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Bridge to the Future_Comic


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									 SECOND QUARTER l VOLUME 68 l SUMMER                                                     2010

                                                                                                                Home Expands
        Bridge to the Future                                                                                      Services
               Crossing Over to a Brighter Tomorrow
Today, in Kentucky and Southern                       assist with our 18- to 24-month start-up
                                                                                                            Plans to Serve
Indiana, there is a haunting and persistent
condition that many of our children
                                                      expenses.                                             7,000 Children
                                                                                                            Currently, there are children on waiting
experience. Childhood crisis often                    These needed funds will insulate the                  lists for most of the services delivered by
comes from extreme, chronic illness                   Home, somewhat, from some of the                      Home of the Innocents. There are unmet
and disability, and, even worse, family               ongoing effects of the recession, especially          needs, especially in the area of medical,
dysfunction                                                                          the tentative          dental and behavioral health services, that
that can lead to                                                                     nature of the          are out of the reach of disadvantaged
abuse, severe                                                                        budget for             children and children with disabilities,
                                                                                                            such as the medically fragile child and the
neglect and                                                                          the State of
                                                                                                            child suffering from autism.
abandonment.                                                                         Kentucky.
                                                                                     It will also           There is also a broad mandate from
Home of the                                                                          help us hire           corporate and civic leadership in this
                                                                                                            region for not-for-profit organizations to
Innocents’                                                                           and train
                                                                                                            join hands, eliminate duplicative services,
new facility is                                                                      200 new                and get more services to more children
a gift from our                                                                      staff so that          for less money.
community                                                                            they are fully
                                                                                                            Home of the Innocents’ answer to these
to children in                                                                       ready for the
                                                                                                            challenges is the Phase II expansion of
crisis. Since                                                                        arrival of the         five new buildings, the addition of 50
opening our                                                                          children.              new beds for our traditional services,
new doors                                                                                                   and brand
in 2003, we                                                                                I am excited     new services
have helped                                                                                to be crossing   in the fields
                          The Home is seeking support in our “Bridge to the Future”                         of medical,
thousands of            initiative to assist with our 18- to 24-month start-up expenses.  that bridge.
these children. By                                                                        The future        behavioral and
2006, there were thousands more needing                    will be brighter for many more children in       mental health.
our services, so our board of directors                    crisis. Our success, in great part however,      The Home
authorized an expansion.                                   depends upon you. Please join me with            plans to go
                                                           your financial support today.                    from serving
Thankfully, although in the face of a                                                                       two thousand
                                                           Many thanks,                                     children
recession, Home of the Innocents has
                                                                                                            per year to
secured community support and raised                                                                        over seven
the funds needed for the five-building                                                                      thousand.
expansion. Now, we are seeking $3 million                  Gordon S. Brown                                   See related “Bridge to the Future”
in our “Bridge to the Future” initiative to                President & CEO                                           diagram on page 2
    Bridge to the
       Future            Home Expands Services, Cont.

    Metro Government
     Supports Project
Thanks to Louisville
Metro Government for
a $47,300 grant award
from the External
Agency Fund to support
the Home’s Project
Keepsafe program.
                                                                                                                                               Upcoming Events -
     Performance Improvement Annual Review
                                                                                                                                                Save the Dates
   A report to our children, families and supporters for 2009
Our mission is to be “Our Region’s Open Arms to              accurate and fulfills the requirements
Kids in Crisis.” We strive to meet the complex needs         for licensing and for accreditation
of the children who are placed in our care—always            standards. We also gather data on the
with compassion and the highest standard of                  number of actual medication errors
excellence. We have been accredited by the Council           which include omissions, wrong dose,
on Accreditation for Children and Families (COA)             wrong time, wrong medication and
since 2002. The Home provides feedback to our                wrong resident. There was an average of
residents, governing body, personnel, and our                84 for 2009 with an error rate of 1.33%.
supporters on the quality and safety of our services.        No areas were identified that required a
To achieve excellent results for the children and their      plan of correction by licensure.
families, the Home has implemented a sophisticated
Performance Quality Improvement program.                     An extensive clinical record review
                                                             is done each quarter reporting an average of 156                                    Celebrity Golf Tourney
Home of the Innocents uses a framework that has              records reviewed. Areas monitored are complete
identified inputs, activities/indicators, outputs and        assessments and treatment plans; therapy/                                        Please visit www.homeoftheinnocents.
outcomes that will help to achieve benefits for our          progress notes document care; independent living                                 org/onthecourseforkids to purchase
resident/clients. It is believed that if you provide         documentation; and appropriate discharge plans.                                  tickets. If you have any questions, please
appropriate staff, financial resources, facilities,          Each quarterly review identifies areas that are                                  contact Ina Miller at 502.596.1016 or
equipment and supplies, within the constraints of            focused on for improvement by the Clinical Director                              imiller@homeoftheinnnocents.org.
state and federal regulations, accreditation standards       and program supervisors. Continued
and finances, you will provide the tools for directors       review notes improvement or more
and managers to assist residents/clients to achieve          needed training and oversight.
their goals. Once the inputs are identified, activities
and indicators are defined to help us fulfill our            All Childkind Center programs develop
mission of being the region’s open arms to kids in           outcomes and monitor the results
crisis. Activities/indicators are strategies, techniques     and compare to set targets. No major
and types of treatments that are defined in our              issues have been identified as needing
programs’ service methodology. This logic model              correction.
now produces outputs which are usually measured              The Childkind Center is compared
in terms of the volume of work accomplished and              to other child placing or child caring
assists the program directors and managers to                agencies in Kentucky. In most of the
determine if the outputs will lead to the desired            compared categories we are within the
benefit or change for the target population. That            average range target set by the Children’s
desired benefit or behavioral change is the outcome          Review Program.
for the resident/client. Outcomes are the final result
of the logic model. Outcomes may relate to changing          We have had several Performance
behavior, acquiring new skills, gaining knowledge,           Improvement Teams functioning this year. The                                   Benefit Days at Borders
changing attitudes, instilling values, or increasing         Risking Connections Team was initiated in May
financial stability.                                         2009. This is a trauma informed model for                                        Join us on August 27 & 28, 2010 – All
                                                             Residential Treatment to help children who have                                  local Borders and Waldenbooks will
We provide to our stakeholders (staff, volunteers,           experienced trauma in their lives. The training                                  be giving back to the Home. Make
resident/clients, visitors, board and committee              for staff helps them to help children change their
members) data that indicates monitoring is in place                                                                                           a purchase on those days using the
                                                             behavior through healthy relationship-building, and
to identify those areas that may need improving.                                                                                              voucher below, or online using the code
                                                             helps clients heal.
Processes are then changed in order to                                                                                                        below and 10% goes back to the Home.
achieve performance targets, program
goals, client satisfaction and positive                         Valuable voucher to benefit Home of the Innocents
                                                                                                 Discount combines with in-store promotions and offers. Excludes previous and online purchases, gift cards,
                                                                                                 newspapers, magazines, coupon books, digital downloads, comics, special orders, video games, Smartbox
The Childkind Center (CKC) averaged                                                              products, Rosetta Stone software, and shipping. May not be combined with other coupons or corporate,

44 unusual occurrences (accidents and               Benefit Days – our                           classroom, or other group discounts. One coupon per customer, per day. Void where prohibited by law. Any
                                                                                                 other use constitutes fraud. Cash value .01¢. Not redeemable for cash. Valid only in US stores on [dates].

incidents) per month for 2009. These
include all types of scratches, scrapes, falls      way of giving back                           Cashiers: Ring items, select S3, select S4, scan or enter coupon #, select S1,
                                                                                                                                                                                      enter $0.01, and

by the toddlers, peer interactions that                                                          Note: if a customer presents a Total Purchase coupon, such as "$5 off Total Purchase" or "10% off Total
                                                                                                 Purchase", use this barcode to ring that discount. Follow the instructions on the original coupon, but scan the
result in injuries and anything else that         a percentage of the net sales raised           barcode on the benefits day voucher. The register will only accept one barcode for Total Purchase coupons.

would be deemed as unusual. No unusual            from this coupon will be donated to the        Online promo code:

                                                         Home of the Innocents                   HMNN8278DB
trends were identified.

