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Thanks letter


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									Thanks letter

Dear Friends:
   Hello, everybody!
   World Masters Series event of the Bank of China - "to create world-class
customer service," president of classes on November 28, 2008 30 in
southern Taoyuan Fontainebleau Resort success.
   Thank you very much for coming. World Masters China Tour, China has always
concerned about the business ecology, attention to China's status of
enterprise growth. We understand that companies in the development of the road in
the difficulties encountered, the needs of enterprises. God from Jay Abraham
marketing marketing tips, to negotiate master Roger Dawson's negotiation
strategy, and then to the customer service more than Master David Furman true
meaning of customer service, we have been working with for every to constantly meet
the needs of enterprise development, we have been working with the long-term to
long-term development of your business do more and do better. We have continued to
think that you would like to do what you want, and even farther you want to help you
achieve the ultimate.
   Thank you - participants of the distinguished guests, thank you for your support of
our work has been, tolerance and understanding, so that the work of the conference to
be so smooth; also like to thank you for your recognition of our work to encourage
and made valuable suggestions, let us continue to improve and perfect in the study
themselves, to provide you with an even more quality learning environment and
   Thank you - full support for this meeting and the generous help of partners, if not,
your help, we can not build out of this near-perfect conference services, can not get to
the scene of each guest feel at home.
   David followed through by the teachers to teach, you may already feel the power of
great customer service; by David teachers all cases, you may have found a sudden
inspiration on how to build your business are world-class customer service; by David
teacher of service, you may already know the true meaning of customer service ... ...
and we just started your service.
   In 2009, we'll introduce more of the world's leading business
intelligence and business skills to make your business competitive in an era full of
encouraging more competitive, so that your business strategy in an era full of more
forward-looking strategy, Let your business performance torrent permanent residency
in the upstream, the more you improve the business management to maintain leading
position in the industry.
   Bank of China has all along insisted the World Masters to create two satisfaction -
"to create an internal employee satisfaction, creating external customer
satisfaction", in order to achieve this goal, we have been trying to do better.
Every meeting, we are very careful to all staff in doing the work of each, and each
time the service, also won the people's recognition and support.
   On the occasion, the world master the entire staff of the Chinese line to express my
heartfelt thanks and sincere respect. But we know everything there is no best, only
better, we still have a lot to learn, there are many areas need improvement. We
sincerely welcome you on matters of curriculum Zhuzhong valuable comments and
suggestions, we will continue to grow in the criticism, in guiding the development,
only the future of the service we make you feel more of the intimate, so you are more
satisfied .
World Masters Series event organizing committee of China trip
December 8, 2008

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