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									The Provence
Recommended visit Provence 1 Provence famous Lavender Ornamental: Luberon
mountains, Shi Miya that mountain

Luberon Mountains (Luberon) Sault convent Hanada is the area's most
famous lavender view, it is also "Mountain Days" the story of
the book background, known in France one of the most beautiful valley. Mountains
have a 12th century monastery, Senan Ke monastery in front of a large lavender field,
planted by the yard of the monks, there are different colors of lavender.

Schmieja that mountain (Simiane-la-Rotonde) of Schmieja it is a very unique
mountain, the Peak stands built in 12 to 13-century castle Rotonde, surrounded by a
large lavender field. Standing Schmieja that town, everywhere you can see purple
Hanada, a myriad of spreading.

2, around the town tour

Luberon (Luberon) is Wokelizi southern province, Bidemeier the
"Provence of the year," his place here. Roussillon (Shandong
Yong) is a village in seat color, pink, orange, bright yellow house like the angel of the
toys, scattered at random in the village.

Gordes is the seat of Rock Hill, Gordes village also has a lavender museum, an
old-fashioned door lavender oil pressure machine. Museum shows the lavender fields
in various appliances.

Painter Paul Cezanne Aix-en-City is the home of a university town since the Middle
Ages is also the famous "Spring City." Here is the ancient
capital of Roman Provence. The city's unique cuisine, red wine, and Thebe
language - Provencal dialect known. Lang Day in Austria, you can sit Roman
amphitheater theater; to Algeria, you can spend an afternoon sitting in a coffee shop.
Here every year in July, will be held in a very fashionable Stone City International
Photography Festival, and the small square in the stones Guxiang, the exhibition to
create the trend of today's big photographers and heroes.
[Edit this section] Provence style
Simple and noble life of Provence, one came here to slow down the rhythm, make
good puff forget Kusaka, try a delicious cheese, one of life's rare realm.

South Provence old town Al (Arles), in order to warm bright Mediterranean sun and
the artistic style known fashion. Read the "Van Gogh
Biography" who probably will remember the outstanding creative artist in
here, lived. Here's streets, houses, bars, everywhere is full of strong art.
Roman architecture (Al are descendants of the ancient Romans), artists, live in a
modern civilized society, people here live in harmony, quiet good. Here every year in
July, will hold a very fashionable international photography festival, and the small
square in the stones Guxiang, the exhibition to create the trend of today's
big photographers and heroes.
[Edit this section] Provence wine
If a plant linked to Provence and the world would choose lavender tourists, but local
city election fennel.

A long time ago, Provence rich vermouth, it makes hallucinations and addiction.
Because of excessive alcohol drinkers are often blind or mad. Van Gogh because his
ears cut off liquor, Rimbaud is higher by a drunk poet killed. A hundred years ago,
vermouth banned. Later, a hermit spawn a new wine with star anise. This anisette in a
plague in Provence were saved. As Provence rich fennel, and everyone brewed. Taste
wine exports are now light, a grandmother and a local brew of fennel casual wine can
be brought down a cow.

Locally produced high-quality wines, of which 20% of senior and top wine species.
As the sunny Mediterranean, Provence grapes contain more sugar, the sugar into
alcohol, so alcohol Provence wine higher than 2 degrees north of the wine. Slightly
dry orange pink wine is most unique. Common red wine: Cotes de Provence, Coteaux
d 'Aix en Provence, Bandol.
[Edit this section] Provence Pau Castle
Transport: Bus Terminus by the Asian ear to the Marseilles coach, get off at Les Baux,
day 4 bus.

Tickets: Tickets are € 6.5 Pau History Museum

Opening hours: season (7-8 months) 9:00 ~ 20:30; other times from 9:00 to 19:30.


Pau Castle is located near the ear region Asia Pau Provence (Les Baux de Provence)
in the ancient city of Serbian heritage. Pau was once a poet mistra been called the
"Eagle Clan" of the heroic city of Pau family stationed in
Cyprus, then the smoke went through the baptism of countless wars, Pau castle in the
world during the reign of Louis destroyed 13 war, is now reserved for the year of the
castle ruins of the visitors.

Pau Pau castle is the entrance to Museum (Musée d'Histoire des Baux),
showing the castle peak year of historical data and artifacts, stood the castle top,
looked around the ancient city and other neighboring Asian ears, a panoramic view,
North Valley is said to hell (Va d'Enfer) is triggered Dante wrote
"The Divine Comedy Inferno" place.
[Edit this section] bare sanctuary of Provence Home
30 years of the 20th century, advocates came to the naked act Provence, France, a
beautiful island life here can be regarded as an advocate of paradise nude, everything
is so natural and simple, although not powered for many years here, people had to
spend the night without lights. However, this back to the basics of life, so that nudists
have lived here for decades, the island became the world's oldest
nudist's paradise.

