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What is the growth of the leadership team, a reluctance that is not the future, and Mao
Zedong as a great person, leaving the dead in the last 24 hours, Mao Huan Rang
Secretary of the reading, the last of 24 hours still learning Du Guo, and Deng
Xiaoping Shui live to old to learn, do, "Gou Nisshin, Japan Nisshin also
Nisshin" and do Xinmin. You will find that Chinese culture is very
important, now that companies need to do a happy culture, Taoism say hi, and the
more relaxed the more creative, relaxed Newton, Apple a smashing, gravitation know,
back when Watt tea it invented the steam engine, I went to Wuhan, lectures, Tang
Yellow Crane Tower, to see the middle of one of Mao's poems is
"Today I am at ease," the Emperor give you a second line on the
Alliance must pairs of down, you can take the team, see King, divided Today,
unprecedented irritable people, China is a cultural property which, say static, stress
support, and leaders of the ten practice, poetry and painting sword, poetry, flower tea
and wine. Real music culture Leshan water culture, German President to the present
with no cell phone, occasionally by phone with the bodyguards, people asked him
why, he said that the best leadership is the other, inaction, chairman of the board is the
best phone does not ring the chairman of the board, someone gave me the business
card read, chairman of the board, the above three cell phones, you most is a fire
captain, class president, I found more real than the MBA more than 30 million
veterans, you will find the following quiet, no one called. German auto industry who
come to China to engage said something that you develop China's auto
business is difficult, he said you are not a highway, he said your maximum highway is
120 km, most can not understand is why There is a road close to electronic eye, you
study why people by e-e-dog eyes, electronic cat, this thing more on
people's mind is a kind of persecution, our people really get to this level
you, and even speeding are you with your monitor, I believe we have the wisdom, this
man's mind are destroyed. We are in the automotive industry's
most incomprehensible national industry brands that we lost so easily, for example red
car is courtesy cars, representing the highest protocol, when the founding ceremony of
the leadership we sat the car out, If this car brand will Well, the leadership of any
country would buy a car back, but I do not know which stupid guy into low-end cars
and taxis design, which is brand dislocation, so a culture of economic recovery is the
recovery of certain . George W. Bush 51 days vacation, also participated in a bicycle
race, won the first, so at today's closing level, no, you never have to be
restless heart, how can there be wisdom in the case of anxiety is often the decision
wrong, our culture is not so you do not request the name of profit, power demand
power demands future generations, who asked a thousand names. Now you see people
who worship Reagan as a teacher I to Road country, in fact, Chinese culture and what
is God, is to change the people, conscious people, what is Buddha, Buddha is the
enlightened and wise, is the consciousness of the who is the Buddha, who awakened
to become a Buddha, and Buddha is the person to change, not superstition color,
believed in Buddhism there is only one purpose, the pursuit of liberation, to join the
party is the pursuit of liberation, so called People's Liberation Army, the
ultimate goal is to do away with superstitions, the liberation of thinking, the pursuit of
truth. Chinese culture is very interesting culture, Zhang Sanfeng book that many
people are looking for, Europeans say that the law is not their invention of leverage,
the Chinese have long known, and give me a fulcrum Alice I can move the Earth,
which has long been said that Tai Chi Chuan , and skillfully deflected the question,
why are some scientists fear, and he found himself with a lifetime to create a disaster
to human beings, the concept of the network is I was first put forward by the long arm.
Our visit to Switzerland, Sunday, when one person a bike, he said it was advocated by
the government, the blue and white above all else. Others lead us to the lake water
holding boxes, and we dare not drink, the Chinese used to be a fresh big country, we
are now water power, a chemical plant in exchange for a little profit and tax can be for
the river, in 1988, Nobel Laureate gathered in Paris in the Declaration: that human
beings in the 21st century to survive we must return to 2500 years ago and China to
seek wisdom, is the culture of Heaven. Please remember that word:
"wisdom and conscience is above all" Why learn Chinese
culture, the Buddhist saying: I do not become a Buddha in geographical space, not the
degree of suffering of the world I do not become a Buddha, we believe in science, but
not superstitious science, science and technology without moral bearing the words,
really soon bring to an end the human. The 21st century is the century of China!
