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					The global brand name brand knowledge】 【Summary

Brand Name: Chanel (Chanel)
Brand Profile: (1) Founder: Gabriellechanel Chanel
(2) of registration: France, Paris (1913)
(3) Designers: 1913 -1971 years, Gabriellechanel (Gabriele Chanel) 1983,
Karllargerfeld (Karl Field)
(4) brand line: chanel Chanel
(5) category: creation of millinery and fashion in 1913, making clothing; in 1921 from
the development of various types of perfumes: If no.5 perfume in 1921 and no.22
perfume, perfume cuirderussie 1924, 1970, no.19 perfume, perfume cristalle 1974,
1984, coco perfume, male perfume egoiste 1990, 1996, allure perfume; There are also
various types of jewelry, cosmetics, leather goods, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and
shoes all accessories.
Brand Identity:
(1) double c chanel clothing in leather, buckles or buttons, you can easily find the
cocochanel on dual c overlap and designed the logo, which is the crazy fans to chanel
the "spirit symbol. "
(2) Diamond Check: chanel leather from the first generation of more and more like
after the three-dimensional diamond car Plaid, had become one of the symbols chanel,
chanel constantly being used in clothing and leather on the new . Was even used to
watch the design, especially the "matelassee" series, k gold and
stainless steel metal bracelet, or even all three-dimensional plastic form of
"Diamond Plaid."
(3) Camellia: chanel on the "Camellia," the soft spot now for
the whole world, "Camellia" is tantamount to chanel Kingdom
"national flower." Both spring and summer or autumn, except it
is designed into a variety of quality jewelry materials camellias, it is more often used
in apparel fabric pattern on.
Brand Name: Yves Saint Laurent (yves saint laurent)
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: High Fashion
(2) Founder: yves saint laurent Yves Saint Laurent
(3) registration: Paris
(4) Designer: Saint-Laurent
(5) Category: haute couture, perfumes, jewelry, shoes, hats, cosmetics, cigarettes.
Brand Description:
Yves saint laurent, founder of Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria in 1936, age 21
of any world's most prestigious fashion houses Dior's chief
designer, but did not last long, as the old customers that Dior Yves - Saint-Laurent is
too radical, he was fired in 1960. In Paris in 1962 to establish his own company. Saint
Laurent's design not only has the classical avant- garde, fashion models is
not bra show Baotou opened his herald. Saint-Laurent good at adjusting human body
defect, often to arts, culture and other multiple factors and into the fashion design,
drawing sharp and rich in inspiration, sought to haute couture, such as works of art
from start to finish perfect camel. Saint Laurent's flagship product is high
fashion, the service is the world's only thousands of billionaires, luxury
materials, processing and attention to high price, is unacceptable to ordinary people.
Brand Name: Versace (versace)
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: High Fashion, High Clothing
(2) Founder: Gianni Versace (gianni versace)
(3) of registration: Milan, Italy (1978)
(4) Address: Milan, Italy, via ges 12. Milano.italia Zip code: 20121
(5) Designer: Jani ˙ Versace, Versace when Na Taila
Style Review:
(1) well-known Italian fashion brand Versace family represents a brand, a fashion
empire. Its distinctive design style is highly unique aesthetic symbol of avant-garde
art. Where the unique charm of the Renaissance is full of those who show features
gorgeous style with rich imagination. These models sexy beautiful, feminine, colorful,
both opera-style super-flat real gorgeous, but also give full consideration to wear
comfortable and appropriate display size.
(2) Versace clothing does not seem so far Stiffness avant- garde. Metal goods, and
flash objects decorated pants, leather ladies have created a range of women warriors
and women between the image of female demons. Embroidered woven metal mesh
structure is a Deco (deco) art reproduction. Changes in black and white striped
application reminiscent of nineteenth-century style of the twenties. Wrapped a variety
of designer Vioni is reminiscent of the style and North Africa.