The 8 km wide and 2 km long strip of islands not far from the port of Toulon, back in
the 6th century, there was frequent pirate infested waters, to the 19th century, the
island     prison    to    a     juvenile     crime.   The   island    was     named
"Heliopolis" (ancient Greek means city of the sun). Heliopolis
the nudist's paradise founded back in 1931, its founder Des - Gaston and
Andre - Le danger Al-Douri said, Heliopolis is a nudist paradise, they can away from
the noise, here freely enjoying the fresh air and warm sun.

73 years later, 230 people now live on the island, they are usually in this life for many
years, they can freely bare line, close to nature, feel the warm sunshine. 90 year old
Claude - Lute Zi is one of the island elders, he said, "Although we live in
an environment unfettered, but some peeper often to harass us, perhaps a naked act of
our deep deep to attract their desires. "

Now, the island's "young guard" managers aspire to
this paradise into a modern community, in order to provide more convenience. It is
reported that the first condition to improve the island in 1989, was connected to the
underground cable network, but the community has provided electricity for lighting at
night is prohibited, its original intention is to let people continue to watch the
beautiful night sky habits. One can only use the flashlight at night. However, the
living conditions of the island is still very backward, due to the more remote the
island, this nudist takes only 22 euros this boat from Lavandou. Meanwhile, drinking
water resources is a serious problem, we clean fresh water to drink, only have to build
septic tanks for water well drilling. Currently, we plan the next step will be to further
extend the island's port.

Transport in the island is prohibited for use in small communities where we live, there
are cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, town halls, post offices, even schools, in school,
only six students. In the island there are uniformed police officers on duty, their job is
to command some people here who must take off his clothes, also ordered some
people must be dressed. An on duty police said, "Our punishment is not
fine, but no other prisoner measures. We live together are very friendly, we just play a
supervisory role."

Heliopolis will visit the island every summer for at least 25 thousand nudists, most of
them are foreigners. It is reported that the number of visitors in recent years and the
20th century, marked 60 years in control, then open the concept of global advocacy,
each of those years will have at least 6,000 nudists to visit. Heliopolis manager Pierre
- Perrin said, "attracts many tourists each summer, another reason is that
nature, where many first time visitors was full of curiosity."
[Edit this paragraph] University of Provence
Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I)

School Overview

Provence - Aix - Marseille I University (the University of Provence) is a scientific,
cultural and professional nature of public utilities, the original Aix - Ang - Literature
and Human Sciences College of Provence and Marseille management College merger
in 1969.

Today's Provence University has accepted 25,000 students, 1,000 faculty,
including professors and associate professors, 500 national research institutions - such
as the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS), National Agricultural
Research (INRA) and Research and Development Institute (IRD ) - Fellow; In
addition, 700 engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

School Card

Exact name of the school

Provence - Aix - Marseille I University

Of schools


City name of the school's main campus

Marseille and Aix - Ang - Provence City

The number of students in school

24,526 people

The number or proportion of foreign students

12% of foreign students in China about 200 to 300 students

The nature and type of diploma

Bachelor / Master / PhD
Other National Diploma

School diplomas

Is located in French classes for foreign students


Whether specialized courses designed for foreign students


Whether there are English courses


2004/2005 registration fee amount (reference price)

French Foundation: € 4,000 / first year professional counseling: € 2,000 / other school
year: 500 euros

Postal address

Université de Provence Case 89bis

3, Pl. Victor Hugo 13331 MARSEILLE cedex 3

School Website
[Edit this section] on the Provence
Smell the fragrance of lavender, you can know how much love you lover

Lavender is so much open tracts in the fields of purple, floating in the air of incense,
as it is the memory thing.

Very confused, very elegant, very poetic, very sweet.

Lavender harvest, as harvesting happy love

Revel in the flowers of purple, love so sweet

Wind when the lavender always floating around in recent
The smell of the sun, filled with longing

Memory as lavender, through their love can not forget

Breathe in the lavender walk in the air have a different taste

"Lavender on behalf of True Love" is the most representative of
the Elizabethan lyric

Lavender incense is a life half awake in a state of light to the uttermost, but engraved
in my heart.

When you and your lover separation, can hide a sprig of lavender inside the book
lover in you when the next get together, look at the lavender color, smell the fragrance
of lavender, you can know how much love you lover.

Lavender Yeah, everywhere open.

Blue flowers and green leaves filled with fragrance.

I was king, you are queen.

Throwing coins, make a wish.

Love   your   life, this   love             unswerving.       -   British   folk   song,

Lavender blossoms bloom, love came, no longer lonely lonely lonely lonely heart no

Memory is a temperature, a story, a picture, a color, a Hong ... ...

When the wind is your taste, the taste of love ... ... came

Provence, a romantic open-ended

Provence is a love of poetry, no one can live here without moving.

