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					Tips for successful
1, a young man, if a period of three years, without any idea of his life, it basically like
this, not much has changed.

2, winner is the courage plus courage, once the train had heard about the success of
Wenzhou, said all three words, "courageous." In fact, this is
courage, and take affordable, put it down, that is courage.

3, the world, so a small group of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on
the TV, is their message, streets, talk is their message, as if the world is prepared for
them, they can do anything they want, omnipotent. Your goal should be to become
this small group of people.

4, if you really love your parents, love your girlfriend, you Haohao De To strive, to
fight it, so you have the ability, economic conditions, have free time, Qupei them to
make good love them.

5, the society is fast fish eat slow fish, not fish Kuaiyu slow.

6, the community, the winner takes all, loser nothing, the community, always only
judge men.

7, if you ask around friends words, if ten people, nine do not know, then, this is an
opportunity, if ten people, the individuals know, is an industry.

8, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat to eat, no drink soup later.

9, this world-class talent, the project can be made of third-rate second-rate or better,
but third-rate talents, first-class project will, do not like third-rate.

10, taking advantage of young, multi-out to visit. Immediately sent in, from thousands,
as reading countless people.

11, with people of the time, listen more talk less. This is why God gave us two ears
and one mouth causes.

12, remember to do the last person out of cards, the cards sell other people feel
surprise, they think you want to lose time, so that you can win the Licensing Board.

13, do not install big, big man for the equipment, the best way, picking up pieces of
brick, with up quietly, suddenly brought down from behind him.

14, refrain from swearing, it makes people think you are not conservation, is not
willing to contact you. Even if the interaction is perfunctory. Because the poor quality
of his heart finds you.

15, when you want to smoke, ask the people around under the Can, should learn to
respect others. Play it cool in front of little girls to smoke, you do not know that they
are sincerely disgusted.

16, buy clothes, to pick out their own, do not allow family members to buy you,
though you do not buy the first second how, but you will slowly visionary.

17, in order to progress, only lessons learned and successful experiences are distorted,
successful, think how that can be, losers do not say, but you can through his examples
and sum up. Lessons learned not only from themselves, but also learn from others.

18, study, study, learn, something all right, go to a bookstore to see books on
management, finance, marketing, interpersonal communication, the future trend of
these, you can get a lot. Too much competition in this society, you do not learn, will
be eliminated. The end of 2008, China has more than 1 million college students find
jobs. Competition so fierce, so, we must recognize that graduated from college, not
the learning is over, but learning has just begun. Also, I personally recommend a good
video, "who along with lunch."

19, if you are not artists, not artists, nor is playing performance art, then, in the usual
attention to your clothing. Now this society, clothing can show which groups you
belong to, which circle.

20, remember, a day watching television more than three hours or more, some are
those whose income over 2000 yuan, and if you want a monthly income of more than
2000, please do not waste time on television. By the same token, those who play
online games per day, or chat over three hours or more, are also those whose income
is not more than 2000's.

21, because the poor are many, and the poor have no money, so they will complain in
the chat network, killing time. Have you seen a competent manager of corporate
heads or something where nothing often QQ chat group?

22, whether you're after is not in the sales department, have a look at the
books on marketing. Because, in life, everywhere you are selling to others show you.

23, the usual time, more communication with your friends, look, do not wait until the
need friends to help, only thought of in touch with them to the community, you will
know, can recognize a true friend, how hard?

24, if you want to know how the future annual income. Find your most frequently
between the six friends, their combined annual income, divided by six, it is almost
yours. This example can be sufficient to point out, Like attracts like.

25, Do not listen to the people around it, freshmen do not fall in love, good girls are
picked on by others away. Think about it, just bear the loneliness on the freshman year,
could not bear the temptation, try to love the girl, worthy of their chase it?
Universities can have a love, however, do not stubbornly believe that just the
freshmen, they must be in love.

26, the university is not necessarily to go through love, in addition to love, there
should be other, more worthy of their own to do, for example, to participate in a
number of part-time or school proxy something, go to the library to look at some
books, if possible, to organized and led a team to do something meaningful.

27, about love, so a word, no bread, how to dance? Whenever you decide to go to love
a person, be sure to consider giving her the best you can give the material life.

28, give yourself a five-year goal, and then put it down into year after year, six
months six months, three months, a month. In this way, you can find their own goals
and direction.

29, no matter what, remember the dignity of the word, as it is to have dignity,
principles, there is the bottom line. Otherwise, no one will respect you.

30, if I can only give you a warning, that is, the world's no free lunch,
never take a shortcut!