The Childkind Center averaged 162
medication documentation occurrences
each month for 2009. This is an average                    valid 8/27/10 – 8/28/10
of 2.47% which is based on the number
of medications given. These areas
are identified to be sure the documentation is
                                                                    valuable voucher to benefit Organization Name                                                                                                  3
    Help Our Kids                                                    Heartfelt Thanks to All
                                                                          Who Gave
Wish List!                                                Monetary and non-monetary gifts received January 1 through March 31, 2010:
                                                                (Please frequent the businesses of our sponsors and say thanks for supporting Home of the Innocents! )

Our urgent Wish List items are listed first   CORPORATE                      Cabinet for Health and          St. Ann’s Guild - Episcopal     Ms. Adrianne Blair            Mr. and Mrs. Danny W.
                                              SPONSORS                          Family Services                 Church Women                 Mr. Michael Blake               Compton
and are underlined and bold:                                                 Canaan Missionary Baptist       St. Barnabas Church             Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Bland   Ms. Janice A. Conley
                                              ACR Computer Resources            Church                       St. Francis in the Fields       Ms. Mary Boden                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cook
Teen items                                    Anheuser-Busch
                                                                             Catholic Enrichment Center
                                                                             Cedar Lake Lodge
                                                                                                             St. John United Church of
                                                                                                                                             Mr. Richard Bohlander
                                                                                                                                             Ms. Denise Bohn
                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Judith L. Cooke and Dr.
                                                                                                                                                                             Michael Sewell
Elastic Waist Pants (all sizes and genders)      Companies, Inc.             Chapel Park Baptist Church      St. Matthews United             Mr. Kenneth Boling and        Ms. Michelle Coomes
Bras (sizes: trainer to women C)              Balfour Company                   - Joy Fidelis Class             Methodist Church               Family                      Mr. Jeffrey W. Cooper
ladies’ Underwear (size 5,6,7,9,10)           Ball Homes                     Chevron “People Making a        Sullivan College of             Ms. Sheree L. Bollinger       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L.
                                              The Brown Hotel                   Difference” Campaign            Technology & Design          Mr. Frank Booker, III           Cooper
Girls’ Underwear (size 10, 12)                Brown-Forman Corporation       Chosen Friends Lodge 2          Sulphur Christian Church        Mr. Michael E. Boone          Mrs. Dorothy A. Corbett
Men’s Boxer/Briefs (all sizes)                Cardinal Uniforms and             IOOF                         Temple Shalom                   Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwin         Mr. and Mrs. James L.
CDs with Clean Lyrics                            Scrubs                      Christ Church Guild             Tom S. Detwiler                   Bornstein                     Cowles
Movie/Restaurant Gift Certificates            Coit Services                  Commonwealth’s Attorney’s          Foundation, Inc.             Mr. Anthony Bourke            Mrs. Edwin F. Cox
                                              Cooks Locksmith                   Office                       Truist                          Mr. and Mrs. William E.       Mr. Granville G. Cox
Men’s & Women’s Wallets                          Services, Inc.              Communications Workers of       Tyco Employee Matching            Bowers                      Mr. Harold L. Cox
School Uniforms (all sizes)                   The Cupcake Shop                  America Local 3310              Gift Program                 Mr. Mike Bowman               Ms. Joy Ann Cox
Journals & Diaries                            Deming, Malone, Livesay &      Constellation Energy Group      U.S. Dept. of Housing and       Mr. and Mrs. Wallace G.       Ms. Jennifer Coyle
Watches (male and female)                        Ostroff                        Employee Fund                   Urban Development              Bowman                      Mr. and Mrs. David J. Crane
                                              Dynacraft Company              Crestwood Baptist Church        United Way of Bergen            Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.       Ms. Sheila Cranmer-Yuen
Boom Boxes                                    Family Allergy and Asthma         Women’s Sunday School           County                         Boyer                       Ms. Amber Crawford and
Personal CD Players                           Fawbush Auto Brokers, Inc.        Class                        United Way of Central           Ms. Janice Branch-White         Mr. Zach Hopkins
                                              Franklin Drywall               Crowe Foundation                   Indiana                      Ms. Michelle Bratcher         Ms. Jade Crawford
                                              GE Community Relations         Dawn Foods Foundation           United Way of Central           Ms. Semetra Braxton           Ms. Teresa Crawford
Arts/Crafts items                             Glen Ridge Health Campus       Dignity U Wear                     Kentucky                     Mr. and Mrs. David M.         Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Liquid Craft Paint                            Healthland                     duPont Manual High School       United Way Of                     Brewer                        Creech
Fat Crayons                                   Hikes Lane Auto Sales             Key Club                        Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.   Ms. Kelly Brian               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
                                              Hot Topic                      Fern Creek Baptist Church       US Bancorp Foundation,          Alphonzo & Shaila               Crump
Glitter                                       Humana - Kentucky              Fern Creek Methodist               Matching Gifts                 Bridgeman                   Ms. Sarah Lynn
Black Sharpie Markers                            Associates                     Church                       Wachovia Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Stewart G.         Cunningham
Scrap Booking Kits                            ICAP Energy, LLC               GE Foundation Matching             Matching Gifts Program         Bridgman                    Ms. Linda M. Dabney
Tape                                          IntegrityHR, Inc.                 Gift Program                 Wellpoint Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Charles          Ms. Sarah Dalton
                                              Jefferson Mall Security        Girl Scout Troop #1529          Wells Fargo Community             Brockwell                   Ms. Jennifer Darrow
Stencils                                      Johnson & Johnson              Girl Scout Troop #3037 Mt.         Support Campaign             Mr. Charles L. Brodbeck       Ms. Jennifer Das
Beads (all shapes and sizes)                  Johnson Controls, Inc.            Moriah Baptist Church        Westport Methodist Church       Mr. Gerald S. Broell          Mr. Skip Davis
Fishing Wire                                  Katie Bush Public Relations    Girl Scout Troop #638           WHAS Crusade for                Ms. Carol Brown               Mr. and Mrs. Carl Deaton
Pipe Cleaners                                 KESA                           Girl Scout Troop #965              Children                     Jan Brown                     Ms. Petula Dedmon
                                              KPMG LLP                       Girl Scout Troop #184                                           Ms. Karen Brown               Mr. John DeFazio
Markers (washable)                            Kroger                         Goodwill Bridgepointe           iNDiviDUAlS                     Ms. Melissa Brown             Ms. Mary Elaine
                                              Lee W. Robinson Company        Honda Riders Club of            Mr. and Mrs. Mark A.            Ms. Sylvia Bruton               DeFrancesco
Household items                               Louisville Community
                                                 Development Bank
                                                                                Louisville                     Abrams                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.         Mr. Joseph L. Dennis
                                                                             Honorable Order of                                                Bryan                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.
White Bath Towels                             Louisville Mega Cavern, LLC       Kentucky Colonels
                                                                                                             Mr. Barry Alberts
                                                                                                                                             Ms. Marcie Bryant               Dentinger
                                                                                                             Mr. Anthony C. Allen
White Washcloths                              Louisville Relocation          Immaculate Conception           Mr. Bobby Allen                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J.       Mr. and Mrs. Rick Derthick
Batteries (all sizes)                            Services, Inc.                 Catholic Church              Mr. Darrell Allen                 Buckler                     Mr. and Mrs. Henry F.
Pots/Pans                                     Manna Foods                    J.P. Morgan Chase               Lakita Allen                    Mr. Foster Burba                Despain, III
                                              Neutz Brothers Auto Sales         Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.          Mr. Kenneth E. Burba          Mr. and Mrs. Paul R.
Household Cleaning Supplies                   Papa John’s USA, Inc.          Jeffersontown Christian                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Burke        Diersing
Silverware (forks and spoons)                 Philip Morris USA                 Church                       Ms. Annette Anderson            Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burke        Ms. Victoria Dimitrova
Shower Curtains & Hooks                       Pitney Bowes                   Justice & Public Safety         Ms. Louella Anderson            Ms. Katie Burkholder          Mr. Neal Dockal and Ms.
Twin Size Sheet Sets                          ProLift Industrial                Cabinet - Dept of Juvenile   Ms. Marlo K. Anderson           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D.           Judy M. Cook
                                                 Equipment Co., LLC             Justice                      Ms. Wendy Anzalone                Burton                      Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dodrill
Full Size Sheet Sets                          Rawlings Company, LLC          Kentucky Council on Child                                       Ms. Sherry Burton             Mr. and Mrs. Howard J.
                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Wade Ard
Vacuum Cleaner (bagless)                      Renaissance, Inc.                 Abuse, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert             Mr. and Mrs. Jim Butz           Dohrman
Table Lamps                                   Shred-It                       Kentucky Country Day              Armstrong                     Mr. David L. Byrne            Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F.
Photo Albums                                  Smocking Shop                     School                       Mrs. Linda E. Arnold            Ms. Gina K. Calvert             Domek
                                              The Sound Factory              Kentucky Housing                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnold      Ms. Karen Cambron             Mr. and Mrs. James A.
                                              Southern Venture, Inc.            Corporation                  Mr. Robert A. Arnold            Mr. William H. Camp, Jr.        Donahou
Personal Care items                           Stock Yards Auction &          Kosair Charities                Ms. Sharon Arnold               Ms. Allicia Campbell          Ms. Sandy Donnelly
                                                 Patrons                     The Kresge Foundation                                           Ms. Jo D. Campbell            Mr. Craig Donoho
Hair Detangler                                Stone Farms, LLC
                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Ashby
                                                                             KYANA Holiday Ramblers          Ms. Pam Atcher                  Ms. Joni Campbell             Mr. Cornelius D. Dosker, III
African American Hair Care Products           Sunshine Dental                Ladies Aux of Assumption                                        Mr. Robert B. Campbell        Ms. Margaret Dougherty
                                                                                                             Ms. Diana Atkins
Hair Brushes                                  Target Stores                     Council, #4473, Knights of   Dr. S. Pearson Auerbach         Ms. Monica Carthen            Mr. and Mrs. William
Combs                                         United Parcel Service             Columbus                     Ms. Bernice Augustyn            Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.         Downey
                                              Visionworks                    Little Colonel Doll                                               Cash                        Miss Lee Drane
Hair Gel                                      Von Maur
                                                                                                             Ms. Melba Austin
                                                                                Collectors of KY             Ms. Amy Babey                   Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H.        Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dresing
Lip Balm                                      Wal-Mart Store #1170           Louis & Donna Kinnaird’s                                          Cassell                     Ms. Karen Duff
                                                                                                             Ms. Cindy Bagley
Shampoo                                       Waldenbooks Oxmoor                Toyland Christmas            Ms. Brenda Bailey               Ms. Barbara Beard             Mr. and Mrs. James H.
Hair Conditioner                                 Center                         Fundraiser                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baker        Castleman                     Duggins
                                              Walgreens                      Louisville Area Fiber &                                         Ms. Dora Caudill              Mr. and Mrs. John G.
Kleenex                                       Wyatt, Tarrant &
                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Baker
                                                                                Textile Artists              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barrens       Ms. Carol Chambers              Duncan
Body Wash                                        Combs, LLP                  Louisville/Jefferson County                                     Ms. Mary Ellen Chancellor     Ms. Lindsey Duncan
                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Bartak
Hair Dryers                                   YUM! Brands, Inc.                 Metro Government             Robbie Bartlett                 Ms. Kathy Chandler            Mr. and Mrs. Rex Dunn
                                                                             Mellotones Orchestra            Ms. Angela Baskin               Ms. Janice R. Chavez          Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Durbin
                                              ORGANizATiONS                  Metro United Way                                                Mrs. Patricia S. Chervenak    Ms. Terrisha Easley
Baby items                                    Aetna Foundation, Inc.         Newburg Middle School
                                                                                                             Mrs. Colleen J. Bates
                                                                                                             Ms. Geraldine Baxter            Mrs. Deborah G. Cissell       Kylie & Perri Easton
Double Stroller                               Allstate Giving Campaign       Okolona Church of Christ        Ms. Mary Ann Beck               Ms. Amy Clark                 D. P Ecken
infant Car Seat                               Atherton High School           Okolona VFW Auxiliary           Al and J.R. Bedel               Ms. Patricia Clark            Ms. Roberta Eckmann
                                              Bank of America United            Post #8639                   Ms. Gloria Bell                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Clark    Mr. and Mrs. Donald J.
Vaseline                                                                     Paradis Foundation, Inc.                                        Ms. Barbara Clay                Edelen
                                                Way Campaign                                                 Drs. S. G. and Terri Benanti
Crib Sheets                                   Beargrass Baptist Church       PNC Foundation                  Ms. Elizabeth Berfield          Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W.        Ms. Jeanne Edgell
Baby Bed                                      Beargrass Missionary Baptist   The C. F. Pollard               Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Berger         Clements                    Ms. Tia Edison
Baby Bottle Brushes                             Church                          Foundation, Inc.             Mr. Greg Henes and Ms.          Ms. Paula Benson Clements     Ruth R. Edrington
                                              Beulah Land Bible Baptist      Queen Esther Chapter 1            Elizabeth Bernstrom           Mr. Vincent Coale               Charitable Fund
Baby Body Wash                                                               Rotary Club of Louisville                                       Trudy & Kevin Coatney         Ms. Dorothy Ehnle
                                                Church                                                       Mr. Steven Berube
Baby Shampoo                                  Biggins Bridle Bunch Youth     Salem United Church of          Ms. Anita Beyl                  Ms. Allison Colby             Mr. and Mrs. Steve Eichler
Pacifiers                                       Group                           Christ                       Mr. Henry D. Bickel             Ken & April Colling           Mr. and Mrs. Jason Elker
Baby Bottles (plastic)                        Bonnycastle Club               Salvation Army                  Dr. and Mrs. Ben Birkhead       Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.       Mr. and Mrs. Cole Elkin
                                              Brooklawn                      Shelby County High School       Ms. Martha J. Bischof             Collins                     Mr. Rob Elliott

