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Switzerland is located in the center of Western Europe, with France, Germany, Austria,
Italy border. Established in Switzerland in the 13th century, formed by the 26 states, is
a federal constitutional system of the State. Switzerland is a landlocked country in
central and western Europe, East and Austria, Liechtenstein border, south of Italy,
west France, north Germany. Land area of about 40,001 1000 square km. The high
and low terrain, the mountainous, the "roof of Europe, said."
The total population of about seven million, Switzerland, to Germans dominated the
rest of France and Italy and so on. Switzerland has 4 official languages: German,
French, Italian and Romansh.
Swiss capital, Bern (Berne), is the country's administrative center. Zurich
(Zurich) is the largest city in the country, one of the world's financial center,
Geneva (Geneva) and Lausanne (Lausanne) for the major international conference
center. Swiss political stability, highly developed economy, the Swiss per capita
income higher than other European countries, financial, trade, highly developed.
Industrial machinery, watches and the most famous food processing, tourism,
renowned. Swiss Hotel Management course is very famous in the world, the
institutions were awarded diplomas recognized by love in the world hotel industry
every year cited a number of overseas students to go study. Switzerland is the
world's richest and most comprehensive social security system, one of the
countries at the same time, Switzerland is the only European war had not been two
world wars, the invasion of the country, is the world's lowest crime rates.
Switzerland is located in the northern temperate zone, four seasons, is an area that
contains a variety of climates. From the south is the warm, Mediterranean climate
with the characteristics of other regions are generally moderate, increases gradually
with latitude cold; Switzerland minimum temperature around zero, the maximum
temperature is 25 degrees.
Education system
Since Switzerland is a federal system, education is the responsibility of the states the
state government. Compulsory education system in the state are also different: for
example, junior high state due to the performance requirements of various different,
from two to four different forms of junior high.
Switzerland, rated world-class quality of higher education. Swiss institutions of higher
learning there are two types, one funded by federal grants, financial and educational
programs leading directly affected by the federal government. Another University,
Department of State University, its financial and management by the state government
responsibility, but the universities have full autonomy in teaching and research.
Switzerland, a total of 12 universities, its teaching language teaching and teaching of
French into German.
Switzerland and France, similar to public universities entrance requirements and
fulfill college students studying more than one year, and to achieve intermediate
French. Specialized courses in public universities for free, but students need to pay
management fees of about 1,000 Swiss francs per year (about 5500 yuan). Public
university language courses for a fee, but lower than private colleges to more than
4,000 Swiss francs per year (about 20 thousand yuan). Students attending public
universities and 20 hours per week during the work permit. Living in Switzerland
about 700 Swiss francs a month or so. Student insurance every year about 900 Swiss
Advantages of studying in Switzerland
l time-honored high-quality education system and modernization, and constantly
update and change education
l geographically central location in Europe, given the internationalization of the Swiss
rich atmosphere and rich cultural heritage
l infrastructure for efficient operation with world-class, high quality of life
l political stability, social stability. Clean and fresh environment, magnificent and
beautiful scenery

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