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									Terrible scam

Terrible scam

1. Today on the bus, the station opened the door, a man suddenly blocked the door,
said his phone was gone, not to let anyone get off. Outcry crowd. Then the man next
to some people that play mobile phone to see who is who in the ring who is a thief.
The man on the edge of a person to borrow a cell phone to dial your number, suddenly
a man near the door and ran off Batui crowd, this man did not yet others clamoring to
recover the phone on the past, an instant disappeared. So, this really was lost cell
phone .....

2. A friend's cell phone accidentally stolen.

Two weeks later, he was traveling in time, received a cell phone to send Shenzhen
short interest: "Please note: we will keep for six hours to call your phone,
please make heart preparation. You can choose off, thank you! "After
receiving this information, the PHS does not have a phone call, Shenzhen, Hong an
answer, the other said:" We will call within six hours of continuous and
your phone, you can choose to shut down. " Kang asked each other why,
the other party has said that the test; then hang up. Since then, Kang about once every
minute received a phone call from the film PHS, Kang each answer, the other called
him off. Call each other constantly, Kang finally fed up, had to shut down. After a
half-day boot, he called the family in Chengdu, said it was called to the house, said
Kang incidents are rescue, please immediately exchange the other party a certain
amount of money to account, and claimed that, if not in the long adductor to save
money will stop.

3. The road met a man, asked one more side of the road, and then say do not go in the
car opened, and want you to help look at the goods on board, he went to meet people
to discharge. If you promise, you will be taken in preparing it. Because, you keep
goods, there will be a to drive the truck cars, said that people wanted them, car left,
then a bunch of people to come and find you in trouble, if you do not show your body
money, you take away this
4. A girl just out of the box on the station side ic phone and started dialing, and when
she stood behind a man's hand holding card, like phone calls in the queue.
As she had just finished my number call, suddenly the man behind the hand,
"pa" put down the phone by compression spring, telephone did
not connect. Then a very angry looking girl turned man, the man immediately smiles,
kept saying I'm sorry! Said it was not intentional. Then tell the girls, you
can press the replay button! ! ! The plot is like a net at the moment has opened his! ! !
Girls face puzzled turn, pressed the replay button. This did not hang up again, pass it!
However, is another strange voice. Girl asked: "an in?" The
voice: "I'm sorry, that he has made an emergency to go, even the
phone did not get, he let me pick you up." Girl asked, "He is not
playing to me × × Building you? "the voice:" is this way, we
have a car, and now we go to the station to meet you, you go to the station next to the
× × so me! "This is the girls had been standing behind the man
spoke:" I know × × this place, very close from here, just shy ah, in order to
apologize to go where I send you!! "girl talking on the pull up the luggage,
which is the other side has hung up the phone! The poor girls are silly to believe the
man then followed the man to go, not the time to thank that man!!! When we arrived
at the station next to the time of Liu Hua, the man seems to have encountered an
acquaintance, hello. The man smiled and said: "OK ah you are so pretty to
get out!" The man immediately Ban Qilian, swore. Then suddenly like a
younger, aware of what, after more than ten seconds of thinking, quickly understood
his situation. On the occasion of this close call, a cry heard from the front of security
ran over. Note: It is a form of cheating the IC phones! ! ! Allegedly Wuchang,
Chengdu, Xi'an Railway Station has such a thing. Do not talk to strangers,
or you may soon appear in a certain place in the Shan Gougou inside.
5. 22:00, not much of a pedestrian way, a girl walking alone. Then came a marketing
staff to its delivery to leaflets or publicity material; but it took a few flyers that after a
few minutes, suddenly felt dizzy mind up, then felt the first pain than ever, this time
she felt something bad in a hurry staggered reaches the entrance, blocking a taxi
straight to the vicinity of the Department of Provincial People's Hospital.
Hospital diagnosis, the girl is due to contact or inhalation of a drug can lead to coma
(scientific name: Dyclonine, doctors said that if too easily lead to more death !!!!)
resulting symptoms. This was a premeditated attempted robbery, drug leaflets

6. Construction Bank transferred to a comrade: Today through a front door, in front of
the ATM. One old man, has been looked at me and walked beside him, suddenly
stopped me. He said he had not read, get an ATM card to me to help him in the front
door of the automated teller machine. I replied I can not help you get, call security to
help you. The results, he replied no, keep looking the other passers-by to help him
withdraw money. Friends remember ATM, but there are cameras --- yeah. Robbery, or
if he said I stole his ATM card, or even his card is stolen, to help him pick up the
money left in the ATM video, definitely makes you 100 Mo debate! I will warn! Is
because my colleagues have been fooled, we are still lawsuits. This is obviously a
fraud syndicate looking for a substitute! Please spread out ~ ~ ~ force is really endless
deception, believe it will enter the trap, I am really very hard to detect!