(3) The bias cut is the most powerful Versace design the most valuable property,
jewel- like colors, smooth lines, generated by bias cut asymmetrical collar with charm.
With noble and luxurious fabrics, with bias cutting mode, the rigid geometric lines
and soft subtle transition between the physical curve. In men, the Versace brand
clothing also leather wrapped clothing, creating a bold, majestic profile of even a little
dissolute, and in size is slightly loose and comfortable, still using oblique and
asymmetric techniques. Wide shoulders, a subtle detail treatment implies some kind
of science fiction, people said it is a futuristic design. Versace clothing line for that is
very important, suits, skirts, coats and so on to the line marked, to express sexy
female body.
Brand Name: Christian Dior (Christiandior)
Brand Profile:
(1) Founder: Christiandior Christian Dior
(2) of registration: France, Paris (1946)
(3) Designer: -1,957 1946, the Christian Dior (Christiandior); 1957 年 -1960, the
Yves Saint Laurent (Yvessaintlaurent); 1960 年 -1989, the Makeboang (Marcbohan) ;
1989 -1996, the Gianfranco Ferre (Gianfrancoferre); 1996 years later, 约翰加利亚诺
(4) brand line: Christiandior Christian Dior: Senior Women, Senior clothing (5)
Category: Senior Women, Senior garments, knitwear, underwear, perfume, cosmetics,
jewelry, accessories.
Brand story:
(1) Christian Dior brand has been synonymous with gorgeous ladies. Big v collar
Cammalleri Evening dress, with multi- level and free of fur, are talented designers
from Christian Dior in the hands of narrow its elegant long skirt, never able to make
the wearer walking freely, reflect the perfect combination of elegant and practical.
Dior brand is also reflected in the commitment to the revolutionary fashion of
intelligibility; use of superior grade fabrics such as silk, traditional coat it, worsted
wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery. And work more in order to fine known for.
(2) After 1957, Christian Dior is still synonymous with luxurious elegance. The
second generation designer Saint Laurent into Dior in 1959 to Moscow, and the
introduction of Dior's new series --- slim series. Third-generation heir
Makeboang, Miss Dior's first series, continues the spirit of the brand Dior
style, and to better use. Dior 1989 designer Ferre presided over by the Italian design,
the arrival of his more exaggerated for the Dior traditional, romantic style into a new
rigorous and elegant. Today, Dior owned by lvth Group Management; 1997, the
young Briton drove the Dior designer Jialienuo front so far. Into the nineties after the
Dior brand, except the scope of its senior women's category, senior
clothing, there are perfumes, furs, scarves, sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry
and shoes.
(3) decades, the Christian Dior brand constantly for people to create a
"new opportunities, new love story." Paris in the postwar
reconstruction process of the world's fashion center, made an indelible
contribution to Dior.
Brand Name: Gucci (gucci)
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: Advanced clothing
(2) Founder: 古奇欧古孜 (gucciogucci)
(3) of registration: Florence, Italy (1923)
(4) Designer: -1,989 1923, the 古奇欧古孜; 1989 -1992 years, richardmbertson
(Richard Lamberson), fashion design and creative director; 1990 -1,991 years,
dawnmello ( Dawn Mello), American designer; in 1994, tomford (Tom Ford)
(5) Brand line: gucci Gucci
(6) categories: apparel, shoes, bags, watches, home accessories, pet products, scarves
and neckties, 1975, the establishment of the Department of Gucci perfume, perfume
products launch.