4            Continued on page 5                                                                             Ms. Mary A. Biszmaier           Ms. Ginny Collins             Ms. Sarah Elmore
thanks                        Ms. Kathleen Harter
                              Ms. Christina Hartlage
                                                            Ms. La Tosha Johnson
                                                            Ms. Stephanie Johnson
                                                                                         Mr. Gary R. Lindsay
                                                                                         Ms. Martha Linebach
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles N.
                                                                                                                                                                income for
                              Ms. Mae Ann Hauss             Ms. Tondelin Johnson         Ms. Kelly Lippert             Mr. Joe Miles
                              Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haysley      The Honorable and Mrs.       Mr. and Mrs. Robert F.        Rabbi Stanley Miles
                              Mr. and Mrs. David              Brereton C. Jones            Litten                      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Ms. Betty Embry                                             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C.
                               Headford                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick            Millard
Mr. and Mrs. John W.                                          Jones
                              Ms. Jeanne M. Heberle                                        Littlejohn                  Mr. Chip Miller
  Emmerich                                                  Mr. and Mrs. David A.
                              Ms. Keta Hecko                                             Ms. Andrea Lloyd              Ms. Donna Miller
Ms. Lisa England
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L.
                              Ms. Myra Henderson-Green
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                                                              Jones, Sr.
                                                            Ms. Erin Jones
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lockett
                                                                                         Chef and Mrs. Brian
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller
                                                                                                                       Stephen & Sam Miller               Safe and Secure
                              Mrs. Betty Herin              Dr. Hunt B. Jones              Logsdon                     Mr. Steven A. Miller
Mr. Jim Evans
Ms. Heather Farrek
                              Mr. and Mrs. James Herman
                              Mr. Scott A. Herrmann
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jouskey
                                                            Mr. J. W. Jumpp, Sr.
                                                                                         Mr. Michael Loran
                                                                                         Ms. Monica Love and Family
                                                                                                                       Ms. Kelli Milligan
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Mills
                                                                                                                                                      Charitable Gift Annuities
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony                                        Mr. George Kaelin
                              Ms. Claire Hess                                            Mr. and Mrs. T. Dade          Paul & Mary Ellen Minnick
                              Ms. Cathy Hetzel              Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kalmey       Luckett, III                Ms. Laura Mitchell
                                                                                                                                                      Do you have CDs in your portfolio
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fee
Ms. Anna Feitelson
                              Mr. and Mrs. Edward           Dr. Alexis Karageorge        Ms. Patricia Luken            Mr. Neil A. Mitchell           yielding low or no rates of return?
                               Heymann                      Ms. Patricia K. Kaster       Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.        Mr. and Mrs. Doug
Mr. Doug Felkins
Ms. Pamela Fell
                              Mr. and Mrs. Edward D.        Ms. Suzanne Kellar             Lurding                       Montgomery                   Consider donating your principle to
                               Highland                     Ms. Rebecca J. Kelley        Mr. William G. Lussky, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Feltner
                                                                                                                         Mooney                       Home of the Innocents and receive
Ms. Julie Ferrell
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moore     income for life!

