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					Motivating the Millenials


An overview by avalok

Why Learn About The Generations?

• Changing demographics • Better understand it’s impact in the workplace • Increase personal competency in communication and management • Promote teamwork

The Generations
• Traditionalists - (born 19221943) • Boomers (born 1943-1960) • Generation X - (born 19601980) • Millenials (born 1980-2000)

The Traditionalists - 1922-1943
•Respect for authority, honor, country •Age = authority •Loyalty to the organization •Waste not, want not •Dedicated, self sacrificing work ethic •Duty before pleasure •Conformity, blending, unity, “we-first” •Law and order, adherence to rules

Tenure - Lifelong

The Boomers - 1943-1960
Values A love/hate relationship with authority Optimistic Are politically correct Into consensus management Competitive / workaholics Think of their work as a career Personal gratification & Growth

Tenure – 5 to 10 years

The Generation-X - 1960-1980
Values • • • • • • • Diversity Independent & cynical Techno literacy Want to be led by competence Fun and informality Self-reliance Pragmatism
Tenure – 2 to 4 years

The Millenials - 1980-2000
Values • • • • • Live in the moment, the future is uncertain Loyalty to individuals, not to organizations Value patriotism and serving the community Respect for diversity Hopeful, determined, idealistic, sociable, talented • Well-educated, collaborative, open minded • Achievement oriented
Tenure – 3,6,9 months???

What the Millenials want….
Work Expectations • Fun Environment • They are more selective about accepting and keeping a job • If they don’t enjoy what they do and don’t feel a connection to their job and co-workers they will find other employment • Expect to have more group projects • Dislike working alone • Need personal attention


What we want..

•Flexibility •We have many commitments and need a job to work around our busy lives. •Have a voice in decisions •Need projects that we see as worthwhile

Learning traits of the Millenials…

• Processes info selectively due to the abundance of images/ resources. • Brings this behavior to work, may tune out part of your message which can make them appear less accountable. • Grew up learning to self-learn. • Learning encounters were reinforced with sound and color and humor. • Conditioned over early learning years to expect multimedia and interactive methods.

The Millennial Challenge

Recruitment, Training, Team Building Motivating, Retaining…..

My 2 rupees…
The Manager is dead… …. Long live the Facilitator!

Don’t induct – inject….
•Design a rapid induction program •Assign roles ASAP •Include in a Team/Project early •Be flexible, allow flextime •Reduce rules •Go easy on the dress code

Let them not come to work… … let them come to enjoy the work.

“We” for Victory
• Get quizzical - regularly • Encourage Group activities • Have an evening out – on company’s expense • KT in small doses – “Capsule Training” • Take them out on outdoor adventure activities • Transform the office into a theme park & a fun-factory

Catch them doing right…

• • • •

Reward and recognize instantly Appreciate specific achievements Accelerate learning through contests Impart soft-skills training



•Never say “I am busy” •Feed-forward •Frequent 1- on -1’s •Mentor continuously


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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When you reach the top of the mountain… ….. Keep climbing!

Thank you.


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