7. Shaoyaoju an owner, a sudden power failure at home, outside the window to see
people at home have electricity, they go see their own electric meter box, opened the
door was touching the knife - a knife sudden power failure at home burglary assault
before embarking on the open view, there are multiple observations for a cat outside
the movement, not cat's eye also Gezhao Men listening for some time, no
abnormal ring opening the door again.

8. You fellow female attention! This is the latest scam fellow female compatriots
Please note that male attention, please call their friends out of the situation of the new
female friend should pay special attention to friends: a young lady working the way
home from work to see a child crying, very poor then asked the children how the past.
children Jiugen that Miss said: "I'm lost, can you please take me
home?" and then take a note to her, said it was his home address. Then she
the simple-minded, and their children go. Most people are sympathetic, and then
taken to the so-called children's home after she rang the bell, bell like a
high-voltage, it is unconscious. wake up the next day was strip light in an empty
house, nothing around, and she even saw the prisoners no longer Sha Yangzi. So now
people are used to commit crimes compassion ah, if the experience like this, and Do
not bring He went to bring him to the police station took to the well, wandered into
the police station some children go wrong, please let all the women around them, for
the general safety of women, after reading the trouble to forward it to everyone.

9. Fwd: attention to it! ATM withdrawals to be sure to take extra care! ! ! ! !

Last night in the Golden mile ICBC ATM withdrawals, the back to the old woman,
asked if I could withdraw money, cash machines have also said that what may be bad
key, I do not know when next to a little girl, always wanted me among the top, I did
not care, child naughty Well, but that she should hand over the money I put towards
the preparation for my money, I feel wrong, and immediately pushed her to the side,
waiting for money taken out. Then I thought for a moment, they both set up a set for
me: the old women are in charge and I Xialiao to attract my attention, the little girl
while I was not looking, stole my money! If I did not prepare for it, maybe the money
was taken away, so I went into set up: (I immediately go for a little girl, to recover my
money, but who would believe a little girl I grab an adult's money? more
alarming is that the old woman standing behind me, I will get light all the money card,
because my ATM card still inside; two little girls I do not immediately chase , so get
the card catching, then the girl disappears, the money has gone ah (they really
"smart", it is shameful!!!)

10. Recently I was told that his friend heard a crying baby on the door, but was
already late and she thought it was weird, so she called the police. The police told her:
"Whatever you do, open the door." The lady said that it sounded
like a baby had crawled near a window, and she was worried that it would crawl to the
street and get run over. Police told her: We have sent people to in any case can not
open the door. Police think that

Is a serial killer, using a baby cry recorder, inducing women to think that someone
dropped off a baby, they go look. Although not yet verified it, but police have
received many calls by women saying that they're home alone at night, he
heard a baby crying outside, please pass this on and DO NOT hear the baby cry voice
and open the door.

11. Two days ago, playing at night, from Lo Wu to Futian had spent more than 20
blocks of it, I gave the driver a 100's, He Tao Mo for a long time, that there
is no change, should I scrounged change for him. I have big doubts ask
"how one day you did not find 100 are open." But I still got
enough change for him, he took 100 back to me. Home was found to be counterfeit,
even the black guy that secretly changed.

12. A person that had no money to go home, and asked me for a dollar, I said nothing
gave him, then told him where to go by car, take the first of several road. See him
after a bit wrong, do not go to the station waiting for the bus, but also move forward,
he and I just give a lift, then He also saw other people for money, some people walked
away Before he finished, I This know deceived. I am too good or am I stupid, oh ......

