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									Taizhou unsecured small loans + personal loans + unsecured small unsecured loans
Unsecured small loans + personal loans + unsecured small unsecured loans
Unsecured small loans + personal loans + unsecured small unsecured loan
138-999-16517 "no win no fee"
Integrity Loan Company and many domestic banks. Is for the individual. Farm
households. SME owner Tigong-free guarantee. No mortgage credit loans. Qingsong
resolve your liquidity at certain times, Zi Jin Xu Qiu. Rang You can Shun
Li's Fazhanshiye!
(1). Personal Honesty - credit - section; 10 000 -20 10 000. To provide my valid
license - parts; identity. Account of this. Jingguan Zheng. Soldiers, etc.; can apply; (2).
Enterprises - loans - respectively; 10-200 million. their valid license - parts. to provide
business license, tax registration certificate, and agencies code card, can apply; (3).
the contractor must have full address of the family, the family fixed-line and
long-term effective telephone; (4). contractors and the business must have a certain
economic base and have the ability to repay, no bad bank credit loans - section
records.; accepted time; am 8; 00 - 17:00 pm. holidays do not break . Loan Process:
Phone reservation → → disclosure of information to submit for a contract → →
→ cash due for payment. Contact: Manager Li, Tel: 13899916517
★ ★ Company Contract
Lenders :________________
Address :________________
Zip Code :------ Phone :_______________ borrower: Bank account
number :______________________________
Address :______________________________
Zip :______________ Phone :______________________
According to "The People's Republic of China Contract
Law," by lenders, borrowers, secured party consensus, sign this contract,
the common honor.
The first types of loans :____________________________________
The second loan amount (capital ):_____________________________________
Article borrowing :________________________________________
Article borrowing rate: 1.2% monthly interest rate loans, quarterly interest rates, with
the clear advantage.
Article loan period:
Borrowing in the period from ____ ____ ____ months from the date to ____ years
____ months ____ date. Borrowing limit to the actual issuance and receipt for
payment and recovery of sub-1. IOU should be used as annex to the contract, the
contract with the same legal effect.
Article Source of repayment and the repayment method:
1. :______________________________________________ Repayment sources
2. Repayment :______________________________________________
Article Warranties:
Please ___________________ loan borrowers as guarantor, the review by the lenders,
confirming the guarantor has guaranteed eligibility and ability to borrow sufficient
compensation to ensure that parties have the right to inspect and supervise the
borrower to fulfill the contract. When the borrower does not fulfill the contract, the
joint commitment by the guarantor to repay loan principal and interest responsibilities.
When necessary, the lender can deposit account guarantor deducted the loan.
Breach of Article VIII:
1. Sign this contract, the lender should the borrower made IOU a day (extended
holiday) will be released loans, into account the borrower or the lender (bank) to open
a bank draft payable to the borrower. If the lender fails to grant loans (draft), and the
extension should be default number of days the amount of interest on loans to
borrowers pay 20% penalty.
2. The borrower if not used for the purposes specified in the contract the borrower, the
lender may recover part or all of the loans, for breach of contract to use part of the
penalty may be collected by bank regulations. If the borrower use the loan for the
backlog or loss caused by waste material or illegal, without any liability on loans, and
the right regulations are subject to penalty by banks or from the borrower the loan
principal and interest account. If the borrower intends to use the funds transfer and
breach of contract, the lender may ask other opening line of business, took the charge
3. The borrower shall repay the time stipulated in the contract. If the borrower needs
to borrow an extension, should the borrower prior to maturity on the 5th application to
lenders, guaranteed party, also signed by the guarantor agreed to extend the guarantee
period for review by the lenders agree to be renewed after the procedure. If the
borrower does not repay loans on time, lenders have the right to limit recovery of
loans, according to Bank of overdue interest and penalty provisions of income. Such
as the occurrence of losses or poor business of Profits and Losses, endangering the
safety of loan, the lender may recover the loans ahead of schedule.
Article contract variation or discharge: In addition to "contract
law" provisions which allow the situation to change or cancel the contract,
no party may change or cancel the contract. A party based on "contract
law" to alter or cancel the contract, they shall inform the other parties in
writing, and reached a written agreement, the contract changed or terminated, the
borrowers used by the borrower and the interest payable, still according to this
contract payment provisions.
Article a way to resolve contract disputes, the implementation of this contract dispute.
By the two parties through consultation. Consultation fails, both sides agreed to () of
(1) by the arbitration committee for arbitration.
(2) to the people's court.
Lenders :______________________ borrowers :____________________
Signature :____________________ Signature :_________________ representative
Guarantor of signature :_____________________
____ Years ____ months ____ days

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