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     Today Saturday, but just go home, a very busy day. The theme running through
busy --- learning.
     8:00 to Qianpu Lianju more. Course I am familiar with the original owner said a
few days to let me test subjects two, I said no, the extent of my crappy boss and I call
each other brothers, said no problem. Am ashamed to say, practice several times, turn
right also done very well. I basically only the weekend, learning while forget, learn
slower than others do. The first college years found their ability to learn is really
degraded. Morning go, Shun Biandai several newspapers, a box of 35 cigarettes, a
small packet of tea to the coach and later as he bought a bottle of water, some
submerged his rule, his attitude seems a lot better. Training a few people with training
wheels, great progress feel good about themselves.
     They got more than two in the afternoon, take a taxi to Pearl Bay Garden Cafe
paclitaxel. A master of feng shui fortune telling about the trade to meet the teachers
there. He lives in Xiamen, a friend of my friend met them at the Convention Centre
yesterday, talked about a couple of hours, that he considered The skilled masters, post
them to a dinner, he offered to help me count that marriage, to my birthday . I give the
teacher a cup of coffee trade, he reached me figure out marriage in 2014, is the
marriage of astrology, let me stunned. He said I missed the 2002 - 2003 was the first,
eight-character display is the case, has been comforting me.
   ?Bid farewell to Miss Yi, Chinese culture paclitaxel coffee first,
"Confucius and the Man" has already begun, rewarding
listening. Talks about 5:30 ended up a coffee shop around the island road in three 40
minutes brisk walking, talk on the phone, edge fitness.
   ?6:30 about a taxi to the hotel so. Vegetarian eating in the hotel restaurant the first
set, feeling very healthy very comfortable. Then at the mall to drink yancha, met
Chinese culture class monitor, the first face to face contact, the level of feeling that he
really is not high.
   ?Then to the eighth floor, listening to lectures. 7:30 start of the talks is the
"morality wisdom," remains the speaker of Taiwan, Mr. Jane, I
was the first 2 to participate in their activities. Mr. Chien said that the Department of
Chinese Studies in Taiwan of a College President, before the Chinese culture in the
railway nursing homes have said, so have the Chinese culture classes and QQ groups,
students are considered to respect him for doing such a public lecture of the lack of it
makes admiration, he is also polite and refined with added treat, this did not have to
But today, listen to his self-insertion of the introduction, he is in Taiwan to study fine
arts, career is also the art teacher, I assured him a kind of feeling too much, too soon
he came to the mainland can understand the development of the whole story. Patrick
spoke of 9:30, made an exception today to leave time and exchange students, but no
one asked a long question. I can not help launch an attack against him a question, the
only question is the entire lecture. Because he has mentioned in the lecture saying of
Confucius, "people can, from the; not to know when." He
explained, to know the = know them, I think he does not explain, but also low-level
error, and he was open to question. Unexpectedly, he was very unhappy. I am polite
discussion with him, he seemed self-harm. Check back a bit networks
"asked: how do people know, on much as they do; if you do not know how
to do, is to make sure they know." I was right.
   Lectures finished, to the hall. Chen Zen garden just to be a sister and Beijing real
estate in the chat. Chen sister invited me to participate in tomorrow, she organized a
Chinese Studies, Xiamen University, "President Class", and talk
late into the night. Opportunities hard to come by, it seems tomorrow to continue their

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