Thinking Outside the Piggybank

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					Thinking Outside the Piggybank

Alternative Methods of Individual Giving
Jean Campbell, Vice President of Development
National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. NORD Conference, Minneapolis, October 15-17, 2004

How Do Individuals Donate?
General Contributions Membership Dues Memorial or In Honor Gifts Employer Matching Gift Program Pledges to Capital Campaign Workplace Campaigns Advised Funds Planned Giving Bequests Special Events On-Line Auction Shopping sites aka Charity Malls

Donors can …..
• • • • Be extremely supportive Prefer anonymity Be your best advocate Be willing to increase their gifts • Be a loyal donor • • • • Be very temperamental In need of accolades Critical of changes Never budge from the $10 level • Here today; gone tomorrow

Donors need…
• • • • • • • • To be cultivated To know their contributions are being well spent To be appreciated To be ‗in the loop‘ To be respected To be given choices on giving To be treated as you would like to be treated To be thanked

Employer Matching Gift Program
• Started at GE in 1954 • Over 800 Corporations now have an MGP • Since 1954 more then $2 billion contributed • Promotes a good philanthropic image for the company • Well received employee benefit • Corporation matches contributions of its employees up to a set amount • .50 to $1; $1 to $1; $2 to $1 • Employee submits form for consideration • Non profit attests to its 501.c3 status • Council of Advancement and Support of Education

Memorial/In Honor Gifts
• In lieu of contribution that lasts longer then flowers • Gift to give the person who has everything • Every size fits all • Perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one • Anniversary, birthday, graduation, holidays, retirement • Used for general operating or restricted • Reminders in newsletter, on website, in thank you notes • Simple program to initiate and maintain

Workplace Campaigns
• Collaborative venue sponsored by a company offering employees choices on charities to support • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) United Way Independent Charities of America (ICA); America’s Charities (AC); Community Health Charities (CHC) • Organization selects the campaign that fits best • Application process and fee based service • Broadens the horizons for finding new donors • If you are not a UW agency, you can be a ‘Donors Choice’ charity • Renewable membership in campaigns

Advised Funds
• Set up by donors through a community fund • ―A foundation within a foundation‖-charitable giving account (Schwab, Merrill Lynch) • Donor recommends a contribution to a charity through this fund. Foundation sends the check! • Donors receive tax deduction when they establish the fund. Thank you letters should be sent to both • Grants given to qualified non profits used for charitable purposes only

• Manna from Heaven: Donors may inform you that you are ‘in the will’ or they may not • Giving USA (2002) reports that bequests accounted for $18.10 billion, or 7.5 percent of total giving nationwide. • Resources that have prepared pamphlets available to be personalized for your group e.g The Sharp Group • Leave a Legacy Program offers valuable information on how to start a program • Use newsletter or website to educate your supporters about Bequests.

Planned Giving
• According to Planned Giving Today, a Planned giving (or "charitable gift planning"), is defined as the process of making a charitable gift of estate assets to one or more nonprofit organizations, a gift that requires consideration and planning in light of the donor's overall estate plan. • These gifts would need the use of legal documents and often a qualified professional advisor to complete. • Planned gifts are often described as being ―deferred.‖ Mrs. Jones places XYZ Agency in her will to receive a bequest upon her death. Plan now to donate later. • A charitable remainder trust provides income to the donor (or another person) for a scheduled period of time. Once that time has lapsed, the trust would "mature" and the remaining assets would go to one or more charities.

Planned Giving continued
• A charitable lead trust allows a person to establish a trust that will provide an income to charity for number of years. Once it matures if funds are left they are returned to the donor or to someone else stipulated by the donor. • A charitable gift annuity offers a life-time arrangement between a donor and a charity. Its popular because it is relatively simple to understand and establish. A donor gives $25,000 to a charity and receives, in return, a set amount of money every year for the rest of his or her life. The donor also has the choice of naming someone else as the annuitant to receive the annuity payments. • Good resources on Planned Giving are Planned Giving Today; National Committee on Planned Giving; Planned Giving Resources

On-Line Auctions
• On-line auctions assist organizations reach numerous potential bidders while promoting their cause. • Popular items include cars, clothes, and celebrity appearances. • Before you start, do your homework. Check out ‘middlemen’ services; get references; ask other nonprofits ask about their experiences. Check to see if the site is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

• eBay Giving Works • C Market • Ebay •

Mapping Your Plan
• Chose the venues of fundraising that will work best for you • Think it out thoroughly—approach; staffing; volunteers; materials; budget; time; energy; publicity; • Designate responsibilities • Plan it from soup to nuts! • Maintain good donor communication • Keep good records • Evaluate • Don‘t forget to say “thank you.”

• Grants
– – – – – – – – The Foundation Center The Grantmanship Center Government Grants Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Guidestar Grant Smart CD Publications Abe‘s Email Reports

More Resources
• Grants
– Philanthrophy Journal – Philanthrophy News Digest

• Periodicals
– Chronicle of Philanthrophy ($72 for 24 issues); complimentary issue by calling 800-347-6969

More Resources
• Periodicals
– The Non-Profit Times: free to qualifying organizations – Contributions Magazine: 6 issues $40 – Successful Fundraising Newsletter: 12 issues $149

• Other
– Pro Bono Partnership

More Resources
• Other
– – – – DonorSpeak Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) – BBB Wise Giving Alliance – Charity Navigator

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