13. When you withdraw money from the bank out of, or to save post office, then there
will be two next to collude with a good man, a bundle of money to pretend to throw
on the ground, and go back in front of you intentionally cheat money pick it up, then
you aside, and picked up a pile of money into your body. The liar in front of Diuqian
returned, and asked whether the crooks behind picked up the money, and to search the
back of the swindler. Later said there was no liar, then you aside and said the money
picked up equally, and now the money in you, I am now going to search him,
I'm afraid you're behind me to search away, so you take your
body part of the money bet on me. If you really part of your own money to charge for
them, they could not find people. You open that pick up the pile of money, will find
that the surface is 1 yuan, which are blank.

Case 1:

A women's handbag was stolen, there are mobile phones, bank cards,
wallet and so on. 20 minutes later, she opened the husband's phone, told his
stolen things. Her husband exclaimed: "ah, I just received your message,
and asked our family bank card password, I immediately went back to it!"
They rushed to the bank and was told all the money which have been withdrawn.
Thieves use a stolen phone by sending text messages to "My dear
husband" and to obtain a password, and then in just 20 minutes away
money up.
Do not expose your mobile phone address book and contacts in the relationship,
Jiyong      "appliances",           "husband",
"parents" such names. All by name, the fewer words the more

Case 2:

Zijia You have three friends accidentally Lianren Dai car fell 150 meters deep in the
valley, after three nights trapped on the 4th, was rescued.
Meanwhile, they tried many times to phone out for help. Helpless one was hurt, and a
no electricity, and a signal is not received.
They also moved many times to find a better location to send and receive signals, but
none succeeded. If these three ordinary people who know 112 lines, emergency times,
to know how to use it only charge the phone signal is allocated to 112 lines, I believe
that they can be quickly rescued.

112 common line throughout the country, if not after the phone is open to receive
signals, even very little power, any brand of mobile phone anywhere Jieke dial. After
the allocation of 112, will enter the voice immediately as follows: This is the mobile
phone 112 emergency rescue line, if you want to report, please dial 0, we will transfer
your call the police; If you need assistance, please call 9 We will transfer you fire.
Chinese had finished, will be in English to repeat. At this point just dial 0 or 9, some
people will answer. To the circumstances in three persons, or mountain lost or
encounter other difficulties, they should dial 9 to get timely relief.

Case 3:
One student likes to eat instant cup noodles, and later, the students went to the
hospital because of illness, doctors found that his stomach with a layer of wax!
Original, cup noodle containers includes an edible wax! You next time to eat cup
noodles Feel Beibi not feel slippery, that it wants to. The food cup long face, will
cause our liver can not break down that food wax.
Finally, the students had to seek surgery to remove the layer of wax, tragic death.

Those days, when the side out as far as possible, another bubble with a bowl to eat, do
not use the bowl of noodles, cup noodles, a container attached to the direct
consumption of red water. Even a business trip, but also bring a big mug of instant
noodles to use. To their bodies, not to get lazy ah!

Case 4:
A very terrible thing: One day, a 21-year-old boy to go to a barbecue wearing contact
lenses wild party! As he began to charcoal fire after a few minutes, he suddenly cried,
and then very painful jumping around, rolling on the ground ... ... the audience who
are petrified, and no one knows exactly what happened? We rushed him to the
hospital, the doctor checked regret to say, his eyes blind!

Participate in outdoor barbecue or anything that might come into contact with the fire
source, please do not wear contact lenses! Because contact lenses are made of plastic,
the temperature of hot melt contact lenses in our eyes!

Case 5:
Susie fell, Shirley saw Suzie falls immediately asked Susie, "three
questions." She saw Susie can not answer these three questions, on the
phone and immediately called 120 for help. Although blood pressure was normal
Susie, it seems like there is no stroke. However, since Shirley has "three
questions" cognitive knowledge, adhere to the Suzie to the hospital where
he recovered quickly to Susie without sequela.
Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify, often because the person
next to stroke patients without timely discovery, delayed treatment of patients with
brain damage Er Shi. The three patients we ask the question is: asked patients show a
smile; asked patients both hands lifted up; asked patients to say a simple thing. If the
patient can not do these three people around you should immediately called 120
ambulance calls, and told the ambulance attendant staff this is a symptom of stroke. If
we can transfer and apply such a broad inquiry method, testing, stroke symptoms, the
diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients quickly as possible to avoid brain damage

Case 6:

