The situation in China

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					The situation in China
Founding six years, the construction of the new China made significant achievements,
especially in the economic construction is the significant progress made earth-shaking,
economic aggregate now ranks the world. But with the great economic achievements
are not commensurate: the present stage of China's security environment
has not improved, but much worse!
   Irredentist Union believes that this deterioration mainly in the following areas:
/ From the CDC community /
   First, China's nuclear power around the clouds, the security environment
deteriorated. The world's seven recognized nuclear states, five in China
around all the major powers of China is the world's geopolitical
environment, the worst. More than five nuclear powers, does not include the
possession of nuclear technology and nuclear materials, when the time permits, may
at any time a nuclear weapon in Japan! This is 60's last century when the
country possessed nuclear weapons around the nuclear posture has been very
/ From the CDC community /
   Second, military developments in neighboring countries made great progress,
neighboring countries and the gap between China's military strength has
been greatly reduced. India since 1962 after the failure of deliberately targeting and
imaginary enemies of China, flagrantly conducted nuclear test explosions in 1998,
becoming a nuclear state, and to develop rocket, missile technology, the
"Agni" series of rockets have been basically covered a range of
Chinese territory. In addition, India is already having an aircraft carrier and naval
vessels to develop, purchase of advanced warplanes, the first nuclear submarines have
been built recently, the basic nuclear strike capability with the Trinity.
Japan's peace constitution has actually been vigorously developing the air
force and long-range strike capability, have been completed and two helicopter
carriers, military power has been completely transformed. Japan, India, two countries
have successfully launched a lunar probe, the strength of its space has made
substantial progress. Vietnam in recent years to develop the Navy and Air Force, the
import of advanced surface ships and submarines, advanced aircraft compete for
orders, wantonly invaded and occupied China, Nansha Islands, and China as
"the only imaginary." South Korea's military
modernization has made great progress. Compared with 30 years ago, the surrounding
countries and China's military balance has been significantly reduced,
while India, Vietnam, Japan, the deepening hostility to China, China's
increasingly grave threat to national security.
   Third, the U.S. military has been approaching the Chinese mainland,
China's land and sea security dilemma ever ridden! 90's of last
century the Soviet Union collapsed more than a Ping Kong Central Asia, has made
China's western geopolitical situation has improved, but then its strategic
vacuum filled by the United States. After the Cold War, the United States to China as
a major global strategic competitors, both from land and sea to China a full range of
containment and pressure: Now the United States forces have entered Pakistan,
Afghanistan and throughout Central Asia, approaching China's Xinjiang
Tibet and tried to meddle in Mongolia, from the land of the formation of outflanking
the potential of China; sea, the United States and Japan and South Korea continue to
strengthen the alliance, the United States continue to indulge in Japan, South Korea to
develop military strength, while consolidating the perfect first and second island chain,
a strong blocking China resolve the Taiwan issue to China from the east form a
containment of the situation, prevent China's breakthrough into the Pacific
island chain. In addition, the strong rope in India, will be trained to contain China,
India, another strategic base and helper. Australia and India to piece together a
US-Japan alliance, the four countries trying to form a joint strategy to contain China
is to contain the situation, China has entered the Indian Ocean off with a bang the
door! At the same time, the South China Sea Spratly Islands in particular, the
deteriorating situation: the occupation of reefs, waters were divided, resources have
been plundered! South China Sea's traditional territorial name only, Nansha
has been carved out! Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries to achieve
most of the Nansha islands and reefs and sea military occupation and control, and the
introduction of outside forces and multinational organizations, crazy illegal mining of
oil and gas resources in Nansha, China's sovereignty, security, interests and
dignity of being ruthlessly trampled! China is facing both sides of the door was sealed,
while the marine, the only link the two oceans, Nansha this
"latch" is completely Chasi critical situation!
   Second, China's decade of non-First World War is difficult to develop
   Huge success and critical situation at the same time in front of us. Irredentist Union
believes that we need 60-year history of the founding of a profound summary and
review of experiences, lessons learned, forge ahead, determined to improve himself.
We should not only from economic data and people's living standards up a
simple comparison of production 30 years after the previous 30 years, what made
enormous progress it! So that of course does not detract from the meaning of the
results after 30 years. The first 30 years, we have achieved national and national
independence, the successful realization of socialist transformation, the
"bombs and one satellite" as an important symbol, both from
the military and technology laid the foundation for China's strong Shengda
Guo! And through the Korean War, Vietnam War against the United States,
self-defense war against India and operating in Africa, played a relatively safe, highly
competent international space, for the later reform and opening up and economic
development foundation, created the conditions. The first 30 years, to recover the
territory of the strategic alliance that is the big, generous, is worthy of the opening 30
years after the foundation of for. In full recognition of 30 years after the great
achievements, we should also clearly see that these achievements are based on
resources and the enormous energy consumption and environmental deterioration is a
great price, this model can not be sustained. This development is still low level of
development. China's economy remains in a low-end chain of the world
economy, our results of 30 years just to earn a little hard cash, Western countries get
far much more than we should. This does not include the rich-poor divide, moral
decay, thought lost, and social relations, the sharp social contradictions of Chinese
society as a whole level of complexity and so on, the spiritual cost! This may be the
price we had to pay. Of course, 30 years, we manned space flight, Chang'e
lunar exploration, Beidou network, such as in the construction of aircraft carriers is a
striking result is still very great.
   If you stand on the height of the whole development of Chinese history, to recover
territory Union believes that the first 30 years the largest historical contribution, is to
make a real integration of China and the world to China's export-oriented
economic development is irreversible, so that the entire Chinese nation attention
turned to sea from land, from the domestic to the world, and completely avoid the
stagnation of China's backwardness to return to closed-door policy, China
from an agricultural economy to a modern economy, so the Chinese nation from the
farming to modern nation, thus the development of Navy and Air Force received great
internal driving force, navy and air force to make development possible in height, as
necessary, be protected! This is the only correct road of development, how to evaluate
its strategic significance will not be excessive. From this point of view alone, we
avoid a similar 1433 Boycott the Chinese Ming dynasty government to implement,
since the abolition of sea power, so that China's growing sea power, naval
and coastal defense stopped short of tragedy! In a sense, 1433 is the reason behind the
Decline in 5000 the turning point of the Chinese ancient history and modern history of
the watershed, resulting from 1840's 400 years, the Ming and Qing
dynasties of China has become a stagnant empire This modern hundred years of
humiliation for the buried seeds.
   When the Chinese dragon turned toward the ocean and the world, the Chinese
nation has suffered a major security dilemma: China's sea and land access
has largely been sealed! China is facing both sides of the marine gate was closed with
a bang, the only two foreign channels the South China Sea and the
"latch" Nansha is facing a severe situation is completely
blocked! China's enormous economic aggregate determined to maintain
economic gr