Oracle and Java Performance Management - An Executive View

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Oracle and Java Performance Management An Executive View

APRIL 2006

Confio Software


CONTENTS Executive Summary ……...........................................................……………… 3 Performance without Compromising ............................................………..... 3 The Case for Time-based Analysis .......….……………………………………. 3 Staying Ahead of Change ....…………..................................…………..…….. 4 Toward a Multi-layer Solution ....................………..…….....…………..……... 5 Uniting Oracle and Java Performance Analysis …...…………....…...……… 5 Visibility Across Silos ........………………………………….....…...…………… 6 Instant Results; Instant Gratification ….………………….....………………… 6 About Confio Software ………………………………..……...…….…….….…... 7



Executive Summary
DELIVERING SERVICE LEVELS: Time is the only meaningful measure of IT performance - how long do you keep your customers waiting? .

Transaction systems are the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Once hidden from view with no direct access to the outside world, they have become the point of entry into your organization for virtually everyone with whom you have a business relationship, including customers, suppliers and employees. Your job is to deliver the service that internal and external customers demand, performance that is measured very simply, by the clock on the wall. Time is the only meaningful measure. It is also one that we all can agree on, whether we are a customer waiting for an order confirmation or a programmer waiting for our code to execute. Meeting time-based performance targets is often the metric upon which Service Level Agreements, (SLAs), are based. No wonder then that avoiding the economic penalties often tied to these SLAs can easily become the overarching focus of your programming and operations staff. Clearly, failing to meet SLAs is not an option.

Performance Without Compromise
Yet, simply throwing money at the problem – in the form of more servers, storage and software licenses – is wasteful at best and a breach of fiduciary responsibility at worst.
AVOIDING CAPITAL EXPENDITURES: New applications and increasing server workload confronted a Wall Street firm with a Hobson’s choice: Upgrade servers from 4-way to 8-way and pay the attendant capital, licensing and maintenance costs or risk costly SLA violations. By installing Ignite for Oracle instead, it was able to obtain the performance of the increased server capacity at one-fourteenth the cost. Payback: immediate.

That is where Confio Software comes in. We built our technology and our company on application performance management software that focuses on time. Monitoring Wait-Time from an end-user perspective across the entire database infrastructure reveals a comprehensive view of performance. By identifying where Wait-Time accumulates, users are in a position to quickly clear performance bottlenecks and stay ahead of service level targets. Confio's tools for managing transaction environments enable you to consistently meet your SLAs without wasting money in the process.

The Case for Time-based Analysis
Confio developed Ignite for Oracle with a singular focus, to provide DBAs with rapid and in-depth visibility into the true nature of performance bottlenecks and an immediate path to resolution. Confio starts the service optimization effort from the database layer, the source of 70 percent of end-user application delays. Tools to monitor system-wide statistics at the database level have been available for years. But recently, Wait-Time based analysis has emerged as the new industry best-practice for performance analysis. Confio uses Wait-Time to identify the specific steps, deep inside the database, that actually cause transaction delays. Confio is a pioneer in the category with its Ignite product for Oracle. Ignite for Oracle has helped countless database administrators quickly recognize and correct performance bottlenecks in the database by uniquely focusing on Wait-Time, as opposed to largely meaningless event counter statistics. Traditional tools focus on computer events, such as counter statistics, that may or may not have a bearing on whether your application is performing optimally. Trying

to realize results from this type of data can be a fruitless exercise. Your SLAs are not derived from counter statistics. Why should your performance management software be? Within minutes of its application Ignite helps the DBA zero in on the steps that are causing the greatest delays and drill down to a level of granularity that enables rapid resolution. Performance gains are significant and immediate. Best of all, these gains come without burning precious staff time or capital for hardware and software license fees. By squeezing greater performance out of existing systems, Confio customers have reported near-immediate paybacks on their Ignite investment and ROI levels of 10 times or more. In the Figure 1 below, the two approaches to measuring system performance are illustrated. The step consuming time is identified by the red clock.

Figure 1: Service Time - More Important than Statistics

Staying Ahead of Change
Transaction environments are, by definition, dynamic. Not only do transaction loads increase over time – happily, of course, for most businesses – but the applications are constantly improved for better customer service. It is this very dynamic that has made Ignite so useful, because when things are in a constant state of change performance problems emerge just as dynamically. Ignite eliminates the trial and error approach that typically follows when performance issues are raised. It also helps to eliminate the finger pointing among peers and vendors that can result when identifying the source of the problem proves elusive. Helping customers avoid unnecessary human effort and capital expense has been rewarding for Confio. Yet, at the same time they have long recognized that in today’s complex three-tiered transaction environments the database is not the sole province of bottlenecks. The Web layer and, particularly, the application or Java layer can both be culpable in slowing down the transaction. That is why we have developed Ignite for Java, to bridge the gap between database and application environment with in-depth visibility into the time consumed by at each layer.



Toward a Multi-layer Solution
Through years of experience, DBA users have learned that it can be organizationally challenging when Ignite for Oracle points to a performance bottleneck that is determined to be outside of the database itself.