Please write your words, "Purple East to" must use our moral
culture of the East embraced the advanced Western technology, the world can bring
real harmony, because the Chinese culture is of Heaven, and once I lecture, a
foreigner drew such a symbol, ask a graduate student, that you tell me, he does not
know, foreigners say you did not read the "Book of Changes,"
you, he said no, he said you have not read had "the moral" have
not read the grandson, he said, he said, did not read The Art of War, classics seen no,
no, not really surprised foreigners, Tang you will not, he said he would, if the Chinese
even do not know if this symbol, to act at the Chinese ah, our motto is from Tsinghua
University, this symbol, days Gentleman to self-improvement, terrain-kun, not the
primary. Out the veterans, said a mine could be self-improvement, but also to
strengthen social commitment, some have money on the incident, because virtue can
not carry these, there is such a story, individual distributors, or drink for two days and
nights is this time to see a city with a woman to a water, the woman took the grass fed
donkeys thrown in there, he was to drink, and he said I understand feng shui to help
you find a good place build a house, because he was angry grass fed donkey, he
casually refers to a place, in fact, feng shui is not good, then he came back to see this
day so well, he said the truth, and he said I really did not give you good to see. That a
German Second Life three feng shui, the pro-German high spirits, I Ching speaking,
not only to self-improvement, but also discipline and Social Commitment. Confucius
once lectured to Duke Ling of Wei was found that, when connected with a few cars
then, but there is a beauty sitting next to in the second car on the streets of Confucius,
Confucius said something that re-color the expense of this guy Confucius makes an
important point is "good morals as lust." You do not have the
soul of the Chinese that the cultural, spiritual and cultural longevity of the culture of
death culture of death rather than master, your business is difficult to Evergreen.
Confucius said: "Wu Wei brought the matter to Germany, such as
lust," he said stop the flow of time like water, but people were confused
fame Cyril eyes, no one seeking moral truth, no one seeking relief. "To
repair the body, Zeder is true, one of the world body will have the phase, the phase
space" "To virtual pole, keep quiet Benedict,"
Chinese culture is the experience of the process, has never been virtual polar white
students. Chinese most developed is the brain, upper body, lower body is not
developed because our evolution well, but as long as they mind the thing, we find a
few small children can get title, I also tell you, really read Chinese classical culture,
what ah run, evolution adults had a good walk, not a proper way of people who are
bolted, run fast there is a dog run faster? All players are short-lived, the development
of sport itself is to enhance the people's physique, which I did not invent
the longevity of the athletes a thorough understanding of understanding of this word
"Tao", the real value of life is the Tao, enlightenment process.
The great man is of Sakyamuni, when he was 41 years old lecture, the following
disciples in portrait, and now this picture is the UK's national treasures, I
have a lecture, a party secretary, he said, opened a knot, I now know that the first and
only with Sakyamuni Buddhism, Taoism and then have a "Master said:
hear the Dao, Life and Death," "university of the Road, in the
name of name of virtue", I used to be about marketing , you read all the
marketing of the book, and the Chinese word used to explain the marketing of
"Confucianism" is to meet human needs, both human operators
Road, violation of this is crooked. Wealth certain virtuous, the word Buddha is also a
Germany is double, understand Tak Road, Heaven how to make any profit, the good
word is above RMB shofar, the word is the word Buddha plus a dollar sign transfer
over. New socialist countryside construction, real estate practice is the best religion,
spot the location of all occupied Okawa, 9 Mountain, Wudang Mountain, Taishan, you
engage in real estate is not OK to spend Jige Yi, Shang Nazhao ah, so A good
entrepreneur must get to know this culture, at home if the King of a word, it must be
"loyal" you for the god of wealth, to learn the word
"justice" and "Benefits were also co-righteous (I
Ching) "money is only one purpose, which is spent. Save money or to
spend, less money is its own, more money, is everyone's, more of the
people, so called the renminbi. So this time I went to Shandong to lectures, Galaxy
Group, the veterans, a speech was to a lot of entrepreneurs, where doctoral students, a
power that is my own small business, big business is social, 18 years from scratch,
last year's profit of 80 billion in sales, more than 5,000 employees, a
further two years on a thousand people, and the entrepreneurs, you speak with him,
that sense of social responsibility, otherwise you come in contact with when he
received us, every detail left off, the door is really the Confucian culture written on, in
trying to have friends from afar, two Fortune 500 companies actively looking for him.
