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									The highest level of marketing
The core of marketing is done through a lot of market research, summarized business
FBA, refined product ideas, and the communication to consumers, eventually winning
the competition.

Due to historical reasons, we transition from a planned economy to a market economy
relatively short time, the vast majority of people lack basic marketing knowledge can
be said that most Chinese companies still remain in the market at present stage, many
companies regarded focus on channel management and brand promotion, while
deviation (ignoring) the core of marketing - product innovation. Because of the error
of marketing knowledge, lack of true enterprise marketing functions, duplication,
vicious competition, price wars, advertising campaigns have become the Chinese
market "theme", everyone in the marketing level,
"hard work", struggling to survive Even those well-known
major brands are virtually no brand premium capacity, had to rely on low prices to
win customers and win the competition.

Three levels of marketing

Make products sold, marketing is an indispensable part, but the sales staff to sell a
business decision of the management level, because there are three levels of
marketing: selling products, selling services, selling ideas.

As long as the product to the sales staff, give them the appropriate indicators (pressure)
and reasonable incentives, they will try to sell their products - which is used by the
majority of domestic sales model, is a typical "sell products . "
Since most products are homogeneous cabinet, the user choice is very large, who
ultimately will lead to cheap to buy who, and who says the Lord who bought, or a
good relationship and who bought who. Therefore, the enterprise
customer's preference is difficult to obtain, not to get their loyalty.

To raise the level of marketing, will enter the next level - to sell services, and service
implementation by selling premium brand in the minds of target cons umers create a
good brand image. Although the core product similar, but the service can make up for
deficiencies on the core product. Typical services include operational guidelines,
troubleshooting guides, advice or upgrade services, customer training, ma intenance
and repair. However, this protection system is not reached by the strength of sales, but
by the system, rely on the system, thus maximizing the effectiveness of core products.

So, how can we achieve the highest level of marketing - "selling
ideas" mean?

We know that any company's products are not fully ahead of the
competition, it can only have their own strengths, as marketers, is to target customers
according to design in some way (to the consumer's most valuable side)
than is the most important. Once the customer agreed to this concept, also recognized
the products of this company. In this case, the sales staff is selling an idea is summed
up by marketers unified "selling point."

The premise of selling ideas

Services only for some people

Enterprises are to sell up to the realm of ideas, bear the brunt of this is clear which
part of themselves. In today's increasingly competitive, any for-profit
enterprise must establish a "just part of the human services"

Through market segmentation this tool, we can from a number of customers pick out
a few people, these people recognize the advantages of Ben enterprise, but not with
(or at least tolerance) of the enterprise shortcomings they are called our target
customer base that we have to serve that part of the people.

Differentiated products to provide complete

Any of the products are formed by the three most central is the core product, the
second layer is the outer product, the third layer is the extension products; only a
complete understanding of the three levels of products, product homogeneity issue
can be expected solution.

PC-machine, for example, can say that most brand's core product is the
same: CPU, as the operating system as the main components as well, so hard to reflect
on the core product differentiation. However, sales from the market, different brands
of performance is quite different, and why? As complete products, the differentiation
is mainly reflected in the complete product of the second and third floor above.
Understanding of the needs of different consumer groups, product homogeneity can
be out of the error. This requires companies to spend time and energy to understand
the target customer needs, frequent communication with target customers and do
market research system.

Genes and systems with innovative

First of all, to analyze the composition of corporate product integrity, that is emitted
from many elements of the order, the customer first of all concerned with, then what
concern, the importance of the various elements of such a system. With the complete
product structure, enterprises can own to serve in that part of the "Special
Requests" to Jiang Hua own characteristics and advantages, in one respect
To the automotive industry as an example of a proverb: "to drive a BMW,
Mercedes-Benz sit," Why? Because the two brands have a completely
different pursuits: a focus on driving people to stimulate pleasure and a focus on the
car so that people feel there is identity and status. This is not out by the planning and
slogans, but the inherent characteristics of the product itself, is the brand genes.
Enterprise should be organized to focus the limited resources within the company
breakthrough in long-term focus on a particular point, so different from the others as a
feature length entry, all those who joined the company have agreed on this point, all
product design and improvement of both is around this point, and then continue to
strengthen the brand's personality.

What to sell ideas

Now the popular Chinese-style marketing plan is the inevitable outcome, because
most enterprises are in the product that came before to "find a selling
point," How to sell only to think of it, the result had to rely on
"save the concept," "Fudge" to stimulate
the market demand, although these concepts in the plan's design is indeed
under the very "out of color" won the hearts of consumers, it
seems to sell what we call thinking is similar, but rather, save a lot of concepts are not
been put out, because the product does not have support, not content to stand the
rigorous test.

So how do you know the product will sell before the invention of what way? The
simple answer is that the new product definition.在 not yet entered the development
phase has been defined before the value of a new product demands of the consumers,
non-bought-compelling reasons, these prices demand is the future sale of the Base.
Definition of new products research and development stage in the product before
entering a very important job, is marketing "provision action"
by such a move, companies can convince they were going to a stage beyond Why Yi
Ding-selling new products, must make money because the products have been
designed to go in thinking. Of course, if the definition of enterprise in accordance
with the requirements of new products designed to appeal to the product value went
inside, the product will have meaning, then allow planners to design the ad will be
even more powerful.

How to make ideas

Refined products a very effective thinking method ca lled FAB analysis, has been
widely adopted by multinational companies for decades.

Of course, to sum up the enterprise or category of products FAB FAB, require a lot of
market research, working to understand these deep-seated needs of consumers
(especially the potential needs and future needs), we find that product innovation
source, master minds in consumer spending, consumption patterns, consumption
processes, and to these findings and compare the characteristics of the enterprise, and
summarizes the company's FAB, and to sustain these basic data, select the
most valuable to consumers number of appeals points (B) as an ad. As long as you
look at the current market print ads and television commercials is not hard to find,
many enterprises are prominent ad (F), rather than standing on the user's
position and stressed to the user what interests and values.

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