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King Triumph
In 1986, the tenth anniversary of the end of the Cultural Revolution, when I first read
the British writer George Orwell's masterpiece "Animal
Farm." After reading, the first impulse is to produce strong, this novel will
be translated to the domestic audience, might be able to provide people with a history
of the reference reflection. Two years later the novel was finally published in a
magazine in Shanghai, the results did not cause any reaction. This was published in
half a century ago, to six thousand words in Chinese, but a small book in a foreign
country is already a household name, known to young and old, have been translated
into 39 kinds of text, to 1972 only English in this volume had reached 11 million. But
most should be understood in a kingdom, it was unexpected cold. Apart from surprise,
quite boring point can not say. At that time the situation is that all of Western thought,
particularly in the liberation of the individual consciousness is catching Da Xue
campus, keen scholars We are also in the East Wenming Yu pair of Wenhuapipan,
immersed in the society for the elite Hefei again Huafen elite Zhong. Most people at
that time, the novel reveals the thrust is clearly over-Ming Xiao and the simple and
obvious, and therefore not worthy of a talk about it. Book does have its own destiny.
This is a political allegory to metaphor in the form of written occurrence of the
revolution and the revolution has been betrayed, naturally there are brutal revolution.
Owner of a farm animal unbearable oppression, under the leadership of the pigs up
against, get rid of the farm owner; their own management of their own to build a
home, to pursue "all animals are equal" principle; two leading
pig internal friction for power, the party declared winner of the other party is a traitor,
traitor; pigs have gradually encroached on the labor of other animals, become the new
privileged class; animals a little dissatisfied, they lead to bloody wash; rule needs to
force pig and human alliance, and establish a dictatorship; farm ideal was revised to
"some animals are more equal than other animals," animals
back to the tragic situation of the past. Ming can be seen from the eyes of readers, the
book does not belong to the familiar lesson that contains the traditional fable, but a
modern political myth allegorical deconstruction.
The book reveals nothing has changed after the revolution, and the manipulation of
language distortion of the truth of the phenomenon, One may hold a different view. In
fact, this book since been published, it has not stopped the debate has been over, goes
without saying that the socialist countries, Western intellectuals also have different
opinions, right that it is attacked Soviet socialism, the Left that it also criticized the
West capitalism. I am shocked that the book describes numerous killings are brutal
every time, every time unreasonable. In the 1954 preface to the English version,
Woodhouse about these killings in a time by the reviews - "There is no
purpose cruel."
This makes me think of the Cultural Revolution is over.
To say cruel, none other than the natural non-Cultural Revolution. In China thousands
of years of history, the brutal Cultural Revolution, an unprecedented level even if the
stretch is also scheduled to be on the forefront. By 1980 the Special Court for trial,
Lin Biao, Gang of Four during the Cultural Revolution all the plots, they use power to
cruel persecution of the crimes of others already plain to the world. So far a large
number of published articles and books that, in this group of people exposed, the
entire country from top to bottom are to spare no effort. Today, the accepted view is
that Lin Biao and the Gang of Four had done was on purpose, with reason, that is to
confuse the country to chaos to seize power. For them, therefore, happened during the
Cultural Revolution, "is absolutely necessary, is very timely",
they need so they do not so Daoshi incomprehensible. But the problem lies in the fact
that if we just put all the blame on this gang of ambitious political conspiracy, or
simply attributed to the top of the power struggle, we can hardly understand the
Cultural Revolution with the general madness and absurdity, we have this
understanding of history will remain stuck on a simple level.