"The most stupid person is the money in banks, banks that do not spend
money to people who do not love spending money and brought it to the people who
love to spend money." Bodhisattva school learning his mercy, Chinese
culture has the words, as Buddha is to help others share the responsibility in
Confucian culture is heavy, lead to responsibility. Care of orphans can be six feet, can
send the order of hundred miles, the Pro Day and can not be won too large, the
gentleman who with? Noble people! This culture is the deep cultural, Korean Chinese,
we very much agree with the words, half of the Analects of Confucius can rule the
world, this time a reporter asked two Korean Register of Confucius, how do you think
we are I Ching Eight Diagrams Korean flag when done with, such as pro-Benedict,
the Man Hing Yu Ren! Old friends are not left behind while the people do not steal. I
think the information we spoke Chinese word "Xing Si-"
Confucius said, "Thought of Justice", Mao Zedong, one of the
greatest thing is to serve the people as my party's purpose. A moral culture,
good at everything not fight legislation, the revolution first, work first, the culture of
others first, he made his spirit is the cosmic law, contribute to society, dedicated to
human, this way of thinking - that the universe had Have "! a good
entrepreneur must be tomorrow Road, the humanity, we can know heaven. learned
people who know the Buddha Amitabha Buddha translated into Chinese is the
immeasurable meaning. Many people have a word quibble all things" busy
" What is a busy, busy cardiac death is. Chinese culture, many things need
evidence, no accumulation will be fine do not know what God can do great things all
people can take to live to see 197 Xibaipo sent a telegram Shaolin Temple, the largest
value, not boxing, but the Zen, and now the plane phone rang, Shaolin Kung Fu is
famous for Daruma Bodhidharma's teacher to tell on here, where he
established the Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Temple, Dacheng shrine. in the UK Great
Britain has 10 pairs of the greatest contributions to human history, three are Chinese,
Shaolin Temple has three religions in one map, is a kind of education, so that an
inclusive culture, Chinese culture is now, if Buddhism is the lotus, then that leaves
Confucianism, Taoism is pool. all the people of the process, efforts to process all of
the entrepreneurs is that we, Comrade Wen Jiabao's speech at Harvard
University when he was the steadfastness for pepole for the world in my mind. Saint
and Emperor to Road To Tree entrepreneurs. Sword as many companies now study
the material, that there are many soul culture. gonna do many business leaders to keep
a person "who is kept in the final analysis, even if you stay in business,
You also failed to keep him alive. "I have always grown up in the army, I
found that many people no more than three years in the armed forces, army building
and combat, but will not be affected, because the forces are the source, soldiers soul.