                                       Our region’s
Mr. and Mrs. Herman V.
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. James B.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T.
                                                                                                                       Mr. Tim Moore                  An American tradition for over 150
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Ms. Keith

                                     open arms to kids
Ms. Meika Finger-Giray
Ms. Elizabeth Fitz
                                                                                                                         Morehead and Family          years, a charitable gift annuity is a
                                                                                                                       Mr. John N. Morgan
Ms. Paula Flowers
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Keith Morgan
                                                                                                                                                      unique way to make a gift to Home of
Mrs. Aline Foreman

                                         in crisis.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Forrest
                                                                                                                       Ms. Donna Mosier               the Innocents while receiving a lifetime
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mudd
Mr. and Mrs. Don Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Foshee
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Duane Murner      income based upon the size of the gift.
                                                                                                                       Mr. Phillip W. Myers and
Mr. Gary L. Fowler
                                                                                                                         Ms. Anna C. Noble            It is safe and secure, providing income
Mrs. Mary Ann Fowler
                                                               Our Mission:                                                                           that is constant and dependable.
                                                                                                                       Mr. Mark C. Naber
Ms. Tammy A. Fowler
                                                                                                                       Ms. Donna Nall
Ms. Sherry Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A.                 The Home of the Innocents, a community                                           Ms. Brenda Nalley
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Marshall          A gift annuity is a non-refundable
                                     of dedicated people and those they serve,                                           Nathanson
Ms. Sandra Anne Frazier
                                                                                                                                                      donation to Home of the Innocents.
Ms. Rhonda R. Frazier-              provides the skills and opportunities by which                                     Ms. Deborah M. Nelson
                                                                                                                       Ms. Nancy Nelson
                                     vulnerable children, youth and their families                                     Ms. Casey Newberry             Yet, unlike many other forms of
Mr. Charles R. French
Ms. Leanne M. French                           may improve their lives.                                                Miss Bethany Newell
                                                                                                                       Ms. Jennifer Newhouse
                                                                                                                                                      contributions, the donor receives
Ms. Michelle Frisbie
Mr. and Mrs. Randall S.
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy            income based on their age and size
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael J.        of their gift. It is safe because it is
Mr. Milton Galanos                                          Ms. Heather Kelly
                              Ms. Anita L. Hill                                          Ms. Melissa Luttrell            Niemczyk
Mr. Ed C. Galloway, Jr.
                              Ms. Tiffany Hill              Mr. A. Harcourt Kemp         Ms. Sandy Lyvers              Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Nix, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                      designed that way. We, like most U.S.
Mr. and Mrs. William
                              Mrs. Ilma Hirsch              Ms. Carol M. Kemp
                                                            Ms. Lindy Kennedy
                                                                                         Ms. Clarissa Magallanes       Mr. and Mrs. Perry             charities, use rates recommended by the
                              Mrs. Peggy Hoben                                           Ms. Amy Malcolm                 Norsworthy and Family
Mr. Gene P. Gardner
Ms. Janice Garrison
                              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hodge      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R.      Ms. Joyce I. Maloney          Ms. Lynne Nowak                American Council on Gift Annuities.
                              Mr. and Mrs. James J.           Kennedy                    Mrs. Ivy Mann                 Mr. and Mrs. David L.
Ms. Ayden Gaylord
                                Hodges                      Mr. and Mrs. David Kiesler   Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marks        Nuermberger                  Those rates are reviewed annually by
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert G.                                     Avril Kilpatrick
                              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hodges
                              Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L.        Terry King
                                                                                         Ms. Jeanne Markwell
                                                                                         Mrs. Doris Marmion
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Nurse
                                                                                                                       Ms. Sarah O’Bryan
                                                                                                                                                      the Council and based on realistic life
Mr. Timothy L. Gettelfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
                                Hoeft                       Mr. and Mrs. Douglas V.      Ms. Martha Marsh              Mr. and Mrs. Ned Odle          expectancies, conservative investment
                              Mr. Gary Hoffman                Kleier, Sr.                Ms. Dorothy L. Marshall       Jennifer & Tyler Oerther
Mr. Tim Gibson
                              Ms. Cynthia R. Holahan        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B.       Dr. Dan A. Martin             Ms. Rita Ohlmann               portfolios and prudent practices meant
                              Mrs. Jeanine Holden             Kleier                     Ms. Helen L. Martin           Ms. Elizabeth Olawoyin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
                              Ms. Audrey Holland            Mr. Kyle J. Kleier and Ms.   Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Martin   Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Oliver
                                                                                                                                                      to protect donors and charities alike.
  Gilliland                                                   Alison Conerly
                              Mr. Dylan Holland                                          Pat Martin                    Dr. and Mrs. Kurt D. Oliver
Ms. Tia Givens
Mr. Derrick Glass
                              Mr. Bill Hollander and Ms.
                                Lisa Keener
                                                            Mr. Mark Klein
                                                            Ms. Eleanor Kley
                                                                                         Mr. Robert S. Martinko        Ms. Barbara Oller              Wise and astute stewardship of each
                                                                                         Mr. Martin Martinovic         Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Oller
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W.
                              Mr. and Mrs. Tom              Mr. and Mrs. David Kling     Ms. Donna Masden              Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Olliges     gift annuity are the tasks of Home of
                                Hollingsworth               Ms. Joyce Knauer             Ms. Delores Masterson         Mr. and Mrs. David
Gavin Gleason
                              Mr. Howard Holloman           Mr. Sam Knight               Mr. and Mrs. Marc               Olshansky                    the Innocents’ Investment Committee
Mr. Joseph Gonzalez                                         Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Knop
                              Ms. Holly Hood                                               Masterson                   Mr. Michael W. O’Neal
Dr. Robert Goodin, Jr.
                              Mr. Dion F. Hoskins           Mr. John Kolb                Mr. and Mrs. William          Ms. Kay Orr
                                                                                                                                                      which is guided by volunteers who are
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goodin
Mr. Juan Goodman
                              Mr. and Mrs. William J.       Mr. and Mrs. David P.          Mathes                      Mr. and Mrs. Brian Osborne     financial professionals. The entire gift is
                                Hostetler                     Koralia                    Mr. David G. Mawn             Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Osiecki
Ms. Kaya Goolsby
Mrs. Mary Louise Gorman
                              Mr. Michael Howerton          Mr. G. Earl Kraus            Mr. and Mrs. Mario Maya       Mrs. Joe Anne K. Overstreet    placed in a financial institution separate
                              Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Howerton   Mr. James A. Kraus, Jr.      Mr. Terrence Mayers           Ms. Alyson Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gould
                              Mr. Terry L. Howerton         Mr. and Mrs. Robert S.       Ms. Sally Mayrose             Mr. Edward Parero and          from Home of the Innocents’ day-to-
Mr. and Mrs. William Grant                                    Krebs
                              Ms. Helen Howlett                                          Ms. Dana McAlmont               Family
Mr. Maurice J. Grantz, Jr.
                              Mr. Cameron Hubbard           Mr. and Mrs. Steve Krebs     Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A.       Ms. Heather Paul                          Continued on page 6
Mrs. Betty E. Green                                         Ms. Ann Kroh
                              Mr. Stephen A. Hubbard                                       McCarty                     Mr. and Mrs. Stevin A.
Mr. Carl F. Greer, Jr.                                      Judith K. Kuiper
                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael                                       Mr. Alton B. McCoy              Paznokas
Ms. Irene Greer                                             Mr. John Kurnick
                                Hubbuch                                                  Ms. Karen A. McCoy            Ms. Shirley R. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Denford
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gries and
                              Mr. Larry Hujo
                              Mr. Roy H. Hunt
                                                            Ms. Desiree Laake
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John Lackner
                                                                                         Mr. Robert D. McDermott
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jim McDonald
                                                                                                                       Ms. Kathy Pellegrino
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pellerin             Wish List Cont.
                              Mr. Todd Hutchison            Madeline Lainhart and        Mrs. Susan H. McGavic         Mr. Antonio J. Peluso
                              Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C.        Jordan Ingram              Mr. Collin McGlone            Ms. Deborah Penny              Program Needs
Ms. Julia Grundy and Ms.
  Ruth Alexander
                                Hyman                       Ms. Nancy Lampton            Dr. and Mrs. Mark McGrath     Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Perchik    Hearing Aid Batteries – Size 13
                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ice       Ms. Deborah K. Lancaster     Mr. and Mrs. John M.          Mr. Darryl W. Perkins          Twin Bed in a Bag (teen to adult theme – girls’ &
Ms. Susan Gruner                                            Mr. Gene D. Langan
                              Ms. Diana Inman                                              McIntyre                    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pfister
Mr. Louie Guenthner, Jr.
                              Mr. William Iovenko           Ms. Judy Layne-Banks         Ms. Marla McKenzie            Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pieper
Mr. Thomas Gutgsell                                         Mr. Larry Lee                                                                             Talking Puzzles with Large Knobs
                              Trust and Estate of O. H.                                  Ms. Erin McMahon              Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hacker
Mr. Richard Hageman
                                Irvine                      Ms. Yvette R. Lee            Ms. Michelle McQueen          Mr. R. Michael Pitt            Spring Loaded Scissors
                              Mr. and Mrs. Marvin           Mrs. Sharon Lega             Ms. Helen M. Meagher          Ms. Lisa Pittman               Books and Stories on Tape
Ms. Dana Hahl                                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles
                                Jackson                                                  Ms. Lisa Medley               Ms. Katherine A. Pogue
Ms. Martha Hahn
                              Ms. Valarie K. Jackson          Leibfreid                  Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Meier     Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Pontius
                                                                                                                                                      Cookie Sheets
Ms. Lisa Haller                                             Mr. and Mrs. George N.                                                                    Brownie Pans
                              Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Jaggers                                  Chris, Lisa & Cole Mendyk     Mr. Nolan Porterfield and
Mrs. Suzanne G. Hammel                                        Leong
                              Ms. Juanisha Jamison                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles T.         Ms. Erika Brady
Mr. Matthew Hammond                                         Ms. Janet Leslie
                              Ms. Barbara A. Janousek                                      Mercer                      Ms. Vida Powell
Robin Hammond
                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael L.       Ms. Deborah A. Levine        Ms. Phyllis Meredith          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Price     School Needs
Ms. Sherri Harbsmeier
                                Jeffries                    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Levine    Mr. John Meriwether           Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pruitt      Back Packs
Mr. Nathan Hardy                                            Mrs. Mary Frances Liebert
Ms. Jill Harned
                              Ms. Kerstin Jeffus                                         Ms. Nicole Mertes             H.E. Rabold                    3x5 Index Cards (ruled)
                              Mr. Glenn Jennings            Mrs. Annette S. Liebman      Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon Meyer     Doris Raidt
Ms. Judy Harris
                              Ms. Mary E. Jensen            Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lindauer
                                                                                                                                                      Black Ink Pens
                                                                                           and Family                  Ms. Christy Ramos
Ms. Margaret Harris                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. William
                              Mr. Eddie Johnson                                          Ms. Dottie Meyer              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Raque
Dr. Norman Harris
                              Kehemeka & Eric Johnson         Lindemeyer                 Mr. Donald L. Middleton       Mrs. Diane L. Rausch                       THANK YOU!                          5
      Charitable                                     thanks                         Dr. and Mrs. Robb R.
                                                                                                                    Ms. Cynthia Diane Vinson
                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Vize
                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Deloris Johnson
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Jerron Jones
                                                                                                                                                                                   DANNY BENNETT
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron

     Gift Annuities
                                                                                    Ms. Jessica E. Sigman           Mr. Mark Vogt and Family        Mr. Steven Jones                Cramer
                                                     INDIVIDUALS continued
                                                                                    Mr. William G. Silliman         Mr. Thomas L. Volpert           Ms. Laurie Kearns              MS. EMMA BIGGS
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Simon          Mrs. Sharon Wakefield           Ms. Latonia Kennerly            Mrs. Sonia B. Saag
                                                     Ms. Dolores Ray                Ms. Christina Y. Simonson       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.          Ms. Jean Krebs                 MS. TAMMY NIXON
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ray          Ms. C. Simpson                    Walker                        Mr. Basil Lee                   Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Ginn
                                                     Mr. Mack A. Rayner                                                                             Mrs. Sarah Legrand
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sinnott    Mrs. Louise R. Wall                                            MR. AND MRS. ARMAND
                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Kimberly Letavec
  Safe and Secure Cont.
                                                     Ms. Elizabeth Recktenwald      Mr. and Mrs. Dale B.            Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Waller                                    OSTROFF
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Reed                                                                      Ms. Ravena Lloyd
                                                                                      Skaggs, Jr.                   Ms. Lucy Walser                 Ms. Mary Jane Marty             Mr. and Mrs. Nat Bailen
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reiland      Mrs. LaVerne Skaggs             Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Walsh                                      MR. JULIAN SHAPERO
                                                     Prof. and Mrs. Edwin R.                                                                        Mrs. Kathy Masterson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slaven       Skelly                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis
day operational funds. While the gift                  Render                       Mr. Dave Slovak                 Mr. and Mrs. John L.
                                                                                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Richard H.
                                                                                                                                                      McChane                      MR. AND MRS. EDWARD
                                                     Ms. Valerie Renner
annuity is not insurance, nor regulated              Mr. and Mrs. Jack Resinger
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Slung         Warmack, Jr.                  Mrs. Kiley N. McNeill           B. WEINBERG
                                                                                    Mr. Jack Smart                  Ms. Suzanne M. Warner           Ms. Linda S. Medley, CFRE       Mr. and Mrs. Houston
by the state or protected by a guaranty              Mr. Randall Rice               Ms. Corinne Smith               Mr. James L. Watson, Sr.        Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C.        Oppenheimer
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. William Rich      Mr. and Mrs. Farrell C.         Ms. Joni Way                      Miller                       MR. AND MRS. MURREL
association, every gift annuity is backed            Mr. and Mrs. Allen Richard       Smith                         Ms. Anne Weaver                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J.         WINNER
                                                     Mr. Charles D.                                                                                   Miller
by the sizeable assets of Home of the                  Richardson, Jr.
                                                                                    Ms. Jenni Smith
                                                                                    Ms. Joan Smith
                                                                                                                    Mr. Ron Weber
                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.          Ms. Beth Muckler
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Elaine G. Frank
                                                     Mr. Drinthous Richardson
Innocents.                                           Mr. and Mrs. George
                                                                                    Mr. Parker Smith and Mr.          Weikel, Sr.                   Mrs. Pam C. Neighbors
                                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Kimberly Newhouse         HOliDAY WiSHES
                                                                                      Harper Smith                  Ms. Louise B. Welch                                            ISABELLE & ANGELICA
                                                       Richardson, Jr.                                                                              Mr. Michael O’Brien
                                                                                    Ms. Carmen Snider               Ms. Brandy Wells                                                 DAVIS
Perhaps most important is that income                Mr. N. T. Ricker               Mr. and Mrs. Allen Snively      Mr. Mark L. Wells
                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Georgetta Owens
                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Valerie D. Pepper            Ms. Susan Collins
                                                     Ms. Barbara Rider              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Snook      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Welp
payments to the donor are constant,                  Dr. Keller Riede and Family    Mr. and Mrs. Walter             Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Travis Peyton     MS. LOUISE GADDIE
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard
                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Keller Riede                                                                      Ms. Madelyn Pressey
usually made on a quarterly basis. Each              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Riedl
                                                                                      Snowa, Jr.                      Welsh                         Mrs. April D. Raddish            Bowles
                                                                                    Mr. Marvin Snyder, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joe          Ms. Betty Richardson           JIM AND VICKI
check is always the same amount and                  Ms. Mattie J. Riggle
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Riggs
                                                                                    Mr. Ray Spann                     Wence                         Ms. Jacqueline Rickmond          HUDSON
                                                                                    Brian, Leslie, Sam and Jacob    Mr. and Mrs. Greg               Mr. Lawrence Robinson            Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.
never reduces, even if interest rates                Ms. Judy N. Riggs                Spanyer                         Wethington                    Ms. Angela Ross                  Hudson
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. David R. Riley    Mr. and Mrs. Keith              Mr. and Mrs. John Whalen        Ms. Debra Sinclair
fall or gift annuity rates change. The               Ms. Patricia Ringo               Spaulding                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L.         Ms. Medea Smith
                                                                                                                                                                                   MR. AND MRS. STEVE
                                                     Ms. Mari K. Rixman                                                                                                              JENKINS
details of each gift annuity are included            Ms. Lisa S. Robbins
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn P.         Wheatley                      Mr. Michael P. Spears
                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Stephanie Stone
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael G.
                                                                                      Spears, III                   Mr. and Mrs. James R.                                            Jenkins
in a personalized contract that we                   Mr. Clifford Roberts           Mr. and Mrs. L. Srinivasan        Wheatley                      Ms. Brenda Tarrence
                                                                                                                                                                                   MS. PEGGY KEARNS
                                                     Mr. Richard M. Roberts         Mr. Michael Stallcup            Ms. Sierra White                Ms. Clevetta Thomas
scrupulously honor.                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robinson     Ms. Danella Starkey             Ms. Annette Wiley
                                                                                                                                                    Kit and Aubrie Tossmann          Ms. Linda Hoffman
                                                                                                                                                                                   MS. LUCILLE NUNN
                                                     Dr. Gehrig M. Robinson                                                                         Ms. Ledora Turner
                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Christodulos S.    Mr. and Mrs. Gary J.                                             LYNE
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roby, Sr.                                                                    Mrs. Lori Vaught
                         Safe and secure,            The Roby Family
                                                                                    Mr. Patrick Steers
                                                                                                                    Ms. Lee Ann Williams
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Robert Wallace               Mrs. Nancy E. Wright
                                                     Ms. Leatha Rogers                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Terry Waugh       LINDA G. MARKWELL
                         constant and                Ms. Susan M. Rosen
                                                                                    Mr. Robert L. Steinmetz         Ms. Dana Willis                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve               Mrs. Mary Ann Reynolds
                                                                                    Mr. David E. Stencel            TSgt and Mrs. Ernest D.           Williams, CFRE               MR. AND MRS. PAUL
                         dependable,                 Mr. Jim Ross                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin                Wilson (Ret.)                 Mr. Marc D. Zakem                THOMPSON
                                                     Craig and Hudson Rouben          Stephens                      Ms. Nancy L. Wilson             Jennifer and Joe Zanchi
                         gift annuities              Ms. Trina E. Rowe              Mr. and Mrs. Steve              Ms. Abby Wimmer and
                                                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Denise Zukof

                                                     Ms. Marianela F. Rowell
                         are available               Mr. and Mrs. John P. Roy
                                                                                      Sternberg                       Friends
                                                                                    Ms. Anne C. Stites              Mr. and Mrs. Glenford D.
                                                                                                                                                                                   THE AMERICAN RED
                         to supporters               Mr. Wayne Rudloff