"In fact, love one unnecessary day and night; like Provence, it does not
mean we must daily stroll barefoot in the display is in lavender. At any time,
anywhere, as long as the chance to see a ray of sunshine, smell the hint of fragrance ,
will be able to field a purple heart Yang Kai. "

Lavender incense, no luxury, not glamorous.
Only a faint fragrance, so quiet and well-being.

Romance and Intrigue place, a dream place to start is to love the place to start.

Provence in France: the purple knight love

If we are able to hopes of finding peace of mind, then where can be found in Provence,
where are the Provence

I am a rush of city people, I enjoy prosperity, loss of health and tranquility, I yawn, no
appetite, irritability, listless, as well as mild paranoia. Suddenly, I am bailing, away
from it all ... ... I found the Provence, where the static position throughout the year. I
was lucky, in other places, maybe you never just a tourist, but here I am laid-back, no
regrets, full of joy. Thank God, let me be with Provence.

"Provence" of what a strange new word. They said I would, I
think this is not bad. At least, I have never been so happy as well. Life is so beautiful,
present and future need not be concerned about, even the flow of time, seems
Mitigation lazy. I like, I am willing, embrace the change in Provence.

Escape the city and enjoy the lazy, do the time thieves in Provence

Lavender on the flow of blood - Art Van Gogh crazy

South Provence old town Al (Arles), in order to warm bright Mediterranean sun and
the artistic style known fashion. Read the "Van Gogh
Biography" who probably will remember the outstanding creative artist in
here, lived.

Al and Rome is the capital of Provence, its language name
"Arles" meaning "marsh town next," but
really let it boil up, is Van Gogh. Van Gogh in Arles less than 3 months, but most of
his life rich imaginative life is here through the.

It was a sunny afternoon, post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh and Gauguin, a
good girl to go for two. In pleasant conversation, Van Gogh on one of the girls was his
love, said: "Miss, I send what kind of gift items for you?"
Replied the girl much younger than he jokingly took him the left ear, said:
"we should this." and then laughed.

Van Gogh bid farewell to friends, the back room. Chezhu ear with his left hand,
picked a sharp fruit knife, thought, and then click incessantly slamming the ears cut
off. Then with just one girl gave him a small handkerchief, carefully wrap the ears,
sent to the neighbor to the girls. That really tore girl Xi Zizi handkerchief, a look is
the only bloody one ear, suddenly lost consciousness. Since then, she did not dare to,
and Van Gogh exchanges.

Beyond the conventional thinking about this move, that normal girl might think Van
Gogh is full of crazy. Because she always did not understand the voice of Van Gogh in
this seriously of love to her that sincere. This girl may be irreparable with a man, a
destination missed. Courage to do the job cutting your ear to your beloved one, also
demonstrated the prowess of the artist Vincent van Gogh's extraordinary
faith and courage. People are animals living in the three-dimensional space, when this
faith and courage than most people understand the limits, it was understood as

Van Gogh was crazy, but actually there are man-made him the world's mad.

Also in Al, in order to capture the sun through the tick lines and bright colors, Van
Gogh in the middle when the sun is the most poisonous paint, sun exposure made him
prematurely bald. One day, he suddenly felt a burning sensation diminished head, a
look back, a tall slim and beautiful girl for him Dazhao San. The original, the
daughter of the manor by his artistic pursuit almost touched by the cruel. Since then,
the girl came to the Van Gogh umbrella every time, they loved each other up. Later,
the Van Gogh to the manor house marry him. Seigneur a penniless painter even small
impoverished marry his daughter, nearly gas back in the past. The Van Gogh was very
seriously said to him: "Sir, I am now really very famous, can not sell my
paintings, I really poor, tell you the truth, sometimes I even bought two pieces of
bread a day's money no. but, please believe that my paintings will one day
sell great price, I would have your daughter well! "seigneur heard this
shouted angrily:" What nonsense, reach the poor madman driven out!
"So, poor Van Gogh was pushed to the outside ferocious Jia Ding. Van
Gogh can not wait for the results indignant shot himself.

Since then, the girls still come to the Van Gogh umbrella, but the heavy pressure, she
became haggard every day. Finally one day, she stood behind Van Gogh, an umbrella
side edge somehow sad to say it, but now concentrate on painting Van Gogh did not
care. Suddenly he felt something wrong, turned around and saw his face Wuqing girl
collapsed to the ground. Van Gogh pen dropped like crazy, picked up the girl running
desperately to the village, ran the same as the injured lone wolf howl. Doctors to
poison the girl left behind a life, but she was crazy. Later, the girl was sent to the
insane asylum not far from Al. In an insane asylum, and she finished the rest of his
life long.