(7) target consumer groups: upper-class women, movie stars
(8) Address: 73viatornabuoni, florence, ltaly
Brand legend:
Chanel karl lagerfeld since taking over from the most attractive to be the most
shocking gucci tom ford took over the story. Tom ford in 1994, was appointed
creative director before, gucci family have been due to poor management in trouble
the brink of bankruptcy ... ... fashion essential: Gucci (gucci) despite a dazzling
fashion brand, gucci style has always been the business community look to fashion
while yet elegant, this Italian brand of clothing has a simple design based, in
particular men's season, cut novel, filled with eighteenth-century Venice of
style, and then into the cowboy, space and rock star color, so bold in a little unruly,
distributed charm. Gucci (gucci) of the Kingdom of the Contemporary Legend gucci
fashion in the kingdom, there is the most global media favorite, young and talented
designer tom ford, and more, including Madonna, 玛莉亚凯莉, Genisipai Trow,
Elizabeth Hurley, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and wife team's toughest movie
stars such as diehard devotees.
Brand Name: valentino Valentino
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: Advanced clothing
(2) Founder: valentino garavani Valentino Garavani
(3) registration: Rome
(4) Designer: valentino garavani
(5) Category: Fashion, senior clothing series, Men series, interior textiles and gifts
series, perfume series.
Brand Description:
Valentino valentino garavani founder. Garavani was born in Italy in 1932, 1960 and
Valentino in Rome, the company set up in 1968 -1 973 companies were willing to
pass on Valentino (kenton) taken over, re-purchased in 1973 Valentino the company.
Valentino won the Chennai Gate - Marcos Award, Italian American Foundation Award.
Furama expensive, cool and scorching is the Valentino brand features. Valentino likes
to use the most pure color, which can be bright red color of his standards. Valenti fine
work very sophisticated, from the whole to every tiny detail success. Valentino is a
luxury, luxury lifestyle symbol, very popular pursuit of perfect celebrities are loyal
Brand Name: Cerruti (cerruti)
Brand Profile:
(1) Founder: nino cerruti Nino. Cerruti
(2) of registration: France, Paris (1967)
(3) Designer: nino cerruti Nino. Cerruti 1930 was born in Italy in 1950 as general
manager of family business in 1967, brothers textiles to open boutiques in Paris
(4) brand line: ① cerruti 1881 (Cerruti 1881): Men ② cerruti (Cerruti): fashion,
(5) Category: Senior Men's clothing, haute couture clothing, perfume, and
another film costume design
(6) Address: 3 place de la madeleine, 75008 paris, france, Paris, France 75008, MA
De Lena, Price 3
Style Review:
"When a man wearing a suit, he should look like those important
bigwigs," the father of the Italian fashion reputation of nino cerruti cerruti
1881 for his brand men he described as perhaps the interpretation of the brand can be
known in the world of cerruti Reasons. In fact, as early as 1957 he launched a
men's brand "hitman", but was born in Paris in 1967,
cerruti 1881 is the perfect embodiment of his design. Follow the traditional factors
and development, laying a cerruti brand landmark status. cerruti 1881
men's streamlined design is to bring people to an unprecedented surprise;
not only shall always follow the fashion shape, the cut is the traditional Italian hand,
British-style color scheme and style of the French perfect blend of style, into a classic
and fresh taste. In addition to cerruti 1881 men, the same brand line cerruti fashion,
perfume, renowned as the industry has long been known. The Swiss watches can be
described as the big family name of the door of potential new favorites. It has always
been Seiitsu inherited cerruti elegant design, the use of highly accurate Swiss
watchmaking technology is refined, subtle and elegant, expansive, and implement a
cerruti Zhang Yang-quality tradition. In addition, with the mercury due under the
glamorous star-frequency end indissoluble bond, cerruti 1881 as an international
brand filled with Hollywood proud unique style, a symbol of prestige, wealth and
personal style.
Brand Name: Giorgio Armani (giorgio armani)
Brand Profile:
Founder giorgio armani (George. Armani) was born in Italy in 1934 to learn medicine
and photographic professional, either in Cerruti Men's designer, George
founded in 1975. Armani. Chennai won the door - Marcos Award, Woolmark Award
for the whole life achievement award, American International Designers Association
Award, kuti. Salk Award and other awards. George. Armani is now the largest in the
United States, European designer brand sales, he made good use of new fabrics and is
known for. The design style, they are neither current nor tradition, but a good
combination between the two, the clothing appears to be small and the fashionable
word. His flagship brand George. Armani (giorgio armani) for the wealthy class, Mani
(mani), Emporio Armani (emporio armani), Armani jeans (armani jeans) for the
average consumer.