Figure 2: Managing individual silos. For example, Figure 2 illustrates the typical scenario where system administrators, DBAs and application owners all focus on their individual functional area, but there is no cross-system collaboration. Historically when a DBA using Confio tools determines that a problem resides in the Java application they would need to enlist the support of the responsible application programmer. Ignite for Oracle is pro-active by nature, meaning that it often surfaces issues before they are recognized by users and others. The application programmer would often be unaware of the problem and ill-equipped to resolve it, particularly in the absence of sophisticated tools as exist on the database side. What is needed is an end-to-end solution that gives everyone who touches on the transaction environment the power to easily recognize performance bottlenecks wherever they reside and correct them immediately.

DOING MORE WITH LESS: A wholesale distribution company upgraded its database infrastructure to support expanded electronic commerce. It faced having to increase DBA staff and skills to administer the expanded systems. Confio enabled the firm to permanently defer a new DBA hire. They recouped their initial software investment in four months and enjoyed a continuing ROI of more than 20 times in the second year and beyond.

Uniting Oracle and Java Performance Analysis
Enter the Igniter Suite from Confio, combining the proven capabilities of Ignite for Oracle with Ignite for Java, new software that brings the same powerful and proven Wait Time methodology to Java-based Web applications. Ignite for Java is the tool of choice for DBAs needing visibility upstream into the applications depending on the database, and for application owners needing to understand the detailed impact of the database on their applications. With this end-to-end functionality operating from a single user interface the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. That is because the entire team, and their management, can share in being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. While performance management tools have existed heretofore on both the database side and the application side, Confio is the first to unite the two. In much the same way that Ignite for Oracle identifies specific SQL statements causing undue performance degradation, Ignite for Java identifies exactly which Java code in the application is contributing to Wait-Time. If the Java application is waiting on Oracle or a network resource, the specific impact is quantified. Specific

ownership can be assigned for sections of Java code, enabling the user of the tools to instantly determine who “owns” the problem. As a result, there is no more fingerpointing among groups who own pieces of the overall problem.

NO FINGER POINTING: A true end-to-end solution means everyone is on the same page working to solve performance issues, not pointing fingers.

Visibility Across Silos
Ignite is built from the database up, built to expose problems deep inside the database, unlike any other application performance management tool. Unlike Java tools with no database visibility, Ignite for Java tightly links Java code on the J2EE application server to the resources consumed in the Oracle database server. The result is the ability to know exactly where problems occur and why. For example, if a Java method is waiting on a specific Oracle lock, Ignite is the only tool that can expose and quantify this dependency. Without this visibility across silos significant sources of application delay would be extremely difficult to find. With Ignite they are surfaced and displayed graphically on the performance monitoring screen. In Figure 3, Ignite tracks the user request across each system, identifying the steps that contribute to delays and eliminating the silos of functionality. The Ignite Suite is designed to find service problems before your users do. It includes the ability to continuously monitor service levels for selected transactions and users and to send alerts, (console messages and emails), when response times exceed pre-determined thresholds. Reporting capabilities capture historical service level information to easily quantify and document SLA compliance.

Figure 3: Organizational Collaboration, Not Silos

Instant Results; Instant Gratification
Ignite for Oracle requires no agents, meaning not only is it quick and easy to set up, it places no incremental load on any monitored production server. It captures real (not synthetic) data offline in a common repository providing instant access to years of statistics. Literally in minutes users are able to install the software, begin identifying performance bottlenecks and taking action. Ignite for Java performance analysis enables the user to drill down deeply to identify individual applications, packages and methods; to unwind the Java call tree, showing method calls and Wait Time at every level; to display Hot Spot charts that show methods creating the most Wait Time and web requests that are impacted; and to continuously monitor real transactions as opposed to synthetic data.

SUMMARY: Confio Software offers powerful tools for managing your transaction environment that enable you to consistently meet your SLAs without wasting money in the process. .

The net result is a smoothly functioning transaction environment that maximizes the hardware and software assets you already own and minimizes the burden on your operations staff. The Ignite Suite from Confio is the first application performance management software to pinpoint problems wherever they occur and enable you to quickly solve them. Built for DBAs who must see the entire application, and for application owners who must live with the database, Ignite is the first to bring a detailed database view of application performance management. The result is a superior time based solution for optimizing service levels for the end user, the only measure that really matters.

About Confio
Confio Software develops Application Performance Management software which is revolutionizing the way enterprise applications are monitored, analyzed and optimized. Built on an industry best-practice Wait-Time methodology, Confio’s Igniter™ Suite improves service levels for IT end users, and reduces total cost of operating IT infrastructure. IT managers and their organizations spend inordinate amounts of time responding to application performance issues, often in crisis mode. Increasing pressure is placed on them to improve service levels for both internal and external customers. Without tools to find the actual root cause of problems, improvement projects spend billions of dollars on hardware, software licenses, and consulting projects that do not improve user service levels. Confio’s Ignite for Java and Ignite for Oracle give IT managers the capability to unlock the value of their IT systems, ensure service levels and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Customers worldwide have achieved ROI in excess of 800% using Ignite to identify critical problems and manage their resolution. Confio Software products today are used by customers in North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia whose mission includes getting most value out of their business critical Oracle and Java systems. Customers are reached directly through the Confio salesforce and through a network of partners in the US and internationally. Confio is privately held. Its operations are based out of its new headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, where it enjoys access to the concentration of technology and software expertise in this vibrant, young, outdoor oriented community. For more detailed information or to contact Confio’s executive team, Email us at, telephone us at 1.303.938.8282 or see us on the web at Confio Software Boulder, Colorado, USA (303) 938-8282



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