A friend once said that the Cultural Revolution is a great heritage. He said this means
that some years later when, on learning of the Cultural Revolution to feed the many
eating rice academic professors, associate professors were. This remark may not jump,
but I always feel a little relaxed and terrible. For those who experienced the Cultural
Revolution decade, this is not just a record cold in the history of paper. Obviously, the
Cultural Revolution in the political, economic, cultural and even moral people make
to our national character of exposure and testing is complete. In the final analysis, the
Cultural Revolution is a history of hundreds of millions of people actively involved in
sports, 20 years ago to join one of the fanaticism of people and no less than
today's young fans and rock fans, and they were also given an
unprecedented era of wanton outlet rights. View from the large number of exposed
materials, in addition to Lin Biao and the Gang of Four direct hand in the event, many
for the appalling persecution of ordinary people have underlying spontaneous
(especially early in the Cultural Revolution), or Mao Zedong once called
"riffraff" sex. This is not just a few bad people, but of a broader
Here, I would like to cite two examples. According to some publications to disclose
members was 六年 August 27 to September 1, Red Guard in coordination with the
Public Security Bureau of Beijing Daxing County, the "four
elements" were denounced imputed from a unit development to the 48
Battalion, in three days, a total of 325 "four elements" and their
families were killed, the oldest 80 years old, the youngest born only 38 days, which
was full of doors action to exterminate the 22. The other members was 七年 August
13 to October 17, Hunan Road, the county has occurred cadres organized by the
Social Team, the phenomenon of the killing of innocent people, a total of 4190
persons were shot dead knifed with Shen Tong buried alive, killed by means of
cast-dong Sheng Le, which "four elements" and their children,
the majority, the oldest 70-year-old, who only a minimum age, in addition to 326 were
forced to commit suicide. At this point, in reference to these figures, almost boring, I
feel that life is fragile like humilis and stigmatization, it is difficult to imagine from
the figures of terror when they looked at the dying, their sense of living the last
minute. These two stories are particularly alarming, because of which the performance
is so cruel seems no reason, so killing as a game. View from the victim side, (they
were persecuted to death is different from the "capitalist
roaders" or resorting to violence in the mass death of two groups, early
political campaigns in which they were knocked to the ground, as the bottom of
society, the majority of who has since been denied basic political rights, have been
contented to live rules. As an individual, they do not pose any threat to the regime, or
even unable to offend anyone, that person is very clear at that time (the real threat to
the regime is definitely the endless political campaigns, it was the people finally clear).
Even so, the community still does not allow them, the Cultural Revolution, these are
neither able to resist even less against the will of the people are still deprived of right
to life, even the new-born babies are not spared, become the sacrifice of that time.
When the fashion in this case I do not know where a few, but so far disclosed the tip
of the iceberg. The puzzle is, even in order to consolidate the dictatorship, from the
physical liquidation of the regime consolidate with little to no who is also necessary,
however, is still happened. From the persecution of those who read (and also those
involved in the killing of ordinary people, the killing of this magnitude certainly not
just a few "bad head" which is, as the public law died, due to
special historical reasons, can not be pursued, they Zhongshan University Most
people alive today should still good), whether grass-roots those in power, or ordinary
people involved in this murder game does not make their own access to fame and
fortune, shine so has, to date still difficult to understand, for these grass-roots the
masses, so cruel what meaning? Able to achieve? Out of ignorance? Fear? Or out with
the flow? But for whatever reason, are meaningless in their personal, except for
possible temporary pleasure, they learn nothing. No need to explain the purpose of
false does not make sense. Chinese history due to the cruelty of a lot about political
struggle, but as such by the "class struggle" in the name of the
underlying large-scale organized for the purpose of the public who has no cruelty, but
is undoubtedly a major feature of the Cultural Revolution.
During the Cultural Revolution there was a famous quotation, "the
world's absolutely no love for no reason, no hate for no reason."
This article quotes the words of its dictatorial ways, has inspired millions of people to
join the movement, red rush ahead in the struggle to kill. But the irony is that, in the
Cultural Revolution in fact shown by most of hate for no reason, and even hatred are
far from even, sometimes simply because cruelty can bring pleasure and
self-establishment of the so-called "and people struggle, endless
joy." Only in this way, this cruel and absurd it is particularly terrible,
Zhizhirenxin. I remember one winter in the mountain town of my childhood life, the
only school in the past been no sound of an invigorating read, empty, a few remain in
the school's 14-year-old youth have nothing to do, suddenly Fat odd
concept, would like to know walnut tree (locally produced a tree) leaves the taste,
according to today's statement, that wanted to get something fun, they
check in the "bullpen" in a few old teachers called out, enable
them to climb on the ground, mouth with leaves, and then ask them does not suffer
pain, he kept answering nature is not bitter Diego. May be bored, letting the teacher
told his students, "Grandpa," is still called woodenly, wild
natural smile. For these teachers, this childish prank perhaps than in a large crowd
sitting in front of a jet, yin and yang, head, wear a dunce cap, a number of titles straw
feel better, but their heart is the same disaster. Sometimes, the torment of the frivolous
with more terror than the serious things of persecution.
