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                     Iridium Satellite Phones - Great Features and Worldwide Coverage

       By Coleen West
       Dated: Apr 21, 2010

       Consider satellite phones for your needs all over the country and around the the world. They are just as
       easy to use as traditional phones and cellular phones.

       If you need to go to a remote location that has no reliable cell or land line phone service, Iridium satellite
       phones (sat phones) are the perfect choice to keep you connected with the outside world. Iridium phones are
       a high tech and cool way to communicate with your business, friends, and family at any place and at any

        Iridium has a network of over sixty Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites that provide full Global coverage and
       dependability that you can count on. You will be able to make a call via a direct connection to an overhead
       orbiting satellite a few hundred miles out in space. You can depend on their vantage points being in the
       right place at any time for full service when you need it.

        Not only does the phone have access to place calls through the Iridium satellite phone service but also has
       the capability of receiving voice mail. As in cell and land line phones, voice mail allows callers to leave
       messages when you are unavailable to take calls. The phones also have paging capabilities if you need it.

        You have a choice of either buying or renting a sat phone. For short-term use, renting a phone is a good
       option because you will be spared the initial up front purchase price of approximately more than a thousand
       dollars. To rent one, you can do a search online for Iridium satellite phones, and you will find a number of
       rental companies with a variety of different plans and prices. Should you wish to purchase a phone, you can
       go to the Iridium website to find distributors in your area and online.

        Unlike cellular devices, the charge for sat phone service is a flat rate, with no roaming charges. In addition,
       unlike cell phones, you will have a strong connection in remote areas where there are no cell towers.
       Therefore, satellite phones are much more dependable and reliable and are ideal for use on land, sea, air,
       and in the Polar Regions.

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