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Studying in Cyprus


									Studying in Cyprus
 For more information College of the United States Garneau

Americanos College Introduction
Americanos College is a study in educational methods by the United States school of
higher education. She is located in the capital, Nicosia, a European
, The eastern Mediterranean island.
Americanos College provides students with quality education, improve their skills,
increase student experience for their future work and
Life, to prepare for future challenges.
Students in our school due to high-quality education, graduate smoothly into their
areas of work, and make a difference. Many graduates
Major companies in the world working on important positions.
Quality of education in our school reflects the teacher's imagination. I have
attached great importance to school faculty and staff success of each student, teachers
and students together to establish
A harmony, mutual trust and cooperation of the learning environment. Faculty and
staff have worked hard to ensure the Americanos College is a warm
, Friendly and humane institution.
Americanos College is an international community, from Europe, Asia and the Middle
East students. After their arrival, the school staff in the registration,
Arrange accommodation and other welfare services will help. But it will also help
students organize social and cultural activities to help them integrate in the
Cyprus and Nicosia Nicosia Cyprus
When you pick a college to learn, it is important point is that the environment in
which to learn. Here are some of Cyprus and Nicosia
----- Island paradise of Cyprus
Cyprus is a small country wide expansion of mind. She visitors gave him a warm
welcome, like friends, a camel reception. She is the first Mediterranean
Three islands, is the hub connecting Asia, Africa and Europe twisted around Greece,
Turkey, Italy, France, Germany and other European countries. Cyprus has a beautiful
Natural environment, quiet and cool mountain forests, warm golden beaches. The
traditional villages, modern city. This is the world's most healthy
First, there is no pollution. This island there are other advantages, a low crime rate,
rapid economic development, she is a European country, with the European Union by
15 state-owned
Economic and cultural ties. In the past few years, Cyprus has become the
region's economic and financial center, such as tourism, banking, insurance,
telecommunications industry because
High-tech equipment to achieve high standards of achievement.
Above all provide a good learning environment for meditation. Americanos College
Cyprus advantage to provide a good education
Nicosia Town
As a student should experience all aspects of life, and to enjoy life. In Nicosia, there
are always a lot of interest in things you can see we can do,
Upon arrival you will be able to find the capital for some time as a campus. Nicosia
has 280,000 people, is the cultural, economic, educational center, is the center of
government and diplomatic agencies. She has the best of big cities, can provide
various social and sports activities, while small to let you know
Her integration in her. Nicosia, culture and education, to provide you with two of the
world. At school within walking distance around the theater, library, exhibition
Centers, cinemas, clubs and other social and sports facilities. In schools around the
snack bar, restaurant, bar, students requested a suitable diet.
Americanos College has been improving its equipment, whether in teaching or social
activities on. The following equipment available for students.
Teaching and research into the degree of success depends a great library. Our fully
computerized library, air-conditioned, have large quiet study area
Domain. Here you can find a very wide range of learning materials, books, magazines
and other publications. No matter what profession students should use a large part of
Time for extra-curricular learning and research.
Computer Centre
Our computer center has the latest generation of hardware and software, is the Cyprus
one of the most advanced computer center. Computer center for the research and
teaching in schools
All the necessary management. Every student access to the Internet can have e-mail.
In addition to computer networks, there are projectors, laser printers, so that
Richer and more conducive learning environment.
In the school cafeteria during the spacious open on the teachers and students, with
advanced kitchen appliances, providing drinks and snacks for the teachers and
students. But also as a student lesson
Activities outside the workplace, there are table tennis, chess, electronic games,
canteen used within the professional audio equipment, the students also held this
evening and other social
Kitchen and dining facilities
School professional kitchen and dining facilities, student internships provide
conditions for cooking and service. In this the students learn food preparation, storage,
Stressed that the arrangements for the menu, kitchen and dining placement, health and
services. Hotel management students can learn how to use school facilities for the
The activities required to provide special services.
Student Management
The direction of the students choice of profession and employment guidance to help
find accommodation for students is the Student Management Office to provide
services to several aspects of the work. Do
Also organized and co-public room for additional courses and many other activities to
enrich student life at Americanos College.'s Office also worked to training
Support the students a sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation to become a
member of the international community.
Student Association
Students from different countries have their own students have the opportunity
through a variety of activities to showcase their country's culture, customs,
history, accommodation
Schools can help students through the real estate near the school to find the right
accommodation, you can rent a single, also shared with others.
International recognition
I can provide high-quality school education, both nationally and internationally are
being recognized. I school with the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada
Canada and other English universities have cooperative agreements, our
school's students can transfer to those schools to continue their studies or
studies. Our study
Students in our school for 2 years, after 1 year in the UK, or in my school 3 years
after 1 year in the United States to obtain the degree the United Kingdom or the
United States
Bit. This will allow you access to the United Kingdom or the United States reduced
the time required for a degree, while reducing costs.
Americanos College students in schools according to different scores given to
different scholarships. Americanos College according to student
Academic performance for up to 50% of the scholarships. Americanos College offers
a number of school work, so that students can not only make money but also
More experience
Americanos College who wish to improve their English level of students intensive
English training course. To enhance the following aspects of the English standards.
English Grammar

English listening and reading skills
English writing ability
English all-round improvement
We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of his educational background,
there is no distinction of race religion.
Admission conditions
Applicants must meet the following conditions:
Must have a high school diploma (12 years of education) or equivalent, for
post-graduate courses, undergraduate degree required
English language requirements
English is not a condition of enrollment, but non-English language countries, students
registered for school to be English Test (EPT), as has been the following
English language proficiency test is not required to participate in English language
Get 500 points or TOEFL 173 (computer test points).
GCE English Language exam to obtain C or above, or IGCSE O or more to obtain.
IELTS test average of 5.5.
English proficiency students reach the standards required by the school, and must
attend refresher courses organized by the school to learn English, to reach the
standard before the Specialized.
The recognition of credits
If students in other schools have already completed some courses or taking GCE
exam to get a A, if they can meet the following requirements Americanos
College credits can be admitted that he:
Courses are similar with Americanos College Professor
Achieved a satisfactory examination results
Hope that the approved credit application or when students come to school in the
registration application.
Admission, visa and payment procedures:
About to apply for admission, tuition, living expenses, visa information, see the
procedures for admission, or visit our website introduced

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