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   Saw a visit to Lin Yifu. He is the new World Bank Chief Economist and Senior
Vice President, this is the first economist in developing countries in this role, which is
the highest social position among economists. He, a Chinese, to smile and name
engraved on this sacred place.
   Tingkou Yin, he is there for people in Fujian. Always with a smile Qian Cheng.
This saw the interview knows that Justin Lin is a Taiwanese in the 1980s in Taiwan
completed the MBA stage of the study, and then joined the army. He aim at do
something for society, to promote reunification of the motherland, and firmly believe
this is the wish of the mainland is the only complete platform, under the guidance of
this belief, he was determined to go to the mainland.
   Lin-break with the determination, unaccompanied swimming across the Taiwan
Strait from Taiwan to Xiamen travel. Then, he came to Peking University, began
studying Marxist political economy, there is a Nobel Prize in Economics Shultz
speech to Peking University, Lin won a wonderful translation of an old professor of
praise, the old professor after returning to him Ph.D. in economics from the
University of Chicago scholarship. In the United States, he finally reunited with his
wife and children were four years. In the years before, he has already done the mental
preparation for when the Chi-ming. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at
Harvard University study phase.
   At this point, he completely finish their studies, and this can stay in the United
States, for ourselves and enjoy the glory, but the sense of social responsibility led him
to return to the motherland. First worked in the State Council Development Research
Center, and then set up a Beijing Economic Research and Development Center for
China's economic development in their own voice, until the World
Bank's new position.
   People should not only self, because knowledge, he can sound. He does not ask for
help everywhere - for an official post, and even, he bothered to have such a pursuit.
Professor Lam said his research, not to get the Nobel Prize, a Nobel Prize than the
whole of China and the world's economic development is no comparable
   Psyche like the teachers insist on step by step.
   This reminds me of long ago, to listen to the famous Fudan University economist
Watson's lecture, the results because the typhoon, Watson did not take the
flight took off on time, Fudan Economics giant Zhang Jun, "stepped
in", so I was fortunate to hear more objective point of view from the other
set 25 years ago on China's price reform thrilling history of wonderful
speeches, interactive sessions, I was prepared to ask the question to the Watson
Professor Zhang:
   Watson has successfully predicted the Chinese stock market rebounded after the
1000, 2007, a judge confirmed his red, and now the stock market, what standards will
be ushered in the next turn?
   Zhang shallow smiled and said economic gains of his life is nothing reliable
investment, the investment they are most reliable.
   Suddenly understand and master their distance, the only way to move forward
steadily and surely, is the fundamental Oh.
   Life is too short to work.
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