Brand Name: guess
Brand Profile:
guess the brand from the Marciano brothers founded in southern France. They will be
romantic, and passionate style of French design and they melt into the western United
States among cultural understanding and appreciation. guess was born in 1981,
founded just a jeans manufacturer, now has become the world's most
recognized and one of the most influential brands in the five continents have agents
and distributors. Has designed for men, women, children and families design clothing
and accessories guess, will host the fine quality of life interpreted thoroughly.
Brand Name: Hermes (hermes)
All of the products to the fine to the United States, impeccable, is Hermes's
goal. Hermes currently has 14 products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men
and women clothing line, perfume, watches, most products are hand crafted, no
wonder they called Hermes products for deep thinking , high quality, content rich,
exquisite works of art. The Hermes boutique, through its spread to more than 20
countries and regions, more than 200 specialty stores and into the fast pace of modern
life, let the world return to the embrace of traditional elegance. After the vicissitudes
of 160 years of wind and rain, Hermes family, the joint efforts of several generations
to the brand name of Far Eastern students. In the early 20th century is coming, the
Hermes has been a French typical luxury consumer goods. 20 years of the 20th
century, founder of Di Aili. Grandson of Emile Hermes Hermes brand has commented:
"movements and elegant leather products bring the most
traditional." Hermes Paris is a town made specifically for the carriage
decorated with a variety of sophisticated matching harness shop In mid-1885 at the
Paris Exhibition, Hermes won first prize for such products. Since then, the son of
Emile Hermes. Charles to build shops, production and sales of saddle and other items,
and retail. With the emergence of automobile transportation and development, Hermes
began to shift its production, its superb craftsmanship being used in the production of
other products, such as wallets, bags, handbags, watches, belt, and some sports, such
as golf, polo, hunting and other necessary aids, also designed high-end sportswear.
Hermes brand all products are the finest selection of advanced materials,
process-oriented decor, exquisite detail, with its excellent quality has won a good
reputation. In Hermes's history, yet anothe r sensational news time, is the
Prince of Wales in 1920 for the design of zip golf jacket, as the 20th century the first
successful design leather clothing. Hermes heir to the fourth generation. Cover Long
and Luo Bote. Dima, in the basis of its leather products, has developed a perfume, the
first paste and other new class, 60 years of this century, continue to thrive, there are
all kinds of fashion company Hermès and perfume and other products. In 1970,
Hermes was also the family is just a pure handicraft factory, but 15 years later, it
developed into a fine production of the super senior multinational turnover expanded
5 times now, Hermes size of the company is also constantly expansion. 1992 turnover
of 2.5 billion francs (worth about RMB 37.2525 million yuan and net profit of 176
million francs.
Brand Name: Calvin Klein (calvin klein)
Brand Profile:
(1) Founder: calvin klein Calvin Klein barry schwartz 巴里施瓦茨
(2) Registry: New York (1968)
(3) designer: calvin klein Calvin Klein was born in 1942 in New York in 1959 -1962
studied at the famous New York Fashion Academy (fit) 1962 年 -1,964 served as 丹
米尔斯坦 (dan millstein) Assistant Design 1964 -1 968 teachers in a free designer
who co-founded in 1968 and calvinklein "Calvin Klein"
company to restructure the company in 1991
(4) brand line: ① calvin klein (Calvin Klein): High fashion ② ck calvin klein (ck
Calvin Klein): Advanced clothing ③ calvin klein jeans (Calvin Klein Jeans):
second-tier brands, younger style
(5) categories: male and female high fashion clothing, casual wear men and women,
socks, underwear, sleepwear and swimwear, fragrances, eyewear, jeans, accessories,
fragrances, and furnishings items
Brand Review:
calvin klein, named after the name to the founder of clothing brand back to world
renowned. Fashion as all- round development, calvin klein's a total of three
clothing lines: high fashion calvin klein, ck calvin klein senior clothing and cowboy
series, calvin klein jeans; and accessories product range encompasses the perfume is ,
glasses, socks, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear and all aspects of furnishings items.