What is the soul? What is soul? how to build enterprise soul? I'll tell you
more than 10 minutes, to tell you how to go back to see
"Sword", talked about what the war, the War, we first invented
gunpowder, I told you about what the Chinese are the most compassionate, but the
Chinese people have the wisdom to produce nuclear weapons, so have our two years
of a bomb, but Mao Zedong said, can not get this thing too much, so we just bomb
people we have this ability. watching this film, the leader of the people, with the team
who should shock, not enough people to repair, catch up with the war years, these
people follow you're dead, we keep on saying that the market, the
battlefield, the venue, a very important field ! Please remember that word
"role is personality" in team building is the most important role
of management, role management unit inside a person to know what role he is today,
to sit with you in the following next to students who are relationship, you have a
home, go in, when a son, a daughter, his parents Daobei Shui, we can play a variety of
roles among the community, want to be leaders must learn to follow, first when the
grandchildren want to be Grandpa, this is common sense, time in business
management must not hear the case, do not want, do not know, from here you can find
out exactly what role is personality. give you three sentences "with the
message, with the accompanying, with the times "These three words
are" Book of Changes, "which is very important concept.
write" The Book of Changes, "the word" auspicious
time when the bit "to the people of several state of mind, the first is
the" joy of heart "China Culture is very important is the
pleasure culture, people asked Confucius, which your students the best, he said Yen
Hui, the best thing he did, the first opponents over; the second is not anger.
"do not do ready who is ready to fail "and cause us to do the
same, you 1% of the errors of others is one hundred percent of regret. One time I
lecture before, there is a business where I went to dinner, the waiter finger bowl, Miss
me, your fingers into the job, she said all right, Professor, I am not afraid hot, is not no
way a channel of communication. failure is not a lot of things before any action is not,
but the lack of a plan of action before, Therefore, Mao told a case, the investigation
just like a baby, just one day to solve problems like birth. "Yin elect a party
Vision, able use the service side is king" Guiguzi not read the book, I said
cardiac Guiguzi the portal. "enterprise development is the leader of the
biggest limitations of stereotypical thinking, localized, breaking can grow, to progress,
to take off" so the ability of a leader is the biggest decision-making ability,
once decision-making capacity, Other flaws down a bit no problem, but the loss of the
decision-making capacity would be finished, there is a word is not correct, two heads
are a wise, that it is wrong. "talent is irrelevant thing can together, systems
thinking, the correct decision-making, through effective communication, the
establishment of executive power, to achieve objectives ","
good at war were not angry, "so wrote the word" rejoice
"," Good is no time to do bad things to people, "You
curse others will grow, one or two days do not see anything, but one or two years to
see the difference, and the hero Mowen source. There is a story called contradictions
in the story we all know, I think the most boring person is asked If that person, if the
person has political views, is thinking, is the economy, then, to see who has spear and
shield to go back and sell put tanks invented, so attention is the fact.
"morality" by the sentence, Mao Zedong often said that wars
are not good at anger. "personnel director, and the world without need of
human lives, the short, the world is no person available" "the
water is clear there are no fish, no friend of people to the police,"
"sensible to be done "" guest, the personnel director
of the short will "Chinese culture is very important," Mean
"culture. thinking ability is the source of Motorola, thinking the wrong
mobility is finished." the most stupid person is to use intelligence to make
mistakes "and" people often worry because does not fit, take
things too hard, pierce, forget the "" to bear down,
"" high-quality communication is to focus on results rather than
emotional, "saying of Confucius "Only limitless wine, drink
less chaotic," the most important thing is attitude, a lot of people are scared
to death of their own, small faint on the mountain, The Real world the
"best team culture is a culture of dealing with others," What is
leadership , ability to get followers, what is the value of leadership is to train his
followers into leaders. the best team culture is a culture of life, is the problem when
dealing with others, slogans on the wall, not floor is of no use . "heart
made him" very important, China's culture is standing by
legislation he say our culture has been suffering from fear, suffering from it stand.
pregnant and pregnancy is the same as before, as long as there is, sooner or later be
seen. underappreciated is pregnant Also not big enough. Analects of Confucius which
both the wisdom of accession to the WTO, but also born of truth, there are Gods,
Human, these are understood, for so they have a satisfactory life, a world in my mind,
for the eternal peace open . We look at China with applause to thank such a good
home to us growth opportunities. thanked the staff for the work done on our site.