The correct way of life

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					The correct way of life
Drops with my father to see the log in space QQ
Respect is very common that the teachings of the log
But still feel there are a lot of merit
As the extract
You can see the future
Always maintain a healthy
Text below:
Woman the right way of life

1. In a clean bed naked
2. Physiology of eating chocolate, as it will increase dysmenorrhea
3. Cultivate the habit of recording menstrual cycles
4. By movement rather than the adjustable underwear to shape the curve
5. Not Alice his legs, so as to avoid nerve compression
6. Personal clothing does not dry
7. Pull the thong is not appropriate everyday wear wind
8. Last year, before the clothes can be worn to conduct exposure
9. Such as non-essential, non-use of health pad
10. Regularly check the shelf life of cosmetics
11. Bath for one hour after the re-make-up
12. Even if the beauty, nor in the outer edge of the upper ear cartilage piercing site
13. Know their family medical history, especially the history of the mother and

1, send text messages if you like someone who does not return. Do not send.
2, do not miss the same person 24 hours. Can share some to family and friends.
3, if a man in his busy ground, not to explore your condition does not return your
e-mail, do not care about your situation, you can not bear the burden of life, can not
give you courage. Courage, and left. Nothing is more concerned about their own.
4, Institute of pain. Some words, for rotten in the heart, some pain, for silent forget.
When experienced, you grow up, they know like.
5, not to torture yourself any person anything. Such as not eating, crying, self esteem,
depression, these are the fools do. Of course, sometimes silly look at the need, life
need not always wise.
6, once only love one person.
7, to remember birthdays of people you like, including your family, of course,
8, wearing a texture of clothes, looking for a quality boyfriend. He may not be very
rich, but we must make you feel secure and happy.
9, love the people that love you. If only that you love him, or just that he loves you.
Separately as early as possible. Women do not need to pretend to love others, you do
not need to pretend to love someone.
10, if a person decides to leave, and act faster, cut the Gordian knot; If you decide to
fall in love, time stretching a bit to see if right for you.
11, the leisure time to cook their own tea drink coffee or tea do eat, put some
tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep a Lanjue, Yoshiya.
12, treat your work seriously. Work may come to you as love, heart rate, but at least
you can guarantee food to eat, a place to live, not sure of the love can not give them,
so, serious effort.
13, Ningquewulan. Do not lonely grabbed a man, this is not fair to you and him, and
the lack of a sense of responsibility too.
14, you do not like the show to pursue a good and caring person firm and refused to
say. Even if he said that none of your business.
15, without someone by your side, learn how to complete one.
16, no occasion, to maintain proper conservation. Learn to say thank you, it is tough
you are, sorry. Wrong thing to know how to apologize and turn over.

1. Every day step into office, first open the ventilation window, sit down and work
2. If 5 hours a day answering phones, wireless headphones
3. Copy file, and copy machine to keep at least one meter
4. Only when necessary to use eye drops in a very
5. Does not lie on the desk in the morning to sleep
6. In the office to prepare their own cushion, on the waist
7. Do not use a laptop on lap
8. The desk to support a pot of cactus, to help absorb the radiation
9. After reading the newspaper, remember to stick in the hands of the ink washed
10. Every 30 minutes once a lazy stretch waist
11. Office of the insecticidal carpet cleaning on a regular basis
12. Used computer and want to clean face and hands, remove radioactive dust
13. Shoulder bag will add a short with Frozen Shoulder Symptoms
14. Briefcase when the lipstick and pen compartments store
15. 2 hours a day to ensure time for feet when freed from the high-heeled shoes
16. A week later than 22:00 of overtime no more than once

1. The bathroom to keep dry to prevent mold growth
2. Bath not more than 10 minutes
3. Brush your teeth with warm water, and brush the tongue
4. Using alternating hot and cold water wash
5. Not plastic water containers dress
6. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator
7. Microwave at work, please leave the kitchen
8. Use of range hood
9. Turn off the TV dinner
10. As far as possible avoid the use of thick velvet curtain
11. Pesticides and cleaning agents should be placed away from living areas of the
storage room
12. With natural aromatic flowers or fruit instead of
13. Winter indoor use purified water in the humidifier
14. Do not seek to facilitate the computer into the bedroom
15. Do not act as a cell phone on the bedside alarm clock
16. Hair is not dry, do not rush to sleep
17. Bedroom room to use soft colors