Has been, calvin klein's cause is exploding, have continuous access to
well-known clothing four times awards; its related products is endless, and the
outlook is extremely alarming. In 1997, calvin klein in turn made it brilliant in the
field of fashion included in a watch- making industry. In cooperation with the
well-known after the swatch group, ck watch co ltd was set up;, young, fashionable
and highly personalized charm ck table are thus able to come out. Available in the
market in two watches, ck fashion style guide for its large number of young people
spending; calvin klein will be a small but elegant taste and distinctive character of the
customer base assigned to its own territory. As the founder of the faith perfectionism,
each calvin klein's products look is so perfect.
Brand Name: Lauren ralph lauren
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: Clothing
(2) Founder: ralph lauren Luofuluolun
(3) of registration: New York
(4) designer: ralph lauren Luofuluolun
(5) Category: polo by ralph lauren (polo Men) and ralph lauren (Luofuluolun Women),
sportswear, sports goods, denim wear, leather accessories, accessories, perfumes,
home accessories
(6) Contact: ralph lauren550 seventh avenuenew york, ny 10018tel: +1 212 857 2500
fax: +1 212 857 2584
Brand Description:
Bluff. Lauren is thick with an atmosphere of good taste of American fashion, style
high style is the Bluff. Lauren Two well-known brand name, "Love.
Lauren Women" and "Polo Men" have in common,
Bluff. Lauren fashion is a fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of
classical presentation of all the design details of the structure is not in a time-out
values. Main consumer sectors are the middle or higher income consumers and
Brand Name: Benetton (benetton)
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: Clothing
(2) Founder: Zhu 丽安 娜贝 纳 Link (giuliana benetton) Luciano pass (luciano
benetton) Gilbert Benetton (gilberto benetton) Carlo Benetton (carlo be netton)
(3) of registration: Belluno, Italy (1968)
(4) Designer: designer: Zhu 丽安娜贝纳 Tong (1938 -), a group of more than 200
designer designer
(5) Brand line: ① The color of Benetton (united colors of beneton) ② Xi Sili
(sisley) ③ 012
(6) categories: first hand-knit sweaters, launched casual clothes, cosmetics, toys,
swimwear, eyewear, watches, stationery, underwear, shoes, home supplies
(7) target consumers: mass consumption, particularly among young people, children
(8) marketing strategy: ① creative eye-catching advertising campaign ② ③ store
business management charter
Brand story:
Life of leisure clothing design, Benetton and love from California to Plymouth (esprit)
in parallel, in the era of leadership, the new Benetton clothing reflects the values of
the younger generation. The first Benetton clothing mainly for young people and
children. A few years later, consumers of all ages have accepted it. It is designed to
free You Qu, easy-to-wear tailoring, the inspiration from the nostalgia of clothing
used in the present, such as the 50's to high-tech ski clothes made of
synthetic fabrics, 60's herring bone set, mini , 70's to string
beads together with the disco leather garment. Another part of the series as the theme
of Nordic style children's clothing, including jeans, blue home series, but
most go to Peru, this South American countries in their endless inspiration. Initially,
Benetton sweaters by Juliana (giuliana) hand-woven, together with the bright colors to
distinguish the British production of sweaters. The first series of 18 items of clothing,
mainly violet sweater. Then obviously the Mediterranean and South American style
became bright brilliant color Benetton poster. Benetton clothing mostly natural fibers
such as cashmere, wool, wool fabrics in Angola. In order to cater to local tastes and
trends, Benetton sweaters are made in small batch dyeing yarn. Benetton clothing
trying to transcendence, social class and country and reflect a philosophy of life, once
called " 奥 里 维 奥 托 skanee" advertising campaign,
"Benetton - World of Color" (1983) reflects the philosophy of
life. Benetton ingenious high-profile advertising, advertising content related to
terrorism, racism, AIDS, etc., but no mention of Benetton clothing. Some ads even
more widespread controversy. High- tech production technology, creative design and
marketing excellence to Benetton company as the world's fastest growing
manufacturer of clothing. Company was established in 1965, has more than 100
countries in the world had 4000 stores. To "full color Benetton"
"Xi Sili" "012" brand name, product line
throughout the cosmetics, toys, swimwear, eyewear, watches, stationery, underwear,
shoes, home supplies. Benetton's global strategy is to make the Benetton
name like McDonald's and Coca-Cola as world-class reputation in the
world. In China, could be youth reputation Benetton, Italy's biggest brands,
in many large shopping malls and stores for sale. In 1994, Benetton clothing sales in
Italy ranked first.