Van Gogh was no girl's death to the pain, he was not married from this life,
to cast into the thousands of emotions among the noble art of painting. Hundred years
after Van Gogh died in 1992, in Tokyo's international auctions, one of his
paintings sold for a 24 million U.S. dollars, setting a world record unmatched in the

Al's streets, houses, bars, full of a strong art. Roman architecture (Al are
descendants of the ancient Romans), artists, live in a modern civilized society, people
here live in harmony, quiet good. Here every year in July, will hold a very fashionable
international photography festival, and the small square in the stones Guxiang, the
exhibition today to create a great photographer and romantic trend of people
[Edit this section] a book about Provence
"Provence of the year"

[English] Bidemeier / a HE Jiang / Translation

Description: Bidemeier couple Provence in southern France, the first year of life
recording. They live in remote villages, to repair two years after finally bought an old
house. From January, the roaring straight down to the Rhone Valley of northwest
monsoon the cracking of their pipes, they began with local masons, plumbers playing
dealings. Month after month, they had enough craftsmen evading their delay. They
come up with various ways to cope with it allows us to laugh. Year, they and hunting
wild boar farmers, mining truffles of the local people and other rural neighbors, made
friends, know the secret manipulation of goat race, to avoid poisonous snakes to track
the Lotus, disturb their peaceful life for tourists, but also increasingly distanced
themselves from him.

Read the site

"Forever Provence"

[English] Bidemeier / a HE Jiang / Translation

Description: On the humor of its usual fine touch, a charm with its special way of
writing prose, narrative joy of life and the lure of Provence; love Peter.
Meyer's fans came to drive all the way, sneaking into his house touch It is
about the large stone table; with neighbors Faustin also be asked to sign the name in
the book; and Mrs. Mel how the speed of jet aircraft, ecstatic to set passengers back to
a plush velvet? The police officer, how the days of World War Shengtelupei
experience campers, asking them pulled out from the bare naked on a fine of one
thousand five hundred francs? Mel picked up that day in the garden a Napoleon gold
coin, then a treasure hunt began for; Pavarotti singing emperor also came to
Provence ... ...

Read the site

"Return to Provence"
[English] Bidemeier / a HE Jiang / Translation

Description: This book chronicles the author's experiences and feelings to
return to Provence, there are many wonderful refreshing the document, including in
the converted gas station at the banquet, a hotel in Marseille will taste the general
Vance soup, and the Provence's unique nose schools, planting potatoes
strange black gardener, etc..

Read the site

"A pig in Provence"

[U.S.] 乔治妮布伦 South (Georgeanne Brennan)

Description: On the Qiaozhi Ni from an early age have a special sentiment on the diet,
Provence diet and simple natural life of local residents has also affected her view of
life. In the book of eight chapters, each chapter has a classic theme of food
appearance. To food as the main line, with a French-style elegance of the language
tells us eight out of "food, children, animals, food, local and
home" experience. Each piece of experience both as a fairy-tale aesthetic,
with food texture and mellow, perfect together, and serves as a delicious journey.

Of the various ingredients of the food and the obsession with making the book
between the lines are filled with the intoxicating taste, rosemary, cheese, fennel wine,
butter grilled vegetables ... ... Yanjuan while, much food for thought.

Book on the French food culture is not only a panoramic image, it is busy on a sunny
corner in life, you realize life of the church with food, treat yourself, thanks to the
generous nature.

Charming beauty, food gluttonous, a taste of Provence trip.

Poems "eternal Provence"

Analysis: Symbol

Description: The poet of Provence, a romantic symbol of ideal love. Every human
heart have all been looking forward to a better love, romance, innocence, suffocating
heart, but living in the complex secular world, we have kept this world lost a most
sincere feelings of desire and pursuit of . Because we are afraid of injury, we are
afraid of rejection, afraid to dig our hearts to pay later, but finally getting what you
want happiness, this is the life of the helplessness of the Department; when we lament
alone in the cold at night, do you regret it once give up? I think there will be a bit
much. Poems "eternal Provence", is recorded in the feelings of
innocent youth, a total of 99, the classic poem "Tears,"
"Qiannianzhilian",            "Love        of     Life     and
Death," "asked" and so on, and describe the is the
symbol of selfless love to have,; of passionate writing, poetry full of the beauty of life,
triggering a deep deep inside each and every reader of that touch of eternal passion;
because love is the common mind that each of us desire is the most worthy of our
emotional life whom adhere to. Let us build bridges of love, that there is still love in
this world. Many years later, when we create a great atmosphere of these passionate
words, weather-beaten face will be filled with happy smile.
[Edit this section] relating to the website of Provence
NetEase Travel Channel - Provence
(ranging information about Provence for those who want to travel)

Fun way travel - France (there are a lot of sense after, travel
information, Attractions)
[Edit this section] on the television series Provence
Last year, the Qiong Yao hit TV series "See Yilianyoumeng" in
the French scene is shot in Provence viewing.

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