Years long, the good old memories. Because these students, there is me. Despite the
small fashion when I was only watching, could be the kind of scene that I have been
unforgettable. I have been pondering its connotation, I would like to figure out the
significance of it. Today sounds like a Kafka story, no matter the persecution or
victims, we all understand that they (themselves) is innocent, but the two act in
harmony but because there is no goal, so the whole process takes on a sort of banter as
Daxing, Road County case as those players are not too serious beatings. As time goes
by, I increasingly believe that, for me, only this small matter represents the essence of
the Cultural Revolution. Perhaps, too, is the "Cultural Revolution
complex" it. Today, as the Cultural Revolution as a mineral, a few people
who could not finish my life also excavated, probably number is still a lot of it. Xihu
as some commentators pointed out that despite two years of the Cultural Revolution
has passed, so far our research on the Cultural Revolution is still in the original stage,
few see the real deep and insightful articles, some of it still does not say, but can that
it is often brutal past into a smile, such as bookstores, stalls on account of the Cultural
Revolution of the anecdotes that. Over time this situation has become increasingly
clear that the collective subconscious quickly forgotten, intentionally or
unintentionally, hide, people can not help feeling that scourge of the nation
experienced really deserve.
Yes, in literature, for example, expose and denounce the Cultural Revolution fiction,
poetry, film, memoir, nonfiction, etc. can be described as voluminous and vast, from
the trauma literature to reflect on literature, at least shows that people constantly
thinking, but the trauma literature is essentially standing position of absolute good and
evil, the will of all evil all attributed to Lin Biao and the Gang of Four, sued the other
purposeful cruelty. In particular, read the article describes the persecution retired or
works (such articles and books is the most published and most vulnerable), sympathy
aside, I often think, if it is not so much the same as those in power with the people
persecuted during the Cultural Revolution aroused the unanimous opposition of the
whole country, who know the Cultural Revolution will be defined as a catastrophe,
not absolutely necessary in a campaign of "enlarged" mean?
Daxing County, who also notes, those Aggrieved Izumishita County Road, and even
names are not left to future generations of ordinary people do? Literature seems to
reflect a deeper level of people-oriented thinking, the resulting heat has almost extinct
culture, but will be all attributed to national cultural traditions, curse the continuation
of the Yellow River civilization, such as in 2088 that the Department of rage TV series
reveals, then it makes a thick framed ancient promise to talk about the feeling, so
ancient after all, is not enough for us to bear the sins and above-board. In fact, even if
the feudal emperors at least understand the "home world" the
truth will not needlessly put a "Could it be king of Earth" and
the gun, to persecution subjects feats for the country. In this sense, the Cultural
Revolution, has nothing to do with traditional culture, or even nothing to do with the
feudal sense. Today, great conversation and cultural strengths and weaknesses were
made, probably in this Zaokong of all classes of.
I think the issue of cultural comparison, its always requesting different than seeking
common ground, to see whether other countries during the same period the same
scenario. Than not with the same Confucian cultural background of East Asian
countries, in reason is simple, ask a few Red Guards to read classics? According to
Toynbee's approach to civilization as "the unit can be
self-revealing" to study history, it should be noted that the traditional
culture as early as mid-century had produced a very deep "fault,"
remitted a new world culture. Russell referred to this being another circles, despite the
language and customs are different, the historical destiny, social psychology, political
awareness and so on, but probably similar. On how our country can be more
successfully into the modern terms, of this world culture to study the strengths and
drawbacks, it seems that the influence of traditional culture than the study more
relevant. I read the book, there are two books, I was shown to leave a deep impression,
a Czech writer Milan Kundera's "The Farewell
Party", a Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn's
"Cancer Ward . " Two books have given us a thought-provoking
question: whether the revolution will degenerate? Historical movement and the brutal
necessarily the same? What this cruel sense of mankind in the end?
