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An Investment Opportunity for the Discerning Humanitarian

The International Orphan Children’s Fund (I.O.C.F.) is a restricted-use fund established and administered by Lifeline of Hope International Orphan Aid.
The fund’s purpose is to provide discerning businesses and individuals the opportunity to make a difference in our collective future at a global level, while knowing how and where 100% of their money is being spent.

Lifeline of Hope
Lifeline of Hope is a 501 C 3 non-profit incorporated in the State of Montana that has been providing for the daily needs of orphans in 8 countries for more than seven years.

NBC called Lifeline of Hope “…an organization that truly lives up to its name.”

Russian Orphans in TB Hospital

Caring for Orphans in Eight Countries
• • • • • • • • Russia India Pakistan Uganda Kenya Mexico Sudan Philippines

Orphans Living in Slavery

Ending the Cycle of Neglect

An Orphan in Sudan Receives a Blanket

• Orphans often suffer from abuse, neglect, poor health, emotional trauma, and lack of education and training without intervention and proper care. • Neglected orphans statistically turn to crime, joining gangs, mafia and even terrorist organizations in order to survive. • This lifestyle makes them more likely to perpetuate the cycle, abandoning their own children, which in turn creates more orphans.

Proven Programs
Lifeline of Hope has spent the last seven years developing programs that break this cycle, programs with proven results. Our programs are based on Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs, providing everything the children need to become whole and productive members of society when they integrate as young adults.

Proven Results
Case Study: The last 32 out of 32 graduates from Lermontovka Orphanage in Russia have gone on to become successful young adults in college, vocational schools and in the work force. Compare this to pre-Lifeline statistics of less than 50% successful integration into society. Our programs work!

Two Orphans Create a New Family

Desirable Elements of a Non-Profit:
• Provides sustainable solutions to a true need • Avoids redundancy and duplication of existing programs • Provides good communication that exhibits ongoing success • Uses donations and resources efficiently and transparently

A Sudanese Boy Celebrates in His Class

Lifeline Provides These Elements

Indian Children in School

• Lifeline’s programs are proven over time and have verifiably sustainable results. • Lifeline of Hope is the only non-profit providing for the daily needs of orphans in orphanage homes on a large scale. • Lifeline of Hope produces monthly publications, monthly email newsletters and an up-to-date website to showcase our results and progress. • Lifeline of Hope’s overall administrative costs are less than 15%

I.O.C.F. Founding Opportunity
The I.O.C.F. is a unique opportunity to make a taxdeductible donation that is used completely to meet the needs of orphan children, while creating a legacy of a better world for your children and grandchildren.

Need of the I.O.C.F.
• Lifeline of Hope currently provides for approximately 17,000 orphan children. • There are currently 150 million orphan children. • Projected statistics are by the year 2015 there will be nearly 400 million orphan children.

A Group of Sudanese Children Wait for Aid

Purpose of the I.O.C.F.
• Provide the expansion funds we need to implement our programs at a much higher rate • Provide donors with a fund in which 100% of their donations will go into programs

A Russian Girl Uses Markers for the First Time

Goals of the I.O.C.F.
•Our initial goal for this fund is $5 million dollars allowing care for 100 orphan children’s homes for 5 years. •A secondary goal is to continue to grow this fund through ongoing membership. • We also seek to maintain a funding level that will give the orphans “recession” protection during economic down-turns.

A Girl Smiles for the Camera

Funding Provides Care for Orphans
• Food • Clothing • Medicine and vaccinations • Educational materials and tuition • Vocational programs • Mentoring and nurturing programs • Assessment and monitoring • Daily facility operational costs
A Crop Brings Another Smile

Funding Will Not Provide
• General administration • Administrative salaries • General overhead of any kind • Fundraising

An Older Girl Helps a Younger Child

Fund Accountability
• The I.O.C.F will be audited annually by an independent third-party CPA. All donors will be provided with a copy of that audit. • All donors will receive a signed “contract” and certificate verifying deposit in the I.O.C.F. • A sequential accounting of all donations and deposits will be made available to all contributors.

• Fully taxdeductible donation • 100% fund-use transparency • 100% of your donation helps orphan children. • Setting a new standard for nonprofit accountability.

Orphan Children in India Receive Fruit

The I.O.C.F. Founding Donor Opportunity is for the individual or organization who has achieved a level of success that allows them to significantly impact the lives of orphan children. Instead of exponentially more orphans in the world, you can break the cycle of neglect and create an exponentially better world.

For more information:

Dave Board – 406-471-7439
Chad Board – 719-351-3198

Greg Timmons – 406-212-2310

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