1. In between milk and soy milk, opt for the latter
2. I felt that I could eat half-bowl too, the left table
3. If the body does not feel hungry, just drink 4 glasses of water a day
4. More Suannai
5. No matter the cause, do not smoke
6. In recipes to add grains and vegetables
7. Drink green tea than black tea
8. Attention to breakfast more than dinner
9. Control the amount of salt
10. Got up and brush your teeth first, then drink water
11. Often chew gum
12. Early one night, two apples can improve constipation
13. Pure vegetarian may lead to abnormal hormone secretion, resulting in infertility
14. Once a week to eat fish at least
15. Away from the cola and other carbonated drinks
16. Drink long boiled soup pot
17. There is no such thing as milk, fruit juice, which is a natural enemy
18. Before the meal than to eat fruit after a meal
19. Bedtime can have a glass of red wine
20. A cup of coffee may cause osteoporosis in women

1. More than 8-9 points to enjoy the morning sun
2. Running, biking and other sports can keep lines of beautiful legs
3. Hot foot bath can be effective in preventing varicose veins
4. The spirit of extreme fatigue when decompression is not appropriate to exercise,
rest is more important
5. Less to do outdoor sports in winter
6.10 layer below, do not take the elevator
7. Once every three months to change your fitness menu
8. Daily exercise for half an hour, rather than the weekend sports 3 hours
9. Watching TV while doing calisthenics
10. Often walk
11. Lunch is a good time for fitness, not necessarily wait until the evening
12. Light of course be wearing comfortable shoes, but then the adverse health
13. Sleep semi-rigid cervical spine more conducive to health beds
14. Go to the hospital instead of a regular massage salons
15. Non-motion state, do not drink functional beverages
16. Exercise for half an hour before entering the bath after the rest
17. Not too noisy in the gym training
18. The correct posture is more effective than a special trip to the gym

1. Like things their own efforts to buy, do not expect a gift.
2. Lonely, do not listen to slow songs, nostalgia, or tired of dead-line, stand up for
exercise or to meet friends for gossip.
3. Serious game, but keep in mind is the game.
4. Received sweet text messages, remember that smile, and then delete.
5. Eat biscuits before, put his hand on my stomach feel the presence of fat.
6. Drink less juice to eat more fruit, eat snacks, drink plenty of water, take more
points less and less like to see more, more and talk less, little more than nostalgic
7. Will never be a second man as the father so loved you, so of course men love Dad
8. In the QQ, phone numbers deleted ex-boyfriend, to avoid the nerve vulnerable
when he approached.
9. To lose weight is to a better life. If weight loss and loss of life because of the fun,
than to give up.
10. Every day, setting a small goal and then strive to achieve.
11. Firmly not to buy a bigger size clothes, do not give yourself room for obesity.
12. Eat and resolutely not spit it out, so think carefully before eating. Love is.
13. Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, remember to buy gifts for
14. Think of a way to make money, not how to save money.
15. I believe the existence of love and mr.right, before and mr.wrong not refuse to
share life.
16. See through time, pretending not to see through.
17. Underwear Once broken, never wear it again, immediately throw away.
18. Daily contact with my father, often sharing with his best buddies, and occasionally
to rarely touch with friends text messaging greetings, never looking back to past
19. Remember your mistakes and try to make up, but never blame themselves.
20. Angry when the number to 30 and then speak.
21. Good sunscreen, but remember that properly sun. Mood will carry out
photosynthesis. Really.
22. For the BF to pay before, think there is no such deal had their own.
23. And poor sleep than noon, low to put his face on holiday.
24. Really fancy stuff to buy, do not borrow money. Really like the man on the chase,
and within our capabilities.
25. Holiday snow crazy street fight before the deduction from the purse under 100.
26. Bank cards do not use her boyfriend's birthday.
27. Never complained to the former lover.
28. Out before, according to the time and intensity of walking shoes to wear to
29. Even just downstairs to buy fruit, remember do not wear too dirty. You never
know when someone encounter.
30. Catch the bus when the others do not squeeze too tight, give yourself a few
centimeters of space reserved. Work is to study also.
31. Carry: tissue paper, mirror, pad, wallet (inside money), the key. Do not carry: old
lover sent the ring, photographs, memories.
32. Choose a favorite sport and stick to it.
33. Can Amoy cheap clothes, but remember their own high-grade than this price.
34. The table is always better than cosmetics, skin care products more expensive,
good things for the woman to keep in tune better.
35. Clothes before wearing gloves, the total right to protect themselves.
36. Cultivate the habit of keeping a diary, even fragmentary.
37. Can not agree, but learn to respect.
38. Remember the smile when the phone, listen to see each other.
39. Pay attention to heart, but do not neglect appearance.
40. Monthly billing, the monthly savings.
41. To understand the trend, but do not follow suit.
42. Look how old, how old there.
43. Do not decide, let time help you decide. If you still can not decide, do say. Would
rather make mistakes and leave no regrets.