Kundera's novel is one of the cruel treatment of the theme: a man who had
suffered political persecution mistake poison to a woman who did not know that when
he learned, he did not have any conscience uneasy, but just leave. Book cases, such as
involvement by parents of children deprived of the right school, street retirees
organizations to interfere with other people's private lives, see a doctor to
care relationship through the back door, and people speak the language, tone, all we
know. Man to think awful behavior, using his and the "Crime and
Punishment," Raskolnikov in comparison, he found himself in the murder
is very easy, "no motive, from which get nothing." Confessions
phrase book, the children and the cat's tongue cut out, with the nails into
the orbit of the details of the novel is the crowning touch: they instinctively familiar
with the life and smooth behavior. Alexander Solzhenitsyn's novel
narrative is another cruel accident, the hero for the cancer came from the exile to a
city hospital, he was arrested, is due entirely unwarranted reasons, "a bit
like child's play", but this situation changed his life. The book
has a detail, the hero went to the zoo after discharge, see the monkey cage empty, note
cards, wrote: "As a tourist senseless acts of cruelty, resulting in a macaque
living in here blind. That hard-hearted person and describing tobacco Sueko cast into
the monkey's eyes. "nameless hero for this grief. End of the
novel, the hero lying on the train's luggage rack, toes hanging over the aisle,
the book's last word is his inner monologue - "for no
Both novels with similar details, revealing the history of oppressive and unnecessary
human evil unreasonable. If this is also a political and cultural context, then the
Cultural Revolution and this is similar. In addition to the persecution of those who
brought themselves as superior to pleasure, the only significance of its cruel is
meaningless. Such cruelty has become the twentieth century's most
important features of human activity.
That there are no hate for no reason, is based on direct experience of causality and the
effectiveness of on common sense. With this knowledge, motivation can become the
basis of Criminology. Once the world are totally motivated murder, the reality of our
thinking and causality link will fail, any sound system of justice will fall into lost their
position. In this sense, the Cultural Revolution to provide people with a great topic of
criminal psychology. In fact, human cruelty this point is not more advanced than
animals, many of hatred and cruelty between people is no reason, in many ways are
often beyond the scope of causality. As Kundera a book by the same hero, then said,
"All men are secretly want others to die." "If
everyone in the world has the power to conduct the assassination from a distance,
human beings will be extinct in a few minutes . "He may be too dark, and
good law is on the track regardless of the heart, at least for fear of punishment, more
importantly, because of having to do not, violence that no purpose will not be easily
put into practice. Only protected and encouraged under the premise of the evil of
human nature have been released before, to create a blind hatred and cruelty. We have
had in the political culture, no doubt with a release mechanism cruel. As we have seen,
is the tragedy of the Cultural Revolution as such offers the greatest potential, that is,
Daxing County, Beijing massacre at the same time, August 29, 1966,
"People's            Daily"      published       an      editorial
"Tribute to the Red Guards", said: "These
blood-sucking insects, these people's enemies, are one by one by the Red
Guards        pulled       out."        inference     up,       here's
"blood-sucking insects" and "enemies of the
people" refers to those who are already tame, there is no right to the
bottom, not Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution, at all levels want to
Doudao "capitalist roader." Today, people can still smell the
blood from the middle of the smell. When the highest government level gave the word,
any unprovoked vent the bandwagon of hatred and class struggle were given
sufficient reasons and legislation leading to impunity 保证, Daxing, County Road,
the innocent people who Jirankeyi no destination out of the leader Love is open
killings, those so young children on their own sadistic teacher is even more
understandable, and their banter, but the social and political behavior is an imitation
of the then Bale.
Looking back 30 years ago, things, and as wind and rain also smoke. Wandering in
the past among the lush weeds, I felt a sad place to pay homage. 30 years ago still like
all the mud stuck in the chest, so I can not breathe. Just for a false purpose, it is
necessary to dedicate the altar of history so many meaningless sacrifice? Perhaps this
is the "Animal Farm" in the animals last lingering in my mind
the silent inquiry.

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