recall of more
than 8.5 million vehicles total, far exceeding its total 2009 sales. From appearances, it
seems only because of the quality of the accelerator pedal frequent accidents resulting
domino effect, but a closer look at the result, first of all the defects of parts common
platform strategy focused on exposure, of course, still reflecting the "big
Toyota Industries Alliance "Lean supporting enterprise groups in the
decline, and modern technology such as blue-collar background of the fault. However,
the most fundamental due to Toyota who has a strong desire to strive to be the
world's No. 1 driven by the extreme cost savings to the pursuit of strategic
initiatives, leading to "fast radish not wash mud", too much
neglected the pursuit of quantity and quality of management; Moreover, from the past
suddenly become a leader in pursuit of those who suddenly come to the brilliant
success of more lost in the self-representation, so despite the large increase in 2006
recall, when Ren Fengtian president Katsuaki Watanabe has for the
"quality glitches" apology, but Toyota did not really address the
rapid expansion of the model the enormous hidden, lost not know back, evil also
  ?Manufactured in China sweeping the globe today, we are one of peace and
prosperity seem to adore their own mode of optimism. View data, or have reason to be
proud: China's exports last year exceeded Germany as the world, and
United Nations Industrial Development Statistics report shows that 2009
manufacturing value in China accounted for 15.6% of the world, second only to the
U.S. as the world's second largest industrial manufacturing country, away
from the world's No. 1 has also been close. But wait a minute intoxicated,
manufacturing power and manufacturing power is clearly not the same weight, despite
the production of many products made in China has leapt to the world, but the
Chinese enterprises are still stuck in the "factory",
"workshop" stage, the product mainly lower end of the main
added value is still far lower than developed countries, and known as the
"smile curve" (Smiling Curve) theory suggests that - in the
industrial chain, value added reflected in both ends of the more - the design and brand
development services, in the middle of the manufacturing sector value added is the
lowest. Big but not strong, Wang Wei others to do the wedding dress is still sore point
in China forever.
  ?Ceramic industry is no exception, in 2009 China's ceramic industry has
Niuhong Hong, production increased 21.60%, reached more than 6 billion square
meters, accounting for two-thirds of the world, but still can not be ignored several
facts: First, export The average unit price 4.18 U.S. dollars / square meter, only the
prices of other export 1/3-1/2; two new production lines last year, about 300-400 the
National section, but the product "national pumping"
qualification rate was 73.35%; Third estimated this year will add about 300-400
production line, low-end positioning is the expansion of ceramic enterprises
accounted for an absolute majority. Therefore, Toyota crisis is also in the building
ceramics industry to bring us a new awakening and enlightenment:
Revelation 1: Can we blindly optimistic about their own patterns? China's
contribution to the world's ceramic industry is still concentrated in the
production, the size of main stems from a leading low-cost advantages in equipment,
technology, design, brand and so not much achievements.
Revelation 2: the quantity and quality, what is the nature of the manufacturing sector?
Do better the quality of ceramic products, or to do more and low-cost ceramic
products? Can give up the pursuit of scale in the quality of perseverance? Even if
targeted at low-end consumer market, can the low end of low quality laissez-faire? -
In fact, many times we should not neglect low-end consumer spending environment
as harsh nature of some of the quality of the product but have greater demands - such
as the rural market for ceramic tile abrasion resistance requirements of the general
need for higher .
Revelation 3: the ultimate cost savings or need CAREFUL IN THE SUMMER? The
more the longer the furnace construction, firing become more and faster, lower and
lower raw material Shenshu ... ... over the pursuit of cost control will inevitably push
the quality of the product's performance to a dangerous tipping point, if
there are signs of trouble, it will hurt industry-wide.
   Right now, "Made in China" are to the year "in
Japan" as an example, in the mind the world, the rise in the sea during
Zhizai Si, Toyota flew in the puffiness and impossible to fall after a big bounded from
point, then why is not this the Chinese Ceramic puffiness period ? Our rapid
expansion of fanaticism and self-satisfaction in men might well listen to Toyoda said
the U.S. Congress hearing a passage as "very frank, I am afraid that the
pace of growth we seek too hasty. Here, I would like to stated that Toyota has
consistently pursued the principle of priority: first, safety; second quality; third
production. but we have come to confuse the order of priority, so that can not be
stopped as before, think carefully and make improvements , and even failed to stick to
tradition, the voice of carefully listening to our customers. For the pursuit of growth
rate gradually beyond our training to the personnel and organizational structure of the
building, and we earnestly the Ying Yi Shidao that. "
  Toyoda men cry over spilled milk is worth our reflection, we may also be stopped
and carefully think about how to return the correct values of manufacturing real - the
pursuit of more valuable to do the manufacturing, production and better quality
products more useful - This is the spiritual backbone of the industry, the
manufacturing inexhaustible vitality! Establish this industry values, Chinese pottery
before the path of true prosperity of the Road!

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