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					The tone of Florence
Florence, the first to know this place is read Xu, "Florence of the
night" after. Separated for many years, I have to stand up to the really tall
hill overlooking Florence.
Among the light morning mist, eyes full of all the red roofs and earth earth yellow
walls, a landmark of Florence Florence Cathedral stands a large dome on top of the
skyline, is also a deep red soil, the whole of Florence on a warm great tone.
In Florence the city, looking for a slightly wider roads is not an easy task. Of a
company's asphalt only ten meters wide, is more a stone paved pedestrian
street, 78 meters wide, and narrow is only 34 meters only. Seem behind the times, but
keep the original of people belonging to Florence as a way of life, a leisurely pace as a
casual. Walking through the small stone on the road, without fear of collision for
drivers, not to mention annoying exhaust.
Florence is not a detached and modern skyscrapers. Urban construction, in addition to
body mass slightly larger blocks of ancient architecture, the red roofs and yellow
walls are mostly three to five-story buildings. Street doubles as a commercial and
residential construction, the bottom or the ocher-colored with gray stone decoration,
from the second floor is the all- up paint, building facade is very concise, warm tone,
harmony and unity. Alley deep in ordinary people's homes is simple,
building years are relatively old, single out the size of a small number of very small
balcony, the finishing touch look like decorated with stone, or iron for railings, simple
and the atmosphere. Street lanes most of the curve is changing, so that relatively
uniform tone of architectural space as an extension of the continuous path reveals
some vivid.
In Florence to find a larger shopping centers is not an easy task. A variety of brand
name stores you can find, window layout, style, fresh and very contemporary level of
design and display point is not than that of Rome, Milan worse. With them different is
that here there is no colorful rendering window, and swayed the only golden light, is
still a warm tone, keeping the city a large color finish.
Find a Hall of Fame in Florence is very easy, would like to buy art books, scouring
some of the popular works of art, much easier. To which a block casual, casual, and
those familiar with the celebrity will be a statue or memorial to make a face to face.
At home, think of a particular ancient, perhaps going to the library, museum to hopes
of finding, in Florence, holding a map and went straight to his former home it wants.
Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, the New Culture Movement of
the outstanding figures in this by Hsu called the small town of Florence became the
group up. Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Giotto , Botticelli ... ... all the Florentine.
Walking in the city of Florence, a museum or art gallery can be seen everywhere, a
small town population of 300,000, there are more than forty museum galleries.
Slightly larger square on the streets from morning to night all the street entertainers
and business people who specialize in works of art waiting, as long as the right path
and they can communicate with them, can always find one or two things their Kexin.
Large number of masterpieces of sculpture erected around the square 希尼奥列亚,
there are many cafes and bars, sun-drenched square flow, such as weaving. As long as
sunny, merchants who would be arranged in the open air cafe business. Although only
a small trading place was packed out is fun, deep yellow wood flooring put in the
gravel on the ground, enclosed cafe in the fresh flowers around the top and then
covered with pink tablecloths, such circumstances pleasing, not to mention the
fragrance of the coffee cup.
Evening in Florence, the color looks a little dark, the windows of every house lights
blazing a warm, coincidentally the day the town's tone continued. Walking
in the deserted streets of becoming thin, such as not near modern-style glass windows
lighted, was rather Huang Ru are in the Renaissance. In this city full of art and culture
to live, over time, even if another character who could not self-consciously into the
mood of being in Florence.
Can not say the name of a small street, I fancy to a small hote l. Clean stores, of a total
of 56 dining table. Indeed to the advantage of a corner, stood a few clusters of flowers
to the table covered with a cloth and square cafe, just as a touch of red, slanting angle,
the above also added a smaller size tablecloths, white, flawless people comfortable
With a complete dinner guests sitting next to have left my side of mellow wine has
also thoroughly enjoyed themselves, enthusiastic owner Luo Mengnuo handed me
napkins and sat down just for a good neighbor on the tablecloth and I converse with.
He told me that his home had Florence 6 Fatal strike away from the mountains of Kai
Wai, a small hotel was first opened ancestral grandfather came here, to his generation
has been 100 years, but never moved off location. Luo Mengnuo said: weekdays as
long as there is time, my wife and I will look back into the mountains. He added: live
in Florence, is the best choice.
I asked him: so that must have your reasons, tell me why?
Luo Mengnuo answered with a smile: Life in Florence in the air, without any worries
and concerns to other local not, generations of our family who never left the idea of
Florence. To own a small hotel business well, very satisfied, Florence, I am stable ... ...
make me feel enriched.
Oh, I see. I nod while saying yes.
Luo Mengnuo face sincere smile, and the latter he said: not only me, son, studying in
Milan, after graduation should return to Florence, the son came back, gave him a
small hotel on the point of the play. His words from the heart, I do not doubt the
Florence home of their own share of the truth, and his temptation of the world lightly,
as a low-key.
Florence, Italian for "City of Flowers." Florence, red, yellow
and white antiquity architecture and urban space to demonstrate, is it a city unique
personality style. Warm colors give people the building have a very natural and
pervasive feeling of belonging. Elegant lifestyle it has more people living on their
own self-confidence and satisfaction has always been so. If I was a keynote also the
reality of life in Florence, I believe the will, like them, choose to stay in Florence,
Florence to stay in this unique town, and its infinite charm and warmth of tone
1, from the top overlooking Florence

2, 希尼奥利亚 Plaza Arcade Lanci

3, Cosimo. Medici statue

4, Florence Cathedral Dome



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