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									There are three kinds of slanders Mao Zedong in
Harvard professor: There are three kinds of people in the slander of Mao Zedong
January 7, 2010 Thursday 12:25
Today, I read in a forum entitled "Harvard professor: There are three
people in the slander of Mao Zedong" post. In order not to infringe on the
intellectual property, I reproduced the text of all of this:

Director of the Centre of Asian Studies at Harvard University, the famous China
expert Professor Tuonisaiqi recent articles talk about Mao Zedong. He believes that
there are now three kinds of people in the slander of Mao Zedong.

He said the first man, is the traditional Western politicians during the
"peaceful          evolution"         needs,     "peaceful
evolution" First of all is to deny that the country's most
influential people in the image and status of the masses, in order to receive their
thoughts the past, this is the case in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, they deny their

He said the second man in China who have become rich first. They are
"afraid" of Mao Zedong Thought to pick up a threat to their
vested interests, they want to maintain the status quo, or even help them to establish a
new political order, they are bound to deny Mao Zedong.

He     said    a   third   person,   some     in   the    past  Mao's
"enemies" of future generations - the KMT era bureaucrats and
the landlords Yilaoyishao who, because their predecessors in "the era o f
Mao's" lost a lot of interest, so vindictive, so Mao his best
slander conflict.

Tuonisaiqi Professor: Whether we admit it or not, in our Western free world, no one
without the "colored glasses" of the people to respect you,
particularly China, Mao, he was a great man worthy of respect for all opponents, He
and his family have devoted all the toiling masses of this nation. Whether past,
present or future, his spirit and ideas of the Western world not only worth our study,
learn and respect the Chinese people should deserve your understanding, respect and
learning, because he is your ethnic Chinese people stand firmly in the forefront of the
wealth and cornerstone. I am very sorry that our Western world will rise to Mr. Mao
Di spirit and thought the height of one kind of strategy for research and study of the
time Jin Xing, the Guonei still arise when you ignore, slander and even yes Mr.
Mao's something scandalous. In our world feel that this is simply
incredible ... ...

After reading this post, I really have mixed feelings.
By speaking, Westerners do not respect Mao. As Mao Zedong, to Westerners disgrace
the face of his once all-powerful; as Mao Zedong, the West lost its long-term vested
interests in China; also because of Mao Zedong, Mao goes on to the West in the
"Greater China's face" in front of appear humble.
Can happens is this context, Mao Zedong, still dreaming about them, they are still
sincere reverence, awe still allow them unlimited.

So, what is the reason for very different political tendencies such reverence and awe
Mao Westerners do? Professor's remarks from Tuonisaiqi, I realize that so
at least two reasons for this:

One unique charisma of Mao Zedong. Tuonisaiqi professor said: "He was a
great man worthy of respect for all opponents, he and his family have devoted all the
toiling masses of this nation." Yes ah, Mao Zedong to the Chinese
nation's rejuvenation, with his own six place of their loved ones lives
dedicated Chinese revolution, all of his own efforts and energies for the Chinese

It is said that he was "a tyrant", in other words to say, he had no
love. Can Tuonisaiqi professor told us that his love is the greatest on earth, the most
pure, most selfless love, as installed in his heart, is the desire for equal, people want
well-being of the world. To meet this wish of the people, he does not admit of the
people are sure they can not tolerate people calling the shots, does not allow the
masses mind and heart, without any intention on the workers and peasants

If Mao was a "tyrant", he issued from the bottom of my heart,
"Long live the people" of the Hong-zhong Tai Lu it? If he is a
"tyrant", he would in a natural disaster, and the people were
suffering the same difficulties, three years you do not know the taste of meat? If he is
a "tyrant" when he heard the Tangsha n earthquake, the people in
serious losses of life and property news, he can not help but shed tears of grief it? If
he is a "tyrant", stood up and become masters of Kurban Lu Mu
Tu old donkey all the way from Xinjiang to Beijing it? If he is a
"tyrant" in Tibet, more than 95% of the emancipated serfs of the
great minds of God, why is not the Dalai Lama but Mao Zedong?