Brand Name: anna sui (Anusol)
Brand Profile:
(1) Founder: anna sui --- Anusol
(2) of registration: United States
(3) Designer: anna sui Anusol, third- generation Chinese immigrants
(4) brand line: anna sui Anusol
(5) Category: High fashion, clothing, cosmetics
Brand Review:
In the simple naturalism of today's leading fashion, anna sui brand clothing
is still in its rich flavor and gorgeous luxury retro qualities dominate.
anna sui is a Chinese immigrant. She is bold and somewhat rebellious. Embroidery,
lace, hot drilling, Bead, fur and all and run counter to the gorgeous minimalist set of
elements in her design. She used almost sexy color, and her unique style of magic,
witch-like magic for everyone crazy. anna sui clothing gorgeous without loss of
practicality. In addition to fashion series, anna sui cosmetics brands have family,
it's complex Guqian Li cosmetics series gave its women love the city.
Brand Name: sonia rykiel Sonia Rykiel
Brand Profile:
(1) Type: Clothing
(2) Founder: sonia rykiel Sonia Rykiel
(3) registration: Paris
(4) Designer: sonia rykiel Sonia Rykiel
(5) Category: Knitting Women
(6) Contact: sonia rykiel 175 bd saint germain 75006 paristél.:, rue du faubourg saint honorè75008 parist. 33 (0) 1 42 6520 81
Brand Description:
Sonia. Rykiel to knitting and knitted garments is known, has a "knitting
queen" reputation, Sonia. Rykiel strong personality, design freedom is very
active, innovative, design more independent, that she invented the lock side seams
and the exposed clothing, skirts, and so does not handle creative fashion.
Brand Name: prada
Brand Profile:
Designer miuccia prada, place of birth: Milan, Italy. Inherited half of the 1970s, the
founder of mario's family business, the current head of both the Planning
Director miuccia prada is mario's granddaughter, to simple, cool design
styles they have. Material used and new totem not only both modern, but also a step
ahead of a world- leading at the moment is a strong trend worldwide prada.
Women's first published in '89, is now grown to have both
pradasport, miu miu (Men, Women) Super Brand Group uomo. But after 99 years in
March and helmut lang's strategic alliances, and 99 years August M
& jil sander a stunning move, prada has become the world's
largest high fashion brand groups. Started to manufacture high-quality leather goods
the prada, the upper on the last ten years the fastest growing fashion brands. Prada 80
years by the introduction of the parachute backpack begin to birth of second-tier
series nineties miu miu, then recently formed prada sport, the same swept the globe.
Produced because of its pursuit of perfection, so whether young or old, this brand
awareness is no less than any other brand. Today, in charge of people miuccia prada
prada but mario's granddaughter. miuccia creative talent broke a long time
confined to the noble style of Italian fashion, infinite imagination add innovative
materials, prada quarterly total surprise.
prada products: clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Retail sales: 1.6 billion 8 million.