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker Stites     Wingham
                                                     Ashley and Courtney                                                                                                             CROSS
                                                                                    Ms. Virginia K. Stites          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Wise
                         of Home of                    Rulketter                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.          Ms. Barbara Woerner
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerard K.
                                                     Ms. Cheryl A. Rumpke                                                                                                            Alvey
                         the Innocents.                                               Stoll, Jr.                    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L.          January 1-March 31, 2010       JASMINE ASHWORTH
                                                     Ms. Laura Rushford and Ms.     Mr. David W. Stone                Woosley
                                                       Karmen Dawson                                                                                Capitalized names were           Mr. and Mrs. F. Gary
                         Lisa Cobb,                  Ms. Danielle Russell
                                                                                    Mr. John C. Stone               Dr. John C. Wright
                                                                                                                                                    recognized through a             Brady
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stottman      Mr. Jeff Yann
       lisa Cobb         our Planned                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russell   Mr. Gene Paul Stotz             Rep. and Mrs. John Yarmuth      tribute gift by the donor(s)   MR. GORDON S. BROWN
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
                                                     Ms. Jenna A. Ruttkay
Planned Giving Manager Giving Manager,                                              Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stout       Ms. Cheryl D. Yates             listed.                          Baron
                                                     Mrs. Laura R. Ruttkay            and Family                    Ms. Suzanna Yeniseavich
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John D.                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S.
is happy to answer your questions                      Ryan, Jr.
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory            Ms. Aliene E. Young
                                                                                                                                                    ANNivERSARiES                    Goldberg
                                                                                      Stowers and Family            Mrs. Elisabeth A. Young
                                                                                                                                                    MR. AND MRS. NAT               MAX AND HARRISON
about this kind of contribution,                     Ms. Margie Ryan
                                                     Ms. Joan M. Sabel
                                                                                    Mr. Charles E. Strong, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. George Young
                                                                                                                                                     BAILEN                          BROWN
                                                                                    Ms. LaShawnda Styles            Mr. Dennis A. Zamec
or any other type of gift. You may                   Ms. Elene Salerno              Ms. Julie Sullivan              Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J.
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard            Mr. and Mrs. William B.
                                                     Bobby and Kim Saltkill &                                                                        Abraham                         Brown
                                                                                    Ms. Sandy Sullivan                Zegart
reach her at 502.596.1021 or lcobb@                    Girls                        Mr. Eugene E. Swiech, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Garry Zeigler
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Marcia Abramson          MR. AND MRS. DAVID D.
                                                     Ms. Tonya Sangester                                                                             Mrs. Elise Essig                COBB, JR.
homeoftheinnocents.org. There is no                  Mr. and Mrs. Harland
                                                                                    Mr. Stephen C. Swisher          Ms. Gracie Zhang
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. S. Arnold Lynch            Ms. Linda S. Medley,
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Howard R.          Mr. and Mrs. John C. Zoda
                                                                                                                                                    MR. AND MRS.
cost or obligation, and we are committed               Sarbacker                      Tate
                                                                                                                                                                                   DEREK COLLINS
                                                     Mr. Steve R. Sarfin and Ms.
to being helpful, even counseling against              Kate Rudd
                                                                                    Ms. Janeen M. Taylor            STAFF                            DREISBACH                       Ms. Tammy Jones
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William S.         Ms. Jacinda Banet
                                                     Rev. and Mrs. Otis T.                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Houston          MR. AND MRS. HERMAN
an annuity if it is not in the best interest           Saulsberry
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
                                                                                                                    Ms. Tonda Barron                 Oppenheimer                     J. EPPERSON, JR.
                                                                                                                    Ms. Karen K. Bender
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L.
of the donor or Home of the Innocents.               Mr. Larry Sawyer
                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Donald J.
                                                                                      Teal                          Ms. Judith J. Bloor
                                                                                                                                                    BAR MiTzvAH                      Coyne
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B.         Mrs. Robin Boling
                                                       Scheer                                                       Ms. Sheilia Bowman              MR. AND MRS. GERALD            MIKAYLA AND
                                                     Ms. Carolyn Schemmer                                           Ms. Milissa Brandenburg          ADES’S GRANDSON,                KENDALL FREEMAN
                                                                                    Ms. Naomi R. Terry
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.                                         Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Brindley    EVAN                            Mrs. Margaret D.
                                                                                    Albert O. Thomas Charitable
     ___I would like, without obligation, more         Schindler                                                    Mrs. Melissa F. Bronger          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph             Anderson
                                                                                      Lead Annuity Trust
      information about gifts that provide income.   Mr. and Mrs. Martin E.                                         Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S.           Davis                         MS. NANCY GULLEY
                                                                                    Dr. Joan E. Thomas and Mr.
                                                       Schmidt                                                       Brown                          MR. AND MRS.                     Woodmont Womens Club
                                                                                      Lee B. Thomas
     ___The Home is already in my will or estate     Mr. and Mrs. M. Owen                                           Ms. Susan Bunch                  J. NORTON                     MS. TALBOT HANKINS
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William E.
      plans.                                           Schmitt                                                      Ms. Laquetta Carter              GREENBERG FOR                   Ms. Ruth A. Lenger
                                                                                      Thompson                      Ms. Annie Clark
                                                     Mr. John M. Schmitz                                                                             PEYTON                        MS. TATUM HART
     ___Send me, without obligation, information                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert             Mr. and Mrs. David D.
                                                     Mr. Craig Schneider                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph             Mr. and Mrs. Marcus W.
                                                                                      Thornton                       Cobb, Jr.
      about leaving a bequest to the Home.           Mr. Ronald P. Schneider, Jr.                                                                    Davis                           Doyle
                                                                                    Mr. Art Thorpe                  Mr. and Mrs. Brad Conrad
                                                     Ms. Betty R. Schomaker                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Houston          SARA HOLLAND
                                                                                    Mrs. Mildred Tierney            Mr. and Mrs. James W. Davis
     Name                                            Mr. and Mrs. David A.                                                                           Oppenheimer                     Ms. Tammy Jones
                                                                                    Ms. Maria Tinnell               Mr. and Mrs. Bob Defazio
                                                       Schroeder                                                                                    MR. AND MRS. JAMES             MR. STEVEN JONES
                                                                                    Mr. James L. Titus              Ms. Melanie Devore
                                                     Alex Schuette                                                                                   STRULL’S GRANDSON               Ms. Linda S.
     Address                                                                        Ms. Micheala Toews              Ms. Sharon Early
                                                     Ms. Kerstin Schuhmann                                          Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fee            Mr. and Mrs. Houston            Medley, CFRE
                                                                                    Mr. Scott Toop
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W.                                         Ms. Carolynn Ferrell             Oppenheimer                   SENATOR MITCH
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
     Phone                                             Schultz                                                      Ms. Stacy Flynn-Hall                                             MCCONNELL
                                                                                      Townsend, Jr.
                                                     Mrs. Betty Schutte                                                                                                              Mrs. Cassie Symon
                                                                                    Dr. Kenneth Paul Tucker         Mr. Howard Daniel Gilvin        BiRTHDAYS
                                                     Ms. Cindy Seiler                                               Mrs. Amy Green                                                 MR. AND MRS. LIN
     E-mail                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tyler                                          MRS. MARCIA
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill V. Seiller                                   Mr. Robert B. Green              ABRAMSON
                                                                                    Ms. Ta’Neka Vaden
     Mail to: Lisa Cobb, Home of the Innocents,      Ms. Kris Sexton                Ms. Tracy Valaro
                                                                                                                    Ms. Esther Gresham
                                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Elaine Saag
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mainstream Investment
      1100 East Market St. Louisville, KY 40206      Ms. Cathy Shannon                                              Ms. Gloria Beth Hancock                                          Group
                                                                                    Ms. Sharon Vance                                                CAIDEN BARNES
                                                     Ms. Robin Sheckles                                             Mrs. Tracy Harmon                                              MR. AND MRS.
                                                                                    Ms. LaVon VanMeter              Ms. Marian Henderson              Mr. and Mrs. Charles K.
                                                     Ms. Mary K. Sheehan                                                                                                             BENJAMIN C. MILLER
                                                                                    Mrs. Shawn Vardeman             Ms. Stephanie Hickman            Whelan
                                                     Ms. Patricia M. Shelley                                                                                                         Ms. Linda S.
                                                                                    Ms. Tonya Vessels               Mr. Jhermel Holt                                                 Medley, CFRE
 6                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shinkle      Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Vice     Ms. Alice Hostetler
thanks                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael D.
                                                           MRS. MARGARET G.
                                                                                            William S. Wetterer &
                                                                                            Co., PSC
                                                                                                                            Maranatha Sunday School
