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									                          Iridium Antennas                                Iridium Magnetic Mount Antenna
                          Beam supplies a wide range of Iridium           The Iridium magnetic mount antenna is
                          antennas for use with Beam satellite            suitable for vehicle or temporary
                          equipment including fixed, portable and         applications where a magnetic mount is
                          mobile terminals.                               more convenient than a fixed mount.

 Iridium                  The various designs and antenna
                          profiles allow for specialized installation
                                                                          The magnetic mount antenna is supplied
                                                                          with 5metres of flexible LMR200 Times
Antennas                  for specific applications. The use of high
                          quality antennas for satellite installations
                                                                          Microwave cable to allow for easy
                          is very important to maintaining
                          consistent network access and reliable
                          call quality.

                          The     Iridium   antennas   Beam
                          recommends are manufactured by
                          Antcom Corporation, a leading US
                          based antenna manufacturer.
                                                                                       Iridium Magnetic Mount
  Beam Remote             Quality Assurance                                                  Beam RST915
 Satellite Terminal       Whilst there are various Iridium
     RST100               antennas on the market, the Beam /
                                                                          Iridium Bolt Mount Antenna
                          Antcom range has proven to be of
                          extremely high quality and performance.         The bolt mount antenna is designed for
                          Each antenna is individually tested and         fixed applications for vehicles or remote
                          certified prior to delivery.                    telemetry stations. The bolt mount
                                                                          antenna provides easy installation with
                          Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna                      the bulkhead mount fitting on the base
                                                                          of the antenna itself.
                          The Iridium fixed mast antenna is
                          specifically designed for marine and
                          fixed land based applications. The Helix        The TNC connector on the unit provides
                          design provides high gain performance           a bulkhead mount that is secure and
                          and is very well suited for installation        easy to install. Alternatively the antenna
                          onto a mast.                                    can be secured screwing in to the base,
 Beam Voice/Data                                                          whilst the cable connects simply to the
     Modem                The antenna bracket supplied allows for         TNC connecter.
    RST200                vertical or horizontal pole/mast mounting
                          or alternatively it can be bolted directly to
                          a flat surface with the cabling through
                          the base itself to the bulkhead mount.
                          The antenna can alternatively be affixed
                          to solid mounts, bull/nudge bars or any
                          other fixture.


Beam In-vehicle Kits                    Iridium Bolt Mount                                         Iridium bolt Mount
 RST973 / RST978                           Beam RST910                                               Beam RST920

Beam Communications P/L

ABN 97 103 107 919
Victoria, Australia
                                                                             IRID ANT 0105/1
Ph: +61 3 9560 9999
                           Iridium Airborne Antenna                       Combined Iridium Patch / GPS Patch
                           The Iridium fixed airborne antenna is          The combined Iridium / GPS antenna is
                           designed specifically for aeronautical         ideal for transport and telemetry
                           applications. The helix dome provides          applications whereby a Beam terminal is
                           for quality communications at high speed       being used in conjunction with the Beam
  Antenna                  and altitudes is robust in design and
                           allows for solid fixing to an aircraft.
                                                                          TrackALERT RST030 or RST030S

Installation               Consultation should be made with
                           appropriate local authorities before           The patch Iridium antenna is ideal for
                           attempting to install an aero antenna of       any land fixed or mobile applications,
                           any description.                               whilst the active GPS antenna provides
                                                                          tracking where required. The antenna is
                                                                          easily affixed using the screw holes on
                                                                          the base of the unit. The Iridium antenna
                                                                          has a TNC connector whilst the GPS
                                                                          antenna has an SMA connector.

Maritime Installations

                                                                                       Dual Iridium / GPS
                                                                                        Beam RST903

                                        Iridium Airborne
                                         Beam RST919

                           Combined Iridium Helix / GPS Patch
                           The combined Iridium / GPS antenna
                           is ideal for maritime and transport
                           applications whereby a Beam terminal           Key Features:
                           is being used in conjunction with the          All Antennas have:
                           Beam      TrackALERT     RST030      or    •         GPS filters used
   In building / PBX       RST030S interface. The Helix Iridium                 Rated -55°C TO +85°C
      Installations        antenna is ideal for land and sea          •         Maritime quality rating
                           applications, whilst the active GPS                  Vibration rating > 30 G's
                           antenna provides tracking where            •         Easy mounting options
                           required. The antenna is easily affixed              Hermetically Sealed *
                           using the screw holes on the base of       •         SMA Connectors
                           the unit. The Iridium antenna has a        •         Full certification
                           TNC connector whilst the GPS antenna
                           has an SMS connector.                          Federal & Military Certification
                                                                          FAA TSO-C144, DO-160D, D0-228,
                                                                          MIL-C-5541,   MIL-E-5400,   MIL-I-
       Fixed Site                                                         45208A, MIL-STD-810, AND SAE *
                           Dual Iridium / GPS                             Antenna Cabling
                            Beam RST902                                   Iridium Satellite network supports a
                                                                          maximum 3db loss on the cabling from
                                                                          the Iridium antenna to the transceiver
                                                                          connection. Only cables that meet
                                                                          these specifications are recommended,
Transport Installations
 Beam Communications P/L
 ABN 97 103 107 919
 Victoria, Australia
 Ph: +61 3 9560 9999                                                       IRID ANT 0105/2

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