All: miuccia prada.prada is the fastest-growing Italian companies, prada groups
control the prada, jil sander, helmutlang, church & co and other brands.
Also lvmh mot hennessy louis vuitton strategic alliance has fendi, gradually
expanding the group's reputation, but also made the next nonsense
"i will make thisnew group fly". By the ambition and
straightforward with the leaders of pateizio bertelli and his wife miuccia prada Total
palm prada Group. Turnover of 8 million U.S. dollars 1.6 billion, and in the Italian
stock market listing in order to absorb gold prada retail network expansion in order to
have a fully owned stores up to 400 or so. prada not follow the traditional routine of
walking, advanced skin care products listed first series of the emulsion and skin
treatment products, etc., rather than by the traditional practice of offering some
Brand Name: dolce & gabbana
Brand Profile:
dolce & gabbana for high- income consumers in the first- line brand, which is
usually said is authentic. Whether at work or leisure, open sports car ride, at home,
wearing his ever prompted you to his upbringing, his temperament, his traditions and
his behind the changes in growth - in short, he is completely Italian male. Respect for
the traditional cutting of the Italian clothing comfort, but do not give up the
performance of individual opportunity. Change of clothing in different occasions, the
voice is his way of life.
d & g is for the younger middle-income young people, second-tier brands.
Capacity from the market in terms of, d & g the limelight even more than
the genuine. Freedom, individuality, but also with some rebellious taste. d &
g also has children's clothing, brand d & g (junior). &
Is the winter of 2000 the brand launched in three lines, much younger than the d
& g, is suitable for daily wear, you can mix and match casual clothing, style
neutral, style focus on basic models, prices cheaper.
Brand Name: miu miu
From the twentieth century during the 80s to 90s, prada products more widely
welcomed by sales also achieved gratifying results. During this period, footwear and
men and women apparel and leather goods has gradually become as important as the
status of the pillar products, prada was launched in 1993 aimed at younger customers
miu miu series. miu miu is a young deputy is the only line prada brand, style as cute
as the little girl, named origin of the considerable improvisation, all only a pet name
for the designer miuccia prada miu miu sky. It has been criticized miuccia prada seem
selfish to the most are the most fun and most enjoyable design are placed on top of
miu miu. In fact, the criticism that is, we praise is related to the designers to achieve a
great woman, a dream return to the public the reality of the girl - child women were
not seen to further rejuvenate the dirty phase. This is rare, but also with the designer
skill and death. In fact, the brand is because of this young lady to be so prada full play
to its playful spirit of the true personality, work has thus become interesting.
Brand Name: emporio armani
The "eagle" as the symbol of emporio armani giorgio armani for
men and women are second- line brand. emporio the Italian department store means
that "armani department stores." is a very successful second-tier
brands. emporio armani (short ea) is the giorgio armani (short ga) Vice cards, the most
mature and the most popular series. It is not only full of young and dynamic
atmosphere, bright and brilliant colors, the full sense of style became popular, the
most important thing is, it still retain the ga of the elegant and confident, while the
price, much cheaper than ga. ea family of the young rising stars of men as the main
passenger level, formal in style with a casual design for the style. The
women's series are elegant, fashion design sense of focus.
Brand Name: dkny
Downer. Karan (donnakaran) is the founder of a peaceful appearance, not look like a
woman to dress for the Kingdom to diversify, in 1984, and her husband co-founded
his own company, launched a series of distinctive products: dkny, dknyc lassic,
dknaactive, dknyjesns, New York by the convergence of different cultures and the
unique atmosphere of life made a new interpretation. dkny more avant- garde, more
stylish, more casual portrayal of New York different cultures and contemporary
lifestyles in order to reflect different language dkny charm. Its glasses are fashionable,
elegant, beyond time and space of the classical body, cold metal, plastic chic,




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