Quoted: My parents are retired at home. Yesterday morning, to a strange middle-aged
man, said he did not open motorcycle oil, and gas stations too far, too much
motorcycle they could not move, so would like to ask my parents to buy a Coke bottle
of petrol, Gang Kaikou say it is impossible to buy an empty bottle out of 2,3 per Okay.
My mother took a one empty bottle to him, not to mention his pocket money really,
but a few hundred dollar bills, but also let my parents give change. My mother was a
sudden and devastating awareness that alternative, but is just a empty bottle. He bent
down and buy a 100 dollar broken open, but still goes on hundred dollar bills.
Fortunately, my mother has not yet Longzhong, nor is it the sort of penny people.

Case 7: a newly married couple to honeymoon in Paris. In Paris, the wife of a trendy
clothing store to try the dress, as her husband waited outside in the dressing room. But
wait for Shique not see his wife coming out of the shop to help her husband strained
to see inside, they discover a fitting room empty. Husband wife jokes that make fun of
people, to his tense. Then back to the hotel waiting for her to come back. A few hours
later but could not see his wife's whereabouts, I discovered that the
situation was serious. Husband rushed the police, and all the clothing stores and
hospitals in Paris asked the whereabouts of his wife. Three weeks later, his wife
disappeared as if from no reply, sad only pack up and move back home husband.
Unable to take heart from despair, the husband motivation to work, has been living
alone, decided to exile himself, went to the place. A few years later, he impulse to Bali,
in an old house to visit a deformity show (freak show). He saw a dirty, rusty metal
cage, there is a woman, no limbs, torso, including the face, like a rag-like dilapidated,
full of scars. She twisted on the ground, and issued XXXXX sound like a wild beast.
Suddenly, a man screamed in horror. Since he is no kind of woman who saw his face,
his familiar, is he married his wife on the missing face of the red birthmark.

The other version is in Shanghai. A few years ago a woman notified police of her
cousin in Shanghai when missing after shopping, but turned and lost, until five years
after the cousin of a friend and saw that the street beggars in Bangkok, Thailand.
XXXXX is that she somehow did the hands and feet, body was tied to a lamppost
next to the chains.
Case 8
   ?Thing is my colleagues bulk mail notification. Her friend, referred to as small A
bar last week and two girls, referred to as small B and small C, visit this Luohu
Commercial City. Lo Wu Commercial City is Shenzhen counterfeit goods distribution
center, Trail of the dragon, close to Shenzhen Railway Station and Hong Kong Lo Wu
Control Point, a very large flow of people. C in small urgent words, go to the
bathroom, a small A and small B in the bathroom outside. Such a long, long time, or
not see out of a small C, the two were a bit strange was. So two people urged her to go.
Who knows went in and saw no shadows. Two people stood on an air-conditioning,
cell phones have no answer. A large living, but does not see people die so live not see
the missing corpse? So hurry alarm. Police came and asked what the situation through,
it said the chilling words of a wonderful, "Have you seen other suspicious
people go?", Two people repeatedly recall, no. As it is impossible with a
living person out of 100 kilos, while they do not pay attention. A sudden small this
time to think of it, there have been a cleaner pushing a person dressed clean car inside,
then went out again ... ... the police told them that this kind of thing is not the first
place, the Shenzhen police initially suspected, a criminal gang , organized
management of osteoporosis in the low commercial city, taking advantage of people,
especially women, to the cleaners did not prevent the psychological sense, to conduct
an organized kidnapping, trafficking in human organs crime. Do not forget, the Lo Wu
Commercial City from Hong Kong and Shenzhen train station how to close. Now a
few days later, that poor little girl C is still not seen dead live not see people die. My
colleague said, small A, which is my colleague's friend, still waiting for
news of a small C. But it is possible, perhaps, if lucky, living small C will be thrown
into the corner which just lost her kidney, but, more likely, perhaps a few days or
months, years, a small C head and body, limbs will be in Shenzhen, the urban-rural LJ
heap was found. If you see this side of living in terrorist incidents, please tell friends
and relatives around the women, must take precautions cleaners dressed, because he /
she is likely to take advantage of you not paying attention to you knocked dizzy, pull
into the clean car go, then waiting for you is extremely horrible living, drawn and

Please treat this letter seriously! There are so outrageous!!

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