HONORARIUMS continued         Mr. and Mrs. Roy Flynn         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A.      CLAYTON LYKIN                   FRANK & EVA
                              The Gutter Gang Bowling        Disney                         Mr. Julian S. Goldberg and      SHARTZER
                              League                       JULIA F. GIBSON                  Ms. Rosalind Weiss              Mrs. Ruth Shartzer
MR. RAYMOND L. MUDD           Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S.         Mr. Eugene R. Hack           MR. RICKIE MCFALL               MR. ALAN SLYN
  Mr. and Mrs. Ray            Helm, Jr.                    MR. JEFF A. GLIESSNER            Mr. and Mrs. George M.          Mrs. Elaine G.
  Coverdell                   Mr. William H. Hintze, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L.        Nix, Jr.                        Frank
LIGIA ORTIZ                   Mr. and Mrs. James W. Holt     Wagner                       DONNA M. MEKO                     Dr. and Mrs. Paul
  Juan J. Ortiz, M.D.         Mr. Paxson M. King and       MR. GARY A. GOFF                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C.          Rafson
ONA AND DAVID OWEN            Ms. Jennifer L. Sils           Mr. and Mrs. Brian             Meko                          MR. JACK
  Mrs. Janet C. Irwin         Kristen, Don and CJ Krull-     Clements                     DOROTHY LEE                       SMALLEY
PETER PEPE AND JIM            Smith                        PETE AND BERNICE                 HOWERTON MOHON                  Ms. Linda S.
  SKAGGS                      Middleton Reutlinger           GOODMAN                        Mr. and Mrs. John Hull          Medley, CFRE
  GE - Appliances and         Ms. Allyson Moore              Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lega    MRS. JAYNE HARLAN               MS. HANNAH
  Lighting                    Ms. Joyce E. Munson          GERRY GREENWELL                  NICHOLS                         SMITH
ANDREA RUSSELL                Mrs. Ellen L. Paullin          Mr. and Mrs. Frank             Ms. Barbara Beard               Mrs. Deanna L.
  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C.      Mr. Gregory A. Pilotte         Greenwell                      Castleman                       Hipwell
  LeCher                      Mr. and Mrs. John              Mr. and Mrs. Billy Rogers    WILLIAM A. PAULLEY              REV. JOHN M.
MR. JEFFREY B. SKORA          Schwartzlose                 MRS. WILDA L. GRIES              Mrs. Patricia G. Paulley        SMITH
  Mr. Robert L. Penick        Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S.       Mr. and Mrs. James Louis     JUNE PAYNE                        Ms. Arlene J.
MS. DARLENE SLIGER            Sils, Jr.                      Gries                          Mr. and Mrs. A. Brooks          Vandehoef
  Ms. Lois Roby               Mr. and Mrs. Theodore        MRS. CAROLYN GUETIG              Pinney, III                   RAYMOND
MR. JOSEPH C. SOUZA           S. Sils                        Mrs. Linda A. Corbett        MR. JACK NORMAN                   SNOOK
  NBI, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D.         Mr. and Mrs. Christopher       PUSEY                           Mrs. Cindy Starck
STOCK YARDS BANK              Stewart                        Cron                           Mr. and Mrs. Donald A.        LAUREN ELIZABETH
                                                                                                                                                       (l to R) Kelly Collins & linda Medley, from the
  INVESTMENT                  Ms. Mabel L. Thompson          Clarence DeMuth, Jr.           Bealmear                        STOKLEY                   Home’s Development team, accept signed Peter
  MANAGEMENT &              MR. KARMEN BUSH                  Family                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.          Mr. Mark T. Lucas            Max lithographs of Walt Disney characters -
  TRUST DEPARTMENT            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Baron      Mr. and Mrs. Howard            Greenwell                     MR. JOHN P. STRAUB          valued at almost $10,000 - from Mary and Dennis
  Mr. and Mrs. David F.     MR. PAT BUTLER                   Gibbons                        Mr. and Mrs. Francis R.         Dr. and Mrs. James G.                          Stumph.
  Winkler                     Mr. and Mrs. Walter P.         Ms. Patricia E. Keiffner       Hubbard, Jr.                    Straub
                              Schonburg                      Lincoln Elementary             Mr. and Mrs. Ray              MRS. PATRICIA A.
RECOvERY                    MRS. EDITH F. CAMP               School                         Hubbard                         STURGEON
MRS. MARTHA YOFFE             Mr. and Mrs. William O.        Ms. Anna Rabenecker            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W.         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
 Mrs. Elaine G. Frank         Alden, Jr.                   HAITI EARTHQUAKE                 Keiber                          Haddad
                              Mr. Stuart W. Allen, III       VICTIMS                        Mr. and Mrs. Irvin F. Metz      Mr. and Mrs. Chad
WEDDiNGS &                    Mr. and Mrs. Giampaolo         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.         Mr. and Mrs. James S.           D. Weaver
                              Bianconcini                    Usher                          Miller                        MR. IRVIN B.
 ENGAGEMENTS                  Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby      MRS. ALICE HALL                  Mr. and Mrs. David W.           SWITOW
                              C. Blocker                     Dr. and Mrs. Anthony           Urton                           Mr. and Mrs.
 Mr. and Mrs. Nat Bailen
                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.        Borzotta                     MRS. PATRICIA V. QUINN            Gerald Baron
 Mr. and Mrs. Houston
                              Boden                          Mr. Ryan Roling                Mr. and Mrs. W.H.               Mrs. Joyce Burkoff
                              Ms. Mary A. Dauer            MRS. ROSETTA                     Smythe                        AUBREY R.
                              Mrs. Carol L. Goodman          HANDMAKER                    AUGUSTINE RAPIER                  VINCENT
MEMORiAlS                     Mr. and Mrs. William           Mr. Julian S. Goldberg and     Mrs. Eleanor T. Rapier          Mr. Larry Vincent
MICKEY ALLEN                  Heyburn, II                    Ms. Rosalind Weiss           WILLIAM “BOHO”                  MRS. CATHERN
  Ms. Alaine Allen            Ms. Judy Hirn                MR. DAVID M. HANEY               RAYNER                          VOIGNIER
WALLACE ANESZKO               Mr. James M. Johnston, III     Mr. and Mrs. John Francis      Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.         Ms. Arletta
  Mr. and Mrs. Todd           Mrs. and Mrs. Bradford       MICHELLE HARRIS                  Lehman                          Clements
  Layman                      T. Ray                         Mrs. Mickey Baron            ALICIA ANN REEVES                 Mr. and Mrs. Dick            Girl Scout Troop 1464, all 4th graders at St.
MRS. EVELYN BAIERL            Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan H.     MRS. MIRIAM                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H.           Dwinell
  Mr. and Mrs. James
                                                                                                                                                        Michael’s School in Jeffersontown, donated 66
                              Reinstine                      HAWKINSON                      Cheney                        KATHY WILSON                 Build-A-Bears along with other toys and school
  Morrissey                   Mrs. Alice D. Thompson         Mrs. Elaine Bornstein          Mr. and Mrs. Henry G.           Ms. Laura P. Moore
FRANCES LORAINE               Ms. Mary Lawrence Vieth      BETTY HENKEN                     Hohorst                       MELEAH EBERENZ
                                                                                                                                                            supplies for the children at the Home.
  BARTLEY                     Mrs. Edith M. Wells            Mr. and Mrs. Michael           Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey             WILSON
  Mr. and Mrs. Rollin M.      Mr. and Mrs. John K.           Jackson                        Knowlen                         Ms. Dawn Barrett
  Bacon                       Whitty                       GRAY HORTON                      Mr. and Mrs. Francis R.         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael A.     Mr. and Mrs. David Y.          Office Staff, The Horton       Lavenger                        Barrett
  Dicken                      Wood                           Fruit Company, Inc.            Ms. Marie Leisten               Ms. Laura Snyder
  Ms. Loretta Hunt            Ms. Karen Hoffman            MRS. ALICE H. JAMES              Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A.          Ms. Sara Snyder
  Mr. and Mrs. Randolph       Wunderlin                      Mr. and Mrs. William H.        Oliver                        MR. GEORGE M.
  M. Meredith, Jr.          KIRSTIN CRAWFORD                 G. Wheeler                     Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Reeves       WIMSATT, JR.
  Ms. Deborah Tevis           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fulcher   DR. WALTER L.                    Margaret Reeves and             Mrs. Norma Jean
  Mr. and Mrs. James R.     MR. JIMMY CRUMPTON               JOHNSON                        Leona Reeves                    Seidman
  Webb                        Mr. and Mrs. F. Gary Brady     Mrs. Ruth Nutt                 Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick A.      TOM YOUNG
TIMOTHY W. BARTLEY          CHRISTOPHER PARTLOW            MR. MILTON                       Reid                            Mrs. Evelyn W.
  Mr. and Mrs. Randolph       DUFFY                          KAELIN, SR.                    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rice       Becker
  M. Meredith, Jr.            Ms. Mary A. Leary              Ms. Teresa K. Logsdon          Mr. and Mrs. Luke J.            Mr. and Mrs. David
MRS. TINA BELL              MR. JAMES T. DURBIN              Mr. and Mrs. Edward            Stephens                        M. Brewer
  Ms. Sue K. Sniegocki        Dr. and Mrs. James G.          Long, Jr.                    JERRY LARUE ROCK
MR. CHARLES BESS              Straub                       ANNIE KEENAN                     Ms. Venetta C. Bishop
  Ms. Mary Ellen Haug       RICHARD EDELEN                   Mr. Thomas J. Keenan           Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Day
                                                                                                                                                      Steve Williams (left) and Teressa Jackson (right),
                              Mrs. and Mr. Ruth Edelen     MRS. MARY T. KIPER               Fern Creek and Highview
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald                                                                                                                                  from the Home’s Development team, accept a
                            MR. PRESTON EMBRY                Dr. and Mrs. Robert M.         Post Office Employees
  Baron                       Ms. Nancy L. Wilson            Senese                         Lee Higginbotham
                                                                                                                                                      donation of $520.00 from (l to R) Whitney Giles,
MR. MAURICE A.              STANLEY AND ELEANOR            MR. CARL “SKIP”                  Mr. and Mrs. Terry Horn                                    Wanda Mardis,valerie Prater & Kim Alexander
  BLINCOE                     ENGEL                          KOCH, JR.                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G.                                        from the louisville Metro Jackson Hewitt.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S.      Ms. Linda A. Engel             Ms. Christine N. Riley         Horrell
  Craig                     DORIS FARMER                   MITCHELL & MALLORY               Karen Jarboe and Nanci
  Ms. Denise T. Dickinson     Ms. Karen E. Benz              KULIS                          Moore
  Sister Miriam Frenke        Mr. and Mrs. David             Mrs. Julie K. Borders          Ms. Rita Jarboe
MR. CLIFTON BOOTH             Bretschneider                MR. AND MRS. VINCENT             Ms. Peggy Kline
  Mr. and Mrs. E. D.          Ms. Claudia Houston            B. LEGA                        Mrs. Mary Parr
  Gleason                     KV Flooring, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lega      Ms. Lisa Schneider                                                        Please join us for an enlightening
MRS. WANDA LEE                Dr. Clyde T. Moore           KATHERINE &                    RYAN SCHICK                                                                 lunch hour. We’ll provide lunch
  BRINLY                      Ms. Marcia Newberry            CHRISTINA LEGA                 Mrs. Marcia S. Owens                                                      and a brief tour so you can view
  US Department of Labor,     Ms. Ellen K. Shomsky           Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lega    MR. AND MRS. PAT                                                            first-hand the wonders of the
  Employment & Training     MR. DONALD FEENEY, SR.         MR. L. E.                        SCHILLING                                                                 Home!
  Administration              Mr. and Mrs. Alex E.            LEONHARDT, JR.                Mrs. Sonia B. Saag
MR. RONALD B. BURGE           Knaster                        Leroy, Marilyn and Linda     NANCY SCHRADER                                                              lunch and the tour are from
  Ms. Susan K. Amundsen     SERENA V. FERGUSON               Herrick                        Ethan Sandberg                                                            Noon-1 p.m. on these Thursdays:
  Aquapro Painting &          Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Eckert       Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.      SAMUEL R. SCHWERING
  Waterproofing, Inc.       BERTHA AND HELEN                 Hudson                         Ms. Theresa E. Schwering                                                               August 27
  Mr. John Armitage and       FRITZ                          Sidney & Barbara Isaacs      RUBY SHAIN                                                                             September 24
  Ms. Cecelia Matson          Mrs. Ruth Shartzer             Hymson and Arthur              Ms. Betty C. Graham                                                                   October 29
  Mr. and Mrs. Norman       JOHN THOMAS                      Isaacs                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
  Balot and Mr. James F.      GARBROUGH                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.         Heidenburg                                                                RSvP: Call 502.596.1021 or e-mail
  Shaw                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.        Leanhart, II                   L & N Federal Credit
  Ms. Dorothy C. Buchanan
                              Mayer                          Mr. John Savage and Ms.        Union
  Ms. Jacqueline A. Dolin   MARY GARREN                      Sally Brands                   Little Flock Baptist Church
                              Ms. Jeanette Comer                                            Mrs. Mary Littlefield                                                                                        7
          SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                            Louisville, KY
                                                                                                                                                                            Permit No. 678