Said Mao was "a tyrant", or you can look far- fetched, at least he
had personally approved the execution of step l Xie, Tang Daren, left clouds, Huang
Ke-Gong, Yu Xiao wall, Chin-San Liu, Zhang Zishan seven corrupt officials. These
people may have for China's revolution and have made tremendous
contributions to the liberation of the ah, some people who still remained it could not
remove the shrapnel. Mao Zedong did not let them be. In some people's
eyes, of course, the "tyrant" had.

From this perspective, Mao Zedong, who slander, not just the three peop le, there is
emerging corrupt and beating the drums for them on behalf of vested interests of
so-called "elite." Because of Mao's charisma, so that
they always restless!

Second, Mao Zedong Thought is unable to overcome. Tuonisa iqi professor said:
"Whether in the past, present or future, his spirit and ideas of the Western
world not only worthy of our research, learning and respect the Chinese people should
deserve your understanding, respect and learning." Why do Westerners to
study Mao Zedong Thought? Because the wisdom of Mao Zedong Thought, the
implication is unparalleled heights, and she let Westerners inferiority, she let
Westerners amazed. They believe that Mao Zedong Thought is a super-powerful
"spiritual atomic bomb." West Point generals from the U.S. side
confirmed the immense power of Mao Zedong Thought. They taste of the Korean War,
Vietnam War, after the pain, have sent heartfelt sigh: "not afraid of
China's military modernization, but afraid of Mao Zedong Thought, the
Chinese armed forces."

I wonder, in the birthplace of Mao Zedong Thought, Why is someone
"weird" to want to marginalize Mao Zedong Thought, and
rendering and zoom through the later years of Mao Zedong's mistakes,
again and again and again to deny Mao Zedong Thought?

Tuonisaiqi professor's words, can be called in the phrase. Some of the
ulterior motives of the elite, the West is to be combined forces of evil
"peaceful evolution" of China's attempt. They use
their available resources, taken the trouble to sell the Western so-called
"universal value", and pick up what to throw out that
"only democratic socialism is the only way for China" theory,
but they encountered great resistance; the main resistance to armed with Mao Zedong
Thought from the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese people. They know that
Mao Zedong Thought is always that they can not exceed the peak, not toppled the
Mao Zedong Thought the mountain, their purpose can not be realized, all of their
efforts will be in vain. So, they have launched waves of the wave of non-textured, has
introduced a field of non-textured farce. This has not only been a conscience of the
Chinese people fight back, but also by the upright contempt for Westerners, such as
Tuonisaiqi professor.

I note that on May 30, the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department issued a
serious organizational learning on the "six" why
"," the notice (see June 1 People's Network). Yu
believes that the "notification" is not only a marked path, but
also a return to the rational, can be counted as professor of speech is a positive
response Tuonisaiqi it.

We know that with the construction of the socialist core value system is closely
related to the six major issues are: (a) Why must adhere to Marxism in the ideological
sphere, but not the guiding ideology of pluralism; (b) Why is only a society Marxism
can save China, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China, and
not engage in democratic socialism and capitalism; (c) Why must adhere to the
people's congress system, but not the "separation of
powers"; (d) Why must adhere to the CPC-led multi-party cooperation and
political consultation system, and not engage in Western multi-party system; (5) Why
must uphold the public ownership dominant and diverse economic sectors develop
side the basic economic system, but not the privatization or " extremely
pure "public ownership; (f) Why must unswervingly adhere to the reform
and opening up, not turning back.

This "six why" has been very clear to express my
party's political orientation, concept of governance and development
concepts. Under the current circumstances, all Party organizations to learn
"Why six", for the implementation of General Secretary Hu
Jintao to mark the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up the General Assembly,
entitled "do not slow down, do" speech is of very great

"Three no's" in essence is "not to go rigid
and closed the old road, not taking the wrong road, Gaixian changing of the
guard." To ensure the "three no's" can
really be fully implemented, the key is to hold high Mao Zedong Thought, the great
banner to be a consistent, upholding Mao Zedong Thought in the guiding position to a
consistent, the Mao Zedong Thought as to solve the present prominent contradictions
and problems spiritual weapon to a consistent.

Mao not only belong to China, but also belongs to the world; not only the pride of
Chinese people, but also the pride of all mankind; Mao Zedong Thought, is not only
the Chinese nation, overcoming all obstacles and forge ahead of the power source of
all humanity inexhaustible spiritual wealth!

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