     1100 East Market Street
     Louisville, KY 40206
     Board of Directors
     Bruce Dudley, Chair
     Maureen Brekka, 1st Vice Chair
     Al Cornish, 2nd Vice Chair
     Joni Way, Treasurer
     Michelle Yeager, Secretary

     Brown Allen                    Linda Engel                    Chambers Moore                      Joan Thomas, M.D.,
     Nolen Allen                    Brad Ennis                     Don Nix                               Director Emeritus
     Mark Bourlakas                 Howard Holloman                Kathy Pellegrino                    Denise Vaught
     Dave Brewer                    Julie Hudson                   The Rev. Joan Smith (representing   Ed Weinberg
     Yvonne Bruce                   Glenn Jennings                  The Rt. Rev. Edwin Gulick)         Don Wood
     Brad Case                      Glenn Levine                   Brian Springfield
     Ruth Davis                     Lillian Milanof                Chris Staples
     John DeFazio                   Rabbi Stanley Miles            Carl Thomas

         Home of the Innocents
         1100 East Market Street
       Louisville, Kentucky 40206                                                                                                Roll up your sleeves and help yourself to
             502-596-1000                                                                    You’re Invited                  !    savory BBQ, gourmet side dishes, and
                                                                                                                                             desserts galore !
       www.homeoftheinnocents.org                                                                                                  Food: Unlimited helpings prepared by some of
                                                                                                                                   Louisville’s most notable four star chefs.
                                                                                                                                   Activities: Live music by The Remedy, hayrides,
                                                                                                                                   inflatables, cornhole, face painting, art & crafts,
                                                                                                                                   farmers’ market and playground fun.
                                                                                                                                   Admission: $50 per person, $30 for seniors,
                                                                                                                                   students, military, police, firefighters and EMS
              hometown news                                                                                                        workers, FREE for kids 12 and under. $350
                                                                                                                                   - table of eight.
                      Summer 2010                                                                                                  Location: In the Backyard at Home of the
               Published Quarterly                                                                                                 Innocents, 1100 East Market St., Louisville, KY
                                                                                                                                   Time: 5:30 p.m.
                       Editorial Team                                                                                              Attire: Down home and comfortable.
            Editor-in-Chief - Gordon Brown,                                                                                       For tickets, call 502.596.1025 or buy
                    President & CEO
                                                                                                                                  online at www.bigbackyardbbq.com
      Senior Editor & Designer - Steven Jones,
       PR, Marketing & Creative Design Manager
                                                                                                August 28, 2010
     Editors - Eulalie Fee, Sr.VP-Human Resources;
                                                                                                       5:30 p.m.
     Linda Medley,VP-Resource Development; Beth
        Muckler, Database Manager; Kelly Collins,
                 Development Assistant
   Contributing Writers - Lisa Cobb, Major                                                                                        Walker Mechanical Contractors
   Gifts and Planned Giving Manager; Ina Miller,
Development & Special Initiatives Manager; Madelyn
 Pressey,VP-Quality Improvement; Steve Williams,
   Grant Writer; Teressa Jackson, Grant Writer
     Printed by Publishers Printing Company                               About Kosair Charities Pediatric Convalescent Center
      A Snapshot of the Home                                              Our 46-bed skilled nursing facility provides specialized care for medically fragile and
                                                                          technology dependent children. We serve children from infancy
 The Home provides programs and services for these children               to age 21 who need 24-hour care as a result of birth defects,
 and young adults in crisis:
 •     Medically fragile and terminally ill children who require
                                                                          birth injuries, chronic or terminal illness, or accidents.
       24-hour-a-day skilled nursing care.                                Our pediatric specialists provide residents with the
 •     Those who require emergency care due to abuse,                     best medical attention and therapies available,
       abandonment, neglect or are homeless; or who need foster
       care.                                                              while ensuring that the kids enjoy
 •     To homeless, pregnant, or parenting teens, and their family        the fun and educational activities
       members needing case management, education, parenting,
       and independent living skills.
                                                                          of childhood.
 •     Children with autism & special needs.                                 Children are
 •     Young adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness,          admitted for long-term,
       are in crisis due to mental health or abuse, and to families
       who are struggling to maintain their children in their
                                                                          short-term, and respite
       homes to provide stability and skills for self-sufficiency.        care. For information,
                                                                